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Almon A. SARRATT, c1821-1862

Sixth Generation!
Almon A. SARRATT; 
(a.k.a. A.A., Alman, Almon, Almond, Armand, Anthony) [SFA#]
(6th s/o Anthony1 & Leitia (ELLIS) SARRATT)
(1GSon/o John2 & Nancy (MORGAN) SARRATT)
(2Gs/o...Samuel,2 & Elizabeth (Unknown) SARRATT,
(3Gs/o...Samuel,1 & 1st Wife Anna SARRATT)
(4Gs/o...Joseph,1 & Katherine SARRAT, "The American Progenitor"
b. c1821, near "Sarratt's Creek", Spartanburg Dist. SC. d. during battle of "Adams Run" SC. 1862, age 41 [REF:#629.004] At the age of 20 he married on 12 Dec. 1841 [REF:#629.002] to the 17 year old Miss Jane H. KILPATRICK; (Dau/o Wm. D. & Mary (WHARY) KILPATRICK, ARW) [REF:#629.003] (GDau/o Andrew & Jane (NICHOLS) KILPATRICK, ARW) [REF:#629.003] b. c1824 old Rutherford Co. (Present-day Cleveland Co., NC) d. Unknown, They had at least 7 Children b. to this Union: [REF:#629.005] 1. 1st Dau: Eudora, SC. c1843- m. c1867 GA James L.M. ERVIN, 5Ch. 2. 2nd Dau: Laura E., SC. c1844-1886 a41y m. c1865 GA John ZIBELIN, 9Ch. 3. 1st Son: John M., SC. c1848-1920 a72y m. c1876 TN Wife Unknown, 2Ch 4. 3rd Dau: Anna, SC. *1851- Not Traced! 5. 4th Dau: Harriet J., SC. *1851-1921 a70y m. *1868 GA Wm. D. MARSHALL 6. 5th Dau: Helen G., SC. c1853- Not Traced! 7. 6th Dau: Altice A., GA. c1858- m. c1883 GA John S. CHESTER
Chronological Order of Events
 Born  1821    near Sarrett's Creek, old Spartanburg Dist., SC.
 Born  1821     Listed as Anthony Alman in Nobel SARRATT's papers of 1897 [See: REF: 155,]
 Census  1830  09yrs  living with his parents. See 1830 Census, Spartanburg Dist., SC.
 Census  1840  19yrs  living with his parents. See 1840 Census, Spartanburg Dist., SC.
 Marriage  1841  20yrs  m. Miss Jane L. KILPATRICK, 7Ch.
 Census  1850  29yrs  Can NOT be found in Spartanburg Dist., SC. by this writer!
 Death  1851  30yrs  his mother Letitia (ELLIS) SARRATT, d. on 30th Sep 1851 in Spartanburg, SC.
 Move  1853  33yrs  Left Spartanburg Co. SC. & moved to Whitfield Co., Georgia.
 Census  1860  39yrs  was a "Carpenter" by trade, in this Census!
 C.War  1861  40yrs  Anthony Armand, joins CSA 01 Feb., Co. B., 36th GA. Inf.
 Death  1861  40yrs  when his father Anthony SARRATT, d. on 20th Nov 1861, in Spartanburg, SC.
 Census  1870    The Widow Mrs. Mrs. Jane H. (Kilpatrick) SURRATT, is in this Census!
Greenville "Mountaineer Newspaper"

Mr. Almon SURRATT, a20yrs of Spartanburg Co., SC. and Miss Jane KILPATRICK, a17yrs of Rutherford Co., NC. were married at his father's home on "Surrett's Creek" 12th December 1841 [REF:#002]
Alnon A. SARRATT, can NOT be found in:
1850 Census, Spartanburg Dist. SC.
Can't Find!
Fed. #, Reel# Page: 1
 Pg.  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  Race  Remarks
 1  NdRcd  Armand  A.  SARRATT   29  SC  1821  W  m. Jane KILPATRICK, *1841
   Wife:  Jane  (KILPATRICK)  SARRATT   26  NC  1824  W  w/o A.A. *1841 SC 7Ch
 #1.  1stDau  Eudora  C.  SARRATT   7  SC  1843  W  m. James I. ERVIN, c1866 GA
 #2.  2ndDau  Laura  Eugina  SARRATT   6  SC  1844  W  m. John J. ZIBELIN, c1864
 #3.  1stSon  John  M.  SARRATT   2  SC  1848  W  m. Wife Unk, 2Ch
 #4.  3rdDau  Anna    SARRATT  0.2  SC  1850  W  Not Traced!
  Note: Even though 1st 4 Children listed born in SC. Record Not Found! ..prs
Move to Whitfield Co., Georgia
Whitfield Co., GA. was created 1851, from the larger Murray & Walker Co.'s. The County Seat is Dalton, GA. 30720. It is located in the Northwest part of the State. Bounded by: Bradley Co., TN. on the North; Murray Co., GA. on the East; Gordon Co., on the South; With Walker & Catoosa Co.'s on the West. (First Census 1860, Clunty Clerk has records from 1852)
Alman A. SARRATT and family moved to Whitfield Co., GA. some time between 1853 and before 1858 when last child Alice A. was born. ..prs
Alnon A. SARRATT, Occup. "Carpenter" can be found with family in:
1860 Census, Whitfield Co., GA.
Fed. #, Reel# M653-0141 Page: 619
 Pg.  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  Race  Remarks
 619   767  A.  A.  SURRATT   39  SC  1821  W  Carpernter $100
   Wife  Jane  H.(KILPATRICK)  SURRATT   36  NC  1824  W  w/o A. A. *1841 SC 7Ch
 #1.  1stDau  Eudora  C.  SURRATT   17  SC  1843  W  m. James I. ERVIN, c1866 GA
 #2.  2ndDau  Laura  E.  SURRATT   16  SC  1844  W  m. John J. ZIBELIN, c1864
 #3.  1stSon  John  M.  SURRATT   12  SC  1848  W  m. Wife Unk, 2Ch
 #4.  3rdDau  Anna  (twin)  SURRATT   10  SC  1850  W  Not Traced!
 #5.  4thDau  Harriet  (Twin)  SURRATT   10  SC  1850  W  m. Wm. D. MARSHALL, *1868
 #6.  5thDau  Helen  G.  SURRATT   7  SC  1853  W  Not Traced!
 #7.  6thDau  Alice  A.  SURRATT   2  GA  1858  W  m. John S. CHESTER, c1883
Click on Thumbnail to got CW-CSA 1st Sgt. Anthony Armand SARRATT, age 40yrs
Civil War CSA
Enlisted: Pvt. 01 Feb 1861, Co. "B", 1st Bat. 36th GA Inf. (Villepigue's Inf.)
Promoted: 1st-Sgt. 18 Mar 1861, Co. "B" 1st Bat. 36th GA. Inf. (Broyles's Inf.)
Possible Record Problem!
  It's been reported [REF:# 629.004] that the 2nd Lt. A.A. SURRATT, of HOLCOMBE's Legion, Co. C. (part of 7th S.C. Cav.) who was K.I.A. 1862 at "Adams Run" SC. is this Anthony Armand SARRATT, we don't think so.
A.A. SARRATT, did NOT die See: Anthony Abraham SARRATT;
1st Son of Gilbert C. SARRATT & Mother: Charlotte L. IRVINE)
(GranSon/o Anthony & Letitia (Ellis) Sarratt)
The "Widow" Mrs. Jane H. (Kilpatrick) SARRATT, can be found:
1870 Census, Whitfield Co., GA.
Milita Dist., #872, Dalton, GA.
Fed. #, Reel# M593-0183 E.D. Page: 153
 Pg.  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  Race  Remarks
 153   270  Jane  H.KILPATRICK)  SURRATT   45  NC  1825  W  Wid: A.A., *1841 SC $0/$200
 #4.  3rdDau  Annie    SURRATT   19  SC  1851  W  School Teacher
 #6.  5thDau  Helen  G.  SURRATT   18  SC  1852  W  At Home
 #7.  6thDau  Altas  A.  SURRATT   12  GA  1858  W  At Home
 #1.  S-I-L  James    ERVIN   38  GA  1832  W  Home Carpenter $0/$100
 #1.  1stDau  Eudora  (SARRATT)  ERVIN   27  SC  1843  W  w/o James I., c1866
 #1.1  GranDau  Lula  B.  ERVIN   3  GA  1867  W  Not Traced!
     Scicily  *BLACK*  SURRATT   14  NC  1856  W  Domestic Servant
Seventh Generation! 1. Eudora C. SARRATT; (a.k.a Indora) (1st d/o A.A. & Jane H. (KILPATRICK) SARRATT) b. c1843, Spartanburg Co., SC d. Unknown At a24y she married c1867 Dalton, Whitfield Co. GA. to Mr. James L.M. ERVIN, 1Ch. b. c1842, They had at least 5 Children born to this: 1.1 1st Dau: Lula B. ERVIN, GA. c1867- 1.2 2nd Dau: Lora L.G., ERVIN, GA. c1872- 1.3 3rd Dau: Anna A. ERVIN, GA. c1874- 1.4 1st Son: Armand A., ERVIN, GA. c1876- 1.5 4th Dau: Almen? ERVIN, GA. c1880- 2. Laura Eugenia SARRATT; [SFA-FG 1958] (2nd d/o A.A. & Jane H. (KILPATRICK) SARRATT) Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! b. 05 Jun 1844, Old Spartanburg Dist. SC. (presant-day Cherokee Co.) d. 01 May 1886, a42y at Canetuck, New Hanover (present-day Pender Co.) NC. Buried: Old ZIBELIN Cemetery, Pender Co., NC. [REF:#006] At a20y she married on 23 Aug 1864, Dalton, Whitfield Co., GA. to [REF:#006] 38 year old Mr. John Jacob ZIBELIN; (s/o John Ignatus ZIBELIN & Mother: Marie Ann KOHLER) [REF:#005] b. 25 Dec 1827, Bavaria or Durstien, Germany d. 12 Sep 1913, a85y at Canetuck, New Hanover (present-day Pender Co.) NC. Buried: Old ZIBELIN Cemetery, Pender Co., NC. [REF:#006] They had 9 Children b. to this Union: per [REF:#005] They had 8 Children b. to this Union: per [REF:#006]
Click on Thumbnail for Profile!

See Biographical Profile: John Jacob ZIEBELIN;
for Continuation.
3. John M. SARRATT; [prsFG 2275] (Only s/o A.A. & Jane H. (KILPATRICK) SARRATT) b. c1848, Spartanburg Co., SC d. Unknown, Buried: Cemetery, At a32y he married bfr c1876 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN. to Wife Unknown, 2Ch They had at least 2 Children b. to this Union: 2.1 1st Son: George W. CEREATT, b. c1875-1932 a56y m. 2.2 1st Dau: Betty CEREATT, b. c1878-
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See Biographical Profile: John M. SARRATT/CEREATT;
for Continuation.
4. Anna SARRATT; (3rd d/o A.A. & Jane H. (KILPATRICK) SARRATT) b. 15 Jul 1851, Spartanburg Co., SC. (Twin of Harrett J.) Not Traced! 5. Harriet Josephine SARRATT; (4th d/o A.A. & Jane H. (KILPATRICK) SARRATT) b. 15 Jul 1851, Spartanburg Co., SC. (Twin of Anna) d. 22 Oct 1921, a70y at Canetuck, New Hanover (present-day Pender Co.) NC. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) At a17y she married on 13 Oct 1868, Canetuck, New Hanover NC. to Mr. Wm. Dallas MARSHALL; [REF:#005] b. c1851 They had at least 5 Children b. to this Union: 5.1 1st Son: Wm. Z. MARSHALL, *1869-1943 a73y m. Sarah C. SMITH 5.2 1st Dau: Lela B. MARSHALL, *1871-19?? a??y m. Joseph SCHULL 5.3 2nd Son: John M. MARSHALL, *1874-1962 a87y m. Cora S. BARDEN 5.4 2nd Dau: Sarah J. MARSHALL, *1877-1961 a84y m. Thaddeus J. SMITH 5.5 3rd Dau: Berta MARSHALL, *1884-1960 a75y m. Wm. J. MOORE, See: Query: Date: Dated: Dec 04, 2000 Hattie Squires 6. Helen G. SARRATT; (5th d/o A.A. & Jane H. (KILPATRICK) SARRATT) b. c1853, Spartanburg Co., SC. Not Traced! 7. Altice A. SARRATT; (5th d/o A.A. & Jane H. (KILPATRICK) SARRATT) b. c1858, Whitefield Co. GA m. c1883 Mr. John S. CHESTER; Not Traced!
Source and Reference:
 [REF:#001]  Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.   prsjr@ao;.com
Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Familie of America (SFA)©
 [REF:#002]  Marriage   Greenville "Mountaineer Newspaper" 17 Dec. 1841
Almon SURRATT, of Spartanburg Co., SC. married 12 Dec. 1841, at his fathers home on Sarratt's Creek to Miss Jane KILPATRICT of Rutherford Co., NC.
E-Mail to this writer Oct. 12, 1996.
(Jane Kilpatrick was the daughter of William D. Kilpatrick who was the son of Andrew Kilpatrick of Iredell Co., NC.)
 [REF:#004]  Civil War   "History of Spartanburg" by Dr. L.B.O Landrum, Pg. 531
A. A. SURRATT, died at the battle of "Adams Run" SC. Co. C, SC Vol.

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