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William "Bill" HOPPER, c1777-1847 a70y

Third Generation!
William "Bill" HOPPER,
(1st s/o Joseph,1 HOPPER & Mother: Miss WILSON)
(1GS/o M/M Thomas HOPPER)
b. 1777 Rowan Co., NC
d. 21-Mar-1847 age 70, Spartanburg Co., SC
Buried: Casper Webber Family Cem., Map 04F Cleveland Co., NC 
At a28y he married (bfr 1805) old Spartanburg Dist., SC. to
the 21 year old Miss Rebecca SARRATT;
(1st d/o Samuel,4 & Frances (BONNER) SARRATT of Spartanburg Dist., SC.
(1Gd/o   SAMUEL, 2 & ELIZABETH SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD.
(2Gd/o   SAMUEL,1 & ANNA SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD.
(3Gd/o   JOSEPH,1 & KATHERINE SARRATT, of France "The American Progenitor!"
b. 1784 Old Spartanburg Dist., SC
d. 01-Apr-1847 age 63, Spartanburg Co., SC
Buried: Casper Webber Family Cem., Map04F Cleveland Co., SC
They had 12 Children born to this Union:
   1. 1st Dau: Nancy, c1805-          m. c1830 James HAMRICK, 11Ch.
   2. 2nd Dau: Susan, c1805-1847 a42y m. c1842 James McSWAIN, 3Ch.

This family is NOT listed in "The Sarratt Family" by Nobel Sarratt of
1897; See [REF:#155, Page 5. prs
   The only reference to this family was:

This family is listed in the Cleveland Hist. Soc., 1980 FG 617, pg 319
"The HOPPER Generations in Cleveland County" by Mrs. Gladys H. Hopper.
"William HOPPER (s/o Joseph HOPPER) settled about 2 miles up the the Broad River (from his father's place) where the State line crosses the Broad River." (This would still be in York Co., SC. ..prs)
He had four boys: Alexander Joab Zacariah, and Haskie Girls were: Rachel Dulcenia Polly Ann and some others.
Source 075.002 List this family from AOL ChuckwH273, E-Mail to this writer Sep. 06, 1995. prs with family member No Dates ..prs
The Son J. Alexander was NOT listed on Wm. Hopper's Will of 1854, but was listed in the Heritage of Cleveland, NC. pg 319ckw
14 Feb. 1812; York, SC Deed Book L pg 262,
Peter Green Sr for $100 to Peter Morgan, 205 acers on North side of Buffalo Ck bounded by: James Wylie, Robert Orkins (?Orman), McFarlin (McFarland?), Jacob Green and Holts. s/p P. Green - Wit; Isaac Dill, Wit; James Duncan Proved 1 Sept 1812 by James Duncan
(cwh, check James Wylie on estate of Will Hopper 1854. also see Holt on census by James Duncan) note Copeland as on estate William Hopper Buffalo Creek 1854.(ckw)
Fourth Generation! 1. Nancy HOPPER; (1st d/o Wm. Bill HOPPER & Mother Rebecca SARRATT) b. - -1805 Spartanburg Co., SC d. Buried: m. c1830 James HAMRICK 5 (4102) They had 11 Children born to this Union: Child: Cordelia HAMRICK (9021) Child: Benjamin HAMRICK (9022) Child: William Adolphus HAMRICK (9023) Child: Monroe HAMRICK (9024) Child: Mary HAMRICK (9025) Child: Lorenzo Daw HAMRICK (9026) Child: Amanda HAMRICK "Mandy" (4103) Child: Levincey HAMRICK (9027) Child: Julian HAMRICK (9028) Child: Walter HAMRICK (9029) Child: Eveline HAMRICK (9030) Child 2: Susannah HOPPER (636) Gender: Female b. - -1805 Cleveland Co., NC d. 00-Dec-1847 a42y, Cleveland Co., NC Buried: 00-Dec-1847 Buffalo Bapt. Ch. Cemetary, Blacksburg, Cherokee Co., SC Married: James McSWAIN Sr (2733) on - -1842 Child: James McSWAIN Jr (2771) Child: John Twitty McSWAIN "Doctor" (2772) Child: Cynthia Rebecca McSWAIN (2773) Child 3: Rachel HOPPER (634) Gender: Female b. 18-Jan-1807 Spartanburg Co., SC d. 11-Mar-1882 a75y, York Co., SC Buried: 14-Mar-1882 Buffalo Bapt. Ch. Cem., Cherokee Co., SC Married: Samuel WYLIE (9033) on - -1835 Child: Charlotte L. WYLIE (9034) Child: William G. Sr. WYLIE (9035) Child: James A. WYLIE (9036) Child: Robert H. WYLIE (9037) Child 4: Rosanna HOPPER (635) Gender: Female b. - -1809 Spartanburg Co., SC d. Buried: No known marriage Child 5: Diannah HOPPER (642) Gender: Female b. - -1809 Spartanburg Dist., SC d. - -1880 a71y at Mt Lookout, Sand Rock, Cherokee Co., AL Buried: Married: James McSWAIN (646) Child 6: Joab HOPPER (638) Gender: Male b. - -1810 Clevlenad Co., NC d. Mt Lookout, Sand Rock, Cherokee Co., AL Buried: No known marriage Child 7: Zachariah A. HOPPER (180) Gender: Male b. 25-Jan-1814 Spartanburg Co., SC d. 29-May-1884 a70y, at Gaffney, Cherokee Co., SC Buried: 02-Jun-1884 Buffalo Bapt. Ch. Cem., Gaffney, Cherokee Co., SC Married: Arrney TURNER 2 (169) on - -1836 Married: Elizabeth UNKNOWN (644) on - -1847 Child: M. B. John HOPPER "Johm" (9051) Child: Mary Jane HOPPER (9052) Child: William C. HOPPER (9053) Child: Rachel D. HOPPER (9054) Child: Harriett E. HOPPER (9055) Child: Landrun L. HOPPER (9056) Child 8: Mary A. HOPPER 2 "Polly" (640) Gender: Female b. - -1815 Spartanburg Co., SC d. Buried: No known marriage Child 9: John Alexander HOPPER (639) Gender: Male b. - -1816 Clevleand Co., NC d. Buried: No known marriage Child 10: Adalissa HOPPER "Adalisey" (641) Gender: Female b. 17-Jan-1818 Spartanburg Co., SC d. 13-Apr-1857 a39y in Southern, Cleveland Co., NC Buried: 15-Apr-1857 Buffalo Bapts. Ch. Cem., Cherokee Co., SC Married: Hugh Kerr McSWAIN 2 (628) on - -1840 Child: Rachel McSWAIN (2149) Child: William Swanson McSWAIN (5407) Child: Emily Jane McSWAIN (5408) Child: John McSWAIN (5409) Child: Luther Carson McSWAIN (5410) Child: Margaret L. McSWAIN (5411) Child: George Davis McSWAIN (5412) Child: Adalissa Jr. McSWAIN (5413) Child 11: Margaret L. HOPPER 3 "Peggy" (637) Gender: Female b. - -1822 Spartanburg Co., SC d. Buried: Casper Weber Cemetery, Cleveland Co., NC No known marriage Child 12: Dulcenia HOPPER (643) Gender: Female b. 10-Sep-1824 York Co., SC d. 09-Dec-1894 a70y at Blacksburg, Cherokee Co.,, SC Buried: 11-Dec-1894 Mt. Paran Bapt. Ch. Cem., Blacksburg, Cherokee Co., SC Married: JD Frank DUNCAN (647)

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