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SARRETT/SARRATT/SURRATT Families of America (SFA)© Vol. III, SC.
BLANTON Family NC./SC. Index
  First Generation! Son of one of the "3 Brothers" who came from England! [REF-SFA#184, Pg1]
 Chap.  FName  LName  b. - d.  Married  From
 1.  Reuben, Sr.  BLANTON  c1750-  m. c1780 VA. Martha JOHNSON, 7Ch.  Brunswick Co., VA.
  Second Generation! Children of Reuben Sr. & Martha (Johnson) BLANTON [REF-SFA#184, Pg5]
 1.1 1st Son:  Lewis,1  BLANTON  c1780-  [REF-SFA#184, Pg5]  Brunswick Co., VA.
 1.2 2nd Son:  Daniel,1  BLANTON  *1782-  m. *1804 Frances WILKINS, 14Ch.  Brunswick Co., VA.
 1.3 3rd Son  Charles,1  BLANTON  c1784-  [REF-SFA#184, Pg5]  Brunswick Co., VA.
 1.4 1st Dau:  Frances,1  BLANTON  c1785-  [REF-SFA#184, Pg5]  Brunswick Co., VA.
 1.5 2nd Dau:  Nancy,1  BLANTON  c1786-  [REF-SFA#184, Pg5]  NC.? / SC.?
 1.6 4th Son:  Reubin,2 Jr.  BLANTON  *1793-  [REF-SFA#184, Pg5]  Rutherford Co.,NC.
 1.7 5th Son:  Hered,1  BLANTON  *1797-  [REF-SFA#184, Pg5]  Rutherford Co.,NC.
  Third Generation! 14 Children of Daniel,1 & Frances (Wilkens) BLANTON [REF-SFA#184, Pg37]
 1.2.01 1st Dau:  Sarah  BLANTON  *1806-1826 a20y  bd Wilkins/Blanton Cem.  Rutherford Co., NC.
 1.2.02 1st Son:  Grandison F.  BLANTON  *1808-1862 a54y  m. 1st Nancy LEMONS, 9 Ch. [REF-SFA#184, Pg37]
 m. 2nd Susan PEELER, 6 Ch. [REF-SFA#184, Pg136]
 Rutherford Co., NC.
 1.2.03 2nd Son:  Charles S.  BLANTON  *1810-1875 a65y   m. *1845 GA. Sarah Ann HENSON, [REF-SFA#184, Pg147]  Rutherford Co., NC.
 1.2.04 3rd Son:  Reuben,3  BLANTON  *1812-1888 a76y   m. *1836 NC. Mary DUNN, 10Ch., [REF-SFA#184, Pg168]  Rutherford Co., NC.
 1.2.05 4th Son:  Burrell S.  BLANTON  *1812-1858 a46y   m. c1840 NC. Almira C. WHITESIDE, ?Ch., [REF-SFA#184, Pg177]  Rutherford Co., NC.
 1.2.06 5th Son:  Daniel,2 Jr.  BLANTON  *1814-18?? a??y   m. *1835 NC. Eunice DOSS, 6Ch., [REF-SFA#184, Pg177]  Rutherford Co., NC.
 1.2.07 6th Son:  Wm. Pinkney  BLANTON  *1817-1880 a63y   m. *1841 NC. Catherine E. McMURRY, 10Ch., [REF-SFA#184, Pg181]  Rutherford Co., NC.
 1.2.08 7th Son:  John J.  BLANTON  c1820-18?? a??y   m. c1841 GA. Amelia J. JULIAN, ?Ch., [REF-SFA#184, Pg203]  Rutherford Co., NC.
 1.2.09 2nd Dau:  Caroline E.  BLANTON  *1820-1862 a42y   m. c1838 NC. Eason G. LOGAN, ?Ch., [REF-SFA#184, Pg210]  Rutherford Co., NC.
 1.2.10 8th Son:  Kinnon  BLANTON  *1824-1851 a27y   m. *1841 GA. Catherine E. McMURRY, 3Ch., [REF-SFA#184, Pg212]  Rutherford Co., NC.
 1.2.11 3rd Dau:  Martha S.  BLANTON  *1826-1885 a59y   m. *1841 NC. Nathaniel W. McMURRY, 5Ch., [REF-SFA#184, Pg225]  Rutherford Co., NC.
 1.2.12 4th Dau:  Julianna  BLANTON  *1828-1828 a01d   [REF-SFA#184, Pg227]  Rutherford Co., NC.
 1.2.13 5th Dau:  Pollyana  BLANTON  *1828-1838 a10y   [REF-SFA#184, Pg227]  Rutherford Co., NC.
 1.2.14 9th Son:  Francis  BLANTON  *1832-1862 a30y   m. c1850 NC. Mary Ann WEBB, 6Ch., [REF-SFA#184, Pg227]  Rutherford Co., NC.
  Fourth Generation! 9 Children of Grandison F. & 1st Wife: Nancy LEMONS (*1807-1847 age 40yrs) [REF-SFA#184, Pg37] 1st Son:  George W.  BLANTON  *1830-1906 a76y  m. *1854 NC. Bettie Elizab. HAMRICK, 9 Ch. [REF-SFA#184, Pg42]  Rutherford Co., NC. 2nd Son:  Frances  BLANTON  *1833-1834 a01y  d. Infant, bd. [REF-SFA#184, Pg60]  Rutherford Co., NC. 3rd Son:  Costello  BLANTON  *1834-1896 a62y  Never Married!, [REF-SFA#184, Pg60]  Rutherford Co., NC. 4th Son:  Arthur  BLANTON  *1836-1880 a44y  m. *1857 NC. Roxann BLANTON, 9Ch. [REF-SFA#184, Pg60]  Rutherford Co., NC. 5th Son:  Xenophean  BLANTON  *1838-1909 a71y  m. *1866 NC. Caroline L. PEARSON, 10 Ch. [REF-SFA#184, Pg74]  Rutherford Co., NC. 1st Dau:  Barbara  BLANTON  *1840-18?? a??y  m. c1864 NC. Ebenezor BLANTON, 7Ch. [REF-SFA#184, Pg124]  Rutherford Co., NC. 6th Son:  Pinckney M.  BLANTON  *1842-1862 a20y  m. *1842 NC. Mary D. Unknown, 3Ch. [REF-SFA#184, Pg124]  Cleveland Co., NC. 2nd Dau:  Mary  BLANTON  *1844-1844 a52d  Infant d. 52days [REF-SFA#184, Pg125]  Cleveland Co., NC. 3rd Dau:  Martha  BLANTON  *1844-1916 a72y  m. c? Reuben W. ALLISON, ?Ch. [REF-SFA#184, Pg125]  Cleveland Co., NC.
  Fourth Generation! 6 Children of Grandison F. BLANTON, & 2nd Wife: Susan (PEELER) (*1832-1897 age 65yrs) [REF-SFA#184, Pg136] 1st Son:  Grandison E.  BLANTON  *1853-1853 a 2m  Infant d. 2 months, bd [REF-SFA#184, Pg137]  Cleveland Co., NC. 2nd Son:  Kinion,2  BLANTON  *1855-1927 a72y  m. c1877 NC. Cynthia J. McCRAW, 8Ch. [REF-SFA#184, Pg137]  Cleveland Co., NC. Inf.:  Not Named  BLANTON  *1857-1857 a 2h  Infant d. 2Hours, bd [REF-SFA#184, Pg147]  Cleveland Co., NC. 3rd Son:  David A.  BLANTON  *1859-18?? a??y  Not Traced! [REF-SFA#184, Pg147]  Cleveland Co., NC. 1st Dau:  Amanda E.  BLANTON  *1861-1900 a39y  m. c? John WASHBURN, ?Ch. [REF-SFA#184, Pg147]  Cleveland Co., NC. 4th Son:  John G.  BLANTON  *1863-1931 a68y  m. c? Elizabeth ALLISON, ?Ch. [REF-SFA#184, Pg147]  Cleveland Co., NC.

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