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John B. or I. SURRATT, c1827-1862, k.i.a. Civil War a35y

Sixth Generation:
(2nd s/o John,6 SARRATT & 1st Wife Jane ELLIS) of Spartanburg Dist., SC.
(1Gs/o...John, 2 & Nannie (Morgan) Sarratt; ARW-Loyalist of Spartanburg Dist., SC.
(2Gs/o...SAMUEL, 2 & ELIZABETH SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD.
(3Gs/o...SAMUEL,1 & ANNA SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD.
(4Gs/o...JOSEPH,1 & KATHERINE SARRATT, of France "The American Progenitor!"
b. c1817, Spartanburg Dist. SC. (per 1810, 1820, 1830 Census) b. c1827, Spartanburg Dist. SC. (per 1850 Census) & [REF:#.002, Pg40] d. 06 Apr 1862, a35y at the Shiloh Church, "Killed in Action", 10th Reg't AR. Inf.) He married twice, first a23y (bfr 1840) in Spartanburg Dist., SC. to the 13 year old Miss Sarah Jane Unknown, 3Ch. b. c1827, Spartanburg Dist., SC. [REF:#.003] b. c1831, Spartanburg Dist., SC. (per 1850 Census) d. 08 May 1857, a26y, St Clair Co., AL. Buried Location Unknown (to me) They had 3 Children born to this Union: At the age of 30y on 08 May 1857, in St Clair Co., AL he married a second time to the 19 year old Miss Mahala "Catherine" CASTLEBERRY, 2Ch. (3rd d/o Wm. Young CASTLEBERRY & Mother: Elizabeth GILLESPIE) (1Gd/o Paul,1 CASTLEBERRY & 1st Wife Agnes CHESNEY of Spartanburg Dist., SC.) b. __ Jan. 1838, Spartanburg Co. SC. d. 01 Apr. 1910, age 72, Holland, Faulkner Co., AR; Buried in the East Shady Grove Cemetery, near Greenbrier in Faulkner Co., AR. She Married 2nd on Oct 3rd 1863 in Conway, Conway Co., AR. to [See 2nd Marriage] John C. NEWBERRY, They had 1 Child born to this 2nd Union: She Married 3rd on Mar 11th 1866 in Conway, Conway Co., AR. to [See 3rd Marriage] Wm. K. WILLIAMS, They had 5 Children born to this 3rd Union:
FIRST MARRIAGE: SC. c1840, 1st Wife: Miss Jane ELLIS, 4Ch. [REF:#002, Pg40]
 Rank  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.St.  b.-d.  d.Age  Married/Info.  Ch.
 0. 1st Son:   Samuel SURRATT;  SC.  c1841-1850, AL   9yrs  bd Unk., St. Clair Co., AL.  
 1. 2nd Son:  Ervin W. SURRATT;  AL.  *1847-1912 AR  64yrs  m. AR. *1873 Sarah A. SIMS   4
 2. 3rd Son:  John D. SURRATT;  AL.  *1850-1924 AR  73yrs  m. AR. *1873 1st Berillia W. TUCKER   5
 "  "  "  "  "  m. AR *1883 2nd Belle C. SIMS  10
 3. 4th Son:  Wm. "Bill" SURRATT  AL.  c1854-1939 AR  85yrs  Never Married!  
SECOND MARRIAGE: AL. 1857 Miss Catherine M. CASTLEBERRY, 2Ch. [REF:#002, Pg40]
 5. 1st Son:  Almon H. SURRATT;  AL.  *1858-1930 AR  72yrs  m. AR *1888 Georgia A.S. HALL   3
 6. 2nd Son:  Samuel S. SURRATT;  AL.  *1859-1932 OK  73yrs  m. AR *1881 Tabitha A. Smith   6
 7. Only Dau:*  Frances E. SURRATT;  AR.  *1862-1916 GA  53yrs  m. GA *1881 Charles S. BAKER   7
 8. 1st Son:  Sanford C. NEWBERRY;  AR.  *1864-1914 AR  49yrs  m. c1895 AR. Mrs. Sarah E. (Unk) PARKER   2
  37 Grandchildren! 
Chronological Order of Events - John B? SURRATT
 Born  1817    was a son of John & Jane (ELLIS) SURRATT, of Spartanburg, SC
 Born  1827    was a son of John & Jane (ELLIS) SURRATT, of Spartanburg, SC per [REF:#.002, Pg40]
 Census  1820   03 yrs  See: Father's 1820 F.G. Spartanburg Dist., SC.
 Census  1830  a13yrs  See: Father's 1830 F.G. Spartanburg Dist., SC.
 Death  1833  a16yrs  Mother: Mrs. Jane (Ellis) SARRATT. died on 11 May 1833, Spartanburg Dist., SC. buried near Mike's Creek on SARRATT Homestead Cemetery
 Census  1840  a23yrs  with 1st Wife Sarah J. See: Father's 1840 F.G. Spartanburg Dist., SC.
 See Move  1841  a24yrs   In [REF:#.003] Reports that this family "John B. SURRATT" and 1st Wife Unknown came to Arkansas, by way of Covered wagon and through Alabama from Spartanburg Co., SC., 1st Son Samuel died. [1841-1850, a9yrs]
 Birth  1848  a31yrs  2nd Son: Irvin W. SURRATT, was born 05 Jun 1848, in St Clair Co., AL.
 See Census  1850  a33yrs  On 01 April 1850 Census for St. Clair Co., AL.
John B? SARRATT, can be found with family, (1st son Samuel not living)
Note: ages for both John & Sarah A. are not correct...prs
 See W&T  1850  a33yrs  When his Fathers prepared his W.& T. of 10 April 1850 he calls his son
 Birth  1850  a33yrs  3rd Son: John Daniel SURRATT, was born 23 Jun 1850, in St Clair Co., AL.
 Birth  1854  a37yrs  4th Son: Wm. "Bill" SURRATT, was born in 1854, in St Clair Co., AL.
Headstone says born 1861?
 Death  1854  a37yrs  Father John,6 SARRATT. died on 13 Sep 1854, a69yrs Spartanburg Dist., SC. buried near Mike's Creek on SARRATT Homestead Cemetery
 Death  1857  a40yrs   In [REF:#.003] Reports that "as per family tradition. 1st Wife died, abt 1857, age 30 in AL. John B. married a second time, to Catherine M. Castleberry (1838-c1910)
Leaving "Orphan Children"
     2. Son: Irvin W., a9yrs
     3. Son: John D., a7yrs
     4. Son: Wm. Billy, a3y
 2nd Mar  1857  a40yrs  John B. SARRATT, marries 2nd on May 08, 1857 to Miss Catherine "Kate" Mahala CASTLEBERRY.
 Census  1860  a43yrs  John SARRATT, with 2nd Wife Kate (Castleberry) & 5Ch. "Farmer" Record Not Found!
 C.War  1861  a44yrs  John SARRATT, joins Civil War, Co. "E", 10th Ar. Inf.!
 Death  1862  a44yrs  John SARRATT, k.i.a. Apr., 6, 1861 at Shiloh Church, Pittsburg Landing, TN.
 Birth  1862    After the death of John B.? 1st Dau: Frances E. SARRATT born in June, Conway, Conway Co., AR.
 Marriage  1863     After the death of 1st Husband John B.? Mrs. Kate (Castleberry) marries 2nd 03 Oct 1863, Conway, Conway Co., AR.
 Born  1864     1st Son Sanford C. NEWBERRY, born on 7th Oct 1864, Conway, Conway Co., AR.
 Death  1864     2nd Husband John C. NEWBERY dies from Civil War wounds, Hospt., Little Rock, AR.
 Marriage  1866     Mrs. Kate (Castleberry) marries 3rd time to Wm. K. WILLIAMS, Conway, Conway Co., AR.
In 1841 John B. SARRATT, and family move to:
St Clair Co., AL., was created 1818 from the larger Shelby Co.. The County Seat is Ashville, AL 35953 & Pell City 35125. It is located in the Northeast part of the State. Bounded by Blount Co. on the Northwest; Etowaw Co. on the Northeast; Calhoun Co. on the East; Talladega Co. on the South East; Shelby Co. on the South West; with Jefferson Co., on the West. (First Census 1820, Probate Judge at Ashville has: Marriage Probate, Land & Estate Rcords from 1800; Clerk. Circuit Court. has divorce & Civil Court records.)
John B. or I. SURRATT,
(2s/o John,6 & 1st Wife Jane (Ellis) SARRATT of Spartanburg Co., SC.
(Gran-Son of John,2 & Nanny (MORGAN) SARRATT, of Spartanburg Co., SC.
can be found with family in:

1850 Census, St Clair Co., AL. M-432, Reel 14
Page F.V. FName MName LName Age Born b. Remarks
 127  361 John   SURATT  23  1827  SC  Farmer (age s/b 33yrs)
   1stWife: Sarah  J. (Unk) SURATT  19  1831  SC  Note: age s/b 23yrs
 #1.  1stSon: Ervin  W. SURATT  02  1848  AL  
  Note: There was another "John" a 1st Cousin John Quinn SURRATT, age 34 and 1st wife Selina (COOPER) SURRATT, with family living in St Clair Co., SC in this same 1850 Census (Pg 292, F.G 102) John Q. SURRATT was a son of Samuel7, & M. Peggy (QUINN) of Spartanburg, SC. A lot of researcher's have these two families confused. prs
John Q. & Selina (Cooper) Surratt
(2s/o Samuel,7 & Peggy (QUINN) SARRATT, of Spartanburg Co., SC.
(Gran-Son of John,2 & Nanny (MORGAN) SARRATT, of Spartanburg Co., SC.
with and two Children can be found in the 1850 Census, for St. Clair Co., AL.; They were living next door to father-in-law Zac & Mary (Quinn) Cooper.

See: 1850 Census, Civil Dist. 39, St Clair Co., AL. [M-432, Reel 14 ]
Page F.V. FName MName LName Age Born b. Remarks
 145b  102 John  Q. SURRATT  36  1814  SC  Farmer
   Wife: Selina   SURRATT  38  1812  SC  House Wife (COOPER)
 #1.  1stDau: Margaret   SURRATT  05  1845  AL  
 #2.  1stSon: Green  B. SURRATT  03  1847  AL  
[REF:#90] Pg On 20th April 1850 When his father John,6 SARRATT, prepared his Last Will & Testament (he died some five years later on the 13th of Sep. 1854.)
It is apparent that his youngest son John B. SARRATT, was NOT in good graces with his father, for he left his estate & personal property to be divided equally among his 2nd wife and his children, except John B. SARRATT. He writes..prs
    3rd. I will and desire to my son John I. SARRATT (one Negro boy named JORDAN, this boy is all I intend for him to have out of my Estate either Real or Personal.
Mr. John B. SURRATT, a40yrs son of Mr. & Mrs. John & Sarah (Ellis) SARRATT, of Spartanburg Co., SC. and
Miss Catherine "Kate" Mahala CASTLEBERRY, a19yrs Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Young & Elizabeth (Gillespie) CASTLEBERRY, of Springfield, Conway Co., AL. married in St Clair Co., Alabama on 08 May 1857.
[Ned M-Bk Nun., Page] per REF:#002, Pg41]
John B? SARRATT, with family Can NOT be found:
1860 Census, St Clair Co., AL. or
1860 Census, Faulkner Co., AR.
Fed. #, Reel# M653-0023 Page: NdRcd
 Pg.  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  Race  Remarks
 NdRcd    John    SURRATT   43  SC  1817  W  Farmer
 NdRcd    Kate  M.(CASTLEBERRY)  SURRATT   22  SC  1838  W  2w/o John B., *1857 AL
 NdRcd    Erwin  W.  SURRATT   12  AL  1848  W  m. Sarah A. SIMS, *1873 AR.
 NdRcd    John  D.  SURRATT   10  AL  1850  W  m.1)SIMS, *1873 2)TUCKER *1883
 NdRcd    Billy    SURRATT   6  AL  1854  W  Never Married!
 NdRcd    Almon  H.  SURRATT   2  AL  1858  W  m. Georgia A.S. HALL *1888
 NdRcd    Samuel  S.  SURRATT   1  AL  1859  W  m. Tabitha A. SMITH, *1881
CSA Pvt John SERRATT, (sic) age 34y 10th AR. Inf. Co. E
Was "Killed in Action", (k.i.a.) on 06 Apr. 1862, a35y at the Shiloh Church during the Civil War. [REF:#002] Pg40 and [REF:#003]
Battle of "Shiloh" or "Pittsburg Landing" [Hardin Co.] Tenn.
USA Union, 1,735 Killed, 7,882 Wounded, 3,956 Captured.
CSA Confed. 1,728 Killed, 8,012 Wounded, 959 Captured. [per Matthew Bradly, Civil War, Pg96]
10th Arkansas Infantry Regiment was organized in July, 1861, at Springfield, [Conway Co.] Arkansas. Its members were drawn from the counties of Cleburne, Van Buren, Conway, and Perry.
The regiment moved to Union City, Tennessee, where 150 men died from the effects of measles. Later it was involved in the conflicts at Shiloh [Hardin Co., TN.] and Baton Rouge, [LA] and in October, 1862, contained 249 effectives. Attached to Buford's and Beall's Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, the 10th was part of the garrison that surrendered at Port Hudson on July 9, 1863.
After being exchanged, the men returned to Arkansas and were reorganized as the 10th or Witt's Cavalry Regiment.
The unit skirmished in Arkansas and on May 28, 1865, requested from the Federals terms under which it could surrender.
Its commanders were Colonels T. D. Merrick and A. R. Witt, Lieutenant Colonels S. S. Ford and Luther R. Venable, and Majors C. M. Cargile and Obed. Patty.
  Ages of 2nd Wife and Children at Father's death 1862
 2nd Wife:   Catherine M. (CASTLEBERRY),  age 22 b. 1840 SC
 2. 2nd (Step-Son)   Ervin W.,  age 14 b. 1848 AL
 3. 3rd (Step-Son)   John D.,  age 12 b. 1850 AL
 4. 4th (Step-Son)   William,  age 8 b. 1854 AL
 5. 1st Son:   Almon H.,   age 4 b. 1858 AL
 6. 2nd Son:   Samuel S.,  age 3 b. 1859 AL
  Civil War Shiloh National Cemetery, Hardin Co., TN.
Shiloh Cemetery, TN. John SARRATT, age 45yrs
1817 - 1862
"Killed In Action"
General Albert Sidny Johnston Mortuary Monument
  “No soldier who took part in the two day’s engagement at Shiloh ever spoiled for a fight again,” recalled one Union veteran. “We wanted a square, stand-up fight [and] got all we wanted of it.” Besides preserving the site of the bloody April 1862 battle in Tennessee, the park commemorates the subsequent siege, battle, and occupation of the key railroad junction at nearby Corinth, Mississippi. [National Park Service, U.S. Dept. of the Interior] [Source: Bloody Shiloh, US NPS.GOV
 For more Photos of the Shiloh National Cemetery, See: Photos at ..prs
  Possible Record Problem!
 This family living in Conway, Conway Co., AR. where 1st Dau Frances E. SURRATT, was born in June 1862. (2 months after the death of father!..prs) [See REF:#004]
After her 1st husband was killed in action Civil War, the "Widowed" Mrs. Catherine (CASTLEBERRY) SURRATT, age 25yrs married 2nd on 03 Oct. 1863, Conway, Conway Co., AR. to the 25 year Pvt. John C. NEWBERRY (USA);
b. c1838, Unk. (to me)
d. c1864 age 26yrs from wounds Civil War
Buried: Union USA Hospt., Little Rock, Puliski Co. AR.
[USA Co., S, 3rd AR. Cav. Vol.] [REF:#002, Pg52]
they had one son born to this short 2nd Union: [REF:#002, Pg41]
6. 1st Son: Sanford C. NEWBERRY; b. 07 Oct 1864 AR d. 24 Jun 1914 age 50
Click on Thumbnail for Profile!
After the death of her 2nd husband, the Widowed Catherine (CASTLEBERRY) SURRATT, NEWBERRY, at the age of 28 on 11 Mar. 1866, Conway, Conway Co., AR. she married the 25 year old
See Biographical Profile: Wm. K. WILLIAMS for Continuation.
Click on Thumbnail for larger Map! Faulkner Co., AR. was created in 1873, from the larger Pulaski & Conway Co's. The County Seat is Conway, AR. 72032. It is located in the center part of the State. It is Bounded by Van Buren & Cleburne Co's on the North; White & Lenoke Co's on the East; Pulaski Co. on the South; and Conway & Perry Co's on the West.
(First Census 1880, Co. Clerk has m, pro, co ct rec from 1873)
Click on Thumbnail for larger Map!
Seventh Generation: 7. Frances Emeline SURRATT, (Only d/o James B.? SURRATT & 2nd Wife Kate M. CASTLEBERRY) b. __ Jun 1862, Conway Co., AR. d. __ ___ 1916, age 54yrs, at Ellenwood, Clayton Co., GA. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) GA. At age 19yrs she married bfr May 1881, Faulkner Co., AR. to Charles Stephen BABKER, (s/o Riley S. BAKER & Mother: Nancy A. GRIFFIN) b. c1856, Unknown Co., TN. d. c1898, age 42yrs, Ellenwood, Clayton Co., GA. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) GA. Theu had 7 Children born to this Union: [per 1900 Census] 7.1 1st Son: James Riley BAKER, b. Feb 1882 GA. 7.2 2nd Son: William O. BAKER, b. Mar 1884 GA. 7.3 3rd Son: Channer C. BAKER, b. Apr 1886 GA. 7.4 4th Son: Jesse F. BAKER, b. Nov 1888 GA. 7.5 1st Dau: Martha L. BAKER, b. Mar 1891 GA. 7.6 5th Son: Charles C. BAKER, b. Feb 1894 GA. 7.7 6th Son: John H. BAKER, b. Aug 1898 GA.
  Possible Record Problem!
 1. Frances E. SERRATT was Never mentioned in the [REF:#002] Book on any Page!
2. She would have been age 8yrs old in the 1870 Census was NOT found with her Mother
Click on Thumbnail for larger Map! Clayton Co., GA. was formed 1858, from the larger Fayette & Henry Co.'s. The County Seat is Jonesboro, GA. 30236. It is located in the Northwest part of the State; Bounded by Fulton Co., on the Northwest; De Kalb Co., on the Northeast; Henry Co., on the East; Spalding Co. on the South; and Coweta Co. on the West.
(First Census 1860; Pro Court has b., m., d., & Pro. rec.; Clerk Sup. Court has Div. rec from 1946 & Civil Court rec from 1964, with Land rec from 1859.)
Click on Thumbnail for 1900 Census form! Frances E. (SURRATT)  BAKER can be found with Family!
1900 Census Ellenwood Precinct , Clayton Co., AR
Dated: 29 Jun 1900,
Fed. #, Reel# T623-0188 E.D.10  Page:022b  F.Visit: 408
 Pg.  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Mt  b.Yr.  Remarks
  Ellenwood Precinct -  Dated: 29 Jun 1900,  -  SFA-ID# SC 1.7
 022b   408  Frances E.  (SURRATT)  BAKER   38    AR  Jun  1862  H/H Rent, Wid/o Charles S. 7Ch./7Liv
 022b   408  James  Riley  BAKER   18    GA  Feb  1882  Son 1st, Farm Laborer
 022b   408  William  O.  BAKER   16    GA  Mar  1884  Son 2nd, At School
 022b   408  Charner  C.  BAKER   14    GA  Apr  1886  Son 3rd, At School
 022b   408  Jesse  F.  BAKER   12    GA  Nov  1888  Son 4th, At School
 022b   408  Martha  L.  BAKER  9    GA  Mar  1891  Dau Only, At Home
 022b   408  Charles  C.  BAKER  6    GA  Feb  1894  Son 5th, At Home
 022b   408  John  H.  BAKER  2    GA  Aug  1898  Son 6th, At Home
 022b   408  Nancy A.  (GRIFFIN)  BAKER   76    GA  Mar  1824  M-I-L Wid, 5Ch. 2Liv
 022b   408  Jeremiah    GOLDEN   87    SC  Nov  1813  Boarder m.15yrs No Occup.
 022b   408  Nancy J.  (Unknown)  GOLDEN   58    AR  Unk  1842  w/o Jermiah, 1885 1Ch/1Liv
8. Sanford Calvin NEWBERRY, (Only s/o Mrs. Kate M. (CASTLEBERRY) SURRATT & John C. NEWBERRY) b. 07 Oct 1864, old Conway Co., now Faulkner Co., AR. d. 24 Jun 1914, age 49yrs, Faulkner Co., AR. Buried: East Shady Grove Cemetery, nr Greenbriar, AR. [per REF:#002] (No Marker, Faulkner Co., AR.) He married twice, first at age 31yrs he married 1st in 1891, East Fork Twp., Faulkner Co., AR. to 20 year old Mrs. Sarah E. (Unk) PARKER, (Widow/Div of Mr. PARKER) b. __ Mar 1875, Faulkner Co., AR. d. bfr 1901, age 26yrs, Faulkner Co., AR. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) AR. They had 1 Child born to this 1st Union: He married 2nd age 37yrs bfr 1901, Faulkner Co., AR. to Mrs. Elizabeth "Betty" (Hampton) DeBERRY, (d/o Mrs. Sarah (Unk) HAMPTON) (Wid/Div of Mr. DeBERRY) b. c1870, Unknown Co., MS. d. Unknown Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) AR. They had 3Children born to this 2nd Union: After the death of her 2nd Husband Betty (Hampton) DeBERRY, WILLIAMS married 3rd tome age 41yrs, after 1911, Faulkner Co., AR. to (as his 2nd Wife) George J. WOOLEY, b. c1864, Unknown Co., AR. d. Unknown, Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) AR. No Issue to this 3rd Union: FIRST MARRIAGE: c1891, Mrs. Sarah E. (Unk) PARKER, 1Ch. 8.1 1st Dau: Manilla NEWBERRY, b. May 1891, Faulkner Co., AR. 8.2 StepSon: Jesse PARKER, b. Feb 1894, Faulkner Co., AR. SECOND MARRIAGE: c1901, Betty HAMPTON, 3Ch. 8.3 1st Dau: Hester NEWBERRY, b. ___ 1901, Faulkner Co., AR. 8.4 1st Son: Marvin C. NEWBERRY, b. ___ 1903, Faulkner Co., AR. 8.5 2nd Dau: Catherine E. NEWBERRY, b. ___ 1909, Faulkner Co., AR. 8.6 StepDau: Tommy DeBERRY, b. ___ 1896, Faulkner Co., AR. THIRD MARRIAGE: c1911 George T. WOOLEY, 0Ch. 8.7 StepSon: Oscar S. WOOLEY, b. ___ 1909, Faulkner Co., AR. 8.8 StepDau: Mildred WOOLEY, b. ___ 1911, Faulkner Co., AR.
  Possible Record Problem!
  In [REF:#002, Pg41] they did NOT have any marriage's or Children for Sanford C. NEWBERRY?
Source & Reference Notes!
 [REF:001]  Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
 The Sarratt / Sarrett / Surratt Family 1980 Profiles! (SFA)©
 [REF:#002]  Dr. Chester C. Kennedy   "Catherine (CASTLEBERRY) SURRATT, NEWBERRY, WILLIAMS" and some of her descendants and some of her Antecedents.
By Dr. Chester C. Kennedy, privately published 1994 415 W. 4th St., Konawa, OK 74849
Contact: The Kennedy Libaray of Konawa, Inc.
600 W. South St., Konawa, OK. 74849 (Phone 405-925-3662) Distributed by: Oldbuck Press, Inc. Ed. 1994
P.O. 1623, Conway, AR. 72033
(50N 336-8184) (ISBN 1-56869-094-0)
See: See: Catherine Castleberry, Library FHL Catalog
 [REF:003]  Mrs. Franki (Hastings) Surratt (Not Active Address..prs)
E-Mail to this writer on Feb. 25, 1996
Mrs. Franki Surratt, of Copple (Dallas Co.) TX. writes:
"Reports from that this family "John B. SURRATT" and 1st Wife Unknown came to Arkansas, by way of Covered wagon and through Alabama from Spartanburg Co., SC., 1st Son Samuel died." as per family tradition. 1st Wife died, abt 1857, age 30 in AL. John B. married a second time, to Catherine M. Castleberry (1838-C1910) John B. died in the Civil War with the 10th Ark., Regt. (Confederate) 1862, age 35.
     See: 1st E-Mail: Feb 26, 1996 10:44am
     See: 2nd E-Mail: Feb 26, 1996 08:20pm
     See: 3rd E-Mail: Aug 31, 1999 01:39pm
     See: 4th E-Mail: Sep 01, 1999 06:47pm
     See: 5th E-Mail: Oct __, 1999
 [REF:004]  Bobi Mize
Francis Emiline (Surrett) BAKER
To: Bobi Mize,
To: Dave Baker, listing
     See: 1st E-Mail: Dec 27, 1999 06:04pm
     See: 2nd E-Mail: Dec 28, 1999 09:25pm
     See: 3rd E-Mail: Dec 28, 1999 09:34pm
     See: 4th E-Mail: Jan 15, 2000 08:28am
 [REF:005]  Bobi Mize
Frances Emeline SURRETT, Clayton Co., GA.
     See: 1st E-Mail: Jun 25, 1999 07:15am

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