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Richard Hicks
HICKS, Berrymon
Date: 24 Mar 1997
I looking for information on the parents and grandparents of Berrymon Hicks born July 1, 1778 in Spartanburg County. He was the son of William and Edith Hicks.
William, b. c1755 m. Edith, b. c1760? he was the son of Richard, b. c1735; d. 1812 and Mary Hicks, b. 1740? They had William and a daughter Dicy. I am looking for any help on the birthplace of William (Va.?) and maiden names, birthplace of Edith and Mary.
Felix Turner
HICKS, Richard
Date: Oct 1997
Richard HICKS, Sr. d. c1812 Rutherford Co., NC
m. Mary Unknown
Ch 1. Dicy, m. Martin MARTIN, listed 10 Ch
2. Edith, &
3. Richard Jr.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
HICKS, Berryman
Date: 09 Dec. 1997
Mary T. McLaughlin, 422 W. 22nd Ave. Spokane, WA. 99203
Bulletin of Old Tryon Socicety, Num. 2, May 1992
Was William HICKS/HIX b. 1750, with Daniel BOONE?
Where/When did William die? Any info on the orgin of Berryman, first name of Berryman HICKS, b. 1778
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
HICKS, Berryman
Date: 09 Dec. 1997
Shirley P. Wagstaff, P.O. Box 1559, Brandon, Oregon 97411
Bulletin of Old Tryon Socicety, Num. 3, Aug. 1992
Seeking given name and surname of wife of Richard HICKS, Sr. b. 1710 and d. after 1771 in Tryon Co., NC.
Also seeking names of their children with birthdates and Counties of birth if possible. Could someone identify Christopher HICKS of Rutherford Co., NC.
Marla Goodrich
HICKS, Richard
Date: 17 May 2001 6:57:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time
I just saw your entry on Rootsweb for Richard and Mary Hicks and children William and Dicey. I was interested to see you also had Edith and Richard Jr. as children. I have Richard's will which names Edith Durham as a daughter but I have taken that as a daughter-in-law because after William died she married Achilles Durham who is the father of Elizabeth Durham who married William and Edith's son Berrymon HICKS Do I have that wrong?
My biggest question is about the grandson William in Richard's will. Do you have any idea who he was and where he went?
How did you find the Richard Hicks Jr?
Sincerely, Marla Goodrich, E-Mail:
Helen B. Smith
Hicks of Tryon/Rutherford Cos, NC
Date: November 07, 2001 at 13:25:15
Hicks Family Genealogy Forum Message #6441
In Reply to: Re: Hicks of Tryon/Rutherford Cos, NC by brenda of
I found your email very interesting. There are "holes" in my research but the following is a POSSIBLE for my direct lineage: oldest to the most recent. They did not die in order of birth.
1. John Hicks/Hix b 1636 Charles City Co, VA; d 1729 Surry Co, VA; m Rebecca Rives [spelled many different way.] They had a son named DANIEL b 1662 ?
2. John Hicks/Hix b 1660 Charles City Co, VA; d 1722 Surry Co, VA; m Denias Christiana
3. William Hicks/Hix b 1684 Charles City Co, VA; d 1711 Surry Co, VA; m Elizabeth [His children had an uncle named Richard Ingram.]
4. Richard Hicks/Hix b 1707 Surry Co, VA; died after 1771 Tryon Co, NC [now Rutherford Co, NC]
5. Richard Hicks/Hix b 1727 Prince George Co, VA; d 1812 Rutherford Co, NC
6 Dicy Hicks/Hix b 1762; d 1845 Spartanburg Co, SC; married Martin Martin in 1781 in Laurens Co, SC. She later moved back to Rutherford Co, NC, and then to Spartanburg Co, SC.
The above is not all documented!!!!!
I would think that your Daniel RIVES/Reece Hicks was named for Rebecca Rives/Reece [many different spellings].
How we fit together, I do not know but I feel sure we are related!
Helen B. Smith, E-Mail: No followups yet
Helen B. Smith, is a large contributer to the SFA, See [SFA-REF:#143] ...prs
Sam Hicks
HICKS, Willis
Date: 7/8/02 4:38:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Dear Mr. Surrett, I found that you had listed my G-G-Grandfather Willis Hicks in the database on His ID number there is I8699. His wife was Elizabeth.
Would you have any more information on him? I have tried off and on for years to identify his father with no success. If you have any information on the Hicks line, I would really like to know. Thank you for your time,
Sam Hicks, Charlotte NC.,
Thanks for the E-Mail, you can see more information on this family at:
Willis HICKS Family Profile! We would like to exchange info. on this family. ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 7/14/02 8:16:12 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Hello Paul,
I'm sorry I haven't got back to you sooner. I have been out of town and have not checked my e-mail in a while. This is what I have on Willis Hicks that I discovered while trying to find what his father's name was:
Willis Hicks' grave is in the Sandy Run Baptist Cemetery in Mooresboro [Cleveland Co.] NC. The dates on the tomestone (which is not the original) has his dates as c1819-c1895. It is very possible that these dates are not very accurate. Sometime in the past during a Hicks reunion, I believe that a collection was taken up to replace the old and weathered tomestone with a newer marker. Only, those involved had to make a guess as to the dates on the stone. The reason I say this is that I have the census record for 1870. It shows Willis as 46, and Elizabeth as 45. Mary, along with William and Benjamin, are also listed as part of the household. Mary was Elizabeth's daughter from her previous marriage to Burwell Hamrick. Mary was listed as being 18 at the time. Sons, William as 9, and Benjamin as 6.
Betty E. (Elizabeth) is buried beside Willis. Her marker shows dates of c1818-c1912. It seems that she did not know her exact age. In the 1900 census she was living with Benjamin and his family and her age there was recorded as being 80. I suspect that the age she gave in the 1870 census is the most accurate. You have her as being born in 1824. I believe that to be correct.
I have the death certificate for Benjamin. It shows his birthdate as Sept. 18, 1862. You show him as being born in 1864. Ben died Nov. 22, 1941. He is buried at High Shoals in Henrietta [Rutherford Co.] NC. Now Ben's wife was Cynthia Elizabeth Surratt. She lived from 7/18/1869 to 8/6/1953. She is buried with Benjamin. You have Benjamin's and William's wives switched.
William M. Hicks (Willis' oldest son) lived from 8/25/1859 to 8/3/1930. His wife, Mary M. Surratt, is buried along side him at Sandy Run Baptist in Mooresboro NC.
I have more on Benjamin's and William's offspring, but I am afraid that it is not very well organized right now.
I have come to the conclusion the neither Willis or his wife Elizabeth were literate. The 1900 census listed Elizabeth as not being able to read or write. I'm afraid that that is why there is no record of Willis' parents.
Some of this info may come in handy in filling gaps in your records and making corrections.
Thanks, Sam Hicks

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