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Nobel J. Sarratt
Nancy C., father
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Anthony Sarratt
Nancy C., Granfather

JO Nicholson
Nancy Serrett Nickelson/Nicholson
Date: Mar 30, 2001 11:54:51 AM Pacific Standard Time
I found the following entry in your census database:
I believe that this may be my great-grandmother. My grandfather Nicholson's death certificate identifies his father as John Nicholson and his mother as Nancy Serrett.
The 1850 Census for Spartanburg County (also provided by you) shows a John Nickelson on the same page number as Nancy.
My grandfather (William Oscar Nicholson) was born 3 Feb 1868. Do you have anything which would help confirm/deny this connection?
Will appreciate any help or information you may have.
Thanks -- JO Nicholson,
Thanks for the E-Mail
I have a little bit, on your NICHOLSON/NICKELSON family.
See my SURRATT/SARRATT/SARRETT Families of America (SFA) (GEDCOM) at I2359 As you can see I do NOT have your grandfather (William Oscar Nicholson) b. 03 Feb 1868, part of this family.
Would like to exchange information on this family. ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 10:25:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Nancy Serrett Nickelson/Nicholson
Paul -- Thanks for your response to my email.
Because of the similarity of the names and location, I feel reasonably sure (subject to verification of course) that this is the line I am looking for. I know that my grandfather William Oscar NICHOLSON had a brother Charles and a sister Belle. Also the middle name of one of his sons (Harry) was Newton. Williams children (at least some if not all) were born in Kershaw County SC which is in the same general area as Cherokee and Chester Counties SC.
I have just begun research on my family and this is what I have to date. After youve looked at it, I would appreciate any suggestions as to what records I should look for to either confirm or deny this connection.
The information on William Oscar NICHOLSON and his spouse Cora SMITH were taken from their death certificates. William Oscar provided the information on Cora, and Harry Newton NICHOLSON provided the information on his father.
William Oscar NICHOLSON [prs# 10115, FG FG 2764] b. 3 Feb 1868 in Camden, SC [Camden is in Kershaw Co., 29020, SC.] (not sure if he was referring to the town or the old district) d. 11 Jul 1950 in Charleston, SC [Charleston Co., SC.] (buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston SC) Father: John NICHOLSON (no birthplace given) Mother: Nancy SERRETT (no birthplace given)
William Oscar married Cora SMITH [prs 10116, FG 2765] b. 20 May 1868 in Union, SC d. 23 Aug 1937 in Charleston, SC (buried in Magnolia Cemetery next to William) Father: John SMITH (birthplace SC) Mother: (given name unknown) COOPER (birthplace SC)
They had 6 children: [FG 2764]
1. James Oswald NICHOLSON, b. 24 Dec 1890 (the year may not be correct still searchingto confirm date) in Kershaw County SC (probably DeKalb); d. 5 May 1957 in Charleston SC (buried in Bethany Cemetery, Charleston SC) Note: This is my father
2. Harry Newton NICHOLSON, b. 14 Feb 1896, d. Nov 1980 in Charleston SC
3. Charles Hazel NICHOLSON
5. Gladys NICHOLSON, b. 25 Jun 1902, d. 5 Sep 1978 in Andrews, Georgetown County, SC (She was married twice; 1) (given name unknown) THOMPSON 2) Ralph FRYE

We are not sure when William moved his family from Kershaw County SC, but they were in Charleston SC no later than 1919 where they were found in the Charleston City Directory for that year. It appears that they were in Colleton County SC during WWI based on a postcard sent to Sara by her brother James from somewhere in France addressed to her at Ritter SC and asking her to give his love to the family.
James Oswald NICHOLSON married Ethel Josephine SMITH CHRISTENSEN in 1923-24.
They had one son (myself), James Oswald NICHOLSON, Jr.
b. 13 Mar 1930 in Charleston SC
This is about as far as I've gotten to date, but hope to fill in all the blanks eventually.
Thanks again for your help and assistance.
James Oswald "J O" Nicholson, Jr.
Need to find John N. NICHOLSON in 1860, 1870 & 1880 Census Family Group
Need to find grave sites of John N. & Nancy SARRATT

I will up-date SURRATT/SARRATT/SARRETT Families of America (SFA) at I2359 ..prs

4th E-Mail: Date:Apr 03, 2001 12:34:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: John N Nicholson/Nancy Sarratt
Paul -- Thanks for the advice.
I will pursue checking the census records and will let you know what I find.
I tried to access the url for Nobel, but got a 'not found' message.
Thanks, JO Nicholson,
Try agan Nobel's papers at url: Nobel J. Sarratt Family . ..prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 1:47:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Nancy Serrett Nickelson/Nicholson
Paul -- What was the source of the following information you provided to me? I have found other information which contradicts some of the dates and names on your list, so I need to be able to compare sources to validate my information.
-- JO Nicholson,
Most of the REF:# are located at the bottom of the FGS. Most of the Nicholson info. comes from Nobel's papers at url: Nobel J. Sarratt Family . ..prs

James Nicholson
Nicholson-Sarratt Families
Date: Nov 15, 2002 12:45:36 PM Pacific Standard Time
Paul --
After much research, I have found that some of the information contained in your WorldConnect gedcom on Angus Nicholson and his descendants, primarily the children of John Newton and Nancy Clariada Sarratt Nicholson is incorrect.
I would like to see the correct information posted but I'm not sure how you want to handle this. Please let me know the best way to make these corrections.
Thank you, James Nicholson,
The name's of the Children of Nancy C. (SARRATT) & John N. NICHOLSON came from their Grandfather Nobel J. SARRATT ...prs

Date: 11/16/02 12:59:02 PM Pacific Standard Time
Subj: Re: Nicholson-Sarratt Families
Paul --
Following is the information on Angus Nicholson and his family. Please note that the correct spelling of this surname is NICHOLSON. All of this has been documented and verified thru census, cemetery, death certificates, obituaries and church records. I will not attempt to list the sources here but will be glad to provide them to you separately.
I appreciate your interest and desire to make sure the information is correct.
This email is pretty long so if you have any problems receiving it all, let me know and I'll split it up. The last line should be: "END OF NICHOLSON-SARRATT INFORMATION"
I also note that Nancy Clariada Sarratt's mother's name is given as Elizabeth H. McCraw. I have not personally researched the McCraw line. However, one of my cousins has done extensive research on them and everything she has found shows her name to be Deborah "Debby" J. McCraw. Also in Noble Sarratt's book he refers to his wife as "Deborah". I have found her research to be very accurate and dependable and I am listing it below:
Noble John Sarratt b. 20 May 1809 d. 3 Jan 1897 Buried: Limestone Cemetery, Gaffney SC
He married Deborah J. McCraw b. 21 Mar 1814 d. 10 Feb 1889 buried in an unmarked grve at Camps Creek Baptist Church).
They were married 3 Jan 1832 and had 3 known children.
1. Nancy Clariada Sarratt
2. Fernandez Cortez Sarratt b. about 1843 d. 16 Aug 1862 from wounds received in Civil War Buried: Cleveland County NC near the end of SR 1186)
3. Letitia "Lettie" Sarratt b. 3 Jul 1845 d. 2 Dec 1924 buried at Camps Creek Baptist Church.) Her name has also been given as Lettitus and Lecretia.
James Nicholson,
Thanks for the corrections/additions. We have up-dated our data base and Up-load revised prsjr.GED on the site. We also have created a NICHOLSON Family Profile page. Check it out at:
As always we would like any corrections/additions to this family. ..prs


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