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Faulkner Co., Arkansas Queries

Click on Thumbnail for larger Map! Faulkner Co., AR. was created in 1873, from the larger Pulaski & Conway Co's. The County Seat is Conway, AR. 72032. It is located in the center part of the State. It is Bounded by Van Buren & Cleburne Co's on the North; White & Lenoke Co's on the East; Pulaski Co. on the South; and Conway & Perry Co's on the West.
(First Census 1880, Co. Clerk has m, pro, co ct rec from 1873)
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World War I. Registrants 1914-1918, Faulkner Co., AR.
Dated: Jun 25, 1999
 East Fork Twp.  Samuel Harper SURRATT  1239  1914  25y  2nd s/o J.D. & Belle SARRATT
 Harve Twp.  Arvie Lewis SURRATT  1498  1914  24y  2nd s/o Sam S. & Bithie SARRATT
 Harve Twp.  James Hampton SURRATT  1494  1914  24y  1st s/o Irvin W. & Sally SARRATT
 Harve Twp.  John David SURRATT  1493  1914  23y  1st s/o Almon H. & Georgia SARRATT

1996 Queries
Mrs. Franki (Hastings) Surratt
Date: Feb. 25, 1996 10:44:31 EST
"Reports from that this family "John B. SURRATT" and 1st Wife Unknown came to Arkansas, by way of Covered wagon and through Alabama from Spartanburg Co., SC., 1st Son Samuel died." as per family tradition. 1st Wife died, abt 1857, age 30 in AL.
John B. married a second time, to Catherine M. Castleberry (1838-C1910) John B. died in the Civil War with the 10th Ark., Regt. (Confederate) 1862, age 35. I think he was a son of Obediah SURRATT of Buncombe Co., NC.
Mrs. Franki (Hastings) Surratt
801 Crane Drive Coppell, Texas 75019 (HP) 393-1450
Thanks for the E-Mail, do you have any "Proof" on the above?
I don't thing Obediah W. SURRETT, of Buncombe Co., NC. was his father. (See Attached) old Obediah had a son John, but b. c1836 in NC.
See John B. SARRATT Family Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this Family. ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Date:26 Feb 1996 20:28:41 EST
Subj: Re: SURRATT Branch Faulkner, AR
Mrs. Franki (Hastings) Surratt
We have found more Info. on the Faulkner Co., Families.
See attached JOHN-B.TXT file.
We would like any corrections/additions to this family!
How are you "Connected" to this family?

3rd E-Mail: Date: 31 Aug 1999 1:39:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: coat-of-arms
Paul, I am a geneologist and a Surratt by marriage......... The Surratt/Sarratt book that I own came from the Library in the Surratt Tavern in Clinton, Maryland...... In that book they explain that it has not been proven that Joseph came from France....It is a very good guess..... Is there proof that I haven't heard about??? It is very hard to prove a coat-of-arms..... very few families actually had authentic ones......Is your proven? Thanks Franki Hastings Surratt
4th E-Mail: Date: 01 Sep 1999 6:47:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: coat-of-arms
Hi.............It's been a long time, and we just moved to Madison Wisconsin, so my life is a little chaotic..........
I have been taught as a genealogist that a claim on a coat-of-arms can not be made until positive proof links you to that coat-of-arms.............
My family is Irish and although I have found the coat-of-arms for Brogan, I can not use it until I show the lineage proof to the exact Brogans that held that coat-of-arms.......... There were rich Brogans and there were poor ones........ Different families............. It is very valued and honorable to have a true coat-of-arms......... Most people do not understand that.,,,,,,,,,,, I will meet Sarratts who tell me very proudly that that is their coat-of-arms.... and they will believe it because you told them so.............. IT IS NOT CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why don't you help us find the link to France....... I think we may also be linked to Seurat, the painter........ I hope to go to France soon and do my own research......... wish me luck........
Franki Hastings Surratt,
( I am leaving in the morning for London for 10 days, so any replies will be made when I get back)
Thanks for the E-Mail. You act like we have never talked before, remeber me?
You didn't say what "The Surratt/Sarratt book that I own came from the Library in the Surratt Tavern in Clinton, Maryland." But, its probably Norman & Laura Sarratt,s book of 1980? and I am very familiar with it. [SFA-REF:#90]
"In the absence of absolute proof, circumstantial evidence, both legally and genealogically, has been allowed in the following conclusions (i.e Joseph Sarratt of France; Sarratt Coat of Arms) and I will conceded that when any other proof of the opposite is provided, which is logical and reasonable and not opposed by any other evidence." Do you have any "Proof to the opposite?" ..prs See: Coat-of Arms

5th E-Mail: Oct. 1999
Franki Surratt, 801 Crane Drive, Coppell, [Dallas Co.] Texas 75019
The City Council of the City of Coppell met in Regular Called Session on Tuesday, June 22, 1999, at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers of Town Center, 255 Parkway Boulevard, Coppell, Texas. The following members were present: Consider approval of the resignation of Franki Surratt from the Library Board.
Consider approval of appointing Raymond Sleater to move up from Alternate to complete the unexpired term of Franki Surratt and to allow the alternate position to remain vacant until new appointments are made.
Mayor Pro Tem Tunnell moved to accept the resignation of Franki Surratt from the Library Board and to move Raymond Sleater up from Alternate to fill Ms. Surratt's unexpired term. Councilmember Wheeler seconded the motion; the motion carried 7-0 with Mayor Pro Tem Tunnell and Councilmembers Garcia, Peters, Keenan, Stover, Wheeler and York voting in favor of the motion.
Source: #8528 Co. Ct. Mnt.
Patrick Surratt
Dated: 04 Mar 2002 (GBook)
I'm the son of Franki Surratt. The lady under your coat of arms link.
I was just looking around to see what I could find. Your site is very nice.
Thanks for your hard work.
Patrick Surratt,
Thanks for the E-Mail & kind words
We would like to add your family to the SFA Profile! Please send us curant info. ...prs

Robert M. Surratt
Date: 08 Jun 1996 10:44:31 EDT
Hi. Very interesting information. I don't have a lot of information about my family tree, but I'll tell you what I know (I might ask my grandmother to fill back a little bit). I also don't really know the right way to present the information, but here it goes:
Cecil Surratt was my grandfather.
He had at least 2 other siblings (sisters I believe). He was born in rural AR. In his youth he was struck with polio and was crippled the rest of his life. He worked in Washington, DC for a while and then worked for the Cotton Belt Railroad. He died in early 1969, right before my 2nd birthday. He was married to Delphia Lovelace (still living and living outside of Texarkana, (Bowe Co.) TX). With the railroad they moved around AR and TX a lot. They had 3 children:
Cecil Roderick (Born: 1943-4? - still alive),
Larry Gene (Born: 4/17/46 - Still living),
Peggy Lynn (Born: 1950??).
Cecil Roderick (who wisely goes by Rod), married Mary Shipp in Texarkana and lived in Dallas for a while. They had a son, Michael Scott Surratt (Born: 8/6/69) and moved to Syracuse NY.
Michael Scott just recently (this spring) married Stephenie ??? (You'd think I'd remember since I was at their wedding) and currently live in State College, PA. Rod and Mary are divorced.
Larry Gene (my father) met Jana Lee Sherbenou (Born: 4/3/47) in High School in Texarkana, TX. They both went to Baylor University in Waco TX. They had one child,
a son Robert Michael Surratt (Born: 7/3/67) (me).
We lived in Little Rock, AR for a short time, in Cincinnati, OH from 1970-1976, in Philadelphia, PA from then through 1992. Jan and Larry know live in Redondo Beach, CA (near Los Angeles). I graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY in 1989 and moved to the Boston, MA metro area where I have lived since then. In 1991 I married my college girlfriend, Elizabeth Leigh Hopeman (Born: 6/4/71) from Waynesboro, VA. We currently have a house in Arlington, MA. No kids yet, just a dog, Tigger.
There have always been rumors that our branch is closely related to (See: John and Mary Surratt of Surrattsville MD fame (Lincoln assination), but those are not substanciated at all. There has even been some thought that Cecil's Father (maybe George or that might be the other side of the family) [Cecil's father is the Rev. O.E. SURRATT] didn't like Lincoln and liked to CLAIM that he wasrelated.
I was surprised the first time I looked up Surratt in some of the Internet white pages to find so many names. I have never lived in a place where I was not the only SURRATT. (He in Boston there are a LOT of Surrette -- but from your message I would guess that this is not yet another alternate spelling).
If you don't already have my branch, let me know and I'll make a point of filling out the information from my grandmother.
Robert M. Surratt,
Thanks for the information, I have added it to Cecil SURRATT SFA Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this family.

Date: 06 Aug 1999 11:53:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Cecil Surratt, Faulkner Co., AR
Hello again. Thanks for the info. I forwarded it to my Dad for information and corrections. He reply follows below and should be treated as more authoritative than anything I might had said.
"Rob: The information is basically correct. Here're some additions and corrections.
Cecil Roderick was born Oct. 18, 1943
Peggy Lynn was born Feb. 19, 1949.
Michael was married in October of 1995.
My dad, [FG 2247]
Cecil (no middle name or initial) was born Oct. 24, 1911, not in 1912 as his stuff says. Also, later on he gets it right, but in the first reference he has all dad's brothers and sisters from the same mother. Ethan and Carl were sons of Amanda Loveless. The other four, Edith, Viola, Cecil and Clotine were from the second wife.
My grandfather's name was Oscar, not George (he got that right). Your grandmother's maiden name was Delphia Lucille Loveless, not Lovelace. She was a cousin to Ethan and Carl through their mother. Mom was born in Needs Creek, Ark., on Sept. 22, 1918. Both she and dad graduated from Arkansas State Teacher's College in Conway, Ark. He taught at Greenbriar, Ark., and she taught at ???? before they married and moved to Little Rock and he started working for the Cotton Belt.
If you would like any more info, I (or mother) can supply it. You and Mike, as you know, are the last in the Oscar Surratt line.
Ethan had a daughter,
Carl had a daughter, so no Surratts there.
Edith had a daughter and son,
Viola had not children,
Clotine had two sons and twin daughters. Clotine is the only survivor of her generation. She live in Los Gatos, Calif.
Let me know if you want more details.

Robert M. Surratt,

1998 Queries
Robert H. Sarrett
Sarrett Genealogy, Faulkner Co.
Date: 13 Jan 1998 18:55:34 EST
Dear Mr. Sarrett:
It seems odd to make a salutation to someone of my own name. I found your E-Mail address by browsing the AT&T member directory, using Excite and somehow your name came up and so I found your web page.
I have often wondered about my own roots and have not known how to proceed but am glad to see that you have taken aS
Name: Sarah Ann (SIMS) SURRATT
Birth Date: 27 Oct 1858
Birth Place: Georgia
Nickname Place: Sally Ann
Death Date: 16 May 1938
Burial Place: Cadron Valley Cemetery Faulkner Co Ark
Sources: Family Bible/Chet Kennedy
Spouse Father: Josphe SIMS <--Problem #1
Spouse Mother: Betsy CANTRALL
Spouse Notes:
Note's from Chet Kennedy
Ellis Gibbs, husband of Georgie E Surratt, was a brother to Alvie Gibbs, husband of Effie L. Surratt. Georgie and Effie were First Cousins, though not really, Because Ervin and Samuel were only Halfse families!
Robert H. Sarrett,
We have See: Mrs. Sarah A. (SIMS) (w/o Irvin W. SURRATT)
Parents as George & Wife Unknown SIMS, per Castleberry, Pg 27. [SFS-FG 1721]
See: John B. or I. SARRATT Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this family.
Georgia E. (SARRATT) [SFA-FGS 1748] m. Ellis GIBBS
2nd d/o Irvin W. SURRATT & Sarah Ann SIMS
Effie L. SURRATT [SFA-FGS 3234] m. Alvie GIBBS.
3rd d/o Samuel S. SURRATT & Tabith D. SMITH ..prs

1999 Queries
Kathy Jones
Date: 01 Jun 1999 8:43:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time
My name is Kathy Jones, I saw on one of the census that I was looking at from S.C that you are researching the Surratt line. My husbands mother was a Surratt,thought maybe you might like to have some of the info that I have. I have just started this line, as I'm researching both my family lines and my husbands. I't a handful I can tell ya.
I can start with Ervin W Surratt born/ Jun 5, 1848 ALA. Married a Sarah Ann Sims, they had 3 children one of which was a grandfather to my husband, James H. Surratt.,
We think maybe Ervin's father was John B Surratt and with his second wife, Catherine Castleberry, 2 children Almond and Samuel. I don't know who John B was married to the first time, but family bible states Mary Jane Davis, or Ellis the last name very,very hard to read, anyway if any of this sounds like it could connect with any of your stuff,
I have in depth on most of the lines I would be glad to share with you. S.C fits into this some how, I still have a lot to put on my computer, but I will be working on it as I can....TTYL Kathy
Kathy Jones,
Thanks for the E-Mail, sorry, I am late responding, but I have been sick (Diabetes) and can't get on the Net very much.
I think, we can help on your Faulkner SARRATT/SURRATT lines
We can start with See: John B. SURRATT, SFA-Profile!
1st Son: See: Ervin W. SURRATT, (Attached)
We would like to exchange Info on these families!
How are you "Connected" ? ...prs
Kay Surratt
SURRATT, James Hardin Surratt, III.
Date: 23 Jun. 1999 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Looking for Wife of James Hardin Surratt, III
s/o James Hardin Jr. & Dorothy (Unknown) Surratt
1Gs/o James Hardin Surratt, Sr. ( b. 1890-d. 1976)
3Gs/o Ervin W. Surratt ( b. 1848-d. 1912)
4Gs/o John B. Surratt ( b. 1827-d. 1861)
Kay Surratt, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail, James H. Wife is Miss Juanita ALLENDER, we would like to exchange Info. on this Family.
How are you "Connected" to this Family.
See: James H. SURRATT, SFA-Profile! ..prs
Wendy (Surratt) Ferguson
SURRATT, James H., Jr.
Date: 22 Jul 1999 4:08:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time
I was curious when I found out about your website and I visited it just to see. I've always thought that the Surratt name was not at all common or very well known, but it seems I was wrong.
My father's side of the family is the Surratt side.
My great-great grandfather's name was Erwin Surratt. [SFA-FG 1721]
His son was James Harding Surratt Sr., who married Juanita Allinder. [SFA-FG 1722]
If you have any info I would appreicate hearing from you. Thank you for your time.
Wendy (Surratt) Ferguson, Wendy,
Thanks for the E-Mail (See: Attached FGS 1722)
We would like to exchange info. on this family.
Please make any addition/corrections as required! See: James H. SURRATT, SFA-Profile! ..prs
Kay (Murphy) Surratt
1st E-Mail: Date: 05 May 1999 4:37:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Hello again. First of all, James Hampton Surratt (Bill) isn't dead!
At least as far as I know. I thought he was married to Dorothy first. Actually Dorothy is a nickname. Her maiden name is Emma Lola Darnell (listed on my husband's birth certificate).
Sandy could not have been born in 1948 because that is the year that I was born and she was about 8 or 9 [b. 1958] when we got married [c. 1966 ] ( I was 18).
Also Timmy is adopted. He is the son of Kathy (daughter of Joann from a previous marriage) Bill and Joann adopted him when he was a child.
My husband, Jimmy Surratt, was raised by his grandparents when Bill and Dorothy got a divorce. He was about 2 at the time. Dorothy remarried and died in 1974 Jimmy was born Jan. 18 1946 (birth certificate).
I will send your message to Sandy and see if she can help you with information about Joann (her mother). If there is anything else you need to know, just ask me and I will help you if at all possible.
Thanks! Kay Surratt
2nd E-Mail: Date: 23 Jul 1999 6:55:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Hello there. My daughter, Wendy sent me your e-mail. It was very interesting. Perhaps I can fill some of the blanks! I'm not sure about the first 2 children. I only knew 8 children. If there were more , neither my husband or I ever knew about them. Perhaps they were stillborn or died in early infancy.
I remember Granny Rat ( Juanita Allinder Surratt) telling me that her grandmother's name was Courtney. I don't know which grandmother.
Willie May Surratt ( Bill ) , is still alive and she married Alfred Byrd and had 4 boys, Tommy, Johnny, Dickie and Eddie Joe. (Kathy Jones, has 5 Sons: Jimmie plus above)
Edna Olline Surratt married Murray Lockhart (deceased) and had 2 girls, Edna Earl Lockhart (Brannon) and "Butchie" Lockhart (Taggart) (deceased).
James Hampton [prs FGS 2256 & 57] ( that's funny we always thought his middle name was Hardin) Surratt married "Dorothy" first (deceased) . they had 1 son, James Hardin Surratt 3rd (my husband Kay Surratt)
He then married Joann and they had 1 daughter, Sandra Kay (Sandy). m. Mr. COLLINS (E-Mailed me 08 Aug. 1999
My husband and I have 2 sons, [prs FGS 2258] (James Hardin Surratt, III, b. 18 Jan 1946)
(s/o James Hampton & 1st Wife Dorothy Unknown Surratt) [FGS 2256-57]
Christopher Scott and Steven Foster and 1 daughter, Wendy Jane.
My oldest son is the only one that is married and they don't plan on having children for several years, cause they are both in college.
By the way, my husband was raised from the age of 2 (1948) by Jim and Juanita Surratt (his grandparents). They were both fine people. His grandmother was a remarkable woman who lived to be 98!
Juanita Carnell married Orville Stader (deceased) and they had 3 daughters, Wanda , Linda and Diane.
Dora Lee married Burl Anderson (deceased) and they had 2 sons,
Pete "Red" and David (both deceased), and 2 daughters, Betty Sue "Susie" and Sally.
Velma Lucille married K. Clinton Jones (both deceased) and had 2 sons, K. C. Jr. and John, and 2 daughters, Mary and Cindy.
Joann (deceased) married Terry Woods and had 2 sons, Terry Jo and David.
Jerry Max ( my husband and I got a laugh at that) married Barbara Epperson first and they had 1 son, Philip (deceased) and 2 daughters, Becky and Vivian. His second wife is Shirley.
Jerry's son Phil had 1 son, Jeremy. As you can see there were a lot of female offspring. As far as I know, Jeremy and my 2 sons are the only surviving Surratts to carry on this branch of the Surratt family. (Kathy Jones had no Info on this Family.)
I hope this information is of some help to you. It is as accurate as I know. I know most of the people that I have mentioned.
Sincerly Kay Surratt,
Thanks for the Info., sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, but I have been sick "Diebetes" don't feel like getting on the Net. much.
I am "attaching" a Text file JOHN-B.TXT, this file can be read, edited, printed with ant "Text Editor" (ASCII Format) (See: John B. SARRATT SFA Profile!_
You will note I have been in commutation with a couple of your cousins. (See File)
I would like any of the "Unknowns" corrected or additions made as you see fit. ...prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: 02 Aug 1999 5:29:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: hello again
I received your latest info on the Surratt's. I have further info:
James Hardin Surratt III-born-Jan. 18, 1946
Christopher Scott Surratt-born-Feb. 5 1968
Steven Foster Surratt-born-Sept. 17, 1970
Wendy Jane Surratt-born-Oct. 13, 1978
Also the former information you had about James Hampton Surratt was correct. My husband had always assumed that since he was the 3rd then his father must be James Hardin Surratt Jr. Everyone calls him Bill! I sent an e-mail to Sandy (Surratt) COLLINS) and she said his middle name is Hampton.
It appears that Robert Michael Surratt and Michael Scott Surratt are distant cousins of my husband. From what I can tell they are decendants of John D. Surratt (brother of Ervin Surratt). My son, Scott was born at Texarkana around the same time that they were born. We only lived there about a year so we didn't know there were any Surratts in the area.
By the way, my maiden name is Murphy. And I am also diabetic! I got sick about 5 years ago, was having stomach problems and vomiting frequently. My Dr. said I had type II diabetes and I've been on medication since then. I've done pretty good. Was taking Glucotrol and glucophage and just started taking Amaryl. My mother and 4 of my 5 sisters are diabetic also. It's a tough disease! Sometimes it's hard for me to type cause my fingers get numb. I'm sure you know all about that!
Well, enough of my rambling! I just wanted to thank you for all the information. Do you happen to know the origin of the Surratt ( Sarratt, Sarrett) name? Are there any other spellings? I had never heard of the name until I met my husband. I was born in Gurdon, (Clark Co.) Ar. That's where I met him.
Again, thanks for your help.
Kay Surratt,
Kat, thanks for the kind words.
Few more questions?
When & Where did James Hampton Surratt, die?
What was his Occupation?
What was Wanda? (1st wife of James Hampton) maiden name.
When, Where born & died? Daughter of who?
What was Dorothy (2nd wife of James Hampton) maiden name.
When, Where born & died? Daughter of who?
When, Where did he marry 3) Joann?
What is her maiden name? When, Where born, die?
You mention James Hardin, 3rd was raised by his grandparents! in 1948 What happen to his parents...prs
Sandy (Surratt) Collins
SURRATT, James Hardin, Sr.
Date: 02 Aug 1999 6:40:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Hi Paul
I am Sandy Surratt Collins. I live in Bald Knob Arkansas. My Grandfather was James Hardin Surratt Sr.
My dad is James Hampton Surratt Jr.
Any information that u can give me on my family and if u found it on the web please let me know
Sandy (Surratt) Collins,
Sandy, We believe you are
d/o James Hardin SURRATT, Jr. & 2nd Wife Emma L. DARNELL [FGS 2257]
1Gd/o James Hardin, Sr, & J. "Neat" (Allinder) Surratt [FGS1722]
2Gd/o Irvin W. & "Sallie Ann" (SIMS) Surratt [FGS 1721]
3Gd/o John B.? & 1st wife Sarah Jane (Unknown) SURRATT [FGS 1747]
I am "attaching" a Text file JOHN-B.TXT, this file can be read, edited, printed with ant "Text Editor" (ASCII Format)
You will note I have been in commutation with a couple of your cousins. (See File)
I would like any of the "Unknowns" corrected or additions made as you see fit. ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 04 Aug 1999 11:51:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Paul thank u for writing me back. I think i can help u a lot. how are u kind to us if u are?
My Dad's name is James Hampton Surratt not Hardin. [FG 2256, 57 My dad was married three times not two. His first wife was Wanda? and [FG 2271] his second wife was Dorothy, [FG 2256] and his third wife with is my mother is Jo Ann Johnson Surratt. [FG 2257]
He had one daughter Carolin from his first wife,
Jimmy from his second wife and
Sandy Surratt Collins and [FG 1) 2273, 2) 2268, ]
Timmy James Surratt from his third wife.
I have two childern Jennifer JoAnn Watson dob 7/23/79
from my first marrage and Dana Lee Collins dob 2/13/90
from my second marrage.
Timmy married Kim Edwards and thay have two sons
Matt Surratt dob 8/20/85 and
Zackery Surratt dob 6/23/93
If I can help you ant more i will
Thanks Sandy (Surratt) Collins,
Bobi Mize
Francis Emiline (Surrett) BAKER
To: Bobi Mize,
To: Dave Baker,
I wanted to send you this E-Mail direct (I, see some hostile people on the listing)
This has to do with Bobi's E-Mail of:
Subject: Re: Baker/Surratt..Arkansas...Blackfoot Indians
Date: 27 Dec 1999 6:04:55 PM Pacific Standard Time
Found the messages on the Arkansas Baker's interesting although none of the names ring a bell. Family lore has mentioned that there are some Blackfoot Indians in our ancestry, but I don't know where. My Baker, Charles Stephen (Biggers) Baker was born in Tennessee, but married Francis Emiline Surrett who was from Arkansas, I don't know if the native blood is from the Bakers or the Surretts. For what it's worth that is my 2 cents. Happy hunting,
Bobi Mize, E-Mail:
I don't believe that the Frances Emeline SURRETT b. 1862 in Arkansas, d. 1916 in Ellenwood, Ga. that married Charles Stephen BAKER, b. 1856 TN, d. 1898, was a "SURRATT" or a "Blackfoot Indian"
The "Blackfoot Indians" were never in the Southeastern part of United States, Your Frances Emline is a "HENDERSON" Not SURRETT [SC 1.2]
b. 1862, Conway or Pulaski Co's., (present-day Faulkner Co.), AR. She was a18y Living w/ Ervin W. & Sarah/Sally M. (SIMS) SURRATT, in the 1880 Census, for Faulkner Co., AR. [See T-9, Reel 44, E.D. 54, F.G. 039] Relationship was listed "N/R" (Not Returned) (She was not a Sister or Daughter ..prs)
Faulkner Co., Arkansas was created in 1873, from the larger Pulaski & Conway Co's. The County Seat is Conway, AR. 72032. It is located in the center part of the State. It is Bounded by Van Buren & Cleburne Co's on the North; White & Lenoke Co's on the East; Pulaski Co. on the South; and Conway & Perry Co's on the West.
What "Proof" do you have that she was a "SURRATT" ? ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 9:25:03 PM Eastern Standard Time
Thank you for you response to my posting. At this point I have no proof that Francis was a SURRETT. My information came from Calvin and Margie BAKER, who are currently (as of last spring) living in Rex, Ga. Calvin is my g-grandfather's nephew. He is the grandson of Charles Stephen Baker. His father was James Riley Baker.
Calvin's wife (Marjorie Fielder) had been recording the Baker family through personal conversation's with family members, and shared her info with me. Apparently the grandchildren thought Francis' last name was Surrett. Perhaps she was adopted? Thanks for the info, now I know why I could not locate Francis as a 'SURRETT'. I will try to contact Marjorie and find out her source.
I have no info on Surrett's, but have info on Charles Stephen; his father, Riley S.; and his 5 sons and 1 daughter. Will share if interested.
Bobi Mize of GA. E-Mail:
3rd E-Mail: Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 9:34:01 PM Eastern Standard Time
Source: GC-SURRATT/SARRATT/SARRETT Queries: Message #4
Oops! Please excuse this second posting...after checking my records I found a note stating that "after the death of Charles Stephen BAKER, Francis Emeline married Mr. Lyle. They had one son named Edward who married Nora. The family lives in Lakewood, Ga." Hope this helps!
Bobi Mize of GA. E-Mail:
4th E-Mail: Date: 15 Jan 2000 8:28:59 AM Pacific Standard Time
A few weeks ago you wrote that you believed Frances Emeline Surrett (AR) who married Charles Stephen Baker, and died Ellenwood, Ga., was Frances Henderson, who was apparently living with Surrett's in AR.
I have just received a copy of my g grandfather's death certificate which names his mother as "Frances Serett" (my grandmother was the informant) and his father as Charles Baker. Does this info help or just confuse matters even more? Or can this be considered proof?
Bobi Mize of GA. E-Mail:

2000 Queries
Carol (Thompson) Zangerl
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 12:57:46 PM Eastern Standard Time
Source: GC-Faulkner Co., Arkansas URL: Query # 549
I am the grand daughter of John David Surratt, Sr. b. 18 Jul 1891, Faulkner Co., AR. d. 25 Apr 1964 in Little Rock, AR.
His father was Allmon Harper Surratt, b. 27 Jan 1858 in Alabama. Allmon was a half-brother to John Daniel Surratt,b 23 Jun 1850. Allmon's mother was Catherine M. Castleberry, b. Jan 1838. I have some first-hand knowledge of this family ,if you are interested, on the John David Surratt Family, his descendants, and other allied families. Carol Zangerl
2nd E-Mail: Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 5:24:47 AM Eastern Standard Time
Source: GC-Faulkner Co., Arkansas URL: Query # 556
Subject: RE: Castleberry/Hall
We could possibly have a connection! My was Katherine M. Castleberry b Jan 1838 m John Surratt b.1830-1840. They married May 8, 1857. Their son Almon H. b. 27 Jan 1858-59 in Alabama. Almon married Georgia Ann Hall b 25 Sep 1871 dau of David V. Hall & Mary E. Loveless Please E-mail me at: if you think there is a connection. All were living in Faulkner Co., near the Greenbrier Community 1880's -
Thanks! Carol Zangerl, E-Mail:
3rd E-Mail: Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 12:35:44 PM Eastern Standard Time
Hello Paul,
I have visited your web site on numerous occasions and it is an excellent source for Surratt information. I know you have spent many many hours, weeks, years researching all Surratts, and various spellings.
I also have a web site named The Zangerl & Allied Families on Family
Tree Maker, if you would like to visit it. There you will find some data on the Arkansas Surratts that you may not have.
Please accept my appologies for mentioning this but, abbreviation for Arkansas is AR., not AK. AK is abbreviation for Alaska.
Please let me know if you would like any information, I might have.
Thank you and, again your SITE REALLY IS SUPERB! !
I am Carol (Thompson) Zangerl, E-Mail:
d/o Emma Jeanne Surratt Thompson
d/o John David Surratt
s/o Almon Harper Surratt b. Faulkner CO., AR.
s/o John Surratt KIA. 6 Apr 1862 Shiloh, TN.
Thanks for the E-Mail, we have talked before on the Faulkner RootsWeb GenConnect Board.
Your are so right Re: AR. vs. AK. I was so worried about correcting Ark. to AR. I screwed up with AK-Alaska. Have fixed in my PC local site, will up-load revised GEDCOM, later this year.
I Reviewed your site! looks great (Photos ar great!) You might want to give credit to your source Dr. Chester Kennedy [See REF:#002] You have No Info. on John B.? & 2nd w Catherine M. (CASTLEBERRY) SURRATT parents?
Let me go over your site info, get back to you soon? Would like to compare notes. ..prs
See: Almon Harper SURRATT SFA Profile!
See: John B.? SARRATT SFA Profile!
See: Mrs. Kate (Castleberry) SURRATT, NEWBERRY, WILLIAMS SFA Profile!
Patsy Mills,
GOODE, Mattie Valentine (SURRATT) MILLS
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 9:46:32 PM Eastern Standard Time
This is my grandmother! I thought I'd never locate any of the Surratt family. The closet I was aware of was a "double cousin" who died recently. I'm from Arkansas, now living in Kentucky. "Mama Goode" had 4 children and 2/3 babies died at birth, Carlos died at few years of age.
My father, Russell Daniel Mills, Sr., was born in 1914 and died in 1972. He had 2 sisters. Joy Mills -- Handy (2d marriage) and Floy Mitchell Mills Day, still living at age 91!
I had 3 brother and 2 sisters, my youngest brother, Russell, Jr., was killed in a car accident in 1973 at age of 17. We were returning from Needs Creek annual Homecoming and viewing my father's headstone for the first time. Mom has 12 grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren and our first great-great due in March--living in Little Rock, AR!
Please write. (I responded to your Web page.)
Patsy Mills,
Patsy, Thanks for the E-Mail!
Miss Martha "Mattie" Valentine SURRATT;
(1st d/o John Daniel "J.D." & 2nd Wife Isabella Cansadia (SIMS) SURRATT)
(GDau/o John B. & 1st Wife Sarah Jane (Unknown) SURRATT, of SC.)
b. 22 Feb 1887, Faulkner Co., AR. d. 23 Aug 1971, a84y at Hooland, Faulkner Co., AR.
Although I am not "Connected" with this branch, I have studied it trying to make a "Connection" to my Spartanburg, SC. branch.
Glad to get your Info., I hade Floy & Joy as GOODE, not MILLS.
Would like to share any Info I have on these families and would like any of my "Unknowns or Not Traced" corrected.
Here's what I have on your family.
See: Miss Martha "Mattie" Valentine SURRATT; [SFA-FGS 1761 & 1762]
(1st d/o John D. SURRATT & 2nd Wife: Belle C. SIMS) [SFA-FGS 1751] ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 9:31:41 PM Eastern Standard Time
Source: GC-Faulkner Co., Arkansas URL: Message #557
Subject: Mattie V. Surratt Mills Goode
May name is Patsy Mills and Mattie Valentine Surratt was my grandmother!!!!!!!!
My father is bured next to her in the Needs Creek Baptist Church Cemetary. I new some of my aunts and uncles; sisters married brothers; ie, Surratt/Mills.
My father was Russell Daniel Mills, Sr. Please contact me. I'm in and out of that area often. All my ancestors are from Needs Creek.
Patsy Mills,
See: Miss Martha "Mattie" Valentine SURRATT; [SFA-FGS 1761 & 1762]
We would like any corrections/additions to this family. ..prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 9:44:28 PM Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Re: Mattie Valentine Surratt Mills Good
CC: "Wilson"
Thank you for responding. I misunderstood previous readings; thought we were definitely related.
     Ans: I mean this SURRATT branch is NOT from my Branch (we both come from the Progenitor Joseph & Katherine SARRATT) I come from the MD., NC., SC., TN, MO. branch. See my Introduction page! ...prs
Never heard before that my grandmother was named Martha.
     Ans: "Mattie" is a nickname for Martha! ..prs
My aunts are definitely Millses! No children born to the union of Mama and Papa Goode (the only g/father I knew).
     Ans: I understand that now. ..prs
Aunt Joy (MNU) Mills (first marriage unknown) Handy was married to Roy.
Aunt Floy Mitchell Mills Day was married to Harvis Day and they have one daughter, Joy Leta Day Wilson, two g/children, and 2 g/grandchildren.
My mother's name if Euna E Lowry Mills (age 83). She was born in Needs Creek in her parents home, formerly the Williams homestead. My oldest brother was born in the same house!
I'm in Needs Creek at least yearly if not more frequently. We have much family in the area. Aunt Joy and Uncle Roy are buried in a cemetery outside of Conway. My father died in 1972, not '71. Mama Goode (Mattie) died in 1971. I'm forwarding additional information from someone in California who is researching the Mills family. You might find something of interest there.
Why do you believe we are of no relation? How did you determine that? How/where do you locate all the information you have? Would like to know so I can do research also.
     Ans: See SFA "Cousin Identifier", place your branch across top, and list "Common" branch down the left side, to see the "Connection"
Please keep in touch!
Patsy Mills,
4th E-Mail: Monday, December 11, 2000
Message # 133
Subject: Mattie Valentine Surratt Mills Goode
Am interested in my grandmother's family. Mattie or Martha Valentine Mills Goode from Needs Creek Arkansas, near Greenbrier (near Conway). She is my father's, Russell Daniel Mills, mother. Any info?
Patsy Mills,
See: Your Query #1 Date: 25 Jan 2000
See: Miss Martha "Mattie" Valentine SURRATT; [SFA-FGS 1761 & 1762]
We would like any corrections/additions to this family. ..prs

5th E-Mail: Date: 31 Jan 2004 1:59:02 AM Pacific Standard Time
To: Message #
My g-grandmother was Isabella "Bell" Sims Surratt,
2d wife to JD Surratt, from near Greenbrier, Ark.
My g-mother was Martha/Mattie V. Surratt Mills Goode, my father's mother.
Write me Patsy Mills, (New Address) if interested. Good Luck!
See: Your Query #1 Date: 25 Jan 2000
See: Your Query #2 Date: 25 Jan 2000
See: Your Query #3 Date: 13 Feb 2000
See: Your Query #4 Date: 11 Dec 2000
See: Your Query #4 Date: 31 Jan 2004
See: Miss Martha "Mattie" Valentine SURRATT; [SFA-FGS 1761 & 1762]
We would like any corrections/additions to this family. ..prs

6th E-Mail: Date: 02 Feb 2004 12:15:05 AM Pacific Standard Time
Subj: I have complete genealogy
genealogy for the family of Lewis/Louis Nathan Mills and Mattie/Martha Surratt Mills Goode.
It's 5 pages and it takes quite some to send.
Please advise if still interested in updating this for Internet.
Patsy (Pat) Mills
Russell D. Mills, Sr. daughter
Do to space availability, we would be interest in just
See: Miss Martha "Mattie" Valentine SURRATT; [SFA-FGS 1761 & 1762] ..prs

Roy Gallegos
James Surratt - Ar
Dated: February 02, 2000 at 07:06:33
SURRATT Genforum: Message #255
I'm seeking any information on my great-grandfather, James Surratt, b. 3 Aug, 1890, d. Jan 1976.
He lived in Arkansas. Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.
We believe your G-Granfather is James "Jim" Hardin SURRATT, Sr. (prs FGS 1722)
( Kathy Jones "HAS PICTURE'S OF THIS BRANCH") b. 03 Aug 1890; Holland Ark. [Faulkner Co.] [REF#1722.002] d. 17 Jan 1976, a86y Bald Knob, White Co., AK. Bur. Shady Grove Cemetery ( Bald Knob, White Co., AR) Occupation: Store Owner.
At the age of 24y, he married on 04 Jan 1914, at Bailey Town Ark. to the 21 year old Miss Juanita ALLINDER; a.k.a. "Granny Rat" (See Photo) (d/o John Thomas ALLINDER (1861-1919) & Hattie Josephine BAILEY (1863-1928) b. 30 Oct 1893, Harrison Ark. [REF#1722.002] d. 22 Feb 1992, a98y 3m 2d at the Woodruff County Nursing Home Bur: Shady Grove Cemetery ( Bald Knob, White Co., AR) Occupation: Housewife
They had 10 Children born to this Union, 8 growing up to maturity. See: James H. SURRATT, Sr. SFA Profile!
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs


2002 Queries
Jennifer Henson
SURRATT Cousins, Faulkner Co
Date: 09 Oct 2002 8:27:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subject: RE: [ARFAULKN] William Monroe MILLS Obit
Does anyone here have any more info on the Surratts? My great-grandmother (Cora Mills- dau. of William Mathis Mills) married
Samuel Harper Surratt, Otis (or Odis) Surratt's brother.
Their sister Elizabeth Surratt also married Samuel Jesse Mills (son of William Mathis Mills).
Trying to find some more Surratt cousins!!
Wm. Mathis MILLS (1857-1941) m. Dec 23 1877 in Faulkner Co., AR. to Lucettie WHITAKER (1860-1899) they had 11 Children: [SFA-FG 1770]
#4 3rd Son: Samuel Jesse MILLS, (1884-1969) m. 22 Jul 1908 Elizabeth Caroline SURRATT, 2Ch.
#8 4th Dau: Cora Eldora MILLS, (1890-1930) m. 10 Oct 1908 Samuel Harper SURRATT, 5Ch.
Both SURRATT's are Children of See: John Daniel & Isabella C. (Sims) SURRATT [SFA-FG 1752] ...prs

2003 Queries
Sheridan Woods
Date: 05 Jan 2003 10:18:29 AM Pacific Standard Time
Subj: surratt family history
I am just starting out research my husband's family history.
His mother JoAnn Surratt (deceased) was from Arkansas.
Her mother was Juanita "Neat" Allinder.
Her Father was James Hardin Surratt Sr. [SFA-FG 1722]
His parents were Irvin W. Surratt and Sarah Ann Sims.
My husband seems to think his mother told him they had cherokee blood. I would also like to find out if his line connects at all with the famous Mary Elisabeth Jenkins Surratt who as you know was the first woman hanged in the U.S. for conspiring to assasinate president Lincoln. I would love any further information you could send me.
Thank you, Sheridan Woods,
Thanks for the E-Mail, Sheridan
You can See: Irvin W. SURRATT, SFA-Profile!
See: James Hardin SURRATT, Sr. SFA-Profile!
As you can see we need some info. on Mrs. Jo Ann (Surratt) WOODS ...prs

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Subj:Re: Surratt family members
Date: 31 Jan 2004 1:59:02 AM Pacific Standard Time
Message Board URL: Message:
My g-grandmother was Isabella "Bell" Sims Surratt, 2d wife to JD Surratt, from near Greenbrier, [Faulkner Co.] Ark.
My g-mother was Martha/Mattie V. Surratt Mills Goode, my father's mother.
Write me @ if interested. Good Luck!
Sorry I don't Know your Name?
See: John Daniel SURRATT, SFA-Profile!
See: Wm. Mathis MILLS, SFA-Profile!

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