"The Old Man's Registration"

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In April 1942, all men born between 1877 and 1893 were required to register with respect to the military effort.

The older men were registered to provide an inventory of available manpower for civilian jobs in industry and agriculture. These men were not liable for military service.

World War II's "Old Man's (draft) Registration" cards are not microfilmed, they are originals. They may be viewed and/or made a copy of at NARA'S North East Regional office located at 201 Varick Street, New York, NY 10014-4811. Tel. 212-401-1620.

A look up service is also available (photo copy, front and back) for up to three cards and the cost for this service is $10. There is no charge if the person is not found. A request for a search may be sent to the New York address listed above, by fax at 212-401-1638 or via email to newyork.archives@nara.gov.

~ Ariel Blondet

The cards have been microfilmed!   Once again, a thanks to Ariel for showcasing the draft cards. If it hadn't been for him we would not have been made aware that they had been microfilmed.

Here is the link: Puerto Rico Selective Service Registration Cards ~ World War ll

Alejandro Texidor Vives, the individual whose name appears on this draft registration card, was Ariel's maternal great uncle.


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