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Queries ARENDELL Family, SC.
Fran Wolford
Subj: Arndel/Arnold
Dated: 11 Mar 1999 11:30:31 AM Pacific Standard Time
I am researching this family line and would appreciate any information you may have about them. Richard Arendel /Arnold was my 6th great grandfather and according to the infomation I have so far, he lived in Granville, NC. but I'm not sure.
Thanks in advance for any thing you can send.
Fran Wolford, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail.
We have only researched See: Benjamin, Sr. ARENDELL
He is the 3rd Son of Richard & Ellinor (Reddick) ARNDELL.
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Subj: Arnolds
Dated: 16 Mar 1999 11:58:35 AM Pacific Standard Time
Hi Paul'
I saw your interest in the Arnold family of S.C. on their web page looking at census information. My wife's family tree includes Arnolds. The first I have is a William Arnold who came from England with his family to South Carolina before 1793. Their third son Jonathan Arnold was born 19 Dec. 1793 in South Carolina.
Jonathan married an Elizabeth Webb and went on to Alabama. Is there any connection with your family line?
Jim, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail, Jim
We have only researched See: Benjamin, Sr. ARENDELL
He is the 3rd Son of Richard & Ellinor (Reddick) ARNDELL.
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Clifford J Ocheltree
Dated: Sep 09, 1999
Mr. Sarrett,
Was working through some South Carolina records concerning my TYNES family and noticed your interest in the ARNDELL / ARNOLD family in S. C. Perhaps you can help me solve a mystery I have concerning the ARENDALL / ARNOLD family of Halifax County, Virginia. Some background:
Person: James ARENDALL
Birthday: 25 January 1787
* Married to Catherine "Caty" JONES, 23 October 1809
* Mary T ARENDALL born 15 October 1810 at VA
* Joseph Jones ARENDALL born 22 March 1812
* John M ARENDALL born 7 November 1813
* Beverly P ARENDALL born 30 December 1815
* Edna J ARENDALL born 23 April 1818
* James Woodford ARENDALL born 25 January 1820
* Thomas D ARENDALL born 25 January 1820
* Francis M ARENDALL born 27 January 1822
(James Arendall family bible)
James ARENDALL is the underlying problem. He was married in Halifax Co. VA as were most of his children. His wife, Caty, and her father John JONES both died, testate, there. But James, seemingly, leaves no record in Halifax Co.
James daughter, Mary (my line), was married 15 Oct. 1810 (as Mary ARNOLD) to Luther Eppes TYNES in Halifax Co. That she is, in fact, an ARENDALL is supported by her mother's will.
Mary's brother, Joseph Jones ARENDALL, had relocated to the Maries Co. area before the Civil War and was joined by his TYNES nephews about 1870. Joseph, too, is commonly mentioned as being an "ARNOLD". With Joseph lies the South Carolina connection:
Everett Marshall King, History of Maries County p.821 states with regard to Joseph J. ARENDALL: "his more immediate ancestor was probably Benjamin ARENDALL, who lived in the Cheraw District of South Carolina in 1790."
While King is not always dependable I've long believed that this information must have come from some family member and, therefore, had SOME connection to reality. I have recently learned that members of my TYNES line also seem to have moved, back and forth with ease, between Halifax County, VA and the Camden District of South Carolina. In light of James ARENDALL's seeming invisibility in Virginia my interest in a possible South Carolina connection has grown.
Any of this ring a bell? Your comments would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.
Cliff Ocheltree
New Orleans LA E-Mail:
Cliff, we have a Benjamin, Sr. ARENDELL, c1722-1784 from the old Granville, Caswell/Orange Dist. of NC.
See: Benjamin, Sr. ARENDELL Profile! ...prs
Barry Wetherington
ARENDELL, Joel Blackwell
Dated: Oct 15, 1999
CC: (Paul R Sarrett) (Javan Michael DeLoach)
Hi Dare List,
Here is a somewhat confusing pair of entries for Eliz Dare md to Joel Blackwell ARENDELL, altho neither appear to be our Eliz Dare. Barry Wetherington
Yes, Barry, we have:
Elizabeth DARE (I3434) GEDCOM
Birth: 22 Apr 1805 in ,Spartanburg Co.,SC Death: 22 Dec 1862 in Doran's Cove,Jackson Co.,AL Burial: 24 Dec 1862 in Doran's Cove Cemetery,Bridgeport,Jackson Co.,AL Marriage c1828, Spartanburg Dist., SC. to
Joel Blackwell ARENDELL;
(s/o Benjamin, Jr. & Mary "Polly" (COLE) ARENDELL)
(1Gs/o Benjamin, Sr. & Rebecca (SARRATT) ARENDELL)
(1Gs/o Thomas, Sr. & Martha (RICE) COLE)
(2Gs/o Richard & Elliner ARENDELL)
b. 09 Sep. 1796, Spartanburg Dist., SC. d. 21 Jul. 1881, age 84, in Marion Co., TN; Buried in the "Doran's Cove Cemetery" at Bridgeport, Jackson Co., AL., where a headstone marks his grave. He married three times,
We would like any corrections/additions to this family! ...prs


Annette Shelton
1st E-Mail: Dated: Jan 19, 2000
I, too, am researching the descendants of Richard and Ellender Reddick Arrendell. I'm interested in the fact that you show the birthplace for both of them as Ireland. I've not been able to find a proof for where either of them were born, and would like to know how you traced them back to Ireland.
I'm descended from Richard through his son Thomas, > Thomas Jr. > Richard (I think) > Caroline Arrendell who was b. 1811 in Franklin or Wake Co., NC. and married Thomas B. Sanders.
Regards, Annette Shelton, E-Mail
Annette, we have:
Benjamin, Sr. ARENDELL SFA-Profile
s/o Richard,1 ARENDELL, c1690-1758 m. c1711 Ellinor REDDICK, 8Ch.
We would like any corrections/additions to these families! ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 30 Dec 2002 9:36:25 AM Pacific Standard Time
To: Message # 21.1.2
Hi from another Arendell descendant of Richard Arundel/Arrendel & Elinor(Ellender) Reddick through Thomas Jr. and Rachel Perry. I noticed your Texas location & wondered if you are in touch with Debra Somers. She is from the line of Thomas Bryant (Tommy) Arendell of Erath & Liberty Cos. TX c1861 on. She has lots of Arendell info that she would gladly share.
This is an old email address; hope it's still good. Best of luck in your research.
Annette Shelton gggranddaughter of Caroline E. Arendell b. 1808 Franklin/Wake Co. NC
Annette, we have:
Benjamin, Sr. ARENDELL SFA-Profile
s/o Richard,1 ARENDELL, c1690-1758 m. c1711 Ellinor REDDICK, 8Ch.
We would like any corrections/additions to these families! ...prs

3rd E-Mail: 18 Sep 2004 2:57:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time
In searching for more information on the Richard Arendell who married Ellender/Eleanor Reddick, I was given your URL. I visited your site, and wish to compliment you on it.
Not only is it very attractive, but the chronological order makes it easier to follow. Another researcher, Karen Lowery, posted that Richard & Ellender Reddick were both born in Ireland. I wish to look into this more, and was wondering if you could supply me with what you have on that. I haven't seen that place of birth stated before; usually it was given as Virginia.
Is the Benjamin Arendell who married Rebecca Sarratt the son of Richard & Ellender? If so, I have Jones as her maiden name. Can you clarify that for me?
I descend from Thomas Arendell, Sr through his son Thomas, Jr. who married Rachel Perry. In 1761, Thomas Sr. obtained a Lord Granville land grant of 620 acres in Granville County, NC. Another grant, 692 acres, adjoining Thomas Arendell was obtained by William Sanders. Years later, their g-g-grandchildren, Caroline E. Arendell and Thomas B. Sanders were married in Franklin Co., NC. This is where I fit into this tree, as their g-g-granddaughter. I've been researching Thomas B. & Caroline's descendants for over 20 years, and pretty much have the tree from Thomas Arendell, Jr down filled in. Now it time to try to learn more about the ancestors came before. Any light you can shed on the birthplace of Richard and Ellender will be much appreciated. Thank you for your time. With kind regards,
Annette Shelton, Monroe, LA E-Mail:
p.s. I forgot to mention that it was Karen Lowery who directed me to you as the source of her information. It was she that had posted the Ireland birthplace for Richard and Ellender Arendell.
Thanks again, Annette
Annette, we have corresponded in Jan 2000 & in Dec 2002 with you, but you never responded to us.
The "JONES or WEST" surname for Rebecca, (Benjamin, Sr. ARENDELL wife) come from 2 article in AFAS. It has never been "Proven" we feel Rebecca is a "SARRATT"
See: Benjamin, Sr. ARENDELL SFA-Profile
s/o Richard,1 ARENDELL, c1690-1758 m. c1711 Ellinor REDDICK, 8Ch.
We would like any corrections/additions to these families! ...prs

Bertie Tomkins
ARENDELL, Wm. Bridges
Dated: Mar 05, 2000
William Bridges Arendell b.1875, father Christopher Green Arendell b. 1851, W.B. daughter Julia Louise b.1906 was my husbands mother and I would like to know if you know these Arendells, the family moved to Polk County, Fl. after moving from Moorehead City, N. C.
Thanks, Bertie F. Tomkins E-Mail:
Thanks, for the E-Mail, Bertie,
We don't have this branch "connected" to our group, but we have a Bridges ARENDELL, that's not been traced!. We would like any more info. on this family. ...prs
Gail Garwood
Dated: Sep 08, 2000
Posted on: Arrendell Queries - Message # 10
Don't suppose anyone knows who the mother of SION and Rachel PERRY was?
I have Ellendar REDDICK married to Richard ARENDELL, grandfather of Thomas and Theny ARENDELL. Where does Reddick ARENDELL fit in? Unfortunately I gathered the info about Ellendar at the early point in my searching and didn't list a source. (Bad Me!)
Gail, Rederick ARENDELL, was also a Grandson of Richard,1 & Ellenor (REDDICK) ARENDELL, 2nd s/o Benjamin, Sr. & Rebecca (SARRATT) ARENDELL.
See: Rederick ARENDELL Profile! ...prs
Dated: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 6:39:03 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: Message 29
I have some Turley contacts or information. Not sure they will be your same family line but perhaps can assist in making some connections for you. This family is a collateral line to the Daffron family for me. My original connection is Nancy Arrendell who married Joseph Daffron and are great grandparents of mine. Please contact me at my e-mail address and I will check on the information for you.
d/o Rederick ARENDELL & 1st Wife?
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Sarrett (etc) GustsBook
Dated: 13 Dec 2000
I am trying to learn more the line of Rebecca Sarratt
(my 4th great-grandmother) b. about 1730, North Carolina.
She was the daugter of Samuel Sarratt, son of Joseph Sarratt,
I. Rebecca Sarratt married Benjamin Arendell, Sr.
Kay Wilson Wolfe, E-Mail:
See Benjamin, Sr. ARENDELL, SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs



John Arundell Military Service
Dated: July 14, 2001 at 15:00:30
Genforum/Arrendell Family: Message 138
In answer to the John Arundell military service, I received that info from another local researcher who was working on the entire Arnold/Arundell line. The source given to me was the DAR Patriot Index and that this John was a member of the "Washington Guards". Since I was concentrating on my Reddick ARRENDELL line I did not research that out myself. I was having a hard enough time finding proof of my own Reddick' service which took me 5 years, so I sympathize with your John search.
Concerning Bridges, it was the 1801 deed that caused me to wonder why Bridges returned to his mother what she had given to him. Wondered if there was an answer for that one. Reddick's descendants - as for my line:
[His 1st Dau with 2nd Wife..prs] Margaret Arundell married John Adams
s/o Abednego Adams and Frances Rippy.
John Adams and Margaret Arundell had 6 children:
Linney, Frances, Martin, Emeline, *Susan, Haulman.
*Susan Adams married Andrew TURNER and are my g-grandparents.
This line was all located in NC just over the SC line.
Are you a descendant of Elijah Turner from the Spartanburg area? If so,these familes - Arundell, Turner, Sarratt, Rippy, Adams, Morgan - all lived very close to one another and intermarried.
I am also related to Charles Morgan who left with John Arundell to go to Logan Co.
Which brings me to another unanswered old question - has anyone determined if Charles Morgan was married first to Lourana Arundell and was she a sister to John and Reddick??
I started on that question in 1990 and still have never found the answer!
Thanks so much for sharing with me about Bridges travels.
Debbie (Debbie has "hidden" her E-Mail address)
For more info. on these families See:
Rederick ARENDELL, SFA-Profile!
Margaret (ARENDELL) ADAMS, SFA-Profile!
Elijah & Edy J. (Sarratt) TURNER, SFA-Profile!
Charles,3 & Lurena (Arendell) MORGAN, SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange Info. on these Families....prs

Dated: Dec 12, 2001
I ran across an Absolom Arnold born SC ca. 1799 in the Milton County, Georgia 1860 census. I think this could be your Absolom.
Clay, that's a bad link, you sent! Do you have any more on Absolom ARENDELL/ARNOLD? ...prs


Billie Bohannon Wright
Subj: Buchannan/Buckhannan in Surratt Family Rootweb
Dated: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 9:55:59 PM Eastern Standard Time
I am working on my Bohannon line. I have a James Bohannon (believe changed from Buckhannon/Buchannan) born abt 1800 in SC married abt 1823 to Delilah born abt 1807 in SC. Thought her maiden name might be Ross because of son's middle name, but cannot make a connection. Have not been able to find who James's parents are.
I ran a search for a Delilah born abt 1807 and came up with your Delilah Arendell that married a Mr Buchannan.
My James and Delilah's son that I am descended from is Reddrick Ross Bohannon.
Delilah Arendell's father is Reddick.
I looked at the index for the Surratt family and noticed you have listed a Jane Buckhannan that married Samuel Ross and they had children by the names of
William Ross,
Lawson Buchannan Ross,
Dock Buckhannan Ross.
My James and Delilah had children by the name of
1. Reddick Ross Bohannon,
2. Lawson Bohannon,
3. Pickney Bohannon,
4. Doctor Bohannon,
5. William Bohannon and
6. Milissa Bohannon.

They were all born in SC.
Do you have any additional information on the Mr Buchannan that married Delilah Arendell? Do you know if he was related to Jane Buckhannan? I am wondering if Delilah Arendell may the one I am looking for.
Thanks Billie Bohannon Wright, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail.
We have See: Delilah ARENDELL,
d/o See: Rederick & 3rd Wife Rhoda SARRATT,
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

See: Virginia B. Jordan, Query Feb 18, 2003
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 6:31:37 PM Eastern Standard Time
Follows is a copy of message I sent you on 1/21/2002. I am not trying to bug you, just thought you might not have gotten the first e-mail. Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
Billie Bohannon Wright, E-Mail:
See my response Jan 21, 2002
We have See: Delilah ARENDELL,
d/o See: Rederick & 3rd Wife Rhoda SARRATT,
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Javan Michael DeLoach GEDCOM: The Arrendell/Arendall Family
Updated: Mon Apr 8, 2002 18:21:01
Entries: 777, Contact: Javan Michael DeLoach, E-Mail:
Home Page: Thompson Humphries, ID: I51
Birth: Abt 1820 Death:
Married: Bef 1842 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina
Miss Mary Caroline Arrendell b: Abt 1822 in Spartanburg County, South Caolina

How are you "connected" to this Family?
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Kevin Arndell
Subj: Arndell
Dated: Date: 11 Aug 2002 4:23:52 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Hi -- I see from a web search that you are interested in Arndell in Carolinas do you know if their ancestors came from the UK in the 1700's?
Kevin Arndell, England E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail from across the water.
Sorry, I have not researched this family to England. ..prs /b>

Joseph H. Gardner
Subj: Frank & Mae [Williams] Gardner
Dated: 14 Aug 2002 6:03:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Dear Mr/Ms Irlbacher and Sarrett,
Found you on Ancestry.Com, where you both express an interest in my uncle, Frank Henry Gardner, and the first of his many wives, Mae Williams.
Uncle Frank was quite eccentric, and much of the hilarity at family gathering of his nieces & nephews comes from the swapping of "Uncle Frank stories."
Don't know what your connection is; presume it's to Aunt Mae. Nor do I know how much you know about them--or care to know--but, I'd be happy to hear from you if you're interested.
Yours, Joseph H. Gardner,
236 Barberry Ln. Lexington, KY 40503 859-278-3016
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs
Subj: [ARRENDELL] Re: My line of Arendells
Dated: 29 Dec 2002 6:21:58 PM Pacific Standard Time
Message Board URL: Message 21.2.1,
Hi R.H.
We are definitely related as Bridges is my ancestor. He moved to Carteret Co. N.C. In Moorehead City there is an Arendell Ave. named after these Arendell's. The parallel Street is Bridges and the next parallel is Fisher. Bridges married Sarah Fisher, she was the daughter of William Fisher and Charity Pacquinet.
I can't tell you if any Ferrell's went to Carteret Co. or not but it shouldn't be hard to trace. There is a lovely Court House in Beaufort where I did all my research.
Bridges was a Methodist Minister and rode what they called the Trent Circuit (Ministry on Horseback). He was also Pastor of St. Ann Methodist Church in Beaufort. Bridges's son Michael was a Doctor. Michael married Zilphia Leecraft and there are houses on the Historical Register, one Arendell House and there are two Leecraft houses.
My ancestor was Michael's brother Thomas who was a school teacher and graduate of William and Mary.
I hope knowing where they ended up can be of some help to you and I hope you have better luck than I've had tracing the elusive Arendell's. In my research I find Arendell by any other spelling is Arundell. Finding the link between Richard of Franklin Co. and any of the early Arundell's has proven to be so difficult.
At the genealogical library in London I found an article that said all the early Arundell's were Cornish. This surely means we are related to the illoustrious Arundell's of Wardour and the Dukes of Norfolk but it looks like that is the only thread I see. I keep hunting and hoping!
Try typing in the Ferrell name on search the web and you might be surprised what you come up with. I have done great on other lines by doing that.
Good luck and God Bless!
See Our Bridges ARENDELL,
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs



Karolyn Klaes
Subj: [ARRENDELL] James Arrendell, Lunenburg Co., VA 1730's
Dated: Date: 18 Feb 2003 10:25:33 AM Pacific Standard Time
Hi everyone,
I have just found out through a DNA study that is currently going on with the Arnold family that I descend from a James Arnold and Martha Atkins (or Atkinson) of Lunenburg Co., Virginia in the early 1700's (our DNA samples matched perfectly). This "James Arnold" died around 1775. There are many "Arrendell" genealogists who believe that this James Arnold of Lunenburg Co., VA is really "James Arrendell" and that some in his family changed the spelling of his name to "Arnold" when they moved down to South Carolina. Is there anyone on this list who might know something about this early family from Lunenburg Co., Virginia?
Some of "James Arnolds'" family moved into Granville Co., NC and "James Arrendell" had family move into Granville Co., NC as well. Some of "James Arnolds'" family moved down into South Carolina (like mine!); "Benjamin Arrendell" and "Reddick Arrendell", descendants of "James Arrendell", moved into Spartanburg Co., SC around the same time (1790's). Some of "James Arnolds' group moved into Kentucky; "James Arrendells'" had kin moved into Kentucky. Are these two men one and the same??
If anyone is researching the Colonial Arrendells or this James Arrendell who lived in Lunenburg in the 1730's, I'd really love to share ideas and information with you.
Oh, and if there are any direct male descendants of the Arrendell family who would like to participate in the Arnold DNA study, we'd love to have you join in! Maybe we can find out finally if the "Arnolds" are really "Arrendells" or the "Arrendells" are really "Arnolds". But then, we all could really all be "Arundells!! (boy, it does get confusing!).
Karolyn Klaes, E-Mail: (Day Job) or my (Night Job)
I think, you need a new DNA study, the "Benjamin Arrendell" and "Reddick Arrendell", of Spartanburg Dist., SC. is NOT part of your Lunenburg Co., Virginia Familiy. ....prs

Virginia B. Jordan
Subj: The Bohannon/Buckhannan Family
Dated: 18 Feb 2003 5:08:34 PM Pacific Standard Time
I am researching my family family history and I have come across some interesting infmation from a cousin of mine. My name is Virginia Bohannon Jordan and I am a descendant of James S. and Delilah Bohannon. James and Delilah came to Cherokee County, Georgia from South Carolina. They had several children, one of whom was my g-g-grandfather, Lawson H. Bohannon. We believe he was one of their sons and maybe a twin. I have tons of infomation on the family as well as pictures.
What can you tell me about Delilah? The information I have shows her as Delilah Ross Bohannon. Was this Delilah "Delilah Arendell, daughter of Reddick Arendell? My Delilah named one of her sons "Reddick Ross Bohannon". He could be named after the Bohannon and the Arendell side. Right? Could we possibly have a connection?
I have been searching for the names of their parents. In The "South Carolina Will Abstracts 1787-1840" complied by Brent H. Holcomb, page 147 under the Will of Samuel S. Ross, Spartanburgh District, it shows J. S. Bohannon as a witness and proved by James S. Buckhannon. Lawson Ross Buckhannon is awarded some property and it appears he is sole administrator. Is this the same James S. Bohannon married to Delilah?
If you go further in the book to page 148, Delilah is inheriting something from apparently her father's will, Reddick Arnold. The name is spelled so many different ways, as mine is.
Please help me solve this mystery and hopefully find a connection we have been searching for. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you! Virginia B. & Harvey Jordan, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail.
Have you been in contact with Billie (Bohannon) Wright, Jan 21, 2002 above
We have See: Delilah ARENDELL,
d/o See: Rederick & 3rd Wife Rhoda SARRATT,
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Subj:Re Will of Reddick Arrendale
Dated: 13 Nov 2003 9:44:00 AM Pacific Standard Time
I just can't find the will. I do not see anything for the year 1826 listed on that page. Do you happen to have any information about Arrendales who moved to Texas?
I have a James B. Arnold born in 1810 in SC. His wife was Thursey from Alabama.
His sister was Ann, who married Isham Tate.
They all moved to Texas from Pickens Co., Alabama.
Thank you for taking the time to help all of us with our family histories.
Glenda, E-Mail:
See: Rederick ARENDELL, 1826 Will & Test.
How are you "Connected" to Rederick ARENDELL?
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 13 Nov 2003 11:00:28 AM Pacific Standard Time
I found the will and a whole lot more to think about.
Glenda, E-Mail:
Let us know if you are "connected" to this Family. ..prs

Junior Thomas,
Subj: Seeking help on the Arendell's
Dated: 17 Nov 2003 12:22:41 PM Pacific Standard Time
Hello Paul.
Paul My name is Junior Thomas, I live in Pangburn, Arkansas, I am writing to youto see if you had any info . on a Richard B. Arendell b. 1788, Franklin Co. N.C.-He was the son of Thomas Arendell JR. b. 1751, in Franklin, Co , (or Bute Co.).
Paul I am searching for the mother and father of my gggrandmother, Her name is Caroline E, Arendell b.Sept. 08, 1808, and married Thomas B. Sanders on Feb. 12, 1829, Caroline is buried in Jackson Co Ark. about 30 miles from where I live, Thomas Sanders died in La. Nov. 7, 1859. Paul I know that you probaly hear all kind's of stories but I have just had a pc since june and I am 73 years old and dont have anybody to show me any thing about this computer, Paul, what I am trying to say is if you cant help me, I thought that maby you might tell me some way that I might go about finding out the I need--We think that Caroline descended from Richard, If you can who to check with or what you would do if you was me, or who to check with. Paul , I hate to write and ask for the thing's that I have. I have just copied the Sarratt families of America 1742-1805.
Paul if you can or if you cant, I appreicate your time, and may the Good Lord Bless You.
Junior Thomas, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail.
Have you been in contact with Annette Shelton She is a Gggranddaughter of Caroline E. Arendell b. 1808 Franklin/Wake Co. NC
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs



Joan A. Peck
Subj:Re: GenWeb entry
Date: 14 Jul 2004 11:53:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Hello Paul Sarratt,
I found your address on USGenWeb and hope your address is still valid. I have been working on the Arendell line from the Thomas Arrendale b 1788 and not traced. I found the court probate papers from the death of Benjamin Arendell by widow Mary Cole. The spelling of Arendell was altered when Thomas and Charles moved into the Rabun County, Georgia area. Please let me know if you are still interested in sharing information. Thank you,
Joan A. Peck, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail, Joan
We have NOT researched Thomas ARENDEL, b. c1788
(1st s.o Benjamin Jr. & Mary (Cole) ARENDELL)
Benjamin Sr. & Rebecca (Sarratt) ARENDELL
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs



Jaustin Nelson,
Dated: 03 Jan 2005 12:53:57 PM Pacific Standard Time
My ancestor, reddick arrendell and bejamin arendell, both; married saratt women.
Rhoda and rebecca saratt abt 1790 to 1824. I am trying to find marriage proofs for these families for a genealogy. Can you help? Thanks for all.
Jaustin Nelson,
Sorry, Jaustin Their are no "Official Records" (Primary Source) of marriage's in South Carolina, before 1907. No Bond, Certificate, etc. were required! So their are No County "Marriage Books" to be found. Several of the Churches and Pastors kept records, and several Genealogical publications, Newspapers have published marriage information, but it is very sketchy. ....prs
2nd E-Mail: Date: 03 Jan 2005 2:27:02 PM Pacific Standard Time
Got last email wrong. Its richard arendell married mary poer abt 1824, sorry. reddick arendell married rhoda saratt abt 1780??? Thanks for your help and patience!!!
You have the married date 1780?? is way off See Rederick ARENDELL SFA Profile!
How are you "Connected" to this Family? ..prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: 03 Jan 2005 2:42:59 PM Pacific Standard Time
looking for marriage, or anything,of richard arendell and ellinor reddick abt 1750 in granville n.c.(caswell orange n.c.?).
Would like to purchase all your data on a cd about saratt aendell/arendale.
At least what i need,thanks for your help and time.
Every thing I have on the SARRATT/ARENDELL is on-line at: See Rederick ARENDELL SFA Profile!
2nd time "How are you Connected to this Family?" ..prs

4th E-Mail: Date: 03 Jan 2005 3:11:05 PM Pacific Standard Time
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That is an amazing page and a lot of work. How long you been at this?
I have been working on my Family History, since 1973, some 32yrs.
3rd time "How are you Connected to this Family?" ..prs

5th E-Mail: Date: 03 Jan 2005 3:35:58 PM Pacific Standard Time
I may be able to fill in some blanks for you.Will need to corrolate it all. Mary e arendale query at is my family and leads back to benjamin"arendall"arendale and could fill in some as i said.after name put no name for father all is at records + or - 20 years then year is 1860,in the us and s.c. at state.
Like this mary e arendale all +or-20 1860 u.s south carolina mary e is my has a lot of records you can add also.This person is a contact at site mentioned: KAREN LOWERY 6410 IONA ST. DIAMONDHEAD MS.39525.
I have written here this date 1-4-05 and will probably get reply in 3 days. Will keep in contact.Cds she and lds has may add even more!!!!!!!

6th E-Mail: Date: 03 Jan 2005 3:42:22 PM Pacific Standard Time
Query at for william h arendale,william arendale,and mary e arendale is good also.
William arendale query gives richard arendale/poer marriage(my lines). Benjamin greenberry(greenburg??)arendale is my direct line. William hampton arendale is my gggrandmothers father. Mary elizabeth arendale is my gggrandmother!!!!!

7th E-Mail: Date: 03 Jan 2005 4:00:15 PM Pacific Standard Time
Reddick arendale's 3rd marriage's3rd son is richard arendale married mary poer in s.c 24th feb 1825 spartanburg county. Query i sent is at WILLIAM ARENDALE is name 8th or 9th is RICHARD ARENDALE/MARY POER link for us.

8th E-Mail: Date: 18 Feb 2005 2:17:07 PM Pacific Standard Time
I need generation 2 from benjamin arendale in your work and can't find it.
This should be my family line of richard arendale(arundel??)born 1802?. If you have this line farther to the present i need it also,thanks.
I am trying to compile my family history and need this information for this,thanks. My gggrandmother is benjamin's ancestor in 1861 and she married my gggrandfather john thomas nelson in pope mississippi abt goes
Reply to
Richard 1802 lived in alabama jackson county?and they must have moved to m ississippi. A lady helped me find land records here and i will try to copy them.
Jaustin, does NOT make any since in his last few E-Mails


Belinda Kelly
Subj: Arrendale, LeFever
Dated: 03 Jan 2006 6:12:59 PM Pacific Standard Time
I have been researching the Arrendales from Rabun County, Georgia. My Thomas Arrendale was from Spartansburg, South Carolina. He married a Margaret, "Peggy", LeFever from Spartansburg. I have found that Thomas was the son of Benjamin "Arnold" Arrendale. He had a brother Charles who went with him to Rabun County. The Arrendales and the LeFevers (John and Lucy) lived on the Thickity- Bever Creek Dam area so I am assuming Margaret was their daughter, but have no proof.
I believe one of Thomas's sister married a Sarrett.
Would appreciate any input or info you might have.
Thanks, Belinda Kelly, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail.
We have a litle info. on See: Thomas ARRENDELL,
We believe he was a son of Benjamin, Jr. & Mary "Polly" (COLE) ARRENDELL
a Grandson of Benjamin, Sr. & Rebecca (SARRATT) ARENDELL.
We have no record that a "Sister" of Thomas & Charles married a "SARRATT".
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs



Joan Arrendale Peck
Re: Arendell
Dated: 17 Apr 2007 8:37:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Hello Mr. Sarratt,
I am a descendant of Benjamin Arendell, son of Benj. & Rebecca. I am looking for any document proving the relationship of Benjamin, Jr to Benjamin, Sr. After the death of Benjamin Sr his widow Rebecca named son John as heir of the estates. I need to find where I can send for anything that will list all the children in that family. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Joan Arrendale Peck, E-Mail:
Joan, Thanks for the E-Mail.
See: 1801 Dower/Deed of Mrs. Rebecca (SARRATT) ARENDELL.
See Son: Benjamin, Jr. ARENDELL, Family Profile!
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 19 Apr 2007 6:26:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Thanks so much for the information. I will being spending time on this for a while. I will try to get you the information on the Arrendales as soon as I can, but I move in slow motion now days. While reading the notes to you from others there was a question about Absalom Arendell, That was one of the sons of Benjamin Arendell Jr and Mary Cole. I do not know where he went to from Spartanburg, but he was listed in the court papers that had all the children appear to have the estate settled.
The children were Thomas, Charles, Willis, Wiley, Joel, Absalom, Susanah, and Polly. I do not know the order, as yet. I found the papers in the South Carolina State Archives in File #2. Thomas and Charles moved to Rabun County, GA. Thanks again, I will be in touch.
Joan Arrendale Peck, E-Mail:
Joan, Will be looking forward to your info. on this Family. ..prs

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