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Profile William Sanford SARRETT, c1804-1860

William Sanford SARRETT; [5.10, FG 2499,50]
(s/o Unknown Parents)
b. c1804 Cherokee Indian Territory, (present-day Cherokee Co., GA.)
or Spartanburg Dist., SC.?
d. after 1860 Census, a56y Cherokee Co., GA.
(Buried location Unknown (to me)
At the age of 20 years (bfr 1824) he married 1) in Cherokee I.T., GA.
to Leney/Leeney PRATER; 4Ch.
b. c1805, Unknown (to me)
d. Unknown (to me)
Buried location Unknown (to me)
After the "Divorce" of his first Wife, Wm. Sanford, a41y
(bfr 1845) m. 2nd time to the 21 year old Miss Lucy J. Unknown;
b. c1824, Unknown Co. Virginia;
d. after 1900, a76y in Augusta Co., VA.
(Listed in 1900 Census liv w/Step-Son & family Frank WHEELING)
(Buried location Unknown (to me)
They had at least 3 Children born to this 2nd Union:
After the "Divorce" of his 2nd Wife, he married a third time
(bfr 1860) to 47 year old Miss/Mrs? Elizabeth Unknown;
b. c1813, Cherokee Co., GA.
d. Unknown (to me)
Issue None?
   1. 1st Son: John,      b. GA. c1824-      Not Traced!
  +2. 2nd Son: !Sanford,  b. GA. c1829-1887 a58y m. *Tabitha A. CLAY, 3Ch.
  +3. 3rd Son: !Cicero G.,b. GA. c1835-1875 a40y m. *Sarah J. CLAY, 9Ch.
   4. 4rd Son: Samuel,    b. GA. c1839- d. bfr 1860, a21y? Not w/Family
   4. 2nd Son: Thomas,    b. AR. c1845-1861-65 K.I.A. Co. G, 30th AR. Inf.
   5. 1st Dau: Jane C.,   b. AR. c1849-1860 a11y Not in 1860 Census!
   6. 3rd Son: Anthony S. b. GA. c1850-1861-65 K.I.A. Co. B, 36th GA. Inf.
   No Issue!
   *Confirmed Dates!
   +More Information!
   !Not Proven

   In the absence of absolute proof, circumstantial evidence,
   both legally and genealogically, it has been allowed by this writer,
   that the following conclusions of the parents of Sanford & Cicero,1 
   and I will concede to any other proof of the opposite is provided, 
   which is logical and reasonable and not opposed by any other evidence.
   June, 10, 2000, Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.

Possible Record Problem!
A descendent of this branch states:
"I can find no connections with Cherokee co Ga for Sanford or Cicero either one, nor can I connect the dots that leads me to believe that they are related to Wm Sanford of 1840 Cherokee Co Ga are 1850 Hot Springs Ark. Or Lenney Prater and son John of Cherokee Co Ga. I can never find one page that has Wm. Sanford & Lenney( Prater) Surrett in the same place or the same co. as Sanford & Cicero Surrett."
[Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 1:40:45 PM Eastern DT, Amos Surrett (]

"You ask me if I have any evidence as to the parents of Sanford and Cicero that is contrary to your findings Ans No I do not, I have always said The first time you can account for Sanford and Cicero is the marriage license in 1853 and 1854 in Dekalb co Ga. I have no Earthly idea who ther parent were. I talk to all the Surrett in Va and N.C and Tenn and Walker co Ga and OKla none of the place and times have ever check out."
[Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 1:30:59 AM Eastern DTime, Amos Surrett (]
Cherokee Co., GA. was created in 1831 from Cherokee Indian Lands, and Habersham & Hall Co's. The County Seat is Canton, GA., 30114. Cherokee Co. is located in the Northeast part of the State. Bounded by Pickens Co., on the North; Dawson Co. on the Northeast; Forsyth Co. on the East; Cobb & Fulton Co's on the South; and Bartow Co. on the West. (First Census 1840, County Clerk has some records from 1883)
Possible Record Problem! Wm. Sanford SURRETT, on two ocassions listed being born c1804 in Georgia, this was Cherokee I.T. in 1804? and no SARRATT/SARRETT/SURRETT family members were in Georgia, except Samuel Gold SERAT's family, and all his siblings were born in North Carlonia and accounted for. ..prs Wm. Sanford SARRETT, a26 should be found with family in the Cherokee Indian Lands, 1830 Census, for Cherokee Co., GA. (None Available) [1830 Census, M-019, Reel N/A, Page N/ad, F.G. N/A] H/H Wm. Sanford SARRET, a26y b. 1804 GA. (20 to 30) <--s/b b. SC. 1st Wife: Lenney (PRATER), a25y b. 1805 SC. (20 to 30) 1. 1st Son: John, a04y b. 1826 GA. (05 Under) 2. 2nd Son: Sanford, a01y b. 1829 GA. (05 Under) Wm. Sanford SARRETT, a36 should be found with family in the 1840 Census, for Cherokee Co., GA. [1840 Census, M-704, Reel 03, Page NdRcd, F.G. NdRcd] H/H Wm. Sanford SARRET, a36y b. 1804 GA. (30 to 40) <--s/b b. SC. 1st Wife: Lenney (PRATER), a35y b. 1805 SC. (30 to 40) 1. 1st Son: John, a14y b. 1826 GA. (10 to 15) 2. 2nd Son: Sanford, a11y b. 1829 GA. (10 to 15) 3. 3rd Son: Cicero Green, a 5y b. 1835 GA. (05 to 10) 4. 4th Son: Samuel, a 1y b. 1839 GA. (05 Under) Apparently Wm. Sanford & Leney (PRATER) SURRETT divorced some time between 1839 & 1845 they can be found in separate Household's in the 1850 Census. "Divorced" Mary "Leney" (PRATER/PRATOR), a45y. b. c1805 SC. can be found in the 1850 Census, for Cherokee Co., GA. living with her brother Floyd/Lloyd PRATER and family [1850 Census, M-432, Reel 65, Page 487, F.G. NdRcd! H/H Lloyd & Nancy PRATER Lenney (PRATER) SHURRETT, a45y b. 1805 SC. <--Div. Wm. S. SARRETT 1. 1st Son: John, a24y b. 1826 GA. 2. 2nd Son: Sanford, a21y b. 1829 GA. <--NdRcd! 3. 3rd Son: Cicero Green,a15y b. 1835 GA. <--NdRcd! Wm. Sanford SARRETT, a46 can be found with family in the 1850 Census, for Hot Springs Co., AR. [1850 Census, M-432, Reel 26, Page 300, F.G. 417] H/H Wm. Sanford SARRET, a46y b. c1804 GA. <--Note b. GA. 2nd Wife: Lucy J., a26y b. c1824 VA. <--Note b. N/R 4. 4th Son: Samuel, a11y b. c1839 GA. <--4th s/o 1st m. SECOND MARRIAGE: 5. 2nd Son: Thomas, a05y b. c1845 GA. <--Note b. AR. 6. 1st Dau: Jane C., a01y b. c1849 GA. <--Note b. AR. 7. 3rd Son: Anthony Sanford. 6/12 b. c1850 GA. <--Note b. AR. Hot Springs Co., AR. was created in 1829 from the larger Clark Co. The County Seat is Malvern, AR. 72104. It is located in the Southcentral part of the State: It is Bounded by Garland & Saline Co's on the North; Grant Co. on the East; Clark & Dallas Co's on the South; with Montgomery Co. on the West. Wm. Sanford SARRETT, a56 can be found with family in the 1860 Census, for Cherokee Co., GA. [1860 Census, M-653, Reel 116, Page 865, F.G. 1576] H/H Wm. Sanford SARRET, a56y b. c1804 GA. <--Note b. GA. 3rd Wife: Elizabeth, a47y b. c1813 GA. 4. 4th Son: Samuel, a21y b. c1839 GA. <--4th s/o 1st m. SECOND MARRIAGE: 5. 2nd Son: Thomas, a15y b. c1845 GA. 6. 1st Dau: Jane C., a11y b. c1849 GA. 7. 3rd Son: Anthony Sanford. a10y b. c1850 GA. (Not living in the 1860 Family Unit) 1. 1st Son: John, a34y b. c1826 GA. Not Traced! 2. 2nd Son: Sanford, a31y b. c1829 GA. m. *1853 Tabithia A. CLAY 3. 3rd Son: Cicero Green, a25y b. c1835 GA. m. *1854 Sarah J. CLAY 4. 4th Son: Samuel, a21y b. c1839 GA. d. before 1860? 6. 1st Dau: Jane C., a11y b. c1849 GA. d. before 1860? This is the last record found by this writer of Wm. Sanford & 3rd Wife Elizabeth (Unknown) SURRETT. 2nd Wife Mrs. Lucy J. (Unknown) SURRETT, WHEELING, was a76y was living in Augusta Co., VA. with Step-Son Frank WHEELER. See 1900 Census, T-623, Reel 1700, E.D. 035, F.G. 0046] Source & Reference Notes! [REF:#2499.002] Inez Wallace ( 60 Elmar Dr., Alexander, AL. 36250 Various E-Mail, and packet dated Feb. 29, 2000 [REF:#2499.003] (Letter writen Dec. 22 1999 to Inez Wallace. ) Luther SURRETT Luther's Story 306 Braswell Ally Piedmont, AL. 36272

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