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Absalom,1 SARRATT, 1770-1843 of Rown Co., NC. Brown Co., IL.

Fourth Generation!
Absalom,1 SARRATT; [SFA-IL FG 375 ] [SFA#]
(1st s/o Thomas1, & Wife Unknown SARRATT;
(1Gs/o...Samuel,1 & 2nd Wife Honour SARRATT)
(2Gs/o...Joseph,1 & Katherine SARRATT) "The American Progenitor!"
b. c1770, Flat Swamp Ares, Rowan Co., (present-day Davidson Co.) NC. d. bfr 1842, age 73yrs Versailies Twp., Brown Co., IL. [Still on Tax List] Buried: Probably John SURRATT Cemetery; (Section 29, Versailles, Brown Co., IL. (No Headstone) At the age of 31yrs, abt 1804, he married in the old Rowan Co., NC. to 25 year old Wife Unknown; b. c1779, Old Rowan Co., (present-day Davidson Co., NC. d. before 1840 Census, age 61, Brown Co., IL; Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
  They had at least 9 children born to this Union, 4 sons, and 5 dau: ...prs
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch. 1st Son:  John,13 SURRATT,  NC. c1804-1863 a59yrs IL.  m. c1828 NC. Margaret "Peggy" BRIGGS,  10Ch. 2nd Son:  Thomas,5 SURRATT,  NC. c1804-1860 a55yrs IL.  m. c1827 NC Catherine Unknown,   4Ch. 1st Dau:  Unknown SURRATT,  NC. c1810-18?? a??yrs ??.  Listed in Census, Not Traced! 2nd Dau:  Unknown SURRATT,  NC. c1812-18?? a??yrs ??.  Listed in Census, Not Traced! 3rd Dau:  Unknown SURRATT,  NC. c1814-18?? a??yrs ??.  Not Traced! 4th Dau:  Selena/Salena SURRATT,  NC. c1815-18?? a??yrs ??.  m. *1842 IL John S. BAILEY,   2Ch. 5th Dau:  Alesbeth SURRATT,  NC. c1818-18?? a??yrs ??.  m. *1840 IL Joseph GILSON,   ?Ch. 3rd Son:  Daniel James SURRATT,  NC. c1822-1886 a64yrs KS.  m. *1843 IL. 1st Sarah H. COX,   3Ch.
 "     "  "     "  "     "  m. c1877 KS. 2nd Mary "Mollie" Unknown,   1Ch. 4th Son:  Jeremiah,1 SURRATT,  NC. *1824-1902 a78yrs IL.  m. c1843 IL Martha BELL,   5Ch.
  25 Known Grandchildren! 
Laura & Normans' 1980 book In [REF: # 90, Pg44] They Note:
 " It is difficult to tell who the children and wife was of Absalom SARRATT. His wife's name was never mentioned in any of his deeds and he didn't write a Will, so like most women in the infancy of the United States, she will remain anonymous and will be remembered only threw her progeny."
  Chronological Time Line
 Type  Date  Age  Remarks  (Click on Date for more Info.)  Liv'g in Co.
 Born  1770    in the home of his Parents.  Present-day Davidson Co.  Rowan Co., NC.
 Census  1790  20yrs  in the home of his Parents.   Rowan Co., NC.
 Census  1800  30yrs  in the home of his Parents.  (Record Not Found?)  Rowan Co., NC.
 Married  1804  34yrs  Wife Unknown,  (No Record Not Found?)  Rowan Co., NC.
 Census  1810  40yrs  Wife Unknown, & 2 Children  (No Twp Listed!)  Rowan Co., NC.
 Deed  1813  43yrs  Father Thomas,1 sold him 100 acres  "Flat Swamp"  Rowan Co., NC.
 Census  1820  50yrs  Wife Unknown, & 7 Children, (2 Sons, 5 Dau's)  Flat Swamp, area  Rowan Co., NC.
 Death  1824  54yrs  Father Thomas,1 dies, age 74yrs   Rowan Co., NC.
 Census  1830  60yrs  2nd Wife, & 3 Children,  Flat Creek  Davidson Co., NC.
 Moved  1836  66yrs  Left Davidson Co., NC. with married Children to,  Versailles Twp.  Brown Co., IL.
 Census  1840  70yrs  with 2 youngest Un-Married Sons, in  Versailles Twp.  Brown Co., IL.
 Prob.2  1840  70yrs  Where are the 2 Un-Married Dau's living? in  Versailles Twp.  Brown Co., IL.
 Tax Poll  1842  72yrs  Not on the 1842 Tax Roll in  Versailles Twp.  Brown Co., IL.
 Death  1842  72yrs  bd. Surratt Family Cem., in  Sect. 29, Versailles Twp.  Brown Co., IL.
Marriage Mr. SARRATT wife Unknown?
Mr. Absalom SARRATT, age 31yrs son of M/M Thomas SARRATT and
Bride, age 25yrs were married in, Rowan Co., North Carolina on __ ___ 1804.
Source: based on birth of first born only; No Marriage Bond, found, No Lic. issued? Need M-Bk, Pg. etc...prs
Absolom,1  (26to45)  SURRATT can be found living with Family
ROWAN CO., North Carolina
1810 Census Reel: M-252-043   Pg. 082 Line: 30
 Pg#  Line  FName  MName  LName  Age  b.St  b.Yr  Remarks
  Carolinas - SFA-ID#
 082  30  Absolom,1  (26to45)  SURRATT   40  NC  1770  H/H 2001-00100
 082  30  Wife ?  (16to25)  SURRATT   31  NC  1779  Wife Unk., c1804, 9Ch.
 082  30  John,13  (09 Under)  SURRATT  6  NC  1804  Son 1st, m. Peggy BIGGS NC.
 082  30  Thomas,5  (09 Under)  SURRATT  5  NC  1805  Son 2nd, m. Catherine Unk. NC.
Father SOLD, 100 acres, Sep., 1813
STATE OF North Carolina   }
                                                   } SS.
COUNTY of Rowan              }

  , In Sep. 1813, THOMAS, 1 SARRATT, at the age of 63 years, sold 100 acres of his "Flat Swamp" property to his 1st. Son ABSALOM SARRATT, who had been noted as THOMAS,1 Tax Poll.
WILLIAM GALLIMORE, a neighbor, <--B-I-L m. Sis Elizabeth SURRATT
ABEL SARRATT Witness this Deed.<--Brother!
The Deed was NOT registered until some 11 years later in Sept. 1824 and was proven in open Court by Son-In-Law WILLIAM GALLIMORE.
Source: 1980 Book, [REF: #90, pg44]
Absolom,2  (45 Over) SURRATT can be found living with Family
100 acres, Flat Swamp  ROWAN CO., North Carolina
1820 Census Reel: M-33 -081   Pg. 358 Line: 31
 Pg#  Line  FName  MName  LName  Age  b.St  b.Yr  Remarks
  100 acres, Flat Swamp - SFA-ID#
 358  31  Absolom,2  (45 Over)  SURRATT   50  NC  1770  H/H 020001-41010
 358  31  Wife ?  (26to45)  SURRATT   41  NC  1779  Wife Unk., c1804, 9Ch.
 358  31  John,13  (10to16)  SURRATT   16  NC  1804  Son 1st, m. Peggy BIGGS, NC.
 358  31  Thomas,5  (10to16)  SURRATT   15  NC  1805  Son 2nd, m. Catherine Unk., NC.
 358  31  Dau 1st  (10to16)  SURRATT   10  NC  1810  Dau 1st, Not Traced!
 358  31  Dau 2nd  (10 Under)  SURRATT  8  NC  1812  Dau 2nd, Not Traced!
 358  31  Elicy  (10 Under)  SURRATT  6  NC  1814  Dau 3rd, m. Peter,2 BOSS, IL.
 358  31  Selena  (10 Under)  SURRATT  5  NC  1815  Dau 4th, m. John S. BAILEY, IL.
 358  31  Alesbeth  (10 Under)  SURRATT  2  NC  1818  Dau 5th, m. Joseph GILSON, IL.
Click on thumbnail for larger map! Davidson Co., NC. was created in 1822, from the larger See: Rowan Co. The County Seat is Lexington, NC. 26292. It is located in the Central part of the State; It is Bounded by Forsyth Co., on the North; Guilford & Randolph Co.'s on the East; Stanley & Montgomery Co's on the South; with Davie & Rowan Co's on the West.
(First Census, 1830, Note: Absalom,1 SURRATT, did NOT "Move" to Davidson Co., it was "Created" in 1822 and now his home was in the "New" County..prs
Laura & Normans' 1980 book In [REF: # 90, Pg45] They Note:
  Absalom,1 SARRATT, farmed and raised his children on the "Flat Creek" farm of Rowan & Davidson Co., NC. for over some 23 years (1813-1836) and at the age of 66 he removed with at least four of his children to Brown Co., Illinois. He made this arduous trip, that took at least a month by ox team even in the best of weather to cover the distance between Davidson Co., NC to Brown Co., IL. He must of gone because his sons wanted new land and a better opportunity. This was the usual motivation for departure and there is no evidence that he left any family behind.
In the 1830's there was a great exodus from the Piedmont region (of North Carolina) to more hopeful areas. On the small farms the grain crops were excellent during the colonial period, but by 1820's the land was wearing out crops were poor, and it became more difficult to feed a family and find a little cash to pay taxes. Rather than to sit there and starve they packed and left. Since no one else wanted their impoverished property, many simply abandoned their homes as Absalom SARRATTmust have done.
[No deed record that he ever sold his 100 acres from his father in 1813 ..prs]
If a man wished to live a simple life in an open society he went to the Midwest, if he hoped to become a large plantation owner with many slaves he went to Mississippi Georgia, Alabama, or Texas.
Absalom SARRATT, chose the Midwest. He appears on the 1840 Census for Brown Co., IL., with 2 teenage sons in his household. When the youngest son Jeremiah SARRATT, died in 1902, a well-written obituary appeared in the "Democrat-Message" the Newspaper of Mt. Sterling, County Seat of Brown Co., IL. This obituary proudly stated that Jeremiah SARRATT had been born in Davidson Co., NC. on 24 Jun. 1824 and he came with his parents to Brown Co., IL. in 1836.

NOTE: The above "Oxen" story is only a assumption from these writers, they have no "Facts" to support this "Opinion"..prs
Laura & Normans' 1980 book In [REF: # 90, Pg103] They Note:
  No Land records have been found for Absalom,1 SARRATT, in Brown Co., IL. He probably lived with his 1st Son John,13 SARRATT, although in the 1840 census Absalom,1 SARRATT does NOT appear on the same page as John,13 SARRATT.

 My research show 1840 Census, M-704, Reel 055,
 1. 1st Son: John,13 SERRATT, on Pg. 165, Line 028
 7. 5th Dau: Elizabeth (Surratt) GILSON, age 22yrs, b. 1818 NC., Pg. 170, Line 019
 Father Absalom SURRATT, on Pg. 165, Line 030
 Cousin: Greenberry SERRATT, on Pg. 165, Line 031
  Possible Record Problem!
 2. 2nd Son: Thomas,5 SURRATT, age 36yrs, b. c1805 NC., Record Not Hound! m. NC. c1829, to Catherine Unk.
 5. 3rd Dau: Elicy SURRATT, age 26yrs, b. 1814 NC., Record Not Found! m. IL. 17 Mar 1847 Peter BOSS
 6. 4th Dau: Selena SURRATT, age 25yrs, b. 1815 NC., Record Not Found! m. IL. 13 Oct 1842 John S. BAILEY
Laura & Normans' 1980 book In [REF: # 90, Pg103] They Note:
  Absalom,1 SARRATT is missing from Brown Co., IL. this 1842 "Tax List" examined by Miss Meribah CLARK of Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., IL. list:

     On 1842 Brown Co., IL. "Tax" List:
     Cousin: Greenberry SARRATT, age 39
     1. 1st Son: John SARRATT, age 38
     8. 3rd Son: Daniel J. SARRATT, age 20
It is assumed that Absalom,1 SARRATT, age 72yrs missing from this 1842 Tax record had died, and son Daniel J. SARRATT took his place as "Head of Household" The burial place of Absalom,1 SARRATT & Wife are Unknown!!!!
Missing is
     Father: Absalom,1 age 72
     2. 2nd Son: Thomas5, age 37
  Surratt Family Cemetery, Section 29, Versailles Twp., Brown Co., IL.
Absalom SURRATT, age 72yrs
1770 - 1842
Click on Thumbnail for Larger Map
(Sec. 29, Versailles Twp.)
Wife ? SURRATT, age 72yrs
1779 - 1840
Laura & Normans' 1980 book In [REF: # 90, Pg104] They Note:
  Absalom,1 oldest son John,13 SURRATT filed for 77 acres in Section 29 of Versailles Twp, Brown Co., IL. on 17 Jun. 1836. This was to be John,13's "Homeplace" and he established a small Cemetery on this property which is still known today (1980) as the "Surratt Cemetery." Perhaps his father and mother were the first persons to be buried there. No marker exits to show where they were buried, but this would have been the logical place and would follow the "Southern" tradition of using a private Cemetery. Furthermore, the Versailles area was still pretty much unsettled at this time (1842) and Churchyard Cemeteries were just not established.
Fifth Generation! (Daughter's of Absalom SURRATT) Unknown SURRATT, [FG ] (3rd d/o Absalom,1 & Wife Unknown) b. c1814, Rowan Co., (Now Davidson Co.,) NC. d. Unknown (to me) Not Traced!
Major record Problem!
One BOSS Family researcher [per REF:#003, Pg4] claim the Peter,2 BOSS's 2nd wife was "Elsie SURRATT".
This is a "Error" Peter,2 married 3 times, per "Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 17631900" See the following:
 M-BK A&B, Cert.# 038; on Apr 15, 1840 to Elizabeth GILMORE.
 M-BK A&B, Cert.# 361; on Mar 17, 1847 to Alesebeth GIBSON.
 M-BK C,Pg146, Cert.# 189; on Jun 26, 1879 to Mrs. Mary PETERS. Salena/Selena SURRATT, [FG 389] (5th d/o Absalom,1 & Wife Unknown) b. c1815, Davidson Co., NC. d. Unknown (to me) Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) At age 27yrs she married on 13 Oct 1842, Brown Co., IL. to [See MBk rec#140] 27 year old John S. BAILEY, (s/o M/M BAILEY Parents) b. c1815, Unknown Co., PA. d. Unknown (to me) Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) Occupation: "Editor", 1850 Census They had at lest 2 Children born to this Union: 1st Son: James R. BAILEY, b. c1844, Brown Co., IL. 1st Dau: Cordelia BAILEY, b. c1849, Brown Co., IL. Alesbeth SURRATT, [FG 382] (a.k.a. "Elezabeth") (4th d/o Absalom,1 & Wife Unknown) b. c1818, Dowan Co., (Now Davidson Co.), NC. d. Unknown (to me) Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) At age 22yrs she married on 14 Jan 1840, Brown Co., IL. to [See MBk rec#24] 22 year old Joseph GILSON, (s/o M/M GILSON Parents) Not Traced!


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