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Coamo 1886,
Rio Grande and Salinas 1921
The "Barrios" 1910 Census
  • Pueblo - East
  • Pueblo - West
  • Pulgillas
  • Hayales
  • Coamo Arriba
  • Pasto
  • Pasto - East
  • Cuyon
  • Palmarejo
  • San Ildefonso - East
  • San Ildefonso- West
  • Llano
  • Santa Catalina - East
  • Santa Catalina- West
  • Pedro Garcia
  • Pueblo
  • Herreras
  • Zarzal
  • Mameyes I
  • Mata de Platano
  • Mameyes II
  • Sabana
  • Jimenez - East
  • Jimenez - West
  • Guzman Abajo- East
  • Guzman Abajo- West
  • Guzman Arriba
  • Cienaga Alta
  • Cienaga Baja
  • Pueblo
  • Palmas
  • Quebrada Yeguas
  • Aguirre
  • Aguirre - South
  • Lapa
  • Lapa - West
  • Rio Jueyes- East
  • Rio Jueyes- West
Churches - Contain records of baptism, confirmation, marriage, death and others. Retrievable information: applicant's full name, parent's names, godparents (depending on the record you request), grandparents, the event's date and place. The church records differ from the Demographic Registrars in that their records, for some municipalities, go back to the 17th century.

To request a copy of a record you should petition the aid of the parishioner. This may be done in one of two ways: 1. Sending a letter to the bishop of the diocese (Step 1) which oversees the church you are requesting information from. Or, 2. Sending a letter to the parishioner (Step 2) himself requesting his aid. (In my case it would be the ones listed below.)

Upon receipt of their assent letter (either from the bishop's office or the parishioner) send a copy of it along with your letter of request, a money order in the amount of $5.00 made payable to the church, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Your letter of request should state why the information is being requested, name of the individual, the event (baptism, birth, etc.) a reasonable time range for the search (what year[s] the event may have occurred) and any other information available to you that would help in the search of the requested record.

Access Genealogy.Com for an example form letter in Spanish.




Step 1
Obispado de Ponce
S.E.R. Mons. Fremiot Torres Oliver
P.O. Box 32205
Ponce, Puerto Rico 00732

Step 2
Parroquia San Blas de Ilescas
Apartado 196
Coamo, Puerto Rico 00769

Baptism: 1701-1794, 1802-1872, 1875, 1978, 1880, 1883, 1885-1886, 1889-1900
Confirmation: 1774, 1829-1864
Marriage: 1778-1906
Death: 1773-1830, 1833-1847, 1853-1920
Step 1
Archivo Historico Arquidiocesano
S.E.R. Roberto Gonzalez Nieves
Arzobispado de San Juan
Apartado 1967
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00902-1967

Step 2
Parroquia Nuestra Sra. Del Carmen
Calle Carmen #9
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico 00745-0845 787-887-2365

Baptism: 1859 - 1862; 1866 - 1904
Marriage: 1864 - 1921
Step 1
Obispado de Ponce
S.E.R. Mons. Fremiot Torres Oliver
P.O. Box 32205
Ponce, Puerto Rico 00732-2205

Step 2
Padres Del Espiritu Santo
Parroquia Nuestra Sra. De La Monserrate
Apartado 1172
Salinas, Puerto Rico 00751-1172

Baptism: 1854 - 1901
Confirmation: 1860 - 1942
Marriage: 1854 - 1901
Death: 1854 - 1872; 1874 - 1899

Demographic Registrars - (Registro Demografico) Contain vital records as of 1885. Their records: birth, baptism, marriage and death records.

To obtain a record, send your request along with a copy of your photo ID, a $5.00 money order made payable to the Secretary of the Treasury and a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope). As with requests for church records - the same applies. Your letter should state why the information is being requested, name of individual, event, a reasonable time range for the search (what year[s]it may have occurred) and any other information available to you that would help in the search of the requested record.

Access Genealogy.Com for an example form letter in Spanish.

If your search is before July 22, 1931 your request must go to the Demographic Registrar in the municipality where the event occurred. However, if it occurred after July 22, 1931 you may write to: Departamento de Salud, Registro Demográfico, P.O. Box 11854, Fernández Juncos Station, Ave. Ponce de León #1906, San Juan, PR 00910, 787-767-9120 ext.2315

Go to the following link: Departamento de Salud for a complete listing of all Demographic Registrars in Puerto Rico.
For events before July 22, 1931 Centro de Salud Familiar
Registro Demografico
Coamo, PR 00769
787-825-3590 or

Rio Grande Community
    Health Ctr.
Registro Demografico
P.O. Box 786
Rio Grande, PR 00745
Departamento de Salud
Registro Demogafico
P.O. Box 1151
Salinas, PR 00751

Family Search Internet Genealogy Service
The work done by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - they have gathered genealogical records from all over the world. While you visit their site please check the Family History Center to find a center near you. Before you leave check to see what the FHC's might have on film for you by doing a search of their library at the Family History Library Catalog and for instructions on how to place an order for the microfilm you need.
(FHC) The Family History Center Holdings

Available Records

Registros civiles
Note:  Indice de nacimientos 1885-1931
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855515 Items 1-2
Note:  Nacimientos 1885-1887 (Dicen índice de nacimientos, en error)
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855515 Items 3-5
Note:  Nacimientos 1887-1892
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855516
Note:  Nacimientos 1892-1898
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855517
Note:  Nacimientos 1898-1905
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855518
Note:  Nacimientos 1905-1910
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855525
Note:  Nacimientos 1910-1914
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855526
Note:  Nacimientos 1914-1920
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855527
Note:  Nacimientos 1920-1926
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855528
Note:  Nacimientos 1924-1930
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855529

Note:  Indice de matrimonios 1919-1950
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855530 Item 1
Note:  Matrimonios 1886-1911
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855530 Items 2-7
Note:  Matrimonios 1911-1940
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855562
Note:  Matrimonios 1940-1949
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855563

Note:  Indice de defunciones 1931-1990
Location:  FHL INTL Film 1855564 Items 1-2
Note:  Defunciones 1885-1889
Location:  FHL INTL Film 1855564 Items 3-7
Note:  Defunciones 1890-1898
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855579
Note:  Defunciones 1900-1903
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855580
Note:  Defunciones 1904-1911
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855581
Note:  Defunciones 1911-1923
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855582
Note:  Defunciones 1923-1933
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855583
Note:  Defunciones 1933-1939
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855584
Note:  Defunciones 1939-1947
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855609
Note:  Defunciones 1947-1959
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855610
Note:  Defunciones 1959-1977
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855611
Note:  Defunciones 1977-1992
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855612

Note:  Natimuertos 1904-1990
Location:  VAULT INTL Film 1855613

Registros parroquiales, 1700-1922

Note:  Defunciones 1887-1920 -- Confirmaciones 1861-1774-1940 (en desorden cronológico) -- Bautismos 1852-1855, 1790-1794 -- Matrimonios 1778-1798
Location:  FHL INTL Film 820743

Note:  Bautismos 1700-1832 (faltan algunos años)
Location:  FHL INTL Film 820747
Note:  Bautismos 1832-1878 (faltan algunos años)
Location:  FHL INTL Film 820731
Note:  Bautismos 1878-1902
Location:  FHL INTL Film 820732
Note:  Bautismos 1902-1922 -- Bautismos de hijos naturales 1850-1871
Location:  FHL INTL Film 820733

Note:  Matrimonios 1798-1922 -- Defunciones 1773-1815
Location:  FHL INTL Film 820734

Note:  Defunciones 1815-1887 (faltan 1848-1852)
Location:  FHL INTL Film 820735
Rio Grande
Available Records

Note:  Cédulas de vecindad y padrones
Location:  Caja A 1860, 1871, 1875, 1880, 1882, 1888, 1898 Caja B 1860-1870
Film: VAULT INTL Film 1511699 Items 1-2

Note:  Escuelas
Location:  Caja C 1886-1899
Film: FHL INTL Film 1511742 Item 3

Note:  Nacimientos
Location:  Caja A 1891-1897

Note:  Matrimonios
Location:  Caja B 1891-1903

Note:  Defunciones 1899
Film: FHL INTL Film 1563564 Items 2-4
Available Records

Note:  Bautismos 1854-1906
Film: FHL INTL Film 538741
Note:  Bautismos 1899-1910
Film: FHL INTL Film 538742 Items 1-3

Note:  Confirmaciones 1860-1942 (faltan años)
Film: VAULT INTL Film 538743 Item 2

Note:  Matrimonios 1854-1927
Film: FHL INTL Film 538742 Items 4-6

Note:  Defunciones 1854-1872
Film: FHL INTL Film 538742 Item 7

Note:  Defunciones 1874-1882
Film: FHL INTL Film 538742 Item 11

Note:  Defunciones 1882
Film: VAULT INTL Film 538743 Item 1

Note:  Defunciones 1882-1899, 1913
Film: FHL INTL Film 538742 Items 8-10

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