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Surrett Family History, Cleburne Co., AL.

Luther Surrett, a66y wrote this handwritten papers to Inez Bonnie Lee Goodwin, Click on Redball for More Info. (E-Mail: Inez in turn sent it to this writer. prs

This was writen Dec. 22 1999  by Luther Surrett
306 Braswell Ally, Piedmont, Alabama 36272

			Page 1

b. c1827, place unknown to writer 
Buried in unmarked grave in Big Bend Cemetery in Rome [Floyd Co.] Ga. 
m. Tabitha Delitha Clay. (date, location Unknown ]
she was born in 1834 
died June 11-1-1902
His wife is buried in Mars Hill Cemetery in Cleburne Co Al. 

Sanford was in Civil War, was livig in Carroll Co. Ga. when he went in the
Confederate Army. (CSA) He was conscripted (drafted) in the 56th Ga.
Infantry Co A. Sanford was captured close to Nashville Tenn Dec.16 1864, He
was carried to Louisville Ky. and processed and then carried on to Camp Cook
Ohio. He was released in 1865 after singing statement that he would not bear
ares again against  the United States. He was 5ft 61/2 " tall and
dark-compleceted. Sanford, his army record shows he was 38 yr. old when he
was drafted in 1864. He was released in 1865.

Sanford had a brother "Cicero" SURRATT, also in the Civil War,
he also was in Co. A., 56th the GA. Infantry. Cicero was captured
in Vicksburg, Mississippi July 04, 1863, we don't know what
Sanford & Cicero father and mother was, Civil War records in
Atlanta Museum of Civil War records didn't have names.

(Note along side left margin "Cicero was given $100.00 in Confederate money to join.")

			Page 2

Sanford and Cicero married sisters. Sanford m. Tabitha Delitha Clay,
Cicero  m. Sara Jane Clay of Ga. 

I don't know when Sanford, died, he is buried in Unkmarked grave
in "Big Bend Cemetery" in Rome, GA.

Tabith or Delitha is buried in "Mars Hill Cemetery" in Cleburne
Co., AL. She was born in 1834, died June 11, 1902

Cicero, I don't know when he was born, but he was killed in Cedartown 
[Polk Co.] Ga. in Nov 1-1875 by a bootlegger.

Sara Jane (Clay) SURRETT.  died at age of 78 in Antlers, [Pushmataha Co.]  
Oklahoma Nov 17,1913 is buried in Antlers Cemetery. 
Don't know where Cicero is buried. (sent an obituary of Newspaper) 

Antlers, Oaklahoma, Friday, November 7, 1913
Mrs. Sarah J. SURRETT, passes peacefully Away, At the Age of 78
Her Death Due to a General Nervous Breakdown --
Funeral Took Place, Wednesday
Mrs. Sarah J. SURRETT, a most estimable lady died at the home
of her daughter Mrs. A.L. SEVERS on Tuesday morning last at
6:30 o'clock. She took sick on Thursday prior to her death.
At first it was supposed she had a chill. Dr. QUINN was
called. He said it was not a regular chill, but a general
nervous break-down due to old age. She passed away on her
birthday being 78 years old.
   Mrs. SURRETT, was born and brought up in Georgia, near the
city of Atlanta. She was the wife of Cicero SURRETT, who was
shot and killed by a boot legger Nov. 01, 1875, at Cedartown,
The murderer was captured in Mississippi and was tried and
convicted of murder in the first degree, but when his case
was pending in the supreme court he escaped and was never 
   Mrs. SURRETT, never married again. During the war years
(WWI) she made her living for her self and four little
children at spinning and carding, her husband being a
Confederate Army. Several years after her husband's death
she went to Texas to reside and lived in Lamar Co. until
she came to Antlers.
  She leaves seven Children to morn her loss - three
sons and four daughters. They are:
	Elder W.R. SURRETT, of Antlers [Pushmataha Co.], OK.
	J.O. SURRETT, of Chccotah, [sic Chicota, Lamar Co.] TX.  
	Henry SURRETT, living in AL.
	Mrs. Naomi SEAVERS, of Antlers [Pushmataha Co.], OK.
	Mrs. Mende MILLER, of Risbee?, AZ.
	Mrs. Lizzie WALLACE, of Oakland, AL. [sic Oaklevel, ]
	Mrs. Mary MALONE, also living in AL.
She was a member of the Church of Christ since 1877.
In her early days she was a member of the M.E. church.
   Her funeral took place from the residence of her daughter
Mrs. SEAVERS on Wednesday afternoon last, at 3:00 o'clock.
The services were conducted by Elder Leo GARRETT, of Paris [Lamar Co.], TX.
The interment was at the Antlers Cemetery.

According to Evie GILMER, Cicero and Sarah Jane had a boy
by the name of Will and a boy they called BOSS that went out
to Texas, and a boy Henry who lived in Cleburne Co., AL.

I am sending copy of paper from Oaklahoma, showing names of 

			Page 3

Children that was given in obituaries when Satah Jane died,
also copy of one of her sons was killed by law at a liquor still
out there. I don't know which one of the sons was nick named
BOSS. Sanford had a grandson by the name of BOSS which is my
father, my name is Luther. I am sending copies of Cicro and
Sarah Jane marriage record, recorded in DeKalb Co., GA. May 1 1854
Cicro used the name of Green SURRETT, his name must of been
Green Cicero SURRETT, his brother Sanford had only one kid by
Deltha, Tabitha we called her Deltha and that sons name was
Green, my Grandfather, my fathers name was Green Washington, he
always went by Boss he lived to be 89 years old. is buried in 
Mountain Creek Cemetery between his 2 wives Annie Spoon and Nancy 
Jane Cheatwood (who is my mother)

		Page 4

Green Surrett was born Sept. 29, 1849. Died Jan. 27 1908, he
married Nancy DODD of Paulding Co. GA. She died July 18, 1891,
They are buried in Mars Hill Cemetery in Cleburne Co., AL.

Their children were, 
Click on Redball for More Info.<---[See 1. 1st Son:] 
John SURRETT married Minnie POTS, buried Anniston, AL.

Click on Redball for More Info.<---[See 2. 2nd Son:]
Martin SURRETT, married Lean KNIGHT, 1st wife
2nd wife Maude MALONE, he is buried in Bringham AL.

Click on Redball for More Info.<---[See 4. 2nd Dau:] 
Daughter Sarah SURRETT married John PORTER, 
buried in Mt Creek Cemetery, Cleburn Co. AL.

Click on Redball for More Info.<---[See 5. 3rd Dau:] 
Daughter Mitt SURRETT, married a HEADRICK, 
they are buried at Lower Cane Creek in Cleburne Co., AL.

Click on Redball for More Info.<---[See 3. 2nd Dau:]
Daughter Mary SURRETT, married a GORDON, after having
a "Illigemate" son William, who went by SURRETT
raised by Mary's parents Green & Nancy. William is
the father of Otis SURRETT. 
(William was married to Mae PRUITT, they are buried
in Mars Hill Cemetery, Cleburne Co., AL.)

Click on Redball for More Info.<---[See 8. 4th Dau:]
Daughter Deltha who married John PAYNE, she is buried
in Mars Hill Cemetery, AL.

Click on Redball for More Info.<---[See 6. 3rd Son:] 
Son Green Washington (BOSS SURRETT)

		Page 5

who married Annie SPOON, 1st wife, 3 kids by her
Arthur who married Nora Bell FOLSOM. 
Both are buried in Cedartown GA. They are the parents of
Amos SURRETT, you talked to of Atlanta, GA.

Daughter Morrie SURRETT, who married Elbert HOLCOMBE,
They are buried at Mt Creek Cemetery in Cleburne Co., AL.

Daughter Lillie SURRETT, who married Fred CHAPMAN, 1st time.
Second time husband Wesley RICE, both of her husbands are dead,
Lillie is still living in nursing home in Penascola, FL. She
has Altimzer disease, she is 84 yr.

Boss 2nd wife my mother Nancy Jane CHEATWOOD, I was only
kid they had. Boss is buried between 1st wife Annie and 2nd
wife Nancy in Mt Creek Cemetery, in Cleburn Co., AL.

Green's youngest [Noah] son is buried in Mars Hill Cemetery in 
Cleburne Co Al. He had maybe 2 wives. One of them is buried in 
Rome Ga  The other 

			Page 6

wife (if he ever married her), I don't know where she is buried.

Amos SURRETT, who is my nephew (1/2 nephew) has been working on
our family tree for 35 or more years. He has never been able to
find any records giving Stanford or Cicero's parents name. All
the Census records burned back in the 18 hundreds. If you write
him he will send you what he has on your grandfather Cicero.
He sent me copies I am sending you. Amos SURRETT is older than
me but he is still my half nephew. My father Boss was 59 1/2
yrs old when I was born, so that explains my age he and my
mother Nancy married in 1933. I was born in 1939, my mother
was a preacher's daughter, she was an old maid. I was onley
child they had. They was a Claude WALLACE who came to see
my dad when I was woung, he had a daighter who married
a George VAUGHN. That is all

			Page 7

I knpw about the WALLACE families, they are some WALLACE living
in Piedmont, AL.

The SURRETT's haven't had a reunion in probably 15 or more
years, after the old ones died.

I only have pictures of my dad, Bos, both his wives, 
his sister Deltha, and Brother Noah. I don't have pictures
of any of the others, my Dad Boss was born Aug. 28, 1879
Died July 7, 1968.

If your mother was Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cicero & Sarah
Jane would be your Grandfather and Grandmother.

Sorry about my writings maybe you can read it, I am getting
tired of writing. I haven't wrote this much in 40 or
more years.

Amos SURRETT address is
1186 Rock Springs St.
Forest Park, GA. 30297
His phone no is 404-361-6048

You were talking to my Grandson

			Page 8

Chad the other night, he is only 15 yrs old. I have
one sone Keith, two daughters Theresa and Venita Jo,
my wife's name is Grace (CHEEKS) SURRETT.

My address is:
306 Braswell Ally
Piedmont, AL. 36272
I don't have a phone.

I would like to see any pictures you have of SURRETTS,
so would Amos.

We have found SURRETT speled all kinds of ways, SERITT, SURRATT,
SERIT, SURETT, people back then couldn't spell very well, I
can't either. (SURRETT is a French name)

			Page 9
Sanford and Delitha had only one son Green but they raised a boy Will
Tucker, who took the name of Surrett. We have always thought Sanford had to
marry Delitha, she was very young Green was born according to some marriage
records. Sanford was ordered to marry her or something like that.

All of Green and Nancys kids were born in Paulding Co Ga. 
My dad I think was about 15. Noah and Delitha were younger when they came to Ala. 
All the others ware older. Green's Wife Nancy died the first year they moved here. 
They came to Oremont or Rock Run, AL. Green was an ore miner and hauler. Later they
moved over near Oak Level, where Greens Mother was living Near her sister
Sara and Cisero. 
Martin Surrett my uncle lift his wife with 3 girls and a boy and, left with 
Maud Malone. His brother Noah, my uncle, left with Mauds sister and they 

				Page 10

went to Birmingham,  AL. Martin and Maud has a daughter Gladys , who was
living in Homewood if she is still living , Don't know her married name, met
her once at a reunion. Noah had a boy by the Malone woman and I don't know
his name. NOAH finally came back here  married (I reckon) in Rome she is
buried up there Noah is buried at Mars Hill.

John Surrett left after cutting a man real bad and moved to Weaver Al where
he raised his family one son was Charlie ,  JW and Burton, Jasper all dead
now, had  daughters but I don't know names. The Surretts were a wiskey making
family, my Dad (Boss) came 21 years old in Fort Leavingworth Ks for making 
luquior. The Federal law sent you there then. My brother Arthur, his name
was Arthur Green

			Page 11.

was sent off 3 times for making Liquor. You can see in the paper
I'm sending you where Cicero's boy was killed at Liquor still,
Cicero was shot at a bootleggers -- so the Surrett family has quite a
reputation. By the way I have not been in any trouble (haha)
well you know all I know now.

Luther Surrett

End of Luther's letter 1999

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