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Sara (Amos) Parham
Mrs. Fannie (AMOS) SARRATT
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 3:22:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Mrs. Fannie (Amos) Sarratt of River Falls, S.C. (River Hills, York Co., SC)
Dear Sir: I am not on the list of folks you stated you would like to exchange information with. But, I have an interesting situation that had been bugging our family since the 1920s when older cousins were doing genealogy of our family in Kentucky.
Mrs. Fannie (Amos) Sarratt wrote to Mrs Blanche Lilliston who was the President of the Paris, Kentucky DAR. I do not know exactly when the letter was dated. The article written by Mrs Lilliston for the Archives and perhaps the "Paris Kentuckian News" was dated August 1943. It was a long article about the genealogy of the Amos family, from the Immigrant William Amos of Maryland about 1720 from England down the years to the families in Kentucky.
Mrs. (Amos) Sarratt claimed in her letter that her family was from the son of William, Benjamin who fought in the Revolutionary War and Benjamin's son Benjamin Jr. who moved to South Carolina sometime very early, sometime around 1790. With him were his children: Charles, Ransom, Dave, John, Joseph, James and William. She stated that Ransim and David settled in Kentucky. John went to CA. in 1845 and the rest stayed in South Carolina. She goes throught three generations of her family where the grandchild of Benjamin, Jr. named Charles, b. 1845 was her father.
This account has been challenged by a Mrs. Gertrude Stephens who wrote a genealogy of the Maryland Amos family. The reference as to where they lived in S.C. is Spartenburg.
My grandfather D.C. Amos of Oakland, Ky. b. 1850 , and his father John Bailey Amos of Hart County, Ky. b. 1816, both stated that their father or grandfather was Ransom Amos who married Mary Amos (cousins) Barren County, Ky. in 1803 was born in North Carolina. BUT, I see the boundry dispute between North and South Caolina makes it very difficult to decide which state they were born in.
I see your name and wonder if you are kin to Mrs. Fannie (Amos) Sarratt? Or, if you have any additional information for me.
Sincely most appreciative for any information you can furnish. Sara Amos Parham, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail.
Mrs. Fanny (Amos) SARRATT, died 1961 age 93yrs.
We have not researched the AMOS branch of SC, but we do have:
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We would like any corrections/additions to this Family. ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 12:47:05 PM Eastern Standard Time
I do have those generations just as she wrote them to the Kentucky DAR. The DAR records are dated in ink AMOS 11-30-1943 and the DAR committe members are listed as Miss Blanche Lilleston, President of the Jemima Johnson Chapter of DAR.
Since Fannie's birthdate was in 1868, I have no idea when the DAR received her letter, but the very long article on the History of the Amos family is titled "Early Bourbon Families", for the Kentuckian-Citizen. I have five legal size pages in pica type which evidently ran in two sessions beginning 11,30, 1943 and Dec. 14, 1943.
Quote, " Benjamin Amos, son of William and Ann McComas Amos was born in England February 2, 1724 He was appointed Captain Jan 26, 1777, in the American Revolutionary War. His son Benjamin, Jr., moved from Harford County, Md. to South Carolina about 1790 .
His children were
1. Charles, settled in South Carolina
2. Ransom, settled in Kentucky
3. Dave, settled in Kentucky
4. John, settled in California in 1845
5. Joseph,
6. James, and
7. William.
1. Charles, born in 1790 was twice married. The children of the first marriage were
1.1 James,
1.2 Frank, settled in Kentucky
1.3 Ross, Settled in Alabama
1.4 Benjamine, stettled in Georgia, and
1.5 a son killed in the Civil WAr.
Children of the second marriage were
1.6. Charles, b. in 1845 remained in South Carolina, and was the father of Mrs. Fannie Amos sarratt of river Falls, S.C. who supplied this information." and
1.7 Joseph.

Another source: Mrs. Gertrude Stephens of Spanish Fort, Alabama published her 1200 plus volume of "Children of Mt. Soma" ( Amos spelled backwards) which begins with William Amos the Immigrant and his wife states.
" This article has some errors and be used with care. Records are not cited to prove the ancestry of Charles Amos of Spartenburg, S.C. to be Benjamin of Benjamin of William of Maryland. another genealogist claims the family was from Virginia, according to the biography of Joseph Simpson Amos, son of Charles of Spartenburg, S.C."
I cannot verify any of this as my only complete reference with proof is that a Ransom Amos migrated to Kentucky and married his possible cousin Mary Amos in Barren County, Ky in 1803. I just verified this in September in Kentucky with the records in Barren County. They were the first children married in that County's Records. My grandfather and great grandfather said Ransom was from North Carolina, but your boundries were so confusing???????
Kind regard, and hopefully you can shed some light on this for me, our family has been searching since the 1930s for the father of Ransom, whose son John Bailey Amos, b. 1816 and married Sarah Kirtley in Warren County, Ky: and Daniel Amos, my grandfather, who was born in Warren County, Ky in 1850 in Warren Co. Ky.
Sara Amos Parham, E-Mail: ..prs

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