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I've decided that the only reason a volume of records ever reaches print is that about the time the compiler runs out of steam someone else comes along and gives the project a boost. At least that's certainly been true for this volume. This volume directs the lineage of my SARRETT FAMILY.

This SARRETT family is of a French lineage, and appears to be "Locational" in origin, meaning "One who came from Sarrett". There are several villages in France with the name of SARRETT. The SARRETT name has been difficult to trace. The Surname SARRETT has been variously spelled such as SARRCH, SARETT, SURRETT, SERRETT mainly this is do to the bad hand writing in some of the records available. Even in the SARRETT - HOLLINGSWORTH Family Bible, of Benton County, Tennessee, some of the SARRETT family names were spelled differently.


The progenitor of this SARRETT lineage in America, was
(1st Generation)  JOSEPH SARRATT (c1665-c1715) born believed to be South France, record first found was a Court Bond of 60 Ponds of Sterling, dated 18 Jan. 1715, in Prince George's County Maryland, by his wife KATHERINE (Unknown) They had at least three children, one son was
(2nd Generation)  SAMUEL,1 SARRATT (1708-1775) born in Prince George's County, Maryland and died in Rowan Co., now southern Davidson Co., North Carolina. He married twice, first to a Miss ANN (Unknown) (c1708-c1749) and they had Four Children. After the death of his first wife SAMUEL,1 SARRATT married a second time to HONOUR (Unknown) and had one Son. The Third son of the first marriage was
(3rd Generation)  SAMUEL,2 SARRATT, (c1742-c1805) born on the Bridgewater Plantation in Prince George's Co., MD. He married about 1759, in Orange Co., now Caswell Co., NC. to a Unknown Wife and had Seven Children. He died in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. His 2nd Child and 2nd. Son was
(4th Generation)  ALLEN,2 SARRATT (1763-c1840), born along the South side of the Broad River of Tryon County, North Carolina, then 96th District, SC; then Spartanburg County, SC; Now Cherokee Co., SC. He was an soldier in the American Revolutionary War. He married about 1787, in Spartanburg Co., SC. to Elizabeth (Unknown Maiden Name) and they had a least Eight children. ALLEN,2 SARRETT, removed to East TN., Cocke Co. where he died. In Tennessee the SURRATT / SARRETT family name was spelled SARRETT. The 1st Son, 2nd Child was
(5th Generation)  TYRE SARRETT (1788 - 1835) born in Tyron Co., SC, and removed to East TN. Grainager Co., area prior to 1810. He married the Full Blood Cherokee Indian Sus-An-Ah' (Susannah) MILLER about 1814. As per the Cherokee Nation Rolls of 1851 and seven (7) different Eastern Cherokee Applications of 1907. It's been reported that they had at least Seven Children born to this Union. The 2nd child (1/2 D.I.B.) and 1st son was
(6th Generation)  JAMES D. SARRETT, (1819 - c1862) born in Grainger, TN. (Cherokee Indian Nation, East) He relocated to Sevier County, TN. prior to 1842, with his Widowed mother, where he married the widow FRANCIS "Fannie" (WATERS) HAGGARD, the 2nd child, 2nd daughter of EZEKIEL & NANCY WATERS. As a civilian, he was captured during the Civil War in his home near Sevier Co., TN and taken to Andersonville Prison, the Confederate Stockade, where he died 6 months later on Sep. 4, 1864. They had Five children, the 3rd. born, 2nd. Son (1/4 D.I.B.) was
(7th Generation)  SAMUEL H. SARRETT, (1846-1890) born and died in Sevier Co., TN. He was a Soldier in the Civil War (Union) (1861 - 1865), later he was married to MARTHA ANN ATCHLEY (Daughter of ISAAC & MARY (BOWERS) ATCHLEY) who had Eleven children. the 6th born, 5th son (1/8 D.I.B.) was this writer's
(8th Generation)  Grandfather HUGH EZEKIEL SARRETT, born 1875 in Sevier Co., TN. died 1954, in Kansas City Mo. Married MARY CHARLOTTE SMITH, (Daughter of JOHN T. & ANNA (McGLENDY) SMITH) who had two children. The 2nd born and only son (1/16 D.I.B.) was my father
(9th Generation)  PAUL RAYMOND SARRETT, Sr., born 1917, and died in a "Fire" 1968, age 50yrs in Kansas City, Mo. He married in 1937 to my Mother MARTHA "Lucille" WILSON, (1917-1987) Daughter of ERMAL L. & VERA B. (DUNCAN) WILSON) of Clarinda, Page County, Iowa. They had six children born to this union. I was the 4th., born 1941, 1st. son (1/32 D.I.B.)
(10th Generation)  PAUL RAYMOND SARRETT, Jr. the writer of this Sarrett Family Profile


The ATCHLEY family name appears to be locational in origin, and is believed to be associated with the ENGLISH, meaning "dweller at, or near the gate of the meadow (hatch-lea)." The Progenitor of this Atchley line is believed to be
(1st Generation)  JAMES (John) ATCHLEY, about in the early 1666, who settled in Pennsylvania. The names of his children is Not known, one is believed to be
(2nd Generation)  JOSHUA ATCHLEY, born about 1728, later married Unknown wife near "New Brunswick", Middlesex County, New Jersey. One of these children the 1st. Son was
(3rd Generation)  THOMAS ATCHLEY, b. 1755 who was later in the American Revolution War with the New Jersey and later Virginia Militia. He married LYDIA RICHARDS. This family was one of the early pioneers in Sevier Co., Tennessee. It is believed they removed to Sevier Co. about 1790. They had a large family of 12 children, the 4th born and 1st. son was
(4th Generation)  ISAAC ATCHLEY, who married twice, first to ELIZABETH "Emily" SMITH and they had eight children. Emily died about 1829, and ISAAC ATCHLEY married a second time to MARY BOWERS, and they had nine more children, ISAAC had 17 total children (both wives) The 16th. child and 8th daughter was this writers
(5th Generation)  Great-Grandmother MARTHA ANN ATCHLEY who married my Great-Grandfather SAMUEL H. SARRETT.


The McLAUGHLIN family is a group of Irish-Scotch families of similar cultural and religious backgrounds which came from the Province of ULSTER, County of Antrim, Northern Ireland, known as the "County of nine glens". The McLAUGHLIN surname is an old Scottish personal name which, like many early English, names, became a surname with out any modifications. The "McLAUGHLIN" name was probably introduced in England from Ireland as early as the eleventh century and by the twelfth century it had reached into Yorkshire and Cumberland. Because of the evolution nature of name development, it is virtually impossible to pinpoint the exact date if the formation of any new name. McLAUGHLIN, of course is no exception. However, some of the ancient records of the English nation, give evidence of early forms of this Scottish name and show usage as early as 1307. The progenitor of this McLAUGHLIN lineage in America, was WILLIAM McLAUGHLIN, born about 1832, in Northern Ireland. Married to KATHERINE McGLENDEY also of Ireland birth. All of their children is not known but a daughter ANNA S. McLAUGHLIN married JOHN T. SMITH.


The "McGLENDEY" family name is of the County Donegal, Ireland clan. This McGLENDEY family emigrated to America before the American Revolution, and there were four branches (or families by the name of McGLENDEY) in early Augusta County, Virginia, later in The Ohio Valley. The progenitor of this McGLENDEY family was KATHERINE McGLENDEY who was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania prior to 1852, who married WILLIAM McLAUGHLIN, and later removed to Genesso Township, Henry County, Illinois.


The SMITH family is one of the most common names in America, its is believed that JAMES SMITH, born in England in 1808 and his wife MARIA (Unknown Maiden name) SMITH, who was born in Ireland about 1820. The removed to Canada at a unknown date where 5 of their 9 children were born. In 1856 the migrated to Davenport, Scott County, Iowa where they lived the remainder of their lives. One of their sons 3rd. child 3rd. son JOHN T. SMITH, was born in Canada in April 1851 and is the progenitor for this lineage in America (this writers Great-Grandfather). JOHN T. SMITH came to America with his parents at an early age of 5 years. He was reared to young manhood in Davenport, Iowa. In 1876 he married ANNA S. McLAUGHLIN born 1852, in Philadelphia, Penn. who removed to Henry Co., Illinois, they removed to Nebraska then relocated to Kansas City Mo. in 1894. JOHN T. SMITH was a "House Painter" by trade, and had seven children, only four which lived to adult- hood. The 1st. born, 1st. daughter was my Grandmother MARY CHARLOTTE SMITH, who married my Grandfather HUGH EZEKIEL SARRETT.


The WATERS surname appears to be patronymical in origin, and is believed to be associated with the WELSH and ENGLISH, meaning "descendant of Water" (rule, folk)". The WATERS FAMILY can also be found in the WALES area, and while it has been reported that the WATERS of Yorkshire has its origin in WALES, no records have been found to date to verify this, so the search goes on.. Dictionaries of surname indicate probable spelling variations of WATERS to be WATTER; WATER; WATTERS; and WATTERSON.

The progenitor of this WATERS lineage in America which came to the Sevier County in the early 1800's who also "married into the COWDENS" can be trace to Capt. EDWARD WATERS, 1584-1630, who was in the Eastern Shore of Virginia in 1608. This was originally (an island) the "Kingdom of Accamake". Two counties were formed in 1662, Accomac and Northampton, hence the seeming change of the settlers who occupied their original grants. EDWARD WATERS married GRACE (O'NELL) WATERS in 1818, and had only two children. The son WILLIAM WATERS, married and had Six sons and one daughter. One of the sons THOMAS WATERS, had a son THOMAS WATERS, Jr. who had two sons one was EZEKIEL WATERS, who was born in what is now called Caswell County, North Carolina; EZEKIEL WATERS had Three sons and One Daughter. The three sons JOHN, EZEKIEL, Jr. and ENOCH WATERS, remained close through out their lives. The Son EZEKIEL WATERS, Jr. came from North Carolina in the 1784 period, EZEKIEL WATERS married Miss NANCY (MANIS) WATERS about 1809. They relocated to Sevier County, Tennessee about 1825, where they had seven children. The 2nd. Child & 2nd. Daughter was FRANCIS "Fannie" WATERS, who married second JAMES D. SARRETT,this writers Great-Great-Grandfather.

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