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William HUMPHRIES, 1750-1827

The following is from:
The "Cleveland Historical Society", 1980 F.G.S. 647, Pg 338
by Clara Humphries Hughes.
   Her Sources: Mildred P. Elliott's research papers;
   wills; Family Bibles; War Records; and research 


William HUMPHRIES,I, was born about 1750
in England. He came to Virginia and settled
there, marrying Judge Walker's daughter,
Morning (or Marrianne). After her death, he
migrated to Number 1 Township, Cleveland
County, NC., then married, in 1788, Frances
Surratt (1753-1848), in Spartanburg District,
S.C. She was a resident of Cleveland County.

According to history, that area where William's 
residence was located, bordering the
North and South Carolina line, was sometimes
termed a "no man's land". There are records
of land being granted, in that area, by the
governors of North and South Carolina.

Records obtained from the War Department
in Washington describe his service in the 
Revolutionary War and show that he served at
different times under Colonels Campbell and
Williams in the South Carolina troops and as
brigade quartermaster in General Sumter's
brigade and was at the "Battle of King's Mountain."
He served two years and was pensioned
under claim No. W-4000. While in service, he
received a wound by a ball passing through his
thigh, from which he afterwards suffered. He
died in 1827 and is buried about one hundred
yards west of the old home place. The D.A.R.
erected a marker on his grave in 1937.

Names of the children of William HUMPHRIES, I, 
were recorded in the old family Bible as:
  1.  John, 
  2.  William II, 
  3.  Samuel, 
  4.  Jesse, 
  5.  David,
  6.  Margaret, 
  7.  Francis 
  8.  Susanah, 
  9.  Anderson and
  10. Jane. 

Samuel HUMPHRIES I, (1781-1849) who was the 
son of William and Frances S. HUMPHRIES, <--Not True ..prs
married Nancy McCraw. The names of their 
children, recorded in the family Bible
were Lawson, 
   1. Celia, 
   2. Daniel, 
   3. Francis, 
   4. William Bryson (or Brison), 
   5. Thomas Jefferson, 
   6. Elizabeth, 
   7. Ranny and 
   8. Samuel, II.

William Bryson HUMPHRIES (Mar. 8, 1812 - d. c1868), 
son of Samuel and Nancy (McCraw HUMPHRIES), 
married Mary "Polly" Blanton. Their children were 
   1. Pink, 
   2. Hazael,
   3. Memory, 
   4. Henry,
   5. Samuel Austin, 
   6. John Perry,
   7. Arranah, 
   8. Emaline and 
   9. Jane.

Samuel Austin HUMPHRIES (May 17, 1850 - Jun 27, 1913), 
son of William Bryson and Mary "Polly" Blanton HUMPHRIES, 
m. Louisa Jane Jones (Aug.22, 1850 - Nov. 16, 1906). 
Their children were seven in number.
   (They were grandparents of the writer).

(1) Mary Ezell "Mollie" (May 5,1875 - Dec. 12,1899) 
    m. John Vinesett 
(2) Minnie L. (b. 1877) m. Zeb Moseley; 
(3) Jemima E. "Mamie" (May 15, 1819 - Nov. 17, 1959)
    m. Samuel A. Parker; 
(4) Andrew Jackson "Jack" (Mar. 16, 1881 - Nov. 6, 1952) 
    m. July 20, 1901 to Martha Eudora "Docia" Davis; 
(5) Lula (Dec. 18, 1884 - June 8, 1912) 
    m. Aaron HUMPHRIES; 
(6) Marshall Davis "Marsh" (Aug. 23, 1886 - Nov. 26, 1939) 
    m. Pearl Kennedy; and 
(7) Ferris Cordell (Nov. 26, 1893 - May 18, 1948)
    m. Feb. 16, 1915 to Bertha Ledford 
       (Dec. 11, 1896 - May 17, 1975), parents of the writer.

The eight children of Ferris C. and Bertha L. (Ledford)
HUMPHRIES are as follows: 
(1) Edward Dwight (b. Jan. 22, 1916), 
    m. 1) Dixie Howard; 
    m. 2) Betty Williams; 
    m. 3) Betsy (Askins) [sic Atkins] Scarboro; 
(2) Ella Jane (July 14, 1917 - Aug. 6, 1921), 
    died of diphtheria. 
(3) Herbert Brooks (b. Dec. 14, 1918) 
    m. Mary Atwood; 
(4) Ruth Myrl (b. Nov. 19, 1920) 
    m. Walter C. Stephens; 
(5) Clarabell (b. May 4, 1923) 
    m. Sidney Jackson "Jack" Hughes; 
(6) Edna Earl (Aug. 4,1925 - July 5,1934), 
    died of leukemia; 
(7) Thelma Raye (b. Mar. 11, 1928) 
    m. Owen M. Holmes, III; 
(8) Ferris C., Jr. (b. Feb. 20, 1930) 
    m. 1) Shytle;
    m. 2) Gail Allen.

The children of Marshall D. and Pearl (Kennedy) 
   1. Phyrnia (died young); 
   2. Jessie        m. 1) Herman Hammock; 2) Robert Van Sleen; 
   3. Hattie Mae    m. 1) Bob Childrez; 2) Allan Gardner; 
   4. Edwin Yates   m. Mildred French); 
   5. Earl Jennings m. 1) Margaret Jenkins; 2) Lucille Elmore
   6. Martha Bernice m. Joseph Mills Porter; 
   7. Donald Brison deceased, never married.

Their children were 
   1. Gladys, m. Clyde Bridges; and 
   2. Lucy, a half-sister to Gladys, married Mr. Brown.

Andrew Jackson "Jack" and Martha Eudora "Docia" (DAVIS)
HUMPHRIES's children were:
   1. Wofford,
   2. Ralph, 
   3. Dorch, 
   4. Shirley, 
   5. Hoyt, 
   6. Thomas
   and one daughter, 
   7. Madeline m. Richard Yates.

Jemima Elizabeth "Mamie" and Samuel A. Parker's 
children were 
   1. Thomas Archie (1906-1949) and 
   2. Mildred Paulette m. John W. Elliott

The children of Mary Ezell "Mollie" H. and 
John Vinesett were:
   1. Etha and 
   2. Orin.

Many of the above named and other descendants
of William HUMPHRIES, I, still live in 
Cleveland Co., NC. and proudly claim him as
their ancestor.

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