July 2, 2004
It certainly has been a long, long time since my last entry!

Well, the past year has been one filled with amazing discoveries; branches of my family have been filled - one of which goes back to the year 1527! Of course, the research was done while my little ones were in school. With the end of school in May here in Puerto Rico so ended my ability to research at the Archivo and the Archdiocese :( However, we are now the proud parents of an Honor Society Medal recipient and our smallest was the emcee at his kindergarten graduation. School ended, research isn't a possibility so what do we do? Well, we head off to Disney of course! We've just gotten back from a wonderful vacation filled with memories to last a lifetime.

But you're here to find out about the site and what will be forthcoming. As I've said, until the little ones are back in school in August I'm afraid uploads will be few and far between. Nevertheless, August holds for me a special goal and one I've wanted to achieve for sometime now. To those of you interested in Rio Grande it will be of great help and I personally can not wait to present it to you. Having said that regarding plans for the future, the more feasible plan at the moment will be to upload some new and amazing books to the Literary page and to work on the Links page.

Thank you so much for your visit, your interest and continued luck to you in your research.

Feburary 9, 2003
I think it's about time I added to this page before one entry becomes pages of information ; ).

Hello my cyberworld visitors! December brought so many exciting changes to yours truly. A close friend flew in from the states for a visit to the island and sort of shook me into the real world. You see at times I become one with my computer and it's hard to be dragged away : o. Anyway, the result of that shaking incident spurred me to visit U.P.R., the Archives of the Archdiocese of San Juan and et.al.

So many discoveries have been made such as 2nd and 3rd Great-Grandparent names, confirmations of existing information and, just to be able to hold the books at the Archidiocese was euphoric.

My newly found cousins (met through the internet and because of my humble site) and I have been corresponding and sharing information.

There have been the plane and ship manifests which have been discoveries by Ariel Blondet and the uploading of same with more to be uploaded in the future. Thank you so much Ariel for sharing these with us!  There is also a need for updating my family descendant tables with the new found information.  So, if you'd like to know as soon as something is uploaded, why not subscribe to the site's mailing list. You may subscribe to it on the Table of Contents page.

And then there is this entry with a short family story. Back in the early 1900's my paternal grandparents had three daughters. Something happened and those three little girls came down with something. In the period of three weeks they had buried their little girls. The names of those girls are unknown to anyone. Until...

I was searching for my father's baptismal certificate in Rio Grande and obsessed with finding his in order to work back from there. After a little while, I came across Dad's certificate, made my notations and getting ready to ask for another book when I decided to glance through the two pages which sat in front of me. There below my father's was the name of one of the little girls

~Maria Luz Morales-Vivas, born May 10, 1910 ~

I can not accurately describe what I felt but as my eyes welled up with tears I recall specifically saying to myself "...you are no longer forgotten Maria Luz and your name never will again." My next project among others, Titi Maria Luz, is to find your sisters...

August 31, 2002
It recently came to my attention that my pages weren't being viewed as I had created them. Although I was somewhat familiar with the effect different browsers would have on the site, it did not dawn on me that individual preferences combined with different computer resolutions, different browsers could cause disastrous effects - major duh for me.

In an effort to project an aesthetically appealing site but, most importantly focusing on content, I have been in the process of converting all of my pages to CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) styles. This is a very tedious task for a novice who is a self-taught html writer as well as a self-taught CSS writer, (more like trial and error) so please bear with me.

The above has all set back a few projects which have been completed but have not been uploaded until the kinks have been worked out. I appreciate your patience and please visit the Updates page occassionally.

With Warmest Personal Regards,


June 26, 2002
It has been a while since I last wrote you and there hasn't been many personal genealogical finds in the last two months. However, there has been a great deal of reading and researching taking place. The result of some of that research was La Botica pages - which was a load of fun and a lot of work. Then came the wonderful and emotionally impacting contribution by a great friend, the Treasurer of the PRHGS, Mr. Ariel Blondet. It was a challenge and an honor to work with this contribution and it became imperative, as a personal challenge, to present it in a fashion that whatever effects I gave it would not detract from the wonderful images nor its meaning. The result of that contribution is the Freedom Lost pages - a must see.

There are a couple of other items in store for the site for example a book index, some new great literary finds which will go under the Literary Corner section and, hopefully, I'll be able to finally put up my own family's Surname Index. Along with the above we must not forget those wonderful links to other pages which hold perhaps a clue, a question, a name into your own research and, so various links will be added to the Links page. So my dear visitor until the next additions on the Updates page, thank you for visiting!

April 29, 2002
Why did I change my initial website background theme? The truth is I saw it, fell in love with it and, so I hope you too will enjoy it. However, there was another reason.

When I was a little girl (and a very inquisitive one at that), my Mom would tell me about her mother and grandmother. The tales they told her, how they cooked, how they were. One of the things was how they dressed: they wore long sleeve blouses, usually white, and long black skirts. Mom would say that the elegance and beauty of a lady was not so much what was on the outside but, what was inside - character, dignity and a little "mystery". That it wasn't so much what was revealed but what was "unrevealed". I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed working with it.

April 12, 2002
Hello again! As most of you may know by know the 1930 census became available on April 1st. As some of you may think, why go through the 1930 when I'm researching my ancestors those that were born before the 1900's? That's essentially what we all want - how far back can I go? Well, I'll relate what recently happened to me.

Last week I received an email from an individual who felt that the names listed on my Paternal side were awfully close to those in his family. We communicated, shared our information and found that his Maternal grandmother and my Paternal grandfather were siblings. My new found cousin: Mr. Luis Emilio Rodriguez-Morales a descendant. Through him I've learned things I never knew as well as clarifications on other bits and pieces of family history.

I can not stress enough the importance of descendants. In my case, where most of those who could have given me information have passed on, my ancestor's descendants are the link to that part of my family history that is unknown to me.

February 1, 2002
Many things have happened since I uploaded my page - all wonderful and enlightening. Have met a cousin over the net, Ms. Idarmis Algarin, and many other wonderful individuals.

The conception of this page was to have a personal genealogy page where I would be able to post my information and, hopefully, connect with others researching similar lines - this has already happened as mentioned above. It immediately became apparent that you can not have a personal site without trying to help others in their own searches - if you have information then share it.

I've posted some items (and hope to post more) that are common knowledge to those who have been doing genealogical research for years but, you know what, some of these things weren't common knowledge to me and therefore, this site really addresses those individuals initiating their investigations. Of course all are very welcome!

Reminder to all that the 1930 Puerto Rico Census becomes available on April 1st of this year. Until the next entry...

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