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Queries - LOONEY Family

Jimmy D. Cain
Subj: Looney Relatives (at both ends of your WorldConnect database)
Date: 1 Sep 2001 4:35:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time
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Dear Paul,
I have very much enjoyed going through the data on your Surratt/Sarrett/Sarrett family tree on WorldConnect. I'm also glad to see your recent update caught the correction on Louvisa (Louvisia) Ann Looney's death data that my daughter Michelle emailed you in May.
In going over your database, I see one area of discrepancy concerning your earliest John Looney. There were TWO John Looneys (father and son) and I think your records have the father married to his daughter-in-law . Please look over the family Modified Registry Report attached on John Looney and see if you agree with my assessment (which matches that of two other researchers). I have added explanatory notes as to the issues as I see them.
I am also sending you additional family members that you may (or may not) wish to enter into your database at some time. This is done as a GEDCOM (v5) which includes the descendants of Louvisa Ann Looney and Wm Patrick Thompson (who by the way were married in the home of the bride's father).
In addition, I have added ancestors of Wm Patrick Thompson [primary lines Thompson and Carmichael] and the ancesters of their daughter-in-law (Georgia Cornelia Gamel - my great grandmother [those primary lines are Gamel and Ratcliff]. You are welcome to use these in your database if you wish.
I hope you find this useful and I would appreciate any feedback you may have after you look it over. [I have also included the Louvisa descendancy portion as a report.]
Best Regards, Jim
Jim Cain
12418 Stafford Springs Drive Houston, TX 77077-3910 USA
telephone: 1-281-558-6153 cellular: 832-215-5551 fax: 1-281-556-1084
preferred email address: or =========
FYI, You and I are not blood-related, but "almost". Per my calculations:
Samuel Jr. SARRATT 2 is the 5th great grandfather of Paul Raymond 67 SARRETT Jr..
Samuel Jr. SARRATT 2 was also the Great Grandfather of John Quinn SARRATT.
John Quinn SARRATT and Jimmy Darrel CAIN are 1st cousins 5 times removed. Their common ancestors are John QUINN and Elizabeth (Betsy) MORGAN.
[My bloodline comes down from the QUINN line rather than the SARRATT line. John QUINN is the 5th great grandfather of Jimmy Darrel CAIN.]

Thanks for the info. Will match with our records and add/correct accordingly. ...prs
Mike Cobb
Subj: Looney genealogy
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 10:07:04 AM Eastern Standard Time
Mr. Sarrett,
Have seen your GED file at Rootsweb World Connect website. Would like to correspond with you, concerning the family of Thomas Jefferson Looney and wife, whom you identify as N.D. UNKNOWN. [FG2036]
You refer to your source as being Arthur Sarratt, email on 6/10/1998. Apparently he provided the dates of birth of the children of TJ and ND, and it is those dates for which I would like to obtain the original source.
ND UNKNOWN was Naomi Dove Cobb (1834-1916). She was my g/grandfather's sister. I have been researching her family for about a year, now, and have contact with descendants. Please let me hear back from you.
Mike Cobb,
Mike, Thanks for the E-Mail and Info on Naomi Dove COBB
I will correct my data base.
Would like any Info. on Unknown's or Not Traced!
Sorry, I didn't list Art's E-Mail address, I did in some other FG that he sent.
FGS 2036 m. and dates as per Arthur Sarratt,
E-Mail Jun. 10, 1998 ( <--Art's address ...prs

2nd E-Mail" Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 11:32:43 AM Eastern Standard Time
I have emailed Arthur Sarratt, inquiring as to the source of his information, as some of it does not coincide with mine. And also, I admit, he has data I have been unable to obtain, indicating a source of info that I am not familiar with.
As soon as he and I have "put our heads together" and straightened it all out, I will send you the revised info.
Also, if I may, I would like to inquire further of you on 1-2 things. It is virtually impossible to research the southeastern US without running across your name and various postings. And, I think you! and I may connect on several other surnames also. I am the g/g/g/grandson of Rev. John S. and Frankie Smith Cobb, of early Pickens Dist, SC through their son Rev Andrew Ambrose Cobb (Naomi's father). Through Andrew's marriage to Lavenia Edwards, I am also descended from John Miller (the Printer) and Morgan Morgan of Pickens.
Mike Cobb in TX.,
Thanks for the kind words. Would like to exchange any info. on these families. ...prs

Barbara Ingram
Date: 19 Apr 2001 1:10:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: William Tyroler/Barbara Ingram)
Dear Mr. Sarrett:Peter Looney, son of John Looney and Esther Renfro. Basically, I would like to know what became of him; I am tracking a Peter Looney who becomes sheriff of Bledsoe County TN in 1815 with very little success. He was born in Virginia, but does not easily become distinguished from the numerous Peter Looneys who were also Virginians of a similar age. Any assistance you could render would be greatly appreciated.
Barbara Ingram,
See our LONNY/LOONEY family at: Loony/Looney Index, SC.
We would like any correction/additions to this family. ...prs
Thomas Michael Looney
Thomas Jefferson Looney
Date: 20 Apr 2002 9:39:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time
dear sir, my name is Thomas Michael Looney of the lineage of thomas jefferson looney born 1831.
I have a question for you. Do you know who his father was Thomas Jefferson Looney b 1831 and I am curious as to where the sarratt family ties in to the Looney clan?
Could you let me know I would appreciate it.
Thanks Mike Looney,
See our LONNY/LOONEY family at: Loony/Looney Index, SC.
We would like any correction/additions to this family. ...prs
Michelle Walter
Subj: Surratt/Sarratt/Sarrett Families of America (SFA)
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 6:38:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time
I stumbled upon your family history regarding these families. I believe that I am connected by way of Louvicia A. Looney, (d/o John III Looney 3 and Lucinderella R. Cooper). In the notes/source section it was indicated that she (Louvicia) was not traced. I believe that I can be of some assistance. Louvicia was my g.g.g grandmother. She married a William Patrick Thompson(b 27 Aug 1848, Georgia).
I noticed that there was no date of death for her. She died June 29, 1914 in Hubbard, Tx. She is buried in Fairview Cemetery located in Hubbard, Texas. I was just at her gravesite last month with my father. Her headstone reads as follows:
Louvisa Annie Looney [prsFG 2674] wife of W.P. Thompson
11-9-1848 6-29-1914
I also have a picture of her tombstone. If you would like a copy just let me know.
Sincerely, Michelle Walter,
Thanks, Michelle
Thanks for the information, I have corrected my database. ...prs
Casey Byrd
Subj: Invitation to join the ManxLooneys group
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 9:37:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: ManxLooneys moderator Paul
- I saw your entry on Worldconnect and we agree with what you said "SHARE THE RECORDS DON'T SELL THEM", that's why we made this private list. Hope you will join us! -- Casey
Hello, Cousin!
Welcome to my *PRIVATE* Looneys Genealogy online group at Yahoo! Groups, a free, easy-to-use web community and group email service. This is not a spam.
If you have been invited it is likely because I have seen your email on a genealogy web site working on the same family I am, or because we've talked in Email about it.
All members of the group have been identified as family members. Professional genealogists and companies are not permitted.
To start sending messages to members of this group, simply send email to
Casey Byrd Moderator, ManxLooneys Yahoo Group
Thanks, Casey
See our LONNY/LOONEY family at: Loony/Looney Index, SC.
We would like any correction/additions to this family. ...prs
Pamela Graf
Subj: Looney family
Date: 14 Oct 2002 2:35:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Dear SFA,
I found quite a bit of my family’s genealogy on your site at I am a direct descendent of John Looney III and Lucinderella R. Cooper. I was pleased to see so much info on my family. You have quite a bit more than I do, and what we have in common matches MOST of the time, with some small discrepancies here and there. I am interested to know where you have gotten your information so that I know where to look to verify the things that are different.
Thank you for all the great work you’ve done!!!!!!!
Pamela Graf,
Thanks, Pamela
There are REF: Notes at each FGS for Source & Reference Notes.
See our LONNY/LOONEY family at: Loony/Looney Index, SC.
We would like any correction/additions to this family. ...prs
Jimmy D. Cain
LOONEY, John Capt., Descendants
Date: 05 May 2004 7:22:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time
To:, LOONEY-L@RootsWeb.Com
CC:,, MWalter408,,
Sorry this has been lying around so long. I had meant to answer much earlier. My apologies for letting it lie around.
First, my side of the family:
I am certainly happy to share what I have on other descendants of Capt. John Looney. I have more for some branches than for others.
(1). Paul Sarrett, Jr.'s "Surratt/Sarratt/Sarrett Families of America" has quite a bit of information on this line, with a fair number of notes and sources to document the information in his family tree. See for Capt John Looney's family in that database. He has some descendants of John Jr., Robert and Martin.
(2). One other descendancy from your Robert (son of Capt John) is partially given in the Crane book (on p379-L.L.Howell entry)
(3). Capt. John Looney's son Moses descendants are not given in Paul Sarrett's dbase. However, these are pretty well documented by Moses' descendant, Larry Johnson. For more, see Larry's website
as well as his immediate family history "The Looney Family: Colonial America to Rosebud, TX", at
// for more on this family branch.
(4). Paul Sarrett's dbase has not traced Lucinderella and John III Looney's children Louvicia Annie and Salina Caroline Looney, but these are primary to my line so I have quite a bit of information on descendants of these two sisters who married Thompson brothers [Saline Caroline (Caroline) married James T. Thompson on 31 Oct 1866 and Louvicia Annie married my I have most (but not all) descendants of this last union, as well as the Thompson ancestors who were also in VA before the American Revolution (from Ireland.)
Calvin Mitchell
has provided quite a bit of information on descendants of James & Caroline's 2nd eldest son Patrick H. Thompson and Al Franklin or has provided similar information on descendants of their youngest son Walter Jefferson Thompson.
I can send any or all of the above detailed information to any Looney descendant who wants more details, but will not try to post all that on the LOONEY-L. Jim D. Cain,
Second, I am a bit confused as to your own lineage. There seems to be a discrepancy.
(a). Your Jan 20, 2004 email stated << . . .glad to find someone else descending from Captain John Looney. I descend from one of his sons, Robert Looney b. 1774 and married Susannah Williams, then Robert William Looney, then William Pinkney Looney.>>
(b). From page 323 of the Madge Looney Crane and Phillip Crane book, << Grant Dewayne Looney < Anthony Glenn Looney < Glen James Looney < Robert Lafayette Looney < John Pleasant Looney < William Pinkney Looney < William Gravelly (Bill) Looney < William M. Looney < Michael Looney, Sr. < Absalom Looney < Robert Looney, Sr. >>
(c). The descendancy in item (b) above [down as far as Wm Pinkney Looney] is supported by Family Tree: S walls a13499 [Looney]
My questions:
(1). Are there two William Pinkney Looneys coming out of different lines (Absolom and Robert Jr.)? and/or
(2). Are there two Anthony Looneys (i.e., both descended from different William Pinkney Looneys) OR
(3) is one of those descendancies incorrect.
Please confirm your descendancy and let me know of any discrepancies that you see in the above. Much appreciated.
Thanks in advance, Jim Cain
In a message dated 1/24/2004 4:25:46 PM Central Standard Time, writes:
Subj: Capt. John Looney Descendants
Date: 1/24/2004 4:25:46 PM Central Standard Time
Jimmy - I saw your reply post on the Looney bin and was glad to find someone else descending from Captain John Looney. I descend from one of his sons, Robert Looney b. 1774 and married Susannah Williams, then Robert William Looney, then William Pinkney Looney.
Do you have much information you could share online on other siblings of Captain John? I am trying to construct other members of this family in addition to my line.
Thanks, Anthony Looney
See our LONNY/LOONEY family at: Loony/Looney Index, SC.
This is only LOONEY - QUINN connection of SC.
We would like any correction/additions to this family. ...prs

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