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Samuel P. LANE, Sr. 1825-1882 a56y

Second Generation!
 Samuel Phillip LANE, Sr.
(s/o JAMES LANE & Mother: LUCINDA (Unknown) 
b. 08 Apr 1825, Unknown Co. in Tennessee; 
d. 04 Jan 1882, age 56y, 8m, 26d nr Chester, Crawford Co., AK; 
Buried in the Freedom Cemetery, Crawford Co., AK; 
At a20y he married on 29 Jan 1846, Goshen Ridge, Putman Co., MO. to
(1/4 D.I.B. Degree of Indian Blood) Not Proven!
(1st d/o John,15 & 1st Wife Deliah (Ridennour) SERAT)
(1Gs/o TYRE SARRETT and Wife Sus-An-Ah (MILLER) SERAT. Not Proven!
(2Gs/o Allen,2 & Delilah (Unknown) SARRETT) Not Proven!
(3Gs/o Samuel,2 & Elizabeth (Unknown) SARRATT)
(4Gs/o Samuel,1 & Anna (Unknown) SARRATT)
(5Gs/o Joseph,1 & Katherine (Unknown) SARRAT) The American Progenitor
b. 20 Oct 1829, Franklin Co., Indiana; 
d. 26 May 1918, age 88y, 7m, 6d in Enfairta, McIntosh Co., OK; 
Buried in the Elmwood Cemetery Wagoner, (Wagoner Co.) OK; 
They had at least Ten  Children born to this Union: [REF:#165]
 01 1st. Dau: ELIZABETH F.; TN c1844-1860 a16y Not in 1860 Census
 02 2nd. Dau: MARY L.J.;    IL *1849-1881 a32y m. *1871 Rev. A.J. NORDIN 
 03 1st. Son: FRANCIS M.;   AR *1852-          m. c1874 1) Nancy E. STRONG,
                                               m. *1899 2) Paralee MARSHAL
 04 3rd. Dau: DELIAH J.;    AR *1854-1880 a25y m. *1877 1) Moses T. LAMB,
 05 4th. Dau: MARY ANN;     AR *1856-1918 a61y m. c1879 1) Henry RIDENOUR,
                                               m. *1881 2) Ancil D. BRASSFIELD
 06 2nd. Son: Saml. P. Jr;  AR *1858-1928 a69y m. *1878 1) Annie M. BELDEN,
                                               m. c1885 2) Mary F. MOORE,
                                               m. c188? 3) S.P.S. WEESE,
 07 3rd. Son: Jos. Saml.;   AR *1859-1905 a45y m. *1879 1) Melissa RUSH,
 08 5th. Dau: NANCY E.;     AR *1864-          m. *1881 1) Richard J. BRASSFIELD,
                                               m. *1887 2) Alex. RIDENOUR,
                                               m. c188? 3) David E. MacCASLIN
 09 4th. Son: JAMES B.;     AR *1869-1950 a80y m. *1891 1) Mills M. JOHNSON,
 10 6th. Dau: MISSOURI;     AR *1872-          m. c1892 1) Levi KING,
                                               m. c1892 2) Henry BUNYARD

At a01y can NOT be found with parents in the 1830 Census  Franklin Co., IN.
At a11y can be found with parents in the 1840 Census  Macon Co., MO.
At a21y can be found with parents in the 1850 Census  Washington Co., AR.

Even though she was listed a "Single" a18y in Washington Co., AR. she was married and living with her own family in Crawford Co., AR. for this same Census?
Enumerated on 17th December 1850 (Pg336)

1850 Census, Mountain Twp., Crawford Co., Arkansas
See: M-432, Reel 025, Page 336b, F.V. 083
Page F.V. FName MName LName Age Born b. Remarks
 336b  83   Samuel     LANE   21   1829   TN  Farmer
   Wife:   Nancy  (SERAT)   LANE   20   1830   IN  2nd d/o John,15 & 1st Wife Deliah
   1st Dau:   Polly   L.   LANE   01   1849   IL  
   (Bro)   Henry     CERAT   10   1840   MO  4th s/o John,15 & 1st Wife Deliah
      Elizabeth   F.   LANE   06   1844   TN  
On 18 May 1905 the U.S. Court awarded more than $1 million to the Eastern Cherokees (those still living in the East Cherokee Nation at the time of the Treaty of 1835 and their descendants). Between 1906 and 1909, more than 45,000 claimants submitted applications providing detailed information on their families. Copies of these application are in the Records of the U.S. Court of Claims, Record Group 123 (RG123) and are arranged by application number. Indexed by Name on roll 1 of M685 known as the Guion Miller Rolls 1908-1910 NANCY (SERAT) LANE, age 78, on 22 JUL. 1907 filed Application #2439l, with the Court of Claims, regarding May 18, 1905, and May 28, 1906, decree in favor of the Eastern Cherokee for monies due descendants of Indian relocation to the Western Indian Territory. No. 22231 EASTERN CHEROKEES APPLICATION OF Nancy Lane Special Commissioner of the Court of Claims, 601 Quray Building, Washington, D.C. Sir: I hereby make application for such shares as may be due me of the fund appropriated by the Act of Congress approved June 30, 1906, in accordance with the decrees of the Court of Claims of May 18, 1905, and May 28, 1906, in favor of the Eastern Cherokees. The evidence of identity is herewith subjoined. Note: Answers to all questions should be short, but complete. If you can not answer, so state. 1. State full name - English name: _Nancy Lane_ Indian name: _Dont know_ 2. Residence and Post Office: _Coalgate, Ind. Ter._ 3. County: _Coal_ 4. State: _Indian Territory_ 5. How old are you? _78_ Born _Oct. 20th 1829_ 6. Where were you born? _In the State of Indiana_ 7. Are you married? _Not now my husband is dead_ 8. Name and age of wife or husband: _Samuel P. Lane_ 9. To what tribe of Indians does he or she belong? _ xxxxxxxxx (East Cherokee crossed out) 10. Name all your children who were living on May 28, 1906, giving their ages: Name: Age: Born: (1.) Frank M. Lane, 55 Feby 4. I852 (2.) Mary A Lane Now Brayfield 51 January IIth, I856 (3.) Samuel P. Lane. 49 June IIth I856 (4.) Nancy E Lane (Now McCaslin) 43 July 30. I864 (5.) James B Lane 38 Dec 7th I869 (6.) Missouri Lane Now King) 35 June 2Ist I872 11. Give names of your father and mother's name before marriage: John Serat and Delila Serat, Maiden name of mother. Delila Ridennour Father - English name: _John Serat_ Indian name: _Dont know for sure._ Mother - English name: _Delila Serat_ Indian name: _Dont know for sure._ Maiden name: _Delila Ridennour_ 12. Where were they born? Father: _Dont know records are lost._ Mother: _Dont know the records are lost, are burned. I am informed were destroyed or burned during the war._ (Page 1) 13. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time? Father: _Dont know where he was_ Mother: _Dont know wher e she was. dead____ 14. Date of death of your father and mother: Father: _Dont know what become of him he was supposed to be killed or drowned._ Mother: _Dont know what became of her when she died._ 15. Were they enrolled for money, annuities, land or other benefits? If so, state when and where, and with what tribe of Indians: _Never to my own knowledge_ _________________ 16. Name all your brothers and sisters, giving ages, and residence if possible: Name: Born: Died: 1. 1st. Son: GEORGE SERAT; Dont know (Dead) 3. 2nd. Dau: MAHALEY SERAT; Dont know (Dead) 5. 3rd. Son: Wm. M. SERAT; Living Silome Springs, Ark. 4. 2nd. Son: MARTIN SERAT; Dont know (Dead) 6. 4th. Son: HENRY SERAT; Dont know (Dead) 7. 5th. Son: CALVEN SERAT; Dont know (Dead) 8. 6th. Son: JERMIAH SERAT; Dont know (Dead) HALF BROTHERS SISTERS: 11. 9th. Son: SAMUEL SERAT; Dont know (Dead) 12. 3rd. Dau: M. A. Polly (SERAT) POOR; Gentry, AK 13. 4th. Dau: MARTHA A. (SERAT) RUSH; Living 17. 11th. Son: JOSEPH S. SERAT; Living Stillwell, I.T. 17. State English and Indian names of your grandparents on both father's and mother's side, if possible: Father's Side Mother's Side _Tirey Serat _____ _Susanna I. Miller____ _____ _her maiden name____ _____ _was Susanan Miller or Susan Miller_ 18. Where were they born? _Dont know now (I often heard my father say when a child they were born in the Old Cherokee Nation.)_ 19. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time? _I dont know where they were living at this time_ 20. Give names of all their children, and residence, if living, if not living, give dates of deaths: (1.) _John Serat, suppose to be dead_ (2.) _George Serat, Dont know, never saw him._ (3.) _____ _____ (4.) _____ _____ (Page 2) 21. Have you ever been enrolled for annuities, land, or other benefits? If so, state when and where: _No._ 22. To assist in identification, claimant should give the full English and Indian names, if possible of their parents and grandparents back to 1835: John Serat, Delila Serat was my parents name, Tirey Serat was my Grand Father, and Susanah Serat nee Susanah Miller or Susan I. Miller, as some called her was my Grand Mother. ____________________ ____________________ REMARKS. (Under this head the applicant may give any additional facts which will assist in proving his claims.) _In 1851 my Grand Mother Susan I. miller or Susanah Miller appeared on the rolls in I85I and drew annuity money, she was enrolled and was recognized as a Cherokee Indian in 185I This is the way I understand it._ ------------------ I solemnly swear that the forgoing statements made by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (Signature,) _Nancy (Her X Mark) Lane_ Attest. J. M. Crayton Subscribed and sworn to before me this _22nd_ day of _July_, 1907. My Commission expires _December I9th I907_ _P. Eullelabeer__ (Un-legible) Notary Public. ------------------ AFFIDAVIT (The following affidavit must be sworn to by two or more witnesses who are well acquainted with the applicant.) Personally appeared before me _R. H. Helterbrand_ and _Clem Osborne__, who, being duly sworn, on oath depose and say that they are well acquainted with _Nancy Lane__, who makes the foregoing application and statements, and have known _her_ for _25__ years and _I0__ years, respectively, and know _her_, to be the identical person _she_ represents _her_ to be, and the statements made by _her_ are true, to the best of their knowledge and belief, and they have no interest whatever in _her_ claim. Witnesses to mark Signature of witnesses. R. H. Helterbrand_ _Clem Osborne_ Subscribed and sworn to before me this _22nd_ day of _July AD I907_, 1907. My Commission expires December I9th I907_ P. Eullelabeer__ (Un-legible) Notary Public. (Page 3) Some of the Genealogical items NANCY (SERAT) LANE related to the above application are the following: NANCY (SERAT) LANE did NOT list 5 of her brothers and sisters. 9.7th. Son: JACKSON SERAT; Did Not List HALF BROTHERS SISTERS: 10.8th. Son: WILLIAM SERAT; Did Not List 14.10th. Son: JOHN J. SERAT; Did Not List 15.5th. Dau: MALINDA SERAT; Did Not List 16.6th. Dau: DELIAH SERAT; Did Not List

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