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  Year 2000
Subj: William Morgan and Margaret (Margarite) Cunningham
Date: Date: 02 Aug 2000 7:32:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Hello Paul,
My name is Bonnie Toole and I am researching my husband's (Elliot) Morgan family line. In several of the South Carolina files you mention you are also researching or interested in Morgans from South Carolina and North Carolina.
By chance, are William Morgan (b. June 3, 1799, Laurens District and d. July 19, 1860 in Perry Co., AL) and Margaret Cunningham (b. September 28, 1798, Laurens District and d. June 16, 1853) among the Morgans which you have research? Margaret's parents were William Cunningham (died in Laurens Co.) and Martha Dorroh, buried in Perry Co., AL. I think William's father was Henry Morgan also of Laurens District. Do you have any information regarding this family?
Thank you in advance for any information you might provide.
Bonnie Toole, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail!
Sorry, I don't think your "Morgan/Cunningham" families are "connected" to our Spartanburg/York branch. See at URL: Morgan Family, SC. Index.
We would like any correction/additions to these families... ...prs
Ann Muffley
Subj: Morgan and Ellis
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 11:35:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Dear Paul,
I've recently been in contact with LOTS of Morgan researchers (of S. C. espec. those researching Mahlon Morgan, Benjamin, Thomas). Will you please remind me of your Morgan line and of your Ellis line too? I tried contacting your web pages through the URL on the Donnell site but it wouldn't open. Remind me of the other surnames yoou are researching. Thanks, Anne Muffley, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail!
You can see the "MORGAN/ELLIS "Connection at URL: Morgan Family, SC. Index.
We would like any correction/additions to these families... ...prs
  Year 2001
Billie Stinnett
Subj: Morgans from
Date: 10 Jun 2001 4:23:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time,br> Hi,
I'm looking for any information you may have on a Solomon Morgan. He is listed in the 1880 census of Polk Co. Tn with his wife Oma and a dau. Loucinda. He was 86 yrs. old. He was from South Carolina. He was probably born around 1794. But I can't find any thing else on him. His children were Andy, Griffin, Richard, Jess, William, Loucinda,and Roxanna. He is my husband's g, g, grandfather. I would appreciate any information you may have on him.
My e-mail is:
Thank You Billie Stinnett
Billie, Thanks for the E-Mail!
Sorry, I don't think your "Solomon MORGAN" family are "connected" to our Spartanburg/York branch. See at URL: Morgan Family, SC. Index.
We would like any correction/additions to these families... ...prs
Curtis A Morgan
Subj: Re: Morgan/Pyle Families in St. Clair Co. AL.
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 12:38:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To: Richard Morgan;
CC: Phena Parker;
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Richard Morgan,
Good to hear from you also. I'm sorry to report that I don't have all of the information together in an easy electronic format. I have been without a good home computer for a couple of years, so my activities have been hampered by that. I finally got a new one last week , so now I can research and email more at ease.
Phena Parker, who you mentioned, is my first cousin and I gave her some of the information that you mentioned in your message in the last two years as she and I have both been getting more involved in our genealogical searching.
John Mansfield Morgan (JMM) had always been a "dead end" for me until a couple of years ago when I found some information on the York Co. SC website. I have some print-outs of the info, but the website has "changed management" since then and much of the Morgan family info was removed. It seems that the previous owner was one of our "cousins" from the Sarratt family, also of SC. Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Your grandfather Claude and my grandfather Robie Dee were brothers, sons of John Mansfield Morgan and Mary Jane (Pyles) Morgan. I spoke to my dad, Calvin Morgan, today after I sent the message to you last night. He confirmed to me, and I have discussed it with his oldest sister also in the past, that Mary Jane Pyles' father was unknown to the family (i.e. "There was no father.") Only her mother, "Granny Pyles" raised her, so that may be a dead end on the Pyle/ Pyles. On the other hand, it could be that she was just a long term widower and by the time they moved to Texas no father was known or discussed.
I can fill you in more on the Morgans. Most of this info comes from handwritten records kept by my grandmother, Jennie Lynnette McKinney Morgan, wife of Robie Dee.
First from John Mansfield down: Her records indicate that John Mansfield Morgan was born in 1856. (As a child of about 10-12, I remember meeting my great "Aunt Eula Belle" Clark Morgan who showed me a birth announcement (newspaper clipping) for him which stated that he was born on December 24, 1856 in St. Clair County Alabama. That was about all of the information that I had until a couple of years ago. Looking at my papers, it looks like Aunt Eula Belle was your grandmother! I remember her digging it out of an old trunk of some kind... not sure if your side of the family might still have it.)
He married Mary Jane Pyles (b. 10/25/1862) on 10/23/1879. They had nine children:
1. Annie Bell Morgan b. 10/11/1881
2. Daniel Oscar Morgan b. 01/24/1884
3. Earl T. Morgan b. 03/01/1886
4. Mary Arminda Colen (sp?) Morgan b. 03/12/1888
5. John William Morgan b. 09/17/1890
6. Claude Ozman Morgan b. 07/11/1893
7. Carlos Ercie Morgan b. 02/19/1897
8. Maude Estelle Morgan b. 09/28/1901
9. Robie Dee Morgan b. 05/14/1904
(I have info on all of these childrens marriages and kids, but will save that for another message if you want it. One anecdote from those notes that may be of interest to you... they say that your grandfather, Garland Rice, had the family nickname "Monkey" as a child. )
As you've discovered, going backward from John Mansfield has been a problem. From the information I've gathered from my dad and his siblings, I have a different father identified for JMM than you do. (I have seen the 1850 St Clair Co census showing Bales and Orason which is probably where you are getting your information.) I have taken another approach to come to my conclusions.
What I know about JMM's family:
1. JMM was born in St. Clair Co. in 1856. (From both my grandmother and Aunt Eula Belle's clipping.)
2. The Morgans line from which JMM came had previously been in South Carolina from the Spartanburg area. (My dad remembers visits from them as a child.)
With this information, I started searching the web. I didn't find much for St. Clair Co., so I started looking back to the Spartanburg area. Sure enough, I found a Family Group sheet for the Morgans that took them forward to the mid 1850's in St. Clair Co. AL and back to the 1640's in Virginia.
It shows a list of children born to a John Morgan 1 and Louisa Sarratt [FG 103] with approximate birth dates in Alabama. Among them is a listing for a "John P. Morgan" born "about 1855" in AL. I think that this is really JMM. (I confirmed with my fathers siblings that their great grandmother was a Sarratt. They all agree on that fact. Documenting this absolutely has so far eluded me. Making this link absolutely positive is something that I have since been working on.)
If I am right, our joint heritage prior to JMM, based of the research of Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. (our Sarratt cousin and former York Co. genweb webmaster) is:
John Mansfield Morgan b. 1856, St.Clair Co. AL - d. 1923 Belton, TX
John Morgan 1 b. abt 1795, York Co. SC- d. unknown
Peter Morgan 1 b. abt 1769, Brunswick Co. VA- d. 09/15/1851, York Co., SC
Anthony Morgan 3 b. abt 1738, Westmoreland Co. VA- d. abt 1795, York Co.,SC
Anthony Morgan 2 b. 11/20/1686, Farnham Parish, VA- d. bef 07/24/1753,unknown, VA
Anthony Morgan 1 b. cir 1654, Bristol, VA- d. unknown
Hope this has all been helpful.
We are having a family reunion of sorts this Wednesday, July 4th at my uncle's farm east of Dallas in Terrell. Not sure if Phena will be there, but her mom and dad probably will be. (I'm ccing her this message just in case.) I'll visit with them and others regarding family stuff and will let them know we have been in contact.
I'll try to copy some of this stuff and get it off to you with more details. One thing you might be interested in is a copy of JMM's funeral notice from 1923. My aunt Bonnie gave it to me last year. It has a picture of JMM on it. As far as Belton goes, I know where the cemetary is where they were re-interred after the lake went in, but have not been there to see it. It is just a couple of hundred feet off of I-35, just south of the Bell County Expo Center. My parents have both visited it.
On a personal note: My wife Shelly and I had our fourth child, Sarah Elizabeth, last Monday. She is such a blessing! My wife is from Annapolis MD where I went to college. We are up in the DC area to visit her parents about once or twice a year. Maybe sometime down the road we can get together and swap info in person. I'll close for now,
Curtis A. Morgan; 1902 Lawyer Place College Station, TX 77840 (979)485-8376 E-Mail:
P. S. Paul Sarrett, Jr. sent me some files five or so years ago with all of his Morgan research information as email attachments, but my computer could not decipher them. Hopefully, I can regain contact with him to get those files again the coming months. He maintains that the "John P. Morgan" is short for John Peter Morgan, but, since the birthdate and location he gives are approximate, I think that my assertion that it is JMM is correct. Maybe we can work together to find out.
I still have not research John & Louisa A. (SARRATT) MORGAN's family
All the Info. that was on the old York/Spartanburg State Page is now in the rootswebb "World Connection" site at:
ID: I383 Peter,1 MORGAN
Most of this MORGAN Information came from my cousin Dale M. MORGAN
If you would like to add/correct this Morgan Info., just send me a E-Mail with source & dates. ...prs
cc: Dale Morgan, E-Mail:
See: John,2 MORGAN SFA-Profile! We would like any additions/corrections to this Family...prs
Date: 27 Jul 2001 7:38:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Just visited your web page. I am researching Morgan's from SC. Henry Morgan from Spartanburg area, son of Col. Morgan Morgan.
Anita, E-Mail:
Carol D. Monroe
Subj: Brig. General Daniel Morgan
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 12:11:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time
I have read two of your ON-LINE articles regarding Brig. General Daniel Morgan of the Revolutionary War. I realize he is not the only personality you have written about, but I hope you will be familiar enough with the man to help me out or can direct me to a source that might.
Today, I purchased a 4 1/2 by 3 1/2 lithograph at a garage sale. The subject is a handsome gentleman in Colonial Period dress. I removed it from the frame for cleaning and found written on the cardboard backing: "Brig General Daniel Morgan".
The only marking on the picture itself is artist name: G. R. Hall. I am desirous of having the gentleman further identified. May I send you a scan of this work and let you take a look? If you do not feel you have a means of identifying General Morgan, do you know of a source that I might appeal to.
The seller had purchased this picture a number of years ago at an estate sale. I thank you for your time in this matter. Carol D. Monroe,
Thanks for the E-Mail, and kind words.
I believe there's only one Brig General Daniel Morgan., during ARW.
If you are asking me if this ia an original lithograph of the general, I am not qualified to give you a correct answer. ...prs
  Year 2002
  Year 2003
Claudia Dumas
Subj: The Morgans/the Savages
Date: 26 Oct 2003 6:27:54 PM Pacific Standard Time
Dear sir,
I have tried everyway to write you without any luck.
I would apreciate it so very much if you could help me. Could I take some of your time by asking you some questions?
They are about John Bolton Morgan and Mary Francis Savage. Thank You,
Claudia Dumas, E-Mail:
I have had the same E-Mail address since 1986
If you can give me some d. or m. dates on your MORGAN & SAVAGE, or what County, State are you looking in? ...prs
  Year 2004
Cheryl Abete
Subj: Morgan family- Union Co., SC.
Date: 29 Dec 2004 6:56:34 AM Pacific Standard Time,br> Dear Paul,
Thank you for your help! My gggggrandfather was Silas Morgan who married Asenith Roberds in Union County in 1800. We know this because of the Cane Creek Records where she was disowned From The Cane Creek Church for marrying out of Unity. Aseniths Brothers married into the Nix family and one of the Nix sisters married into the Whitworth family. I have alot of notes on the connections here.
My problem is who is Silas's Dad. I think I have figured out thanks to you that Charles might be his brother. Charles is a predominate name in our lineage. And after looking at the census pages that you were kind enough to descipher that His father might have been either John or William Morgan, but I am leaning toward William. Just wish I could prove it.
Silas Morgan died in 1840 In Marengo Alabama. He left Union Co. and went to Franklin Co. Georgia and to Barrens Ky. before settling in Marengo Co. Alabama. Please feel free to contact me with any questions on this lineage.
Cheryl Abete, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail & kind words.
Sorry, I have not researched the Union Co., MORGANS, they do NOT "connect" to my York/Spartanburg MORGANS. ...prs
  Year 2005
Barb Selletti
Subject: The Morgans of York Co.
Date: 08 Feb 2005 6:53:22 PM Pacific Standard Time
Surnames: Maynor, Morgan, Mullinax, Hill, White
Message Board #503.1
Hi, Jeff,
I just came accoss your Morgan posting. I'm trying to find out more about Peter Morgan (b: 1769 in VA) h/o Noal Daffron.
In his will dated 1849, he mentions my GGGreat Grandparents, Viney (Malvinia) and Hiram Maynor. Peter says she is his Granddaughter.
I believe her to be one of his son John's children by his first marriage. John had married (2nd) Louisa Sarrett (she's mentioned in the will also).
Peter specifically mentions his wife's name (Noal Daffin in the will, but could be Daffron).
Info I have says Peter is the son of Anthony & Mary Wilson Morgan. Your Peter is my Peter's son (it would seem), brother to John, father of my Viney.
Barb Selletti, E-Mail:
Please take a look at our SFA Profile on:
Peter,1 MORGAN We would like any corrections/additions to this Family! ...prs

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