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Willis BOYD, 1808-1882 age 74yrs

First Generation
Willis BOYD; [prsFG 2236 & 2954]
(s/o William BOYD & Mother: Martha McGREGOR) [REF:#003]
(s/o M/M BOYD Parents)
b. 04 Feb 1808, McMinnville, Warren Co., Tennessee [REF:#002]
d. 31 Dec 1882, a74y  Washington Co., Arkansas 
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
He married twice, first a22y bfr c1828 in McNairy Co., TN to
23 year old Miss Lucinda Jane SURRATT;(a.k.a. Lucindy) [SFA-ID#]
(1st d/o James,4 & Wife Unknown SURRATT)
(1Gd/o Thomas,1 & Wife Unknown SARRATT)
(2Gd/o SAMUEL,1 & 2ndw Honour SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD.
(3Gd/o JOSEPH,1 & KATHERINE SARRATT, of France "The American Progenitor!"
b. c1805 McMinnville, Warren Co., TN. d. c1842, a37y in Washington Co., AR. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) [See Cem. rec.] They had 4 Children born to this short 1st Union: At a37y (bfr 1842) he married 2nd at Goshen, Washington Co., AR. to 27 year old Miss Lucinda WALTRIP; (d/o M/M Luke WALTRIP) b. 10 Aug 1815 in Kentucky d. 16 Jul 1896, a80y in Springdale, Washington Co. AR Buried: Friendship Cemetery in Springdale AR They had 6 Children born to this 2nd Union: FIRST MARRIAGE: c1825 Miss Lucindy J. SURRATT, 4Ch. 1. 1st Dau: Margaret, b. c1828 in McNairy Co., TN 2. 1st Son: Jacob, b. c1830 in Washington Co. AR 3. 2nd Son: William, b. 01 JUL 1833 in Washington Co. AR 4. 3rd Son: Ezekial, b. 14 JAN 1835 in Washington Co. AR SECOND MARRIAGE: c1842 Miss Lucinda WALTRIP, 6Ch. 5. James M., b. c1842 in Washington Co. AR 6. Amanda, b. c1844 in Washington Co. AR 7. John Thompson, b. 24 JUN 1845 in Washington Co, AR 8. Martha BOYD b. c1850 in Washington Co. AR 9. Adolphus Maion, b. c1852 in Washington Co. AR 10 Darcadia N., b. c1856 in Washington Co. AR
  Chronological Time Line
 1. Willis BOYD    2. Lucinda Jane SURRATT
 Type  Date 1.  Date 2.  Age 1.  Age 2.  Remarks  County
 Born  *1808        in the home of his Parents.  McMinnville,  Warren Co., TN.
 Born    1805      in the home of her Parents.  McMinnville,  Warren Co., TN.
 Census    1810     5yrs  in the home of her Parents..  Not Available,  Warren Co., TN.
 Census    1820    15yrs  in the home of her Parents..  McMinnville,  Warren Co., TN.
 Moved    1823    18yrs  when parents moved to..  nr Selmar  McNairy Co., TN.
 Married  1828  1828  20yrs  23yrs  home of Bride's parents in..  nr Selmar  McNairy Co., TN.
 Death  1830  1830  22yrs  25yrs  Father-In-Law dies in..  nr Selmar  McNairy Co., TN.
 Indenture  1830  1830  22yrs  25yrs  in Aug. Lucindy Sells her interest   Lot #6, 9 7/8 acres  McNairy Co., TN.
Marriage BOYD & SURRATT &
Mr. Willis BOYD, a20yrs son of William & Martha (McGregor) BOYD and
Miss Lucinda J. SURRATT, a23yrs Daughter James,4 & Mary (Unk) SURRATT were married in, McNairy Co., TN. on __ ___ 1828.
[Need Mar.Bk, Page #] [per REF:#002]
In August of 1830, Willis & Lucindy (SURRATT) BOYD sold to Lucindy's brother William SURRATT her "Lot Num. 6" (9 7/8 acres) of land that she received from her fathers estate.
McNairy County, Tennessee
Deed Book A, pp. 91-2 Dated: October 21, 1830

This indenture made August 22nd 1830 between WILLIS BOYD, of the State of Tennessee and County of McNairy , yeoman, and LUCINDA (SURRATT) BOYD, his wife and sister of WILLIAM SURRATT of the one part and WILLIAM SURRATT of the State and County aforesaid yeoman of the other part. Witness that the said WILLIS BOYD and LUCINDA his wife, for and in consideration of the sum of twenty five dollars ($25) to him in hand paid by the said WILLIAM SURRATT at and before the unsealing and delivering hereof the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge and thereof acquit and forever discharge the said WILLIAM SURRATT, his heirs, exectors, administrations by these presents, has granted, bargained, sold, and alienated,
released and confirmed and by these presents do bargain, sell, .......... and confirm unto the said WILLIAM SURRATT and to his heirs, assigns a [Lot Num. 6] 9 7/8 acres of land, lying in McNairy County, Tennessee State in a survery fourth range and fourth section, being the portion which he claims of 117 acres as heir of JAMES SURRATT, deceased. Together with all and singular, the houses, out, dowers, buildings, barns, stables, ways, woods, waters, water courses rights, liberation priviledges, hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever, tenenments being in or anywise appertaining and the revision remainder units, issues and profits thereof, and
Also all the estate right, title, interest, property claim, and demand whatosoever of him, the said JACOB SURRATT, in .... equity or otherwise whatsoever of into or out of the same.
To have and to hold the said tract, [Lot # 5] _____? acres of land, hereditaments, and premises hereby granted or mentioned or intended to be with appurtenances unto WILLIAM SURRATT, his heirs and assigns forever moreover.
I, JACOB SURRATT, do covenant and agree to bind myself, my heirs so to defend this title to the proper use, benefit, and behalf of the said WILLIAM SURRATT, his heirs and assigns forever. I witness whereof the said to these presents hereunto, set this hand and seal the day and date first mentioned. Sealed and delivered in the presence of ........ [incomplete]
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Willis  (20to30)  BOYD can be found with Family:
1830 Census No Twp Listed! , Robertson Co., TN
Fed. #, Reel# M019-017 Page: 024   Line:1 
 Pg.  Line  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  Remarks
  No Twp Listed!  -  SFA-ID#
  024  1  Willis  (20to30)  BOYD   22   TN  1808  H/H 00001-10001
  024  1  Lucinda J.  (20to30)  BOYD   25   TN  1805  1st w/o Willis, c1828 TN
  024  1  Margaret  (05 Under)  BOYD    TN  1828  Dau 1st, m. N.M. GREGG, *1849 AR
The Willis BOYD family moved to Goshen, Washington Co., AR. sometime between Sep 1832 and Jul 1833 and can be found in the 1840 Census for Washington Co., AR.
1840 Census Prairie Twp, Washington Co. , AR
Fed. #, Reel# M704-002 Page: 274   Line: 7 
 Pg.  Line  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  Remarks
  Prairie Twp -  SFA-ID#
  274  7  Willis  (30 to 40)  BOYD   33   TN  1807  H/H 210101-001001
  274  7  Lucinda J.  (30 to 40)  BOYD   35   TN  1805  1st w/o Willis, c1828 TN
  274  7  Margaret  (10 to 15)  BOYD   12   TN  1828  m. N.M. GREGG, *1849 AR
  274  7  Jacob  (10 to 15)  BOYD   10   AR  1830  m. D. ALEXANDER, *1855
  274  7  William,2  (05 to 10)  BOYD    AR  1834  m. M.J. MITCHEL, *1855
  274  7  Ezekiel,2  (05 Under)  BOYD    AR  1836  m. N.J. GIST, *1854
  274  7  Son ?  (05 Under)  BOYD    AR  1837  Not in 1850 Census?
  The young 3yr boy in this 1840 Census, died before 1850 Census..prs
  Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) Washington Co., AR.
Lucinda J. (SURRATT) BOYD, age 37yrs
1805 - 1842

(Need Photo of Headstone)
Willis    BOYD can be found with Family:
1850 Census Prairie Twp, Washington Co. , AR
Fed. #, Reel# M432-003 Page: 391   F.Visit:119 
Dated: Dec 12, 1850
 Pg.  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  Remarks
  Prairie Twp -  SFA-ID#
  391  119  Willis    BOYD   43   TN  1807  H/HFarmer $1,000
  391  119  Lucinda  (WALTRIP)  BOYD   31   KY  1819  2nd w/o Willis, c1842 AR
  391  119  Jacob    BOYD   20   AR  1830  m. D. ALEXANDER, *1855
  391  119  William,2    BOYD   16   AR  1834  m. M.J. MITCHEL, *1855
  391  119  Ezekiel,2    BOYD   14   AR  1836  m. N.J. GIST, *1854
  391  119  Caroline    BOYD   12   AR  1838  Step-Dau Not Traced!
  391  119  Nancy    BOYD   10   AR  1840  Step-Dau Not Traced!
  391  119  James    BOYD    AR  1842  m. Mary HARP, c1868
  391  119  Amanda    BOYD    AR  1844  Dau 1st, Never Married?
  391  119  Thompson    BOYD    AR  1846  m. M.E. HALE, *1866
  391  119  Martha    BOYD  0.6   AR  1849  Dau 2nd, Not Traced!
  Both Willis & 2nd Wife Lucinda (Waltrip) were "Illiterate" they could NOT Read or Write!
  Source and Reference Notes
 [REF:#001]  Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
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 [REF:#002]  Teri Jo Williams   [REF:#002] 1994 LDS-File Willis BOYD (AFN: 17RS-181)
Submission: AF94-101821 TERI JO WILLIAMS Microfilm: NONE
    See: LDS-Pedigree - Jun 25, 1994
 [REF:#003]  Paula   E-Mail: 1Gr-Gd/o Burton James Boyd
2Gr-Gd/o Charles Marion BOYD & Tennessee Texanna CAMPBELL.
3Gr-Gd/o Jacob BOYD & Dorcus ALEXANDER,
4Gr-Gd/o Willis Boyd & Lucinda J. SURRATT
5Gr-Gd/o William BOYD & Martha McGREGOR)
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