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Martin SERATT, c1834-1907 a73y

Seventh Generation!
Martin SERATT,  [SFA-JOHN15-FG115]
(1/4 D.I.B. Degree of Indian Blood) Not Proven!
(1st s/o John,15 & 1st Wife Deliah (Ridennour) SERAT)
(1Gs/o TYRE SARRETT and Wife Sus-An-Ah (MILLER) SERAT. Not Proven!
(2Gs/o Allen,2 & Delilah (Unknown) SARRETT) Not Proven!
(3Gs/o Samuel,2 & Elizabeth (Unknown) SARRATT)
(4Gs/o Samuel,1 & Anna (Unknown) SARRATT)
(5Gs/o Joseph,1 & Katherine (Unknown) SARRAT) The American Progenitor
b. c1834 Adair Co., MO. [per Census Records]
b. c1837 Adair Co., MO. [per REF:#165]
d. bfr 1907, 73y Unknown Co. [per REF:#165]
Buried Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
At a25y he married c1859, Newton Co., MO. to
Miss Nancy D. Unknown;
b. c1836, Unknown Co., TN.
d. Unknown, Cleveland Co., OK.
Buried Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
They had at least three Children born to this Union:
   1. 1st Son: Wm. Joseph, MO. c1860-
   2. 2nd Son: James D.,   MO. c1870-
   3. 1st Dau: Bertha M.,  MO. c1872

Possible Record Problem!
It's been reported [per REF:#165] that MARTIN SERAT was born about 1837, which made him the 3rd Son but, MARTIN SERAT age 16, b. 1834 can be found in the 1850 Census for Washington Co., AK. living with the Family Unit although he indicated his place of birth was Tenn., which makes him the 2nd Son: ..prs
See: 1850 Census Fed. M-432, State Reel 31, Pg. 362, F. G. 49 )
It is apparent that MARTIN SERAT returned to Missouri, because MARTIN SERAT age 26, and Wife NANCY D. (Unknown) SERAT, age 24 can be found in the 1860 Census for Newton Co., MO. living in Gramby Twp., with one Son: WILLIAM JOSEPH SERAT, age 1
1860 Census, Gramby Twp., Newton Co., Missouri
M-653, Reel 636, Page 905, F.V. 653
Page F.V. FName MName LName Age Born b. Remarks
 905  653  Martin     SERAT   26   1834   MO  Farmer
    Wife:   Nancy  D. (Unk))   SERAT   24   1836   TN  Keeping House
 #1   1stSon   William   Joseph   SERAT   6/12   1849   MO  
Martin SERATT, and Family moved back to Crawford Co., AR.
1870 Census, Crawford Co., Arkansas
M-593, Reel 51, Page 243, F.V. 001
Page F.V. FName MName LName Age Born b. Remarks
 243  001  Martin     SERAT   36   1834   MO  Farmer
    Wife:   Nancy  D. (Unk))   SERAT   34   1836   TN  Keeping House
  Not Living in the 1870 Census Family Unit!
 243   1stSon   William   Joseph   SERAT   10   1849   MO  Liv w/George RUSH
Mercer County, MO. was formed in 1845, from the larger Grundy Co., which was formed in 1841 from the larger Livingston Co., which was formed in 1837 from the larger Carroll Co., which was formed in 1833 from the larger Ray Co., which was formed in 1820 from the larger Howard Co., which was formed in 1816 from St. Charles & St. Louis Counties, which were the Original Districts in 1812. The following are County Court records for Mercer Co. Today - 1898 at County Clerk, Princeton, MO. 64673 1897 - 1845 Courthouse was burned on 24 Mar. 1898 1844 - 1841 at Grundy County Clerk, Trenton, MO. 64683 1840 - 1837 at Carroll County Clerk, Carrollton, MO. 64633 1836 - 1833 at Ray County Clerk, Richmond, MO. 64085 1832 - 1820 at Howard County Clerk, Fayette, MO. 65248 1819 - 1816 at St. Charles Co. Clerk, St. Charles, MO. 63301 The Mercer County Courthouse was burned on 24 Mar. 1898, nearly all records of the Circuit Court & Recorder, Treasure and Sheriff were destroyed or badly damaged. Records in Office of Pro Judge and County Clerk were saved, but many were badly damaged. County Clerk has Birth Records 1883 to 1891; Clerk of Circuit Court has Marriages, Divorces, Probate, Civil Court, and Land Records; Circuit Court, Division 2 has Probate Records; Local Register has Burial Records. This 1860 Census, for Mercer Co., MO. was the last record found by this writer for MARTIN SERAT, but, Son Wm. JOSEPH SERAT, age 10 can be identified as a Farm Labor working and living with GEORGE RUSH family in the 1870 Census for Crawford Co., AK. (Source: Fed. M-593, State Reel 051, Pg. 0243, F.G. 001 )Did his father die? and his mother re-marry? a POPE Because in the 1900 Census for Cleveland Co., OK. Widow? NANCY D. (Unknown) SERAT, age 65 can be found living with Son: ANDREW J. POPE? or was POPE a Son-In-Law, who married daughter BERTHA MAY SERAT? (Source: Fed. T-623, State Reel 1336, E.D. 31, Sht 012, Line 099. ) Need More Information. The following are the Children of :MARTIN and NANCY D. (Unknown) SERAT 4.1 1st. Son: WILLIAM JOSEPH SERAT; (Son of Martin & Nancy D. (Unknown) Serat) b. about 1860, Gramby Twp; Newton Co., MO; d. Unknown; At the age of 19, about 1878 in Crawford Co., AK. he married the 23 year old Miss PHEBY RUSH; b. about 1856, Location Unknown in Missouri; d. Unknown; She was the Daughter of GEORGE RUSH, and Wife Unknown; They had at least One child born to this Union: 4.1.1 1st. Dau: OPHA SERAT; b. c1879 AK Need More Information It's been reported by [REF: #165 that this son was JOSEPH M. SERAT, b. 1868 and no record of marriage. 4.2 2nd. Son: JAMES D. SERAT; (Son of Martin & Nancy D. (Unknown) Serat) b. about 1870, Location Unknown; d. Unknown; Married Location Unknown, to Miss DORIS JONES;, b. about 1870; Location Unknown; d. about 1907; Location Unknown; Daughter of Unknown Parents; They had at least One some born to this Union: [REF: #165 4.2.1 1st. Son: MARTIN SERAT; b. c1898 Need More Information No records found by this writer of this Family ..prs 4.3 1st. Dau: BERTHA M. SERAT; (Dau of Martin & Nancy D. (Unknown) Serat) b. about 187?, Location Unknown. [REF: #165 Need More Information. No records found by this writer of this Family ..prs Source & Reference 165. Mrs. KAREN HARVEY; 7120 Cabin Ct., NW, Alb., NM; Researcher of the TIREY SARRETT Family, letter to this writer Jun. 14, 1993

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