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Queries HUMPHRIES Family, SC.

Beth Lawrence,
2nd E-Mail: Date: 02 Oct 1996 16:38:48 EDT
More info/hope it's useful to you - Are we by chance related somewhere along the line? The Washburns married into my fathers family and the Sarratts/Ellis married into my mothers line. Would love to share info if so.
William Humphries (1750 - 1827) m. Frances Sarratt (1753 - 1848)
William Humphries' first wife name was supposedly Marianne Walker and they had the following children:
1. John who married Frances Ellis, <---
2. William,
3. Samuel,
4. Jesse,
5. David,
6. Margaret,
7. Francis,
8. Susannah,
9. Anderson and
10. Jane.
John Humphries (1768 - 1850) married Frances Ellis - 10 children
1. Elizabeth,
2. Sallie,
3. William II,
4. James,
5. John II,
6. Ellis,
7. James,
8. Mary,
9. Berryman,
10 Drewry,
John Humphries married 2nd Miss Clary - 2 children
11 Laughan and
12 "Thompson"
Thompson Humphries married Mary Caroline Arnold and had 7 children Thompson Humphries married 2nd Nancy Minerva Bryant (daughter of Joab Bryant and Mary "Polly" Stewart) and had 9 children (Euphrey B, Elizabeth, Beatrice, Edwin E, Marie Beatrice, Wade Hill, "William Joseph", Altie, and Ellie) Thompson Humphries married 3rd Mary Jane Littlejohn and had 3 children
William Joseph Humphries married Margaret Elizabeth Sarratt (b May 1874, d Nov 1945) and they had 8 children; (Alta Hope, Rosa, Amelia Beatrice, Victor, Royce W (Buddy), Whitt Quincy (Beth's grandfather), Margaret and Mary Barrett)
This info was obtained by my cousins research years ago, family Bible records and cemetery records
Beth Lawrence,
302 N Pointe Dr Goldsboro, NC 27530 919-735-3367
The "Widow" Mrs. Frances (Unk) SARRATT, m. SEE: William HUMPHRIES, as his 2nd Wife!
1st Son: See: John HUMPHRIES, b. 1768, 2nd Wife: Mary CLARY
2nd Son, 2nd Wife: See: Thompson HUMPHRIES, b. 1768,
4th Son, 2nd Wife: See: William Joseph HUMPHRIES, b. 18,
that married Miss Margaret "Maggie" E. SARRATT, [SFS-671] is 1st d/o
(See: Samuel Q. SARRATT) & Mother: Mary Hope PARKER.
We would like to exchange info. on these families. ...prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: 05 Oct 1996 19:21:51 EDT
Thanks so much for the info. I wasn't aware that Frances Sarratt was a widow, makes a difference. So, if I've got this right, you're looking for Henry J. Sarratt (b 1877) related info - anything in particular? You see, my great grandmother, Margaret Elizabeth Sarratt (b 1874) that married William Joseph Humphries was also from Grassy Pond near Sarratt's creek.
I'm going back home to Gaffney, SC, next week with the intention of visiting the gravesites of the Humphries' and Sarratts'. I hope my mother can still find them as it has been a few years since she visited the sites - wish me luck. Anything I can check out for you just let me know.
I called my mom last night to recheck her records and she read me that over the phone, but I'll double check when I get there because I'm not sure which kids belong to who anymore.
We would like any photo's of "Gravesites" of these HUMPHRIES & SARRATT Families. Just send them on a CD or attached to a E-Mail, we will create a Photo Gravesite Web Page...prs

4th E-Mail: Date: 16 Oct 1996 18:24:06 EDT
Subj: Sarratt/Humphries
Sorry it's taken so long to get back but the computer shorted and all programs dumped. I have a ton of info for you but I'm not sure of how much you want.
First of all the parents of Margaret Elizabeth Sarratt, (b May 11, 1874 - d Dec 26, 1945) are Samuel Quin Sarratt (b Dec 11, 1851 - d Jul 7, 1909) and Mary Hope Parker ( b Nov 28, 1842 Union SC - d Jul 12, 1907).
Parents of Samuel Quin Sarratt are Green Berry Sarratt (b Feb 4, 1828 - d Jan 8, 1899) and Elizabeth Caroline Vinesette (or Vincet) (b Jan 5, 1831 - d Jan 14, 1893). Parents of Green Berry Sarratt are Samuel Sarratt (unk) and Margaret "Peggy" Quinn (Peggy's father was Peter Quinn b unk d 1824).
Parents of Samuel Sarratt are John Sarratt and Nannie Morgan.
NOTE: Children of Thompson Humphries and Nancy Minera Bryant
1. Euphry A (b Mar 24, 1862)
2. Elizabeth "Lizzie" (b Feb 22, 1864) married Milton "Manon" Sarratt (b Apr 04, 1859)
3. Beatrice (b Dec 24, 1865 - d 1887)
4. Edwin E (b Dec 27, 1867 - d 1899)
5. Macie M (b Feb 14, 1869 -d Dec 6, 1936)
6. Wade Hill (b Jun 05, 1872 - d Jun 16, 1938) marr M. Beatrice Sarratt (b Jan 18, 1882)
7. William Joseph (b Mar 16, 1874 - d Apr 16, 1935) married Margaret E Sarratt
8. Altie (b Mar 11, 1877)
9. Ellie (b Oct 01, 1880)
NOTE: 3 Humphries's married 3 Sarratt's.
I have a hand written listing (3 pages) of all Humphries and Sarratts that are buried in Providence Baptist Church in Gaffney SC. Includes:
James E and Elizabeth Sarratt,
Samuel Q and Mary Hope,
James M and Julia A and children, etc.
Are you interested in that listing?
I also have a narrative on the Humphries family written by
J C Coleman Humphries in 1932 that tells about William, John, William III and John III Humphries
(including where they're buried) if you're interested in that.
I noted an Alpha listing of all the Sarratts that you printed out for one of my aunt's friends (Lipscomb) in 1991. Looks like you're the expert on the Sarratt clan so you may have all this info already but just in case...
BTW: There's a gravesite for the SERVICE family down the road from my dad's, it's enclosed in a nice wrought iron fence on the Ruppe property. As far as Mr. Ruppe knows, no ones ever case you ever run across an inquiry on that family.
Thanks Beth,
We have made the corrections/additions to this HUMPHRIES/SARRATT Connection. See: HUMPHRIES Family Index Profile!
We would be interested in any of the "narratives" you may have and again we will create a Web Page for them. ...prs
Gary Zeig
Humphries, Sarratt Research
Date: 13 Jul 1998 21:40:17 EDT
I appreciate all the material you have entered on the Rutherford Co, NCGenWeb site. My wife's maiden name is Humphries and we can trace back to William Humphries of Rutherford Co, and then Cleveland Co., NC. He was born abt 1750 and migrated from Virginia to NC. He married (1) ? , (2) Francis Sarratt in 1788 in Spartanburg District, South Carolina. Died May 30, 1827 and fought in the Revolutionary War. I have a good bit of info from her relatives about the family on down but I do not know who his parents or siblings. If you can help I would appreciate any info you have and also what county they may have come from in Virginia. If you are from this line I will be glad to share any info I may have. Thanks in advance. I forgot one thing. The family apparently attended Camps Creek Baptist Church and several are buried at that Church cemetery.
Gary Zeig, St. Peters, MO., E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail. Just how is your Wife "Connected" to this "Branch"
See "Attached" Bio on William HUMPHRIES IBM Profile, Ed. 1997
Now See: William HUMPHRIES, b. c1750 VA. SFA Profile!
See HUMPHRIES bd Camp's Creek Bapt. Ch. Cem.
We would like any correction/additions on this branch. ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 15 Jul 1998 00:07:57 EDT
Re: Ref: Humphries, Sarratt Research
File: RefHumph.mim (12711 bytes)
DL Time (26400 bps): < 1 minute
Hi Paul,
Thanks for all the information you sent me. It will take me alittle time to digest all of this.
I'm sending you an attachment on William Humphries and his oldest son John. It looks like your list branches off to John's son Thompson and my info goes from his son William. I'm not a computer wiz so this may not work but I'm attempting to send you two attachments and I may have to email you twice. I have more information on John's son William and his son John and so forth but its not computerized so I will have to type it up first. I'm going to try to send the attachments so here goes.
Gary Zeig St. Peters, MO., E-Mail:
We did NOT receive the RefHumph.mim (12711 bytes) file, try to resend in Text Format ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 98-07-15 23:09:47 EDT
Subj: Ref: Humphries research
File: Humpfa~1.bk! (26631 bytes)
DL Time (26400 bps): < 1 minute
Hi Paul,
I figured out how to change my Family Origins file to a TXT file so I'm sending you more info on William Humphries down to my wife Mary Diane Humphries. I havn't done much research on the Humphries side yet but I'll check my file and see if I have anything on the Surratt family line. Most of the info came from J.C. Coleman Humphries from data he gathered in 1932. I also have a copy of a letter he wrote to a relative in Mississippi that I'll send you that has some info you might be interested in. I'll close for now.
Gary Zeig St. Peters, MO., E-Mail:
We did NOT receive the Humpfa~1.bk! (26631 bytes) file, try to resend in Text Format
Amanda Humphrey
Date: 28 Nov 1998 10:34:46 AM Pacific Standard Time
I am researching the William Humphires(Humphreys) family of Cleveland (Rutherford) Co., NC and Spartanburg Co., SC. I believe you are searching the same family. I would be very interested in whatever census, burial, etc. records you might have already collected. I have some information that was passed on to me that I will be more than willing to share.
According to what I have,
William Humphries was born c 1750 and d 5-30-1827 in Cleveland Co., NC (Rutherford Co). He had the following children by 2 different wives:
John, William, Samuel, Jesse, David, margaret, Francis, Sussanah, Anderson, and Jane.

Please contact me at
Amanda Humphrey, La Porte Co., IN Gen-Web look-up volunteer.
Thankd for your E-Mail, We would like any correction/addition to this Family!
See: William,2 HUMPHRIES ...prs
Annette Lucas
Humphrey Family Quarterly
Date: 11 Feb 1999 8:40:20 PM Pacific Standard Time
Hello Mr. Sarrett:
I noticed in one of your posts that you are interested in the Humphuries family. I am the new editor of a newsletter called the Humphrey Family Quarterly. It is a snail mail publication that began 15 years ago. I would like to invite you to our website at;
Also, if you would like to send me your address, I could send you the latest issue of the Quarterly.
You are more than welcome to submit information or queries, whether you decide to subscribe or not.
Thank you for your time,
Annette Lucas, E-Mail: Come visit the Hoadley/HUMPHREY Connection
Thanks for the E-Mail, we will let our SFA Members know of your "Humphrey Family Quarterly" ...prs
Dan Walker
1st E-Mail;Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 11:48:46 PM Eastern Standard Time
pardon my intrusion, but my ggrandfather was Thompson Humphries and you have his father as John Humphries (1768), son of William (1750).
In an affidavit this John gave at the pension hearing in behalf of his step-mother, Francis Surratt, widow of William Humphries and his father, he does not mention a second marriage, i.e. Mary Clary.
Could Thompson Humphries have been the son of John's (1768) son, John (1799)? or could he have just not mentioned his second marriage?
Appreciate your thoughts on this matter, thanks for your trouble.
Thanks for the E-Mail!
See: John HUMPHRIES Profile!

2nd E-Mail; Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2000 1:51:29 PM Eastern Standard Time
We may be cousins and I commend you for all your information about the Humphries. My grandmother was Margaret Surratt Humphries, wife of William Joseph Humphries, [FG 671 (REF: #4 BTW) just to indicate how I fit into the Humphries/Surratt families.
Have question about the information found in "World Connect"/ Rootsweb. Do you have published somewhere the references given in your writeups? For example: REF:#690.001 etc. I would like to have them if I could. I know you must be swamped with email, but if you could answer, it would be muchly appreciated.
Thanks, Dan Walker (son of Altie Humphries Walker) email address
908 Temple View Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89110; (702) 531-6874, fax (702) 531-6875.
Thanks for the E-Mail!
Goto the SFA-HUMPHRIES Profile; Goto "Source & Reference Notes"
See the [REF:00?] for Source info.
See: Wm. Joseph HUMPHRIES Profile! We would like to exchange info. on this family. ...prs
William HUMPHREYS, of Long Island, NY
Date:Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 8:41:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: Dan Walker and Mitzi
Half the time I don't know who I am talking to, so here it is.
William Humphreys was born in Hempstead, Long Island, NY
Marrie Elizabeth Wiltsie June 11 1731
He was a Colonel from New York and died Jan. 29, 1791
William and Elizabeth had 10 children:
1. Thomas,
2. James,
3. John,
4. Cornellius,
+5. William, b. 1745-50 <----
6. Henry
7. Elizabeth,
8. Catherine,
9. Mary &
10. Ann
I think that +William the 5th child was born in Yorkshire also, in 1745-50 Married Marrianna Walker in 1767 Va.
He died in Rutherford Co. N.C.
Marriana died in 1799, Rutherford Co., NC.,
her father was Judge Walker in Virgina.
William came to VA, Jan 6, 1763, married 1767. Served as a Rev. soldier as a private at the Batle of Kings Mt., SC 1781.
Buried Clevelnad Co., SC in a pasure on a fram of Joe McRaw.
Six children:
1. John, born 1768 VA married 1st wife Julia Francis Ellis, Dec. 30, 1785 VA,
2. Samuel married a Mcraw,
3. David Married (1) Polly (2) Jane,
4. Henry,
5. Willam and
6. Francis married Mary James.
William married Marrianna first and the married Frances Sarrett.
William and Frances had (5) children:
1. Susannah married a Husky,
2. Margaret married (1st) pritchard (2nd) Willam Trayton,
3. Anderson born and died in 1800,
4. Jane born in 1814 and married a Hysky,
Leady Suratt and Nancy Sarret was Francis daughters by a previous marriage,..
Henry Humphreys the son of William and Marrian Humphreys marrie Winnie Grant (I think). Let me know if this is what you want and I will send more. I am going to Las VEgas the end of ths week,so I wll continue when I get back. I would rather do this on a pedigre sheet.
I can't guarantee this, but I had researched this years ago and then quit. I'd like to get started again.
Anne Pritchard
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 6:33:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time
I'm researching the Pritchards of the Rutherford/ Cleveland/ Gaffney triangle. And while I've gathered a great deal of info, some of it is conflicting.
I wonder if you'd mind answering a couple of questions which would put me on the right path?
Margaret Humphries Pritchard, daughter of Willam Humphries Sr (revolutionary William) appears to have been our ancestor.
Was she Frances Sarratt's daughter, as Berry Jones swore in 1854, or Marianne Walker's daughter, born in 1778 in Va, as I keep seeing posted in various online family trees? And if Frances Sarratt's, when was she born?
The Margaret Pritchard, b. c1818 in the 1850 Cleveland Co census was only 32 - is that too young to be the one in Berry Jones' affadavit? Thanks for any light you can shed on this.
Cordially, Anne Pritchard, E-Mail:
Elaine Myers
William Humphries Family
Date: Nov 24, 2002 10:28:02 AM Pacific Standard Time
Dear Paul, I recently discovered your work re: Sarratt family online. Wm. Humphries is related to me. It's rather confusing because my materal grt grandmother, Bonnie Eudora Clarinda Humphries (descendant of John Humphries, 1st son of old Wm. Humphries I). Her husband was George Felder Humphries who was a descendant of Samuel Humphries, 3rd son of old William H.
I was wondering what documentation you have to show that old William was from England? I have searched for a number of years in the passenger lists, but came up with nothing. I also have a note in my records that he came from Yorkshire, England in the year 1763, which would have made him approx. 13 years old at the time.
My guess is that his father was named "John," since he named his 1st son John. However, I went to the records of King George Co., VA . I found a John & Anderson Humphries (spelled same) who were tithed in the year 1803. My question is: Is this family he left behind after coming to NC?
Any info you have would be greatly appreciated.
I have been trying to unravel this mystery for a number of years. It was also more difficult, since I have two Humphries' lines in my family tree.
Thanks, Elaine Myers, (

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