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(Compiled and written by Robert B. Van Atta,
619 Longview Street, Greensburg, PA 15601)


AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following material on the Van Atta family (by many and various spellings) follows the ancestral line of the author from Jacob Jansen Van Etten but incorporates many descendants through the broad scope of each succeeding generation. The material has been gathered over about 25 years of research and from several hundred sources. Many of those are very reliable and well documented while at the other end of the scale some are of uncertain accuracy. An effort has been made to be as complete as possible. Where there are conflicts, the generally reliable sources have been used in most cases and more than one date in some circumstances. Question marks are used to indicate some uncertain data. The use of any specific spelling of the name in this material is not necessarily indicative of correctness. Many family members used more than one spelling for the same person, and different sources often varied in the same individual’s surname spelling. Some family members within the same generation used different spellings within the same family.


The Van Atta name is a derivation of the original Van Etten (from or of Etten). There are many different versions of the name, and in old records such as census listings, church rolls, tax lists, and such, the same person’s name frequently differs. A few of the versions are Vanatta, Vanata, Vannatta, Van Etta, Van Natta, Vanaten, Vanetter, Van Natten, Vanetan, Van Nette, and many more.

The family originally came from the small agricultural town of Etten, eight miles southwest of the prominent city of Breda in Noord Brahant (North Brabant) province in Holland. That province is the most southern of 11 Dutch provinces, and Fleming in characteristics, presumably because Belgium was part of Netherlands until 1830, although the Dutch language is spoken there. Etten, about 30 miles northeast of Antwerp, Belgium, had a population in 1970 of 19,698. In its earlier years, Etten was the scene of much conflict between the Spanish and the Dutch, and the town was destroyed many times. It is on the railroad between Rosendale and Breda. In the 1920’s, its roads were of rough cobblestone, built in Napoleon’s time, and run for miles in straight lines shaded by linden trees.

Johannes Marinessen Adriense and his parents, Marinus Adriense and Maria Hendricksen, are the earliest known ancestors of the family. Johannes was baptized March 23, 1597, at Etten. He married Wilhelimina Hoannes, and they were the parents of the man who was the Van Etten/Van Atta pioneer.  


Jacob Jansen was born in 1632 and baptized October 22, 1634, at Etten, North Brabant, Holland. The son of Johannes Marinessen and Wilhelimina Hoannes Adriense, he became the progenitor of the Van Etten/Van Atta family after he came to America.

In the mid-1600’s, Dutch colonization in America was at a high level of interest, a circumstance that was to lead to Jacob’s arrival in the colony at New Netherlands (New York). That story began with a man named Adriaen van der Donck, from Breda in North Brabant province. He first came to New Netherlands in 1641, and was initially involved with the development of a settlement colony at Yonkers. In early 1652, van der Donck was back in Holland. Prospective settlers for those Dutch colonies, or servants for those already established in New Netherlands, were hired or recruited in the mother country, generally in the area from which the colonial leader came -- in this case van der Donck from North Brabant.

Van der Donck at that time was seeking farmers for his Yonkers colony in the neighborhood of Breda, his birthplace. Among several he recruited were Aert Pieters Tack and Jacob Jansz/Jansen from nearby Etten, according to papers dated May 15, 1652. The two were contracted for six years. Such contracts ranged from two to six years. Passage money in these cases was usually paid by the employer. In New Netherlands, bed and board were furnished in addition to wages, which for farmhands ranged from 100 to 150 guilders a year, depending on age and experience.

Yonkers was just north of New Amsterdam (New York City). Jacob Jansen apparently made the crossing to America in the year 1652, but it is not clear whether he was at Yonkers or whether he was diverted to Esopus, first settled by the Dutch that year. Esopus, named for the Indian tribe in that area, was on the west bank of the Hudson River, about 75 miles north of Yonkers. Jacob worked as a farmhand for Aert Pieters/Petersen Tack at Esopus about 1658, and was referred to as “head farmer of Tack”. Relations with the Indians were not good at that time, and the New Netherlands director-general, Petrus (Peter) Stuyvesant, urged an agreement which the settlers there signed, May 31, 1658, to erect a palisaded village and demolish their separate dwellings. 

A brief war with the Indians, known as the First Esopus War, began after soldiers and settlers senselessly shot three Indians in September 1659. An uneasy peace treaty was signed in July 1660. Despite the tense situation, the community kept growing and was named Wiltwyck by Stuyvesant in 1661. Then, in June 1663, Indians attacked the village, massacred a number of residents, took others as prisoners, and burned many homes. The record states that Aert Tack was never seen again. A second peace treaty was concluded with the Indians in May 1664, and later that year an important step was taken by Jacob Jansen.  But before that, English forces seized New Amsterdam, September 8, 1664, and 17 days later Wiltwyck came under the authority of the Duke of York. The state of New Netherlands and the city of New Amsterdam were both renamed New York. The name Wildwyck fell into disuse, and the town was again generally referred to as Esopus.

The baptism and marriage registers of the old Dutch church of Kingston, N. Y. contain the following marriage record: “Jacob Jansen of Etten, in Brabant, and Annetje Arians of Amsterdam, deserted wife of Aert Pietersen Tack, both residing here in Wiltwyck. First publication of Banns, 28 December 1664; second, 4 January 1665; third, 11 January 1665.” Records concur that they were married January 11, 1665, the ceremony being performed by Domine Hermannus Blom of Wiltwyck.

     As was common in those days, Jacob assumed the name of his birthplace, and after the publishing of the banns, he was known as Jacob Jansen von Etten (from Etten) later, the von became Anglicized to “Van.” His wife was Annetje Gelvins, interpretation of old Dutch records by experts reveals. Her name was written in several ways, including Annetje Adriantse Gelvins and Annetje Adriantse Kam. These led genealogists to say that her father’s name, therefore, was Adrian and his last name Gelvins or Kam.


     The nature of a number of difficulties involving her first husband, Aert Pietersen Tack, emerges through a sequence of court cases beginning in 1662. There were several problems with employees over wages, and that November (1662) he mortgaged the grain crop to be harvested the following year. Tack apparently left before the fall of 1663, either as the result of the Indian raid or under cover of it. His wife harvested the grain and was enjoined by creditors from using the harvest (except that which the court ordered her paid for her work in harvesting). In May 1664, further evidence of Tack’s indebtedness, in this case, for cattle appeared. In July, the court took steps to condemn Tack’s property for his absenting himself, and to sell it to satisfy a list of creditors.

     In October of 1664, Jacob Jansen (Van Etten), a farmhand of Tack, sued for wages due him. The following month, Jacob himself was sued to collect a debt of wheat which he admitted but explained that he couldn’t pay due to being sick with fever. He was granted time until the Tack estate was settled, when he presumably could collect wages due him. In January 1665, Annetje Ariaens requested relief from her debts because her effects had been sold “on behalf of creditors of her absconded husband”. That same month, Jacob again requested the court that he be paid his wages from the estate in the amount of “388 guilders heavy money in wheat”.  He was told

he could be paid after prior preference creditors were satisfied. Jacob was still having some financial problems in March 1666, when he was sued for not having paid his house rent of one schepel (about ¾ of a bushel) of wheat per month for 13 months. As late as March 1668, when he was sued for wheat due on the purchase of a house and lot, he could not pay because his wife’s estate had been sold to satisfy her former husband’s creditors.

    After that, his financial situation apparently improved. In 1670, there is mention of Jacob Jansen Van Etten as a resident of Horley (Hurley), near Kingston. In September 1669, along with some changes and new villages nearby, Esopus became Kingston, the name that has remained since except for a brief time in 1673-4 when the Dutch briefly regained control and the town was temporarily named Swaenenburgh. But things quieted down after that and ended a turbulent 23-year period from its founding that had included two Indian wars and three changes in national allegiance.


    Jacob Jansen Van Etten, according to one old account, loved to tell his children about the narrow escape of his grandmother Maria from the Spanish soldiers in Rotterdam, Holland, in 1570, when she was five years old. The Catholic Spanish killed several thousand Protestant Dutch. Maria’s father Erick had the rest of the family hide in a small cubbyhole closet in an attic corner farthest from its small window. Erick, it is said, killed pet cats and splattered the blood over a dummy corpse. When the Spanish soldiers saw this, they thought their associates had already been there, so they moved on.

    Old records have disclosed that Jacob was a petitioner for a minister for the old church at Esopus in 1676. Jacob Jansen was one of those who signed a petition for control of local affairs, January 26, 1684, mentioned in Old Ulster II (257-262), which so angered Governor Thomas Donger that all the signers were arrested and fined. Jacob Jansen Van Etten took an oath of allegiance to England in 1689 in Ulster County, N. Y. by order of the governor .

    He then resided. at the town of Hurley. Jacob Jansen Van Etten died in 1690 at Hurley, survived by his widow, five sons, and four daughters.


    In 1718, the property of Jacob Jansen Van Etten was divided among his children by conveyance from his widow to each of them. About that time, the sons and their families were seeking new homes in the then sparsely settled Country along the Hudson River, and in the Delaware River valley, first in northwestern New Jersey and a little later on the Pennsylvania side. 


    The children of Jacob Jansen and Annetje Van Etten, with some descendants and grandchildren, particularly where the family name was maintained:


(2)  Jan Van Etten, born at Hurley; believed to have been baptized at Marbletown 3Jan1666; married (1) Jannetje Roosa (born in 1670, daughter of Capt. Arie Albertsen and Maria Pells Roosa) in 1690/2; Jan took oath of allegiance to England 1Sep1689 in Ulster by order of the governor; he married (2) Cornelia Van Aaken (born at Zeland, resided at Hurley, widow of Jan Chammers) 22Jun1731; elder in Dutch church at Kingston; lived at nearby Hurley, there listed as freeholder in 1728, and at Rochester (Ulster County); he died at Hurley; children settled in Delaware River valley in N. J. and Pa.:

(3)  Arien Van Etten, born at Knightsfield/Nytsfield; baptized 15Aug1693;

either he or Arie (b. 7Apr1702, listed later) married Sytjen Kuyken-daal (born at Minisink) 9May1729 (church record shows Ary) ; Arie, husband of Sytjen, died about 1745; children of Ary/Arie and Sytjen:

(4) Ary Van Etten, baptized 7Dec1729

(4) Catrina Van Etten, baptized 21Oct1733

(4) Elizabeth Van Etten, baptized 26Apr1736

(4) Annatjen Van Etten, baptized at Kingston 4Jul1742

(3) Aaltjen (Antie) Van Etten, baptized at Hurley 11Nov1694; married Anthony Westbrook (bap. 17Apr1691) of Guilford, Ulster County, 30Apr1714; lived in Ulster County until 1730, moving to near Montague, Sussex County, N. J.; he was justice of peace and elder in 1737; she died after 1755; children:

(4) Johannes Westbrook, baptized 24Feb1717; married Magdalena Westbrook 31May1738

(4) Jannetjen Westbrook, b. 10Jan1720 at Rochester; married Simeon Westfall 17Apr1743

(4) Jacob Westbrook, b. 1Jul1722; married Lydia Westfall 11Apr1746

(4) Lena Westbrook, b. 15Oct1727; married Abram Chambers 3Mar1747

(4) Gideon Westbrook, b. 4Jul1733 at Minisink, married Jannetje Keter 1Nov1755

(4) Antonie Westbrook, b. 19May1736 at Minisink , married Susanna Kettle/Kittle 5Aug1757

(3) Jacobus Van Etten, baptized 25Dec1696 at Hurley; married Antjen (Anna) Westbrook (born at Kingston in 1700, bap. 28Jul1700, daughter of Johannis and Magdalena Decker Westbrook) 22Apr1719; listed as free-holder at Kingston in 1728; lived at Nytsfield and Rochester, Ulster County, before 1730 when they resettled at Namanoch along Delaware River at Sussex County, N. J.; he was prominent in Minisink church, organized in 1737; in 1745, purchased tract in Delaware Twp., Pa., across river from Namanoch Island, for sons; at time, residence shown as Morris County, N. J., owned slaves, loyal supporter of colonial American army in which several sons served; signer of Articles of Association, Minisink precinct, 1775; he died in 1779 in New Jersey; she died in 1783 at Hurley; children and descendants:

(4)   Jan/John Van Etten, born at Nytsfield, Ulster County, N. Y.; baptized 7/17Apr1720; married Maritje Westfael (Margaret Westfall) at Minisink 28Mar or 13Apr1738 (she bap. 31Jan1720); settled in very early 1750’s near Easton, Pa.; when Northampton County, Pa, was formed at Easton, he was listed as one of three sitting judges or justices of peace, name spelled as John Vanetta, Esq., 3Oct1752; he was elected deacon at Deerpark church in 1745 and appointed reader; name on 1750 petition for organization of Lower Smithfield Twp., where he lived, in 1750; commanded troops at Forts Hyndshaw and Hamilton during Indian trouble in mid-1750's; married (2) Margaret Lafevre about 1757; in 1767 was located at Fork Twp., Northampton County, where he operated public house; served in that county’s militia during Revolution; about 1780 moved to Rowan County, N. C., buying large tract of land along Hunting Creek in what became Davie County; he died in 1786, will probated 20Mar1786; some of children dropped “Van” from name:

(5)            Helena Van Etten, baptized 1Nov17J8 at Deerpark; married Jacob Helm 1Jan1757

(5)  Jacob Van Etten, baptized 17Jun1740; married (1) Jane Louw 13Jan1763; (2) Sarah Decker 2May1781 (she born 1764 at Sussex County, N. J.; died Wayne County, N.Y., in 1844 aged 87?); he died 6Jul1825 aged 85; children:

(6) Diana Van Etten, b. 30Sep1767; married Daniel Van Gordan

(6) Margaret Van Etten, baptized 18Feb1772

(6) Sarah Van Etten

(6) John Van Etten, b. 1782

(6) Peter Van Etten, b. 17Feb1784; married Polly Pitcher

(6) Daniel Van Etten, may have married Margaret Cuddeback

(6) Jane Van Etten, married James S. Van Inwegen/Shadrack Van Nimwegen

(6) Jacob Van Etten

(6) Margaret Van Etten, married Vanderkan

(6) Henry Van Etten

(6) Catherine Van Etten

(6) Samuel Van Etten

(5) Daniel Van Etten, born 5Jul1742 in Sussex County, N. J.; married Lydia Westbrook/Westbroeck Ferdenandes (born 8Dec1745) about 1764; she died about 1768; he married (2) Mary Burke; he died in spring of 1774 while plowing his field in Northampton County; children:

(6) Mary Van Etten, married Adam Turner

(6) John Van Etten, married Anna LeBar 24Jun1798; moved to Trumbull County, Ohio

(6) Ferdinand/Ferdenandes Van Etten, born 25Apr1765 in Pa.; married Sarah Westbrook 29Oct1787 at Minisink, N. y.; moved to Kentucky; child:

(7)            Daniel Van Nattan, born JMarl800 in Fleming County, Ky., married Deborah Ferguson 25Dec1818 at Bath County, Ky.; he died 16Oct1869, she 3Mar1871, both at Knox County, KY.

(5) Catharine Van Atta, b. 23Apr1743

(5) Maria Van Etten, b. 9Feb1746

(5) Simeon Van Etten, b. about 1748

(5) Margaret Van Etten, b. 6Mar1748; may have died young

(5) Samuel Van Etten, b. 27May1750; died 26May1761

(5) Margareeta Van Etten, bap. 5Nov1752; married Joseph Ennis 22Jun1770

(5) Rosina Van Etten, bap. 1755 at Plainfield Reformed Church


(4) Helena/Magdalena Van Etten, baptized 24Dec1721; married Rev. John Casperus Freyenmoet/Freyenmuth (b. 1718/20) from Switzerland 18Jun1742; he became first regular pastor of Dutch Reformed Church at Shawnee-on-Delaware, Monroe County, Pa., other Minisink area churches, several in N. Y.; he died about 1778; she died 10Oct1808 at Kinderhook, N. Y., where they moved about 1757/8; children:

(5) Dorothy Freyenmuth, bap. 13Jul1743; married Peter B. Van Buren (bap. 18Feb1733) 29Sep1771

(5) Antje Freyenmuth, bap. 13Jul1746; married John E. Van Alen (bap. 19Jun1748) 5May1771

(5) Heyltje Freyenmuth, bap. 17Jul1748; died young

(5) Maria Freyenmuth, bap. 30Dec1750; married Abraham E. Van Alen (bap. 25Jun1750) 16Mar1771 - (5) Heyltje Freyenmuth, bap. 3Feb1754; married Nicholas Kittle (bap. about 1757)

(5) Jannetje Freyenmuth, bap. 24Oct1756; married Jacobus Vanderpool (b. 20May1737) 1Mar1792

(4) Cornelis/Cornelius Van Etten, born in 1723; bap. 19Jan1724; married Heltje Westbrook 26Mar1746; children:

(5)            Anntje Van Etten, bap. 30Nov1746; married Jacobus Van Gorden

(5)            Johannes Van Etten, bap. 20Jan1751; married 11aria McGee?

(5)            Gideon Van Etten, may have married Blandina Barthron

(4) Anthony Van Etten, born at Napanoch; bap. 12Jun1726 in Ulster County, N. Y.; married Hannah Decker 3Aug1750; settled at Deerpark (Port Jervis) N. Y., moving from Rochester, Ulster County, in 1743; blacksmith, justice of the peace, deacon, and elder in church; captain in Orange County (N. Y.) militia; enthusiastic supporter of Revolutionary cause; assassinated in his orchard by Tories in late 1778; she died 30Jan1821 at Cayuga County, N. Y.; children:

(5)            Antje Van Etten, died young

(5)            Thomas Van Etten, bap. 8Sep1751; died young

(5)            Antje/Anna Van Etten, bap. 14Jul1753; married Moses Cortwright; she died in1800

(5)            Janneke Van Etten, bap. 28Apr1754

(5)            Margareta Van Etten, bap. 13Feb1756; married Jacob Wilson

(5)  Levi Van Etten, bap. 12Feb1758; served in Orange Co. militia; justice of peace for town of Minisink and town supervisor in 1797; married Jane Westbrook (born Nov1757); believed to have moved to Michigan as pioneer settler; she died 23Dec

1837; he died 23Oct1843; one child was:

(6) Levi Van Etten, born in Aug1790; married Eleanor Carpenter; justice of peace in 1829; town supervisor at Deerpark in1830’5; he died 7Jun1865

(5)  Alida Van Etten, bap. 19Aug1759; married Johannes Rous

(5)  Hendricus Van Etten, bap. 14Jun1761; married (1) Elizabeth Decker; (2) Mary Westfall 20Dec1795

(5)  Blandina Van Etten, bap. 14Sep1763; married Capt. Abraham Westfall (born 1755) in 1781; he died in 1829; she died in 1849 and is buried at Mt. Zion cemetery, Carroll County, Ohio (a descendant married distinguished Chicago journalist Joseph Medill, whose daughter married Robert McCormick)

(5)            Maria Van Etten, born in 1764; bap. 11Nov1765; married Isiah Decker in 1783

(5)  Thomas Van Etten, bap. 16Oct1768; married Elizabeth Ennis (born in 1768) 17Jul1788; he died in 1839; she died in 1863

(5)            Jacob Van Etten, bap. 1774/8 at Napanoch, N. Y.

(5)  Anthony Van Etten, born at Deerpark 30Mar1779; married Jemima Cuddeback (born 10Aug1773); served as lieutenant in War of 1812; died near Auburn, N. Y. in 1821

(4) Jannetjen/Jane Van Etten, born in 1728; bap. 20Apr1729; married Manuel Gonzales/Gonsales, a widower, 23Mar1750 (he was probably brother of Maria. who married Jane’s brother Johannes) at Namanoch, N. J.; resided near Bushkill, Pa.; children:

(5)            Elisabeth Gonsalus, bap. 10Feb1751

(5)            Maria Gonsales, bap. 16Aug1752

(5)            Sara Gonsales, bap. in 1754

(5)            Samuel Gonsales, born 19Jun1771; bap. 26Sep1771

(4) Johannes Van Etten, born in 1731/2; bap. 2Jan1732 at Namanoch, Sussex County, N. J.; married (1) Maria Gonsalus/Gonzales of Ulster County, N. Y., 18May1750 at Wawaring Church; first of family to settle on land purchased by father in Delaware Twp., Pa., which remained in family for many generations; appointed constable for Upper Smithfield Twp. (became Pike County) 3Oct1752 when Northampton County court was formed at Easton; served in that county’s militia in Indian wars; commanded troops in Revolution from future Pike and Monroe Counties in Battle of Brandywine 11Sep1777 with heavy casualties; lived three or four miles above Dingman’s , where he had stockade settlement; purchased three parcels (68 acres) of land below Namanoch Island near Dingman’s Ferry in Delaware Twp., Pa., 22Aug1767, possibly already living on it; married (2) Rachel Williams Decker, widow of Daniel Decker, in 1779; in 1780, commissioned captain in local volunteer militia company; he died 15Feb1814 and she died in 1815 at Delaware Twp., Pike County; buried at Milford, Pa.; many children moved to Tioga County, N. Y., and settled at what became town of Van Etten; children (two sons were wounded and son-in-law Ennis killed in Indian fight about 1780):

(5)            Magdalena Van Etten, bap. 6Oct1751 at Minisink church; married Benjamin Ennis

(5)  Manuel/Emanuel Van Etten, bap. 2Jun1754 at Minisink church; served in Revolution; will probated at Tioga County, N. Y., Aug1824

(5)  Rymerich (Rachel or Rima), bap. 14Apr1756 at Minisink church; married Banardus Swartwout; she died 29Mar1816

(5)  Johannes Van Etten, bap. in 1759 at Walpack (N. J.) church; married Cornelia Decker (born 17Jan1766) ; served in military; died in August 1808 (a great-grandson was Edgar Van Etten, b. 1843, Capt. 2d N. J. in Civil War, later VP of New York Central RR and president of Cuba Eastern RR)

(5)            Jacobus Van Etten, bap. 18Jan1761; married Maria Shick/Schick; he died in 1808

(5)  Elizabeth Van Etten, born in 1762; bap. 2Feb1763; married Moses Van Gorden; she died 30Mar1813

(5)            Anthony (or James) Van Etten, born in 1763; married Magdalena Van Etten

(5)            Maria Van Etten, born about 1766; married Gideon Cole

(5)  Catherina Van Etten, born in 1771; bap. 19Apr1772 at Minisink church; married Jacob Swartwout

(5)            Simeon Van Etten, bap. 25Nov1776; married Cornelia Dingman/Dingham

(5)  Daniel Van Etten, born in 1780; baptized 19Aug1781 at Minisink church; married Katherine/Caty Decker about 1799

(5)            Cornelius Van Etten, born 8Dec1782; married Anna Smith; died 22Jan1860.

(5)            Solomon Van Etten, born 12Feb1789; bap. 31Mar1789; married Caty Rosenkrans

(5)            Dorothy Van Etten, married John Lattimore

 (4) Sarah Van Etten, born at Rochester, Ulster County, N. Y.; bap. 19May1736 at Minisink; married Jacobus Van Sickle (born at Readingtown) 13Apr1750; child:

(5)            Johannes Casperus Van Sickle, bap. 23Sep1750

(4) Richard/Dirk Van Etten, bap. 29May1739 at Namanoch, N. Y.; married Rusje Westfall 11Aug1758 at Deerpark; children (all baptized at Port Jervis, N. Y.):

(5)            Sarah Van Etten, bap. 19Aug1759

(5)            Joseph Varn Etten, bap. 17Oct1761

(5)            Petrus Van Etten, bap. 18Sep1763

(5)            Sarah Van Etten, bap. 22Mar1766

(5)            James McCarte Van Etten, bap. 25Nov1767

(3)            Marytje/Mary Van Etten, born at Hurley, N. Y.; bap. 8Jan1699; married

(1) Cornelius Ennis of Kyserike, native of Marbletown, 9Oct1719; (2)

Johannes Bosch of Marbletown in May 1728; children:

(4)      Wiljen Ennis, b. 31Jul1720

(4)      Jannetjen Ennis, bap. BApr1722

(4)  Jan Ennis, b. 31May1724

(4)      Cornelius Ennis, b. 8Apr1726

(4)      Benjamin Bosch, bap. 29Jun1729; died young

(4)      Benjamin Bosch, bap. 29Jul1733

(4)  Jan Bosch, bap. 29Aug1736; married Sara Richards of Smithfield, Pa.; he died in 1819 at Danby, N. Y.

(4)      Jannetjen Bosch, b. 5Nov1738

(4)      Jacocus Bosch, b. 26Oct1740; married Eva Brink

(4)      Nathaniel Bosch, b. 12Dec1742

(3) Annetjen Van Etten, bap. 21Sep1701 at Nytsfield, N. Y.; married Broer Dekker (bap. 1Jun1701 at Kingston) 20Nov1724; he became elder at Walpack Dutch Reformed Church; owned land and farmed in Delaware Twp., Pike County, Pa., where he died in 1777; children:

(4)  Lea Dekker, bap. 19Sep1725 at Kingston; married John Williams; she died before 1777; their daughter Rachel married (1) Daniel Decker and (2) Capt. Johannes Van Etten (see preceding page)

(4)      Rachel Dekker (twin) , bap. 19Sep1725

(4)      Hendrikus Dekker, bap. 4Feb1728; married Hannah Carmer/Kermer

(4)      Jennetjen (Yontie) Dekker, bap. 28Jan1733; married Jacobus Westfael

(4) Johannes Dekker, bap. 26Mar1735; married Maria Van Tillburg 1Mar1751

(4)      Ezekial Dekker (twin), bap. 26Mar1735

(4)      Magdalena Dekker, bap. 3May1737; married Laurance Decker

(4)      Elisha Dekker, bap. 29May1739; married Eva Dingman

(4)      Elias Dekker, bap. 21Mar1742; died young

(4)      Cornelius Dekker, bap. 26Jan1745; married (1) Sarah Van Tillburg , (2) Charity _____.

(4)      Elias Dekker, bap. 5Jul1747; married Jenneke Decker

(4)      Jacob Dekker, bap. 19Apr1747; married Martje Van Tillburg (date ?)

(3) Adrianna/Ariaantje Van Etten, bap. 7Nov1703 at Nytsfield; married Arthur/Aard Middaugh; children:

(4)      Gideon Middaugh, bap. 1Jan1746

(4)      Martynus Middaugh, b. 5Jul1747

(4) Rachel Middaugh, b. 12Aug1749

(4) Jennetje Middaugh, bap. 29May1739

(4)      Aalida Middaugh, bap. 26Mar1735

(4)      Catharine Middaugh, bap. 26Aug1736

(3) Rebecca Van Etten, b. 17Mar1706 at Nytsfield; married Hendrik Bont (b. 3Sep1704) 6Nov1733, he from Claverack; child:

(4)      Jacob Bont, married Grace Jansen


(3) Rachel Van Etten, bap. 20Jun1708 (born at Nytsfield) ; married Ritsert/ Richard Kettel, native of Marbletown, 23Dec1724; children:

(4)      Elizabeth Kettel, bap. 27Jun1725

(4)      Jeremias Kettel, bap. 11Jun1727

(4)  Jan Kettel, bap. 16Mar1729

(4)      Abraham Kettel, bap. 6Feb1732 at Rochester, Ulster County, N. Y.; married Christina Westfall

(4)      Catharine Kettel, bap. 10Feb1734; married Peter Kuykendahl

(4)      Zesanna Kettel, bap. 4Jun1738

(4)      Maria Kettel, bap. 15Jun1740

(4)      Johanna Kettel, bap. 24Jun1750

(3) Lea Van Etten, born at Nytsfield; bap. 29Apr1711; married Thomas Keeter 20Apr1729; children:

(4)      Cornelius Keeter, bap. 22Mar1730

(4)      Jannetjen Keeter, bap. 12Mar1732

(4)      Elizabeth Keeter, bap. 25Dec1734

(4)  Jan Keeter, bap. 24Apr1737

(4)      Leah Keeter, bap. 14Oct1739 (also twin Rachel?)

(4)      Jacob Keeter, bap. 25Dec1741

(4)      Petrus Keeter, bap. 5May1745 (Susanna 14Aor1748/Gideon 26Jan1751?)

(3) Catrina Van Etten, bap. 28Aug1715; married Jan Alderse Roosa; may have married (2) Franz Koul; children:

(4)      Maria Roosa, bap. 24Mar1749

(4)      Rebecca Roosa, bap. 30Dec1750

(4)      Isaak Roosa, bap. 1Oct1752

(4)      Jacob Roosa, bap. 12May1754

(2)  Sytie Van Etten, baptized at Kingston 25Mar1668; later lived at Marbletown;

married Jan Everts/Evertsen, native of  Vianen , Holland, of Marbletown; intentions published 23Apr1685; ceremony by Domine Johannes Weeckstein of Kingston; children:

(3)  Everett Everts, bap. 23May1686

(3)            Jacobus Everts, born 16Nov1688; bap. 25Nov1688

(3)            Johannes Everts, bap. 5/6Nov1692

(3)            Jannetje Everts, bap. 9Jun1695

(3)            Matheus Everts, bap. 18Apr1697; died in infancy

(3)            Matheus Everts, bap. 30Oct1698

(3)            Solomon Everts, bap. 1Sep1700; married Rachel Ostrander in 1720; died after 1768

(3)  Manuel Everts, bap. 31May1702

(3)  Pieter Everts, bap. 3Sep1704

(3)  Ary Everts, bap. 22Sep1706

(3)            Abraham Everts, bap. 18Sep1709

(3)  Isaac Everts, bap. 10Jun1716

(2)      Arien/Adriaen Van Etten, bap. 26Jun1670; married Catherine Cram in 1694; crossed Hudson River to east bank and settled in Dutchess County, N. Y., listed as freeholder there in 1740; one source says that after his death, she married Hendrik Cortregt 6Dec1703, which if true means freeholder was son; children:

(3)  Annetje Van Etten, bap. 6Oct1695; either she or cousin Annetje, daughter of Pieter following, married Jan Theunisz Oosterhout, also native of Hurley, 16May1717 at Kingston

(3)            Jacobus Van Etten (twin), bap. 17Jul1698; married Catrina Kool, native of Germany, 27Nov1719; lived at Hurley; children:

(4)      Arie/Ary Van Etten, bap. 14Aug1720; married Christina DeWitt, also of Ulster County, at Katsbann 26Nov1748; signer of Articles of Association in 1775; lived at Rhinebeck, later Saugerties

(4)      Johannes Van Etten, bap. 26Dec1721

(4)      Gysbert Van At ten, bap. 1Dec1723; married Folkertie Van Buskirk 3Apr1751 at Readington , N. J .

(4) Ariaantje Van Etten, bap. 24Jul1726

(4) Catrina Van Etten, bap. 5Jan1729

(4) Marie Van Etten, bap. 4Aug1734

(4) Albert Van Etten, bap. 17Oct1736

(4) Elizabeth Van Etten, bap. 30May1742

(3)  Rachel Van Etten ( twin) , bap. 17Jul1698

(3)  Gysbert Van Etten, b. 6Oct1700

(3)  Arie Van Etten, b. 5Apr1702 (see note regarding wife and children of

Arien Van Etten, page 4); one source says this Arie married Sytjen Kuykendall

(2)  Pieter Van Etten, born in 1673 and baptized in 1675; may have been twin of Petronella, following; married Eva de Hooges, also native and Hurley resider 12Oct1697, ceremony performed by Domine Johannes Petrus Nucella of Kingston; moved to Dutchess County, N. Y., in 1720 and lived at Rhinebeck in 1730; some descendants of Peter remained in Dutchess County, some located near Albany, and some went to Canada; children:

(3)            Annetje/Antjen Van Etten, bap. 28Aug1698; married Jan Oosterhout (see note with her cousin Annetje at bottom of preceding page)

(3)            Johannes de Hooges, born at Hurley; bap. 19May1700; married Rebecca Ostrander; children:

(4)      Johannes Van Etten, b. 20Feb1737

(4)      Alida Van Etten, b. 9Dec1739

(3)            Jacobus Van Etten, born at Hurley; bap. 30Jan1704; married Margaret/Margriet Kool, native of Kingston, 11May1722; moved to Dutchess County, N. Y.; reportedly resided at Coxsackietown in 1790

(3)            Margarita Van Etten, bap. 2Mar1707; married Johannes Kip

(3)  Katrina Van Etten, bap. 27May1711; married Franz Kool (see information with Catrina, center of page 9)

(3)            Benjamin Van Etten, bap. 4Dec1715; lived at Oxford Twp., Sussex County, N. J .

(3)  Petrus Van Etten, bap. 24Jan1720; married Elizabeth Schriver; resided at Catskilltown in 1790

(2) Petronella Van Etten, born at Marbletown about 1675 (said by some sources to be twin of Pieter, above); married Albert/Aldert Roosa (bap. 2Mar1679 at Hurley) 21Jun1696; ceremony performed by Domine Petrus Nucella of Kingston; she was still living in 1736; no record of children found

(2) Heiltje Van Etten, baptized at Marbletown 21Apr1679; resided at Hurley; married Will Van Vredenburg (born at New York, bap. Dec1677, of Kinderhook) 12Nov1699, ceremony by Domine Johannes Petrus Nucella of Kingston; they lived at Kingston; children:

(3)  Wille Van Vredenburg, bap. 30Jun1700; married Catalyntje Kip

(3) Annetje Van Vredenburg, bap. 21Dec1701; married William Van Gorden

(3)            Jacobus Van Vredenburg, bap. 31Oct1703; married Clara Van Wagenen 18Jun1726

(3)            Appolonia Van Vredenburg, bap. 31Jan1706; married Henricksen Kip

(3)            Arysantie Van Vredenburg, bap. 12Jan1707; married Abraham Osterhout at Rhinebeck

(3) Aaron Van Vredenburg, born in 1709; married Sara Rosenkrans at Rhinebeck

(3)            Pieternella Van Vredenburg, bap. 10Jun1711; married David de Puytscher

(3)  Isaak Van Vredenburg, bap. 11Jan1713; married Giesjen Pier 23Feb1734

(3)            Johannes Van Vredenburg, bap. 10Oct1714; married Martje Osterhout 8Jul1736

(3)            Abraham Van Vredenburg, b. 23Sep1716; married Catherine Pier 16Apr1736

(3)  Petrus Van Vredenburg, b. 11May1718; married Lydia de Puytsche 8May1755

(3)            Benjamin Van Vredenburg, b. 13Mar1720; married Catherine de Gaff 3May1740

(3)            Matheus/Mathew Van Vredenburg, b. 22Apr1722; married Margaret Westfall 17Jun1749 at Rhinebeck

(2) Emanuel Van Etten/Van Atta, born at Marbletown; bap. 29Dec1681; married Antje de Hooges 10May1702 ( SEE FOLLOWING SECTION)

(2) Tietje Van Etten, born at Marbletown; bap. 24Feb1684; married Evert Roosa 10May1702; he was native of Hurley, where they resided; children:

(3)  Arie Roosa, bap. 13Jan1703; married Geesjen Ostrander 9Feb1722

(3)  Marytie Roosa , bap. 8Sep1706; married Jacob Ostrander 11Nov1726

(3)            Catharine Roosa, bap. 16Sep1709; married Luycus DeWitt 17Jan1729

(3)            Jacobus Roosa, bap. 22Apr1711; married Catherine Znyders, resident of Saugerties, after 24Feb1751

(3)  Zara Roosa, b. 24Apr1715; married Jan Louw 10Dec1746

(3)  Lea Roosa, b. 2Feb1718; bap. 9Feb1718?

(3)  Rachel Roosa, b. 29Nov1719

(3)            Abraham Roosa, bap. 5Nov1721; married Eliabeth Rutz after 17Jun1744

(3)  Aldert Roosa, bap. 26Feb1727

(3)  Antje Roosa, married Cornelis Westbrook

(2)  Jacobus Van Etten (listed in one source as James), bap. 2May1686; married Rebecca Roosa (born in 1695) in 1710/11; settled in Dutchess County, N. Y., in 1720 and listed as freeholder there in 1740; elected deacon of Rhinebeck Reformed Dutch Church 28Jun1731; he died 31Dec1759 and is buried at Rhinebeck; she died in 1767; descendants either remained in Dutchess County area or moved to Albany area or Canada; children:

(3)  Anna Van Etten, b. 7Jan1711; married Gysbert Westfall

(3)  Jan Van Etten, b. 29Mar1713; married Rachel Westfall; children:

(4)      Symon Van Etten

(4)      Matthias Van Etten

(4)      Nelly Van Etten, married Henry David

(4)      Annatie Van Etten, married Elias Balz

(4)      Rachel Van Etten, married Joseph Traves

(4)      Jacobus Van Etten, b. 13Aug1736 at Rhinebeck Flats; married Elizabeth Osterhout 12Jun1760 at Kingston; children:

(5)  Petrus Van Etten, born at Rochester (Ulster County) 9Apr1769

(6)      David Van Etten, born in 1796 at New Salem

(5)  Benjamin Van Etten, born in 1772 at Rochester; married twice

(3)            Hillegond Van Etten, bap. 4Dec1715; married Jan Mores

(3)  Lea Van Etten, b. 20Oct1717; married Aarent Traphagen

(3)            Jacobus Van Etten, b. 12Jun1720; married (1) Margaretha Kool and (2)

Lea Van Vreden burg

(3)            Matheus Van Etten, b. 6May1722; married Neeltje Van Wagenen (born in 1716) in 1742; she died in 1798; he died in 1808; child known:

(4)      Barent Van Etten, born in 1761; married Sarah Froelich (born in 1766) in 1782; he died in 1833; she died in 1845

(3) Abraham Van Etten, b. 11Oct1724; married (1) Sara Van Stenburgh and (2) Jannetje DeWitt

(3)  Isaac Van Etten, b. 12Mar1727; married Heiltje Van Vredenburg

(3)            Benjamin Van Etten, b. 8Feb1730; married Rachel Kip

(3)  Rachel Van Etten, b. 1Aug1731; married Andrees Hermanee

(2) Geesjie Van Etten, bap. 25Dec1688 at Hurley, N. Y.; married Jacob Jacobse Decker Jr. of Marbletown, native of Kingston, prob, in Dec1704; first publication of banns was 25Nov1704; children:

(3)  Jacob Decker, bap. 17Nov1706

(3)  Reelitje Decker, bap. 20Jun1708

(3)  Antje Decker, bap. 7May1710

(3)            Pieternella Decker, bap. 6Jul1712

(3)            Abraham Decker, b. 29Aug1714



    Emanuel Van Etten/Van Atta, whose surname is shown under both of these and a few other variations in historical records, was born at Marbletown, N.Y. He was baptized in the old Dutch Reformed Church at Kingston, December 27, 1681. He married Antje de Hooges, May 10, 1702, with Domine Johannes Petrus Nucella of Kingston performing the ceremony, as he did for many of Emanuel’s brothers and sisters. Antje was born in 1682 at Hurley, N.Y., in the same immediate area as Marbletown and Kingston. She was the daughter of Johannes and Margreetje Pos de Hooges from Amsterdam, who were married at Kingston on December 4, 1675.

    The first four of their children were baptized at Kingston, and most if not all of the others at Readington, Hunterdon County, N. J. While this would indicate that the family’s move to New Jersey took place between 1710 and 1712, some historians say that Emanuel first came to New Jersey as early as 1700, and others place his move as late as 1715. There was substantial travel between the Kingston area and the Delaware River valley by the Dutch settlers, so that early visits are quite probable before the family move. Emanuel is credited as being one of the first two settlers in Hunterdon County. 

    The first record of his property ownership was the purchase of 500 acres of land in Readington Township from Joseph Kirkbride in 1712. The property was described at a later date as extending southeast from the Centerville schoolhouse to Campbell’s brook, and to the later Daniel Dilts and Jacob Todd places, and at another point to the Somerset County line. Readington Township was originally divided into four proprietary rights, with Kirkbride taking the southeast quadrant. In 1881, the property was believed to be owned by G. D.  Schomp.

    Emanuel and his family were among 15 families mentioned in the 1710-1720 history of the Readington Reformed Dutch Church as among the area’s first residents, and another source says they were the second family in Readington Township. He was elected one of the church’s two elders, September 6,1721 (also referred to as the Church of the North Branch at Readington), and served until 1727. The church building was completed and began operations in 1719. 

    He sold land, possibly part of his holdings but this is uncertain, to another family of early settlers, the Frederick Van Fleets, also from Esopus/ Kingston, in 1725. The spot was later named Van Fleet’s Corner.  The basis for Emanuel and others moving into northwestern New Jersey goes back to an earlier day. Not long after the Dutch settled in the Kingston area of Ulster County, N.Y., a road was established from that locale to the general area along the Delaware River near the three-way intersection of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. A number of early Dutch settlers were miners, and at times ore and produce were taken north to Esopus/Kingston while it was still a Dutch colony in the 1600’s. The minerals were then loaded a board Dutch ships along the Hudson River for transport to Holland.  That effort was apparently abandoned in the late 1600’s when the English took over.

About 1700, the Dutch from Esopus, New Paltz, and other nearby points started migrating down the road (which is said to be the basis for today’s US Route 209) to a stretch along the Delaware River from Deerpark (Port Jervis) south to the Delaware Water Gap near Stroudsburg, Pa., about 100 miles. Some accounts cite the road as being on the New Jersey side from Deerpark south.

    The general name given to the region was Minisink, including both sides of the river. Its attraction was the fertility of the Delaware River valley and basin. The name came from or was also used for an island in the river.  Although the Minisink name came to represent a wide area, it was applied early to the Sussex County (N. J.) town later renamed Montague. The first settlements in Sussex (part of which later became Warren County) and in Pike and Monroe Counties in Pennsylvania developed substantially from this Dutch migration, which included a number of members of the Van Etten/Van Atta family. By 1737, there were four Dutch Reformed Churches along the Delaware River in the region, two at Walpack, N. J., one at Port Jervis, N. Y., and a fourth at Lower Smithfield Twp., Pa.

Antje de Hooges died in 1764, and her will is recorded in the state capitol archives at Trenton, N. J. It is not known when Emanuel died. But in the process of converting his name from Van Etten to Van Atta, he is considered the progenitor of the Van Atta branch of the family. His children took the Van Atta name, although there was some variance in the spelling. The children and descendants of Emanuel and Antje de Hooges Van Etten/Van Atta:

(3)            Emanuel Van Atta, born about 1702 at Kingston, N.Y.

(3)            Jacobus Van Atta, baptized 14Feb1703 at Kingston, N.Y.; died young

(3)  Anna Van Atta, baptized 5Jan1707; died young

(3)            Jacobus Van Atta, baptized 14Mar1708; moved to Readington, N. J., with his parents while quite young; married Elizabeth _____; known children:

(4)      Samuel Van Atta, baptized 10Oct1731; probably died young

(4)      Margaret Van Atta, baptized 5Aug1733

(4)      Samuel Van Atta , baptized 28Mar1736

(3)            Johannes/John Van Atta, baptized 10Nov1710 (SEE FOLLOWING SECTION)

(3)  Anna Van Atta, baptized 14Dec1712

(3)            Ari/Arie Van Atta, born in 1714 and baptized that year at Readington, N. J.

(say some sources); married Elizabeth Chrison about 1737; he was a yeoman of Somerset County, N. J., who also owned land in Morris County, living in Somerset near the Hunterdon County line; his will was dated 15Dec1744 in Morris County, he died in 1747, and it was probated 6Apr1747; after his death, his wife married (2) John Brady of Readington; children were baptized at Readington, N. J.:

(4)      Elizabeth Van Atta, baptized 3Aug1733 at Readington

(4)      Emanuel Van Atta, baptized 25Apr1737; may have died young

(4)      Samuel Van Atta , baptized 29Oct1738; died 29Aug1746 in Somerset County

(4)      Jacobus Van Atta, baptized 11Jan1741

(4)      John/Johannis Van Atta, born 15Dec1743 and baptized 1Jan1744; married

Margaretha McCracken in 1766; served in Revolutionary War as private in Capt. John Maxwell’s Co., 3d Regt., Hunterdon militia; lived in Harmony Twp., Warren County, N. J., before moving to Ohio in very early 1800’s, where he died; children:

(5)            Catharine/Catrena Van Atta, born in Oct1767 and bap. 8Nov1767 at Readington Reformed Church; married Peter Wyckoff (born Dec 1757) he served in Revolution, primarily in Somerset County units; she died at Hillsborough Twp., Somerset Co., 12Feb1812; he died 4Sep1840; children:

(6)      Jemima Wyckoff, bap. 26Nov1785; married Richard M. Stout 21Apr1811

(6)      Catrina Wyckoff, bap. 23May1790

(6)      Nelly Wyckoff, bap. 16Dec1792 (born 4Oct); married Tunis van Middlesworth in 1813

(6) Mary Magdalene Wyckoff, born 30Apr1797 and bap. 24Jun1797; married Joseph Johnson 4Jan1817, who died 30Mar1830; she married (2) Winant von Zandt bef. Apr1831; she died lNov 1844 at Greenville, Ohio

(6)      Sarah Wyckoff, married Johnston Stout; she died 9Jan1840

(5)  Janetye Van Atta, baptized 19Jul1771

(5)  Samuel Van Atta, born 12Jun1777 at Oxford Twp., Warren Co., N. J.; married Mary (Polly) Snyder (born 12Apr1783 at Harmony Twp., Warren Co. ) in 1800; resided on Scott’s mountain, near Springtown and in 1803 purchased 160-acre farm along Delaware River in Harmony; also purchased Snyder ferry which he operated; he died in 1855 in Hamony Twp.; she died 8Mar1872; children:

(6)      John Vannatta, born 18Aug1801 at Harmony Twp.; married Nancy

Rosenbury of Mt. Bethel, Pa., in 1826; in 1827, purchased 60-acre farm in Harmony, then in 1832 a 150-acre farm in Jackson Valley, Washington Twp., Warren Co., on which he built large stone house in 1837; Nancy (born in 1806) died in 1874; he married (2) Susan Morris Scott, widow of William J., in 1875; he was still living in 1879; children:

(7)            Samuel Vannatta, born ab. 1827; lived at Pennville, N. J

(8) Samuel Vannatta, Rocksburg, N. J.

(9)            Kennedy Vannatta, station agent at Madison, N.J.

(9)            Mrs. John H. Young, Rocksburg

(9)            Mrs. Robert Petty, Washington, N. J.

(9)            Mrs. Ed Hill, Easton, Pa.

(9)            Mrs. Josephine Young, Rocksburg

(9)            Roderick Vannatta

(9)            James Davison Van Natta, Rocksburg

(7)            John H/R. Vannatta, born ab. 1829

(7)            Joseph Vannatta, born ab. 1831; lived at Hackettstown, N.J.

(7)            Moses Vannatta, born ab. 1833; lived at Anderson, N. J.

(7)            Lemuel Vannatta, born ab. 1835; lived at Washington, N.J.

(7)            Mary Ann Vannatta, born ab. 1837; married Lemuel Gardner; lived in Jackson Valley

(7)            Morris Vannatta, born ab. 1839; lived at Martins Creek, Pa.

(7)            Elias Vannatta, born ab. 1841; lived at Philadelphia

(6)      Henry Vannatta, Sr., born 15/27Jul1802; married Sarah-Roye/Rope (born 27Jun1803 at Warren Co., N. J.) 6Dec1821; moved to Grant County, Wis., in 1847/8; he died 24Febl879 at Harrison Twp., Grant Co.; she died 8Sep1880; children:

(7)            Samuel Vannatta, born 15Mar1820 in Warren Co., N. J.; married (1) Mary Cook in Illinois territory, who died in 1862; (2) Mary Ann Long/Lory 29Jan1863; she died in 1897; he died 24Feb1912 in Grant Co.; children:

(8)      William Barnett Vannatta, born 11Aug1842, possibly in Illinois; married Teresa E. Toulouse

(8) Silas Samuel Vannatta, married Maggie McClain … six others by first wife

(8)      Charles Vannatta (by second wife)

(8)      (daughter), married John Millhouse

(8)      Edith Vannatta, married _____ Hinman

(7)            George Vannatta, born in 1826 at Warren Co., N. J.; married Elizabeth McCormick 25Sep1852

(7)            John William Vannatta, born 1827/9, Warren Co.; married (1) Nancy Jane Bray 1Sep1851 at Grant Co., (2) Jennie E. Greaver, and (3) Priscilla Jane Hickman 3Mar1894; she died 6Oct1901; he died 16Jan1905 in Grant Co., Wis.; children:

(8)      John W. Vannatta Jr., married Rohannah E. Heil

(8)      Samantha Vannatta, married James Burton Carns

(7)            Aaron Bamett Vannatta, born in 1831 in Warren Co., N. J.; married (1) Mary Jane Taylor (born 1May1839 at Jamestown Twp., Grant Co., Wis.) about 1852 in Wisconsin; she died 5Jun1865; (2) Mary Hudsmith of England (born ab. 1844) 6Dec1865; (3) Jennie Bass, widow and native of Indiana , 12Aug1876; he died 4Mar1877 at Valparaiso, Saunders Co., Nebraska; children:

(8)      John Henry Vannatta, born 22Mar1856/9 at Grant Co.; married Nellie Elizabeth Miller in 1893; he died 14Feb1941 at Oroville, Cal.; 11 children:

(8)      Alonzo Levi Vannatta, born ab. 1862 at Oshkosh, Wis.; married Mary Alicia Wilson; seven children

(8)      Hettie Vannatta , born ab. 1868 in Wisconsin

(8)       Permelia Vannatta, born in 1870 in. Wisconsin

(8)      Emmanuel Vannatta, born ab. 1873 in Wisconsin

(8)       (daughter) Vannatta, born and died in 1877 in Wisconsin

(8)       William Vannatta, born ab. 1878 in Nebraska

NOTE: Aaron Bamett Vannatta, shown as farmer in

Harrison Twp., Grant Co., Wis., served in Civil War

in F-47th Wisconsin) ,

(7)            Henry Harrison Van Natta, born 9Sep1834 in Warren Co.,

N. J.; moved with parents to Illinois at age 8, then to Grant Co., Wis., in 1848; married Elizabeth Toulouse (born 1Aug1841) 19Apr1857 at Grant Co.; moved to Plattevilla, Wis., in 1901; he died there 9Aug1916, buried at Greenwood cemetery; she died 7Nov1921; children:

(8)      Sarah Rebecca Van Natta, born 7Sep1858; married John W. English 11Oct1881; she died 1Feb1941

(8)      Henry Van Natta, born 7Oct1861; died 18Oct188)

(8)      Mary Emily Van Natta, born 23Jul1864j married (1) Henry Johnson 31Mar1889; (2) Morris Egan? ; she died 19Feb1950

(8)      Ruth Elizabeth Van Natta, born 5Jun1866; married Ben Reuter 21Nov1889; lived at Comelia, Wis.; she died 1Dec1922

(8)      Edgar Laske Van Natta, born 1Aug1868; married Sophia L. Kable 3Feb1897; he died 6Nov1905

(8)      Annie B. Van Natta, born 20Oct1870; married Joseph Norris 31Mar1892

(8)      Thomas Silas Van Natta, born 26Jun1872; married Edith Jennie Crapp 8Mar1899; lived at Potosi, Wis.; he died 22Oct1943

(8)      Georgia Emogene Van Natta, born 26May1875; married Floyd Likens 29Jun1902; lived at LaCrosse, Wis.; she died in 1908

(8)      Opal Van Natta, born 20Sepl877; died 28Jun1887

(8)      Vivian Ellsworth Van Natta, born 23Sep1879; married Anna Gierens 6Oct1901; lived at Lancaster, Wis.; he died 10Aug1950

(8)      Ray Norris Van Natta, born 6Apr1882 at Potosi, Grant Co., Wis.; married Margaret McPherson 20Jun1903 at Dubuque, Iowa; lived at Potosi; he died 21Sep1966 at Platteville, Wis.

(8)      Grace L. Van Natta, born 5Jul1885; married William Carroll; she died in Apr1969

 (7)            Moses M. Vannatta, born 16Aug1835 in Warren Co., N. J.; married Christian Nye/Nigh (born in 1845) ; moved to Grant Co., Wis., in 1858, lived at Cornelia; she died in 1917; he died 13Feb1920

(7)            Lucinda Vannatta, born 29Aug1839 at Warren Co., N. J.; married John W. Toulouse 16Jul1865; lived at Montana, Wis.; she died 16Apr1917

(7)            Levi Vannatta, born in 1840; married Sara Driesrach; he is said to have lost both arms in Civil War at Gettysburg; died of wounds at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 6Mar 1863?

(7)            Joseph H. Vannatta, born 28Jun1842 in Lawrence Co., Ill.; married Mary Ann Polar 28Jan1866; he died 22Feb1924

(8)      Delbert Vannatta

(7)            Mary Vannatta, died in infancy

(7)            W. Barnet (Barney) Vannatta, born in 1849; married Teresa _____ (born in 1847); he died in 1906; she died in 1922

(7)            Permilia Vannatta, died in infancy

(6)      Nancy Vannatta, born 4May1804/5/6; married John Raub 27Mar1823; she died in 1874

(6)      Permilia/Emily Vannatta, born1Aug1807; married John L. Ribble

(6)      Aaron Vannatta, born in Mar1809 or 2Aug1810 about half-mile north of Brainard sta. in house built ab. 1780’s still there in 1930’s, in Oxford Twp., Warren Co., N. J.; married Elizabeth Kishpaugh (born 7Feb1811 at Oxford. Twp.) 3Mar1831; arrived at Grant Co., Wis., by train in 1856 after living at Fredericksburg, Va.; he died at Harrison Twp., Grant Co., 12Mar1880/1; she died 28Mar1896; children:

(7)            Jane Y. Vannatta, born 27Nov1831 at Oxford. Twp.; married James H. Massey 30May1852 at Spotsylvania Co., Va.; she died 17Apr1920 at Morris Twp., Grundy Co., Ill.

(7)            Samuel B. Vannatta, born 29Oct1834 at Oxford Twp.; married (1) Mary S. Luce (born May1843) 30Mar1862 at Platteville, Wis.; she died in Oct1864; married (2) Cynthia D. (born Jul1833) ; she died 8Jun1877; married (3) Jane Sprague (born Oct1839) ; she died 23Jun1909; he died 17Nov1909 at Mt. Hope, Grant Co., Wis.

(7)            Mary H. Vannatta, born 8Apr1837 at Oxford Twp.; married Buckles H. Travis 18Nov1858 at Platteville; she died 18Mar1920 at Grant Island, Hall Co., Neb.

(7)            Nancy Margaret Vannatta, born 23Nov1838 at Oxford Twp.; married George W. Chewning 10Nov1853 at Spotsylvania Co., Va.; she died 26Nov1924 at Platteville

(7)            Morgan Vannatta, born in 1840 at Oxford Twp.; died 5Dec 1863 at Helena, Ark.

(7)            Emma E. Vannatta, born 8Mar1844 at Spotsylvania Co., Va.; married Elisha Marvel 29Aug1867 at Platteville; he (born in 1837) died in 1917; she died 26Jan1921 at Platteville

(7)            Martha O. Vannatta, born 29Aug1848 at Spotsylvania; married John H. Wilson 10Sep1867 in Grant Co.; she died 22Apr1931 at Dunn Co., Wis.

(7)            Silas A. Vannatta, born 19Nov1850 at Spotsylvania; married Lavina Withrow 5Feb1873 at Platteville; he died 30Apr1939

(7)            Hervey L. Vannatta, , born 8Nov1854 at Spotsylvania; married Julia Curnow (born 1853) at Grant Co. 22Dec1881; she died in 1918; he died in 1932 at Sparta, Monroe Co., Wis.

(7)            Sarah Alice Vannatta, born 6Mar1857 at Harrison Twp., Grant Co., Wis.; married Albert Nelson Kies 8Sep1875 at Platteville; she died there 18Jun1928

?(7) Elizabeth Vannatta, born 1840; died 1865; buried at Greenwood, Wis., cemetery

(6)      Moses Vannatta, born BDec1812; married Samantha Gardner (born in 1814) at Warren Co., No J.; moved with family to Grant Co., Wis., in 1857; she died 15Apr1884 at Harrison Twp.; he died 9Nov1895; children:

(7)            Mary E. Vannatta, born in 1844 in Warren Co.; married L. L. DeWitt; she died in 1921 in New Jersey

(7)            William H. Vannatta, born in 1845 in Warren Co.; married Elizabeth Murchison in May1873 at Sioux City, Iowa; he died in 1929 at Alder Grove, British Columbia

(7)            Alonzo Vannatta, born in 1850 in Warren Co.; married Ella Hinman 25Dec1872 at Platteville; he died 16Oct1917

(7)            Angeline Vannatta , born in 1851 at Warren Coo; married James Ivey; she died 27May1936

(7)            James Irwin Vannatta, born in 1853 at Warren Co.; married Nanette Stanton 4Jul1881 at Grant Coo, Wis.; he died 28Jan1905 in Wood Co., Wis.

(7)            Samantha Minerva Vannatta, born 29Mar1855 at Warren Co. ; married John Hinman 23Jul1891 at Platteville; she died 25Aug1939 at Harrison Twp., Grant Co.

(7)            Milton Vannatta, born 5Apr1856 at Warren Co.; married Julia Withrow 20Feb1895 at Paris, Wise; he died 11Mar1950 at Platteville

(6) Mary Vannatta, born 30Jun1816; married Morgan B. Hineline of Easton, Pa., 24Oct1833 at Warren Co., N. J.; she died 11Apr1854

(6) Sarah/Sally Vannatta , born 20Jun1818; married William Huff/Hoff

(6) Samuel Vannatta, born 15May1820; married Mary E. Davidson; he died 20Apr1900 in Wisconsin

(6) Elizabeth Vannatta, born 9Oct1824; married Josiah Petty

(6) Silas B. Vannatta, born 8Oct1822 near Brainard Station; married

Rachel _____; operated father’s farm and Delaware River ferry (which  transported slate to PRR) in 1800’s; also managed RR depot at Rocksburg, N. J., from completion until 1900; he died 27Mar1907

(6) Lucinda Vannatta, born 6Jan1824; married Samuel B. Miller

(5)  William Van Atta

? (5)  Isaac Van Atta

(5) George W. Van Atta

(5)  Margaret Van Atta, born 13Jul1783 in Oxford Twp., Warren Co., N. J.; married John Middaugh; died 27Apr1850 at Reading, Perry County, Ohio

(4) Arie Van Atta, born in 1745 and baptized 20Jun1746 at Readington, N. J.; married Jacementie _____; he died in 1828 in Warren Co., N. J.

(5)            Sara Van Atta , bap. 12Mar1769

(5) Geisbert Van Atta, bap. 22Nov1772

? (4) Benjamin Van Atta, born about 1745          (rather uncertain)

? (4) Jacobus (Cobus) Van Atta, born about 1747)       (rather uncertain)

(3)            Petrus/Peter Van Atta, be 13Oct1719, possibly at Somerville, N. J.; part of tract of land owned by Peter became site of Rocksburg, some time after sale to Jacob Sigler in 1793; his will was signed at Oxford Twp., Sussex Co., N. J., 22Feb1790, and probated 22Jun1790; children as listed in will:

(4)      Samuel Van Atta

(5) Peter Van Atta (could be Peter who married Weller and went to Knox County, Ohio?)

(4) Fronica/Tonica Van Atta

(4)      Peter Van Atta

(4)      Ann Van Atta, married Jacob Keiser/Riser

(4)      Margaret Van Atta

(4)      Benjamin Van Atta, died before his father

(4)      Hannah Van Atta, married Joseph Coplin

(4)      Mary Van Atta, married Jacob Sigler

(3) Samuel Van Atta, bap. 3Mar1723 at Readington, N. J.; some descendants stayed in Hunterdon County, N. J., and some went to Ohio

(3) Benjamin Van Atta, bap. 19May1726; died in 1794 at Oxford. Twp., Sussex Co., N. J.; estate inventoried 6Nov1794; known child:

(4)      Thomas Van Atta, married Altje _____; will signed at Oxford Twp. also and probated 3Jan1796; children named in will:

(5)  Benjamin Van Atta

( 6) Isaac Van Atta

?(7) George Van Atta

(5)  Hannah Van Atta, married John Dongin

(5)  Ann Van Atta

(5) Bridget Van Atta, married Lawrence Lambertsen; lived in Pa.

(5) Lydia Van Atta, married Benjamin Decker


 (3)            JOHANNES VAN ATTA

Johannes Van Atta, the son of Emanuel and Antje de Hooges Van Atta, was baptized November 10, 1710, apparently at Kingston, N.Y., shortly before the family moved to northwestern New Jersey. However, from that point on, information has been difficult to verify, and this account combines some of which has not been definitely confirmed. New Jersey genealogical experts over the past century appear rather certain that Johannes is the father of Aaron, thus establishing the family line that appears here. 

A group of brothers is said to have come from the Raritan-Somerville area of Somerset County to Belvidere’s site in 1740, purchasing about 2,500 acres of land along the Delaware River, of which 1,735 acres was bought from William Penn’s heirs , December 30, 1740 , comprising an area that included all the fertile farms in Harmony Township north of Hutchins when cultivated. One account cites this group of brothers as John, Benjamin, and Jacobus; another adds the names of Peter and Thomas. Since Johannes definitely had brothers Benjamin, Jacobus, and Peter, and possibly had a brother named Thomas who was born in 1717, these facts seem to fit well.

The deal, it is said, was completed by John/Johannes, the “oldest” brother, after the death of their father while the deal was being worked out.  The land began at Foul Rift, south of Belvidere , and extended to Hutchins Station, including Scott Mountain near Rocksburg in Harmony Township. John (or Johannes) owned a farm at the foot of Foul Rift by a large spring, and gave a deed about 1744 for an acre for wharf use to a man named Hobson. At some date, an iron furnace was built there. A century after that original settlement, residents at the site included William (son of John), John J. (son of Isaac), and George W. (son of John), among the family. 

According to somewhat sketchy information, Johannes’ first wife is name was Elizabeth, and his second wife was Jane (or Jinne) Scott, the widow of James Morgan. In New Jersey will abstracts, a December 9, 1786, will in the name of Johannes Van Etta Sr. of Sussex County is believed to be his. It listed five children of his first wife who were to get a bequest made to John, a son, “should he return after wife’s decease,” if he didn’t. Those children were:

(4)      Sara Van Etta, married Joseph Mapes

(4)      (daughter), married Samuel Mordin; apparently deceased prior to will date.

(5)            John Mordin

(5)            James Mordin

(4)      Comelia Van Etta

(4)      Mary Van Etta

(4)      Ann Van Etta


Brother Thomas Van Ette and son-in-law Samuel Mordin were executors for the estate, for which the inventory was dated May 16,1791, and the will proved May 23,1791.

In addition, Johannes/John and his wives had at least two sons:

(4) John Van Etta

(4) Aaron Van Atta, born in 1746, possibly at Charlestown, Warren Co., N. J.




Aaron Van Atta, shown in one source as “Harron", resided at one time at Charleston, Warren County, N. J., and a source cites him as having been born there, which does not appear logical. Aaron is believed to have been born in 1746. Among some confusing information about him is a source which says that he was born in Italy in 1742, went to Holland, and came to America , which does not appear to have any sound basis at all. Aaron is said in several old area histories to have been an early settler of the Mansfield-Woodhouse locale, which in 1794 became Washington borough. Known in later life as “old man Van Atta” and “Grandad,” a written history says that “he and his wife were good souls, fond of company and good cheer.” Evidence is that Aaron was probably married twice, first to Elizabeth Wedge and second to Catherine Lunger. There are a few minor differences between sources in regard to his children, and their birth dates. Aaron may have died in 1828. His children (some judgment and logic are used in resolving differences for this listing):

(5)  Samuel Van Atta, born 22Apr1768; may have died young

(5)  John Van Atta, born 16Dec1769; married Mary Forrester; moved to the Perry-Fairfield County area in Ohio about 1805/6; between 1811 and 1814, he was three times elected a trustee of Reading Twp., and is said to have been one of the first settlers in Jackson Twp. in southwestern Perry County; he died in 1815; Van Attas from Perry County, possibly members of John’s family, pioneered the settlement of Lawrence County, Ill.; children of John and Mary Forrester Van Atta:.

(6)      Aaron Van Atta, born in 1790; married Mary Ann Petty; elected overseer of poor in Reading Twp. in 1818, then died that year, leaving two small children:

(7) John Van Atta, married Anna ______

(7)            Christiana Van Atta, married Weaver Barnes in 1837

(6)      John Van Atta, born in 1794; married Jemima Petty; probably was John who served as county commissioner in 1827 and for three-year term beginning in 1828 in Perry; in Jackson Twp. in 1830 census; served as guardian for three youngest brothers and sisters after father’s death; he died in 1886; known child:

(7)            Dr. E. Van Atta

(6)      James Van Atta, born in 1792; married Elizabeth Pargin; shown in

Jackson Twp. in 1830 census; he died in 1870

(6)      Anna Van Atta, born in 1798; married William D. Elder; died in 1880

(6)      Stephen Van Atta, born about 1804 in N. J.; married Susanna Barnes

(born about 1806 in N. J.) ; they lived at Reading Twp., Perry County, Ohio, from before 1830; a farmer, he died in 1877; children

(7)            Martha Van Atta, born ab. 1831; married Jacob Pebble

(7)            Sophia Van Atta, born ab. 1834; married William Forsythe

(7)            Christiana Van Atta, born ab. 1834; married Jacob P. Huston

(7)            Elias Van Atta, born ab. 1838; married Susanna Goble; lived in Jackson Twp., Perry Co., in 1860

(7)            Samantha Van Atta, born ab. 1841; married John Goble

{7) Jack/Joel Van Atta, born ab. 1843; married Matilda Middaugh

(7)            Harrison Lee Van Atta, born about 1847/8 in Perry Co., Ohio; married Anna Maria. Wisher (born ab. 1845 in Ohio); grocer at one time in Etna Twp., Licking Co., Ohio; children:

(8)      Samantha Van Atta, born ab. 1868; married John Ridenour in 1881

(8)      Stephen Van Atta, perhaps unmarried

(8)      Leota Van Atta, married Charles Leist in 1890; married (2) Dan Bennett

(8)      George Van Atta, married Jenny _____

(8)      Cloyd B. Van Atta , married _____ Elder

(7)            George Washington Van Atta, married Catherine Angle

(7)            Phoebe Van Atta, married Aaron Angle

(6)      Elijah Van Atta, born in 1805; married Anna Eliza Lewis; he died in1828

(5)  Aaron Van Atta, born 14May1771 (SEE FOLLOWING SECTION)

(5)  Joshua Van Atta, born 26Feb1773; married Catherine Wurts (born 22Aug1781); resided at Hampton, N. J.; he died 14/24May1824; she died 25Oct1846; children:

(6)      Elisabeth Van Atta, born 24Jun1803; married ______ Powers; she died 6Dec1864

(6)      Isaac C. Van Atta, born 18Apr1805

(6)      Sarah Van Atta, born 22Feb1008; married Joseph Kinney; she died 26Apr1841

(6)      James Van Atta

(6) Peter R. Van Atta , born 10Apr1814; Princeton graduate, ordained Presbyterian minister; at Mt. Vernon, Ohio, church from July 1844 until 1849; lived many years at Lafayette, Ind.; represented American Bible Society; died 16Aug1886

(6)      Eleanor Van Atta, born Nov1815; married 15May1831 to Samuel Smith (born 16Sep1806); she died 28Oct1893; known child:

(7)            G. W. Smith

(6) MaryVan Atta, born 28Apr1818; married John Skinner

(6) John Van Atta, born 23Jun1821; died 25Dec1822

(5)  Stephen Van Atta, born 14Jan1775; married Elizabeth Arnwine (born 5Feb1778)

1Feb1801; he may have died before 1827; she died 14Jul1863; children:

(6)      James Van Atta, born 5Jan1802; married Susan Moore; he died 26Mar1846

(6)      Mehetable Van Atta, born 30Decl803; married Fred Anthony (born 7Aug1801) she died 14Mar1846; he also died in 1846

(6)      Abigail Van Atta, born and died 21June1811

(6)      Mary Van Atta, born 16Feb1808; married Peter Wirts/Werts (born at Somerville, N. J., 1804); she died 3Aug1849; he died in 1882

(6)      Jane Van Atta, born 16Feb1810; married Henry Creveling

(6)      Joshua Van Atta, born 4Jul1812; married _____ Deerwell (May have been Joshua, 48, laborer, b. NJ, in 1860 Licking Co., Ohio, census)

(6)      George P. Van Atta, born 14Dec1814; married _____ Robinson

(6)      Martha Van Atta, born 24Mar1817; unmarried; lived at Hackettstown,

N. J.; died 5Jun1897; buried at Presbyterian church cemetery there

(6)      Henry H. Van Atta, born 16Apr1819; married Melinda Titus

(6)      Ellen Van Atta, born 19Sep1821; married Levi Gibbs

(6)      Jacob Van Atta, born 4Jun1824 along Musconetcong River, near Washington, N. J.; entered law office as student in 1845; licensed as attorney in 1849 and counselor in Feb1853; practice grew rapidly and at death was one of state’s largest, serving major railroads and others; in 1852 married Julia Dickerson, daughter of Dr. Aaron Dickerson of Philadelphia; Jacob was Democratic leader; delegate to Buchanan nominating convention in 1856; committee chairman for Douglas in 1860 for state; state Democratic chairman for many years; member of state House of Assembly 1862-3; barely short of gaining party nomination for U. S. senator; served on state supreme court; declined Congressional and gubernatorial nominations; died of Bright’s disease at Morristown, N. J., home 30Apr1879

(6)      Amanda Van Atta, born 14Sep1826; unmarried

(5)  Samuel Van Atta, born 8Aug1776; married Peggy Bryant.

(5)  James Van Atta, born 7Apr1778; married Sarah Weaver; moved to Philadelphia

(5)  Elizabeth Van Atta, born 18Feb1780; may have died young

(5)  Elijah Van Atta, also born 18Feb1780; married Catherine Case; died in 1839; buried at Mendham, N. J.; children:

(6)      Sarah Van Atta, became second wife of Oakley Williamson

(6)      Betsey (Elizabeth) Van Atta, married Benjamin Cosad (born 6Mar1808)

(6)      Catherine Van Atta, first wife of Oakley Williamson

(6)      Susan Van Atta, unmarried

(6)      Mary Ann Van Atta, married John DeCou

(6)      Margaret Van Atta, born in 1820; married James Williamson (born in 1813); she died in 1872; he died in 1887; buried at Pleasant Hill cemetery, Chester Twp., Morris Co., N. J.; known child:

(7)            Violetta Williamson, born in 1853; died in 1933

(5)  William Van Atta, born 12Oct1782; may have died young

(5)  Isaac Van Atta, born 28Apr1784; married Ellen Erwine; lived at Pleasant Grove, N.J.



Aaron Van Atta was born May 14, 1771, probably in the vicinity of what became Washington, N. J., in later Warren County. He was married just two days after his 20th birthday to Tetha Aumick (other spellings for her first name include Tethe and Teet; for her last name Amick, Aumac, Aumack, and Amack) on May 16, 1791. She was born August 14, 1772 in New Jersey. They lived at Washington, and may also have resided at one time at Belvidere, N. J., also on the western edge of the state near the Delaware River and just north of the Easton, Pa. - Phillipsburg, N. J., area.

Aaron, on July 5,1827, purchased for $300 a seventh of his father’s farm, apparently the share of his late brother Stephen, in Mansfield Township, consisting of slightly over 21 acres. He was listed in the 1830 census in Mansfield.

Aaron Van Atta died at the age of 60, September 15,1831. He and his wife had 13 children, at least four, of whom migrated to central Ohio in the decade following their father’s death. Aaron’s widow, Tetha, also moved to Ohio. She died at Vanatta, Ohio, June 14,1846, at the age of 73 years and ten months. The children of Aaron and Tetha Aumick Van Atta:

(6)      Elizabeth Van Atta, born 18Nov1792; married Cornelius Warman; died 3May1873

(6)      William Van Atta, born 12Jul1794; shown in 1830 census in Mansfield Twp.,

Warren Co., N. J., with wife 30-40, two female children 5-10, one male 5-10, and three female under 5.

(6)      Samuel Van Atta, born 31May1796  (SEE FOLLOWING SECTION)

(6)      John Van Atta, born 27Jan1798

(6)      Abraham Van Atta, born 30Dec1799

(6) Catherine Van Atta, born 22Feb1801 in N. J.; in 1850 and 18?0 listed as

housekeeper in census at Vanatta., Newton Twp., Licking Co., Ohio; atlas

showed her owning property there; never married; died at Vanatta, and

buried 23Jul1875 at Cedar Hill cemetery, Newark, Ohio

(6)      Elias Van Atta, born 22Marl803; married (1) _____ ______; (2) Elizabeth Huffman (born in N. J. 5Sepl806) 8Jan1834; in 1840 census at Reading Twp., Perry County, Ohio, with brothers William, Stephen, and Jesse, having arrived at Perry in the spring of 1839; moved shortly afterward to Licking Co.; in 1850 census in Union Twp., Licking Co.; prosperous farmer in 1870 in Granville Twp., Licking Co.; he died 13Aug1891 in Lima Twp., Licking Co.; he and second wife are buried at Cedar Hill cemetery, Newark, Ohio (first wife was probably Ann Shafer, born 6May1809 in N. J. in Oxford Twp., married on 18Jan1827, Elias of Greenwich Twp., Warren County, N. J.)

(7)            Jesse S. Van Atta, b. 7Nov1827; married Jane Atherton Van Atta; widow of brother Peter, in 1880

(7)            Elizabeth Van Atta, born 28Apr1829 in N. J.; married _____ Cochran; she died at Union Twp., Licking Co., 22/26Nov1906 aged 77-6-24; buried at Cedar Hill

(7)            Peter S. Van Atta, b. 1May1831; married Jane Atherton; he died 12Jun1879; known child:

(8)      Alva Van Atta, b. 28Aug1857; married Angeline Hildreth (born 3Mar1859); lived in Union Co., Ohio, most of life; he died 9Ma.r1916; she died 9Aug1954; children:

(9)            J. Guy Van Atta, born 19Nov1881; married Emma. Evalina Rinehart; he died 14Sep1956; she (born 24Apr1884) was still living in 1981; known child:

(10)   Alva J. Van Atta, born in 1914; lived at Oak Harbor, Ohio

(9)            Inez Van Atta, born 17Dec1882; died 10Apr1892

(9)            David Ray Van Atta, born 22Apr1886; married Cella T. Campbell; he died 6Jun1954; she died 6Feb1972

(9)            Leah Kate Van Atta, born 31Jul1889; married Andrew Rowland; she died 11Dec1935

(9)            John Arnold Van Atta, born 12Aug1894; married Mae Cameron; he died 7Oct1945; she died in 1976

(9)            Walter Van Atta, born 30Nov1895; died 12Dec1899

(9)            Ella Vera Van Atta, born 24Aug1900; married Leo D. Bohrer (born 30Aug1896); she died 18Jan1964

(9) child died in infancy

(7)            Ann Van Atta, born 10Feb1833

(7) Nancy Van Atta, born 6Mayl835 in N. J.; married John O. Mallory ; lived in Granville Twp., Licking Co.; she died near Granville 14Mar1887 aged 52; he was Licking native born l0Mayl825

(7)            William H. Van Atta, born 18Nov1836; married Micha Buckland (born 12Dec1834); farmer in Lima Twp., Licking Co.; farm valued at $12,000 in 1870; he died 13Aug1903; buried with wife at Pataskala, Ohio; children:

(8)      Honor E. Van Atta, born 12Jan1859; married William Goodrich

(8)      Ivan/Iver/Iris Van Atta, born about 1861

(8)      Nelson D. Van Atta, born 10Jun1864; married Sadie Florence Cochran; horse trainer; lived at Newark, 0., in 1905; she died 6Jan1944; he died 19Mar1948 (son/grandson Richard Clark Van Atta of Marine Corps died 23Feb1945 at Iwo Jima, aged 27, husband of Pauline Palmer)

(8)      William B. Van Atta, born 2Dec1865; married Hattie H. Moreland in 1890; lived at Pataskala, Ohio; children:

(9)            Helen Van Atta, born 26Nov1893

(9)            Byron Van Atta, born 6Apr1901 at Lima Twp., Licking Co.; married Lula Beam (born 1900); known child:

(10)   Linda Van Atta, born 18Jul1937; married Mitchell Howes

(9)            Louise Van Atta.

(8)      George E. Van Atta, born 28Feb1869; died unmarried 29Jan1944

(8)      Jessie Van Atta, born 6Aug1871; never married; lived at Puente, California

(8)      Ivan Van Atta, born 18Jan1873; lived at Pasadena, Cal.; died 27Jun1951; children:

(9)            Earl Van Atta, born Oct1904

(9)            Micha Van Atta, born, 30Jun1907

(8)      Aaron R. Van Atta, born 11/12Apr1875/6; lived at Lima Twp., Licking Co.; died unmarried in June 1934.

(7)            Aaron Van Atta, born 27Mar1838 in Ohio; married Nancy Ellen Holler

(born ab. 1843 in Licking Co.); lived adjacent to parents on Granville

Twp. farm valued at $6,500 in 1870; 96.7-acre tract in SW corner of twp. shown in his name in 1875 atlas; he died at Granville Twp. 15Oct1901; she died 5Nov1913 at age 70-9-17; both buried at Cedar Hill

(8)      Ada May (Addie) VanAtta, born ab. 1863 in Ohio; married

_____ Anderson; died at Granville 29Nov1889 aged 27-8-20; buried at Cedar Hill.

(8)      Elias Albert (Lyle) Van Atta, born ab. 1865; died at Granville 1Dec1897; buried at Cedar Hill

(8)      Frank Van Atta, born in 1866/7 in Ohio; served in Spanish-American War; single; died 5Jan1903 at Granville Twp.; buried at Cedar Hill

(8)      Charles N. Van Atta, born 1Oct1869; farmer; married Emma Grace Hendren 17Aug1895; he died at Newark 15Jun1943; she died 24Apr 1955 aged 82-7-11; both buried at Cedar Hill; children:

(9)            Maud Van Atta, born 15Feb1897 at Granville Twp.

(9)            Ira Ruth Van Atta, born 7May1899 at Mary Ann Twp., Licking Co.; married  _____ Slate

(9)            _____ Van Atta, born 8Feb1902

(9)            Harold R. Van Atta, served in U. S. Navy

(One of above married Donald Cunningham and lived at Newark, O.)

(8)      Sadie B. Van Atta, born in 1876; married _____ Smith; died 12Apr1932; buried at Cedar Hill.

(8)      Isaac Van Atta, born 3Oct1877 at Granville Twp.

(8)      Jesse Aaron Van Atta, born 2Oct1878 at Granville Twp.; married Mary Elizabeth _____; farmer; she died in 1932; he died 22Oct1944; children:

(9)            Jesse N. Van Atta

(9) Roger A. Van Atta, served in U. S. Army as corporal

(9) Velma Emeline Van Atta

(9)            Virginia Jean Van Atta

(7)            (twins) Van Atta, born 23Dec1839

(7)            George W. Van Atta, born 28Nov1840; lived at Ru __ Twp., Fairfield Co., Ohio, in 1860

(7)            David S. Van Atta, born 20Nov1842

(7)            Rebecca Ann Van Atta, born 14Sep1848

(6)      Sarah Van Atta, born 2Feb1805 in N. J.; married Smith; she died at Newark, Ohio, 26Apr1857, aged 52-2-24; buried at Cedar Hill

(6)      Jesse S. Van Atta, born 7Apr1807 in Hunterdon Co., NJ; in 1829 started foundry in Washington Twp., later sold; shown in Mansfield Twp., Warren Co., in 1830 census; married Eleanor McDaniel (born 15Feb1809, also Hunterdon native) on 4Feb1830 in Warren Co.; moved to Ohio about 1840, purchasing 200-acre farm; shared in operation of family foundry at Vanatta, Ohio, until his death 29Jun1852; she lived with daughter Amanda in Newton Twp. until her death at age 86 in 1895, according to some sources; Cedar Hill cemetery records show Ellenora Van Atta, daughter of William and Ann W. McDaniel, as native of Pa. dying 4Jun1893 at Newark at age 84; children:

(7)            Amanda Van Atta, born Feb1831 in N. J.; married Augustus M. Stewart

(born about 1821) 9Mar1849, by Methodist minister Charles Stewart; he was listed in 1870 census at Newton Twp., Licking ,Co., with farm valued at $8,000; she died 31Dec1915; buried at Cedar Hill; child:

(8)      Ellen Stewart, born in 1849/50

(7)            Anna Van Atta, born 10Sep1834; married (1) _____ McMullen; after his death, married (2) farmer and former B&O RR engineer James S. Almond (born 3Dec1834 at Paterson, NJ); in 1881 lived in her father’s old homestead; she died at Newark, 0hio., 5Dec1904; buried at Cedar Hill

(7)            Andrew J/T. Van Atta, born in 1835 in N. J.; married Nancy C. _____

(born in NJ in 1837/40); lived at Vanatta, Newton Twp., in 1860 farmer; known children:

(8)      Jesse Van Atta , born in 1855/6

(8)      Annie Van Atta, born ab. 1861

(7)            Aaron J/R. Van Atta, born ab. 1838 in N. J.

(7)            Abigail Van Atta, born ab. 1841 in N. J.; married M. Huffman; she died at Newark 4May1923; known child:

(8)      Jessie Huffman, born in 1870; single; died at Newark 22Feb1934 aged 63-5-7; buried at Cedar Hill.

(7)            William F. Van Atta, born 26Oct1843 near Vanatta, 0hio; family moved to

Newark in youth; married Virginia Dewar (born Sep1846) in 1862; learned blacksmithing at Denison, 0., shops of Pa. RR, also worked for B&Q at Newark; served in 137th Ohio Vol. Inf. Regt. and/or Co. C, 135th Ohio, as musician during 1864 Civil War action; farmed after war; later merchandising partner of son Thomas; devout member Vanatta Lutheran Church; GAR member; lived last eight years semi-invalid with daughter Clara; she died 10Nov1920; he died 2May1928 at age 84; both buried at Cedar Hill; children:

(8)      Leona N. Van Atta, born ab. 1865; married David Jones; lived at

Newark, 0.; she still living in 1928

(8)      James Dewar Van Atta., born 21Mar1870 at Vanatta; single; lived in

Pa. and Akron, 0.; died 9Feb1933; buried at Cedar Hill

(8)      Thomas A. Van Atta, born 13Apr1871 at Vanatta; express messenger at Newark in 1900; married Minnie Hollander; farmer in Licking Co.; died 23Feb1952 aged 80-10-10 when struck by car; she died 4Jul1917 aged 41-2-3; both buried at Cedar Hill; children:

(9)            (daughter), married Lawrence Pray, lived at Fargo, N. D.

(9)            Jane Eleanor Van Atta, born 7Dec1905 in Newton Twp.; died same month; buried at Cedar Hill

(9)            Ralph Riley Van Atta, born 5/6Jan1908 in Newton Twp.; married Martha _____; died 7Apr1943; buried at Cedar Hill

(10) Ronald George Van Atta

(10) Mary Lou Van Atta

(8)      Lula Van Atta, married (1) _____ Stone; (2) Walter Scarbrough; lived a t Barberton, Ohio

(8)      Aaron R. Van Atta, born 19Aug1876 at Vanatta; married (1) Flora Alexander (born 1881); she died at Newark 6Jan1917 aged 35-2-3; married (2) Lillian Patterson; he died 27Sep1952 at St. Louisville, 0.; she died 23Jan1961, also at St. Louisville, aged 84-5-18; both buried at Cedar Hill; children:

(9)            Frances (Bessie) Van Atta

(9)            Paul O. Van Atta, born 10Feb1904

(9)            Virginia Emma Van Atta, born 13May1905; died at Newark 9Jun1909

(8)      Clara Dell Van Atta, born 12Nov1880; married Frederick C. Scarbrough; she died at Newark, 0., 8Sep1962 aged 81-9-26; buried at Cedar Hill

(8)      Guy Van Atta, born 8Feb1887 in Newton Twp.; died at Vanatta 29Apr1888

(7) David M. Van Atta, born about 1846 in Ohio; served 18 mos. in Co. D, 76th Ohio Vol. Inf., in Civil War; died at Vanatta home 14Dec1879; buried at Cedar Hill (in 1850 census, George, 11, and Samuel, 15, relatives? Also listed)

(6)      Rebecca Ann Van Atta, born 15Apr1809; housekeeper in Newton Twp., Licking Co., in 1850 and 1860 censuses; died 2 May1886

(6)      Charles Van Atta, born 1Aug1811; married Mary A. _____ (born ab. 1812); lived at Pk. Twp., Perry Co., Ohio, in 1860; still in Perry in 1880

(6)      Nelson Van Atta, born 4/11Nov1813 in N. J.; married (1) Margaret C. Smith

(born 1Dec1820) of N. J. in 1839 at Perry Co., Ohio; she died 11Jun1846; married (2) Ann Shultz? (born 1826/7) about 1850; lived in Newton Twp. in 1850; retail grocer in Newark in 1870 with $6,000 in real estate; first four children by first marriage, others by second:

(7) Jane Van Atta, born 10Jun1840; married Abner L. Clouse (born 7Oct1839 at New Philadelphia, 0.) on 24Dec1857; lived at Granville Twp., Licking Co.; she died 15Mar1934; seven children included:

(8)      William Leonard Clouse, born in Aug1858 at Vanatta; married (1) Mary  _____; (2) Bessie Palmer; lived at Tiffin, 0.; famed industrial engineer with many patents; died in Mar1938

(8)      Ida Anna Clouse, born 8JuI1864; married Albert Thomas Sayre 2Sep1886; lived in Granville Twp.; he died 2May1940; she died 8Aug1941

(8) Walter Noah Clouse, married (1) Martha Akins; (2) Lela _____.

(8) Albert Nelson Clouse, married Sadie Wade

(8)      Madie Bell Clouse, married A. E. Bristow

(8)      Stella Clouse, married Perry A. White

(7) Jerome Van Atta, born in 1841/2 in Ohio; lived in Newton Twp. in 1860, Newark in 1870; married Sarah; blacksmith; died at Columbus, 0., 28Feb1909; buried at Cedar Hill; known children:

(8)      Ada Belle Van Atta, born ab. 1865/6

(8)      Irene Van Atta, born ab. 1867/8

(8)      Edward Nelson Van Atta, born 1Dec1870 at Newark; married Marcella (May) E. Schick (born at Newark); telegraph operator and manager of Newark B&O depot; he died 4Jun1937 at Newark, aged 66-6-3; she died 6May1939 at Daytona Beach, Fla.; he buried at Cedar Hill

(8)      NeIl Van Atta, born ab. 1874; married Nutter _____.

(7) John L. Van Atta, born about 1843; married (1) Anna M.; (2) Jemima Oatman, possibly late 1860’s; enlisted 15Dec1861, served in Co. D, 46th Ohio Inf. Regt. as private; lived at Newton Twp. in 1860 and Newark in 1870; on 2Nov1868 became guardian for three oldest children after their mother died; children:

(8)      Edward G. Van Atta, born in 1861 (7Jan?); married Jennie E. Bradley (born ab. 1864 in Lucas Co., 0.); operated grocery at Newark in early 1900’s; he died at Newark 26Aug1925; she died 7Jan1944 aged 80-4-14; both buried at Cedar Hill; children:

 (9)            Orie G. Van Atta, born at Newark 4May1885; married (1) Hattie Rose (born 24Nov1884) on 18Sep1906; she died 19Feb 1936; married (2) Mary E. Settle 27Mar1949; he died 15Nov 1952; children:

(10)   Paul D. Van Atta

(10)   Karl E. Van Atta

(10)   Geraldine Van Atta, married W. G. Dailey of Toledo

(9)            Raymond B. Van Atta, lived at Akron, 0., in 1944 and Indianapolis in 1952

(9)            Vera M. Van Atta, born ab. 1894 at Newark; died 21Feb1898 at Newark, aged 4; buried at Cedar Hill

(8)      Frank Van Atta, born about 1863

(8)      Charles Louis Van Atta, born ab. 1866; worked as bartender at Newark in early 1900’s, later as moulder; married (1) Eva C. Probasco (born in Ohio); she died 28Mar1903 aged 32; married (2) Rebecca Starkey (born ab. 1867); he died at age 79 Jul1945; she died 27Jan1947; buried at Cedar Hill; children:

(9)            Arthur M. Van Atta, born 31Jan1888; moulder, lived at Newark; married Vida Elizabeth Holtsberry (born in Licking Co. 3Nov 1886); she died 8Apr1948 at Newark; he died 27Sep1966 aged 77-7-26; both buried at Cedar Hill

(9) Bessie May Van Atta, born 22Jan1894)            one Married Ray Coble

(9) Florence E. Van Atta, born 13Jan1896)            and lived at Newark;

(9) Ruth P. Van Atta, born 28Apr1898)            another married William Alspaugh, lived at Hebron

(9) William Van Atta, lived at Indianapolis; survived father

(8)      Warren Van Atta, born 9Oct1878 at Newton Twp.; laborer at Newark in 1901

(8)      Wesley C. Van Atta, born 9Feb1881 at Newton Twp.

(7) Emily/Emma Van Atta, born ab. 1845

(7) Marian Van Atta, born ab. 1851; school teacher.

(7) Caroline/Carolyn Van Atta, born ab. 1853; married David C. Metz of Newark; she died at Newark 8Jul1914, buried at Cedar Hill; known child:

(8)      Anna Lena Metz, born in 1877; single; died 17Oct1967 at Newark aged 90-3-6

(7)            Peter Van Atta, born 5Jun1854; died 9Jul1854; buried at Cedar Hill

(7)            Alice Van Atta, born ab. 1855

(7) Samuel C. Van Atta , born in 1859/60

(7) Nelson B. Van Atta, born ab. 1863; died 28Oct1865 near Newark; buried at Cedar Hill

(7)            Francis Van Atta, born ab. 1866

(6)      Ralph Van Atta, born 23May1816 in N. J.; married Catherine A. _____

(born ab. 1823 in N. J.); he died 9Dec1854; buried at Cedar Hill; listed as ironmaster in 1850 census.


Samuel Van Atta was born May 31, 1796, in Warren County, New Jersey. He was married to Miss Jane Stout, March 7,1819. Jane, who was born December 17, 1801, died four years after the marriage, August 14, 1823, after having four children. Samuel was married for the second time, May 14, 1826, to Miss Rebecca Corsa, a native of New York City born January 30, 1801. Samuel moved to New York City in 1826, and was employed for some years as a wagon maker at Brooklyn Navy Yard.

In the fall of 1838, Samuel and three of his brothers -- Jesse, Nelson, and Ralph -- migrated westward to Reading Township, Perry County, in central Ohio. The following spring, they settled five miles north of Newark, Ohio, in Licking County, along the Mount Vernon Road. The site soon became known as Vanattasburg, later shortened to Vanatta, named for the four brothers who established a foundry there. Soon thereafter, another brother, Elias, and two sisters, Catherine and Rebecca, joined them there.

The unincorporated town of Vanatta is part of Newton Township, about three miles north of the later Newark city limits on State Route 13. In the mid-1800’s, it became an active factory-foundry community with a number of manufacturing artisans as residents, and included a grocery, post office, and church. The town’s first postmaster was a Van Atta , and the post office was in operation from 1857 until 1955. Its principal growth came after the 193-mile Sandusky, Mansfield, and Newark Railroad (later part of the Baltimore & Ohio) was chartered in 1853 and built through the town. The population of the town itself was listed as 70 in 1870 and 81 in 1880, not including those on the fringes and outside the town center, counted in Newton Township.

The Van Atta foundry turned out machinery of many kinds, including plows ,

clevises, threshing machines, and reapers. Family tradition has it that many

threshing machine improvements were developed there. An interesting story

about the foundry involved a minister from Pennsylvania who was at one time a

partner in it, Rev. Noah Clouse. A mechanically-minded man, he bought an

interest in the foundry in 1853 and moved to the town of Vanatta. In due time, his son Abner married Jane Van Atta, daughter of Nelson.  The story is that one night, the foundry was burned to the ground. An employee of the foundry who had set the fire was found at home with muddy boots when the possibility of arson was investigated. The employee was a skilled workman, valuable to the foundry operation when sober. But more and more often, he either came to work inebriated, or not at all when too drunk. Rev. Clouse, of strict nature, insisted on firing the man, but Nelson Van Atta was reluctant to do so. Finally, the minister could endure the situation no longer and personally told the man one day that he was no longer needed after that day.  That night, flames enveloped the foundry. Before he could be charged with setting the fire, the man departed for Kansas and was never seen again at Vanatta.

In the late 1770’s, the town remained a quiet, small residential community with a farm equipment dealership, a Lutheran church, and some small retail businesses.

Before the fire incident, however, Samuel Van Atta died, June 25, 1849.  His wife, Rebecca Corsa Van Atta, died at her home in Newark, November 13, 1873, and is buried in the cemetery at Vanatta. The children (first four by first wife, and last four by second):

(7)            Harriet S. Van Atta , born in 1820

(7)            Admiral Nelson Van Atta, born in Oct1820 in N. J. (SEE FOLLOWING SECTION)

(7)            Robert Skinner Van Atta, born near Belvidere, N. J., 9May1822; lived with

father in NY until age 15, then returned to Washington, NJ, and learned trade of moulder in uncle Jesse’s foundry; after two years, moved with father and uncles to Ohio; worked in family foundry at Vanatta , 0., and as moulder in foundries at Pomeroy, Dayton, and Newark; moved to Logan, 0., in 1848 and with partner established Belt and Van Atta foundry; returned to Vanatta in 1853 as partner of Rev. Noah Clouse and uncle Nelson; in 1859, started for Pike’s Peak, but changed mind after reaching Fort Kearney and returned; married Martha Jane Alexander (born at Logan, Ohio, 13Jan1834) on 14Nov1850; became guardian of younger brothers Samuel and George in 1849 when father died; served as Falls Twp. clerk in mid-1860’s retired from family firm in 1862; joined Panhandle RR at Newark as machinist until 1863, when he returned to Logan, Hocking County, and worked in Logan foundry through early 1880’s; she died 1Jan1896; he died 1Oct1897; buried at Oak Grove cemetery, Logan; children:

(8)      Frank A. Van Atta, born ab. 1853 in Ohio; CHV&T Railroad engineer

(8)      Mary Alice Van Atta, born in Mar1855; died 7Sep1855; buried at Vanatta

(8)      Albert P. Van Atta, born ab. 1857 in Ohio; telegraph messenger in 1880’s

(8)      Harry Baldwin Van Atta, born 18Oct1859 at Vanatta, 0.; married Emma Young (born 27May1860 at Nelsonville, 0.) on 3Feb1881; worked as civil engineer on RR in 1880’s; died 24Aug1901 at Nelsonville while working as civil engineer when he tried to rescue another man, by “black damp,” while investigating clogged underground sewer in that community in Athens Co.; she died in Jun1923 at home of daughter Florence in Columbus, 0.; children:

(9)            Florence Isabel Van Atta, born 30Jan1888 at Nelsonville; married Roy Patterson Fulton; she died 13Feb1954 at Columbus; children:

(10)   Henry V. Fulton, born 29Oct1907; died 23Sep1930

(10)   H. Robert Fulton, born 4Oct1909; married Virginia Beaver 27Jun1929

(10)   Ruth I. Fulton, born 11Aug____; married (1) Leonard Yearling; (2) Philip Rhoads

(10)   Grace E. Fulton, born 4Apr____; married (1) Donald Long; (2) Frederick Longhenry

(10)   Raymond L. Fulton, born 27Jun1918; married Mary Anderson. (born 13Sep1920)

(9)            William Harrison Van Atta, born 22Feb1885; died 21Sep1923; buried at Greenlawn cemetery, Nelsonville

(9)            Besse M. Van Atta, born 14Dec1881 at Logan, O.; married Otto O’Grady; they lived at Huntingdon, W. Va., where she was school teacher; she died there; no children

(9)            Harry Byron Van Atta, born 18Jun1880 at Nelsonville; married Pearl _____; he died at Columbus; known daughter:

(10)   Barbara Van Atta, married _____ Montgomery

(9)            Robert Wesley Van Atta, born 23Dec1892 at Charleston, W. Va.; married Marie Foerster; he died 27Jul1967; she still living in 1980

(8) Florence Ella Van Atta

(7)            Jane Van Atta, born in 1823

(7)            Ellen Van Atta , died in youth in New York city

(7)            Charles Van Atta, died in youth in New York city

(7)            Samuel Van Atta, born in 1835/6 in New York city; listed in 1850 and 1860 censuses as moulder, probably in family foundry at Vanatta; moved to Findlay, Ohio, prior to 1870 and lived there for number of years.

(7)            George Van Atta, born 17Feb1839 at Somerset, Reading Twp., Perry Co., Ohio; moved with family that year to Newton Twp., Licking Co.; enlisted 4Oct1864 in Co. F, lst US Veteran Engineers, serving until end of Civil War; severely wounded helping to build Fort Phelps; seriously injured on Hiwassee River when saw logs fell on him; entered commercial college at Bellefontaine, 0., after war; moved to Newark in fall 1866, employed as hardware clerk there; married Frances Ellen Parrott (born 10Feb1845 in Knox Co., 0. ) at Mt. Vernon 14Nov1867; partner in Newark agricultural implement firm of Travers & Van Atta in mid-1870’s; later employed as glass works engineer; in Feb18e4 named chief engineer at Lancaster (O.) boys’ industrial school, where he lost finger of left hand at school sawmill; established insurance business at Newark in 1887; elected Newark Twp. clerk in 1888, then appointed superintendent of Cedar Hill cemetery at Newark in Dec1888; he died 6Feb1918; she died 5Sep1933; both buried at Cedar Hill; only child:

(8)      Mary R. Van Atta, born in May1871; married Arthur J. Baldwin; a widow she died 23Oct1939; buried at Cedar Hill



Admiral Nelson Van Atta, oldest son of Samuel and Jane Stout Van Atta, was born in New Jersey in October 1820. His wife, Anna Woolever, daughter of John and Catherine Woolever of Warren County, N. J., was born there in July 1826. Admiral moved to Ohio with his father and stepmother, and there is some evidence that the Woolevers ,who apparently were neighbors in New Jersey, also moved to Licking County, Ohio, perhaps with the Van Attas. Throughout his adult life, Admiral farmed in Newton Township of that county, and also followed some trades. He was listed as a mechanic in the 1850 census and as a merchant in the 1860 census.

In the 1870 census, he owned a farm valued at $4,000. An 1875 atlas shows the farm as a nearly square plot of 99 acres on the northern edge of the township, one property west of the township’s northeastern corner. Anna Woolever Van Atta died August 8, 1884, aged 58 years and nine days. Admiral Nelson Van Atta died July 4, 1902, aged 81 years, eight months, and seven days. Both are buried at Evans cemetery, corner of County roads 202 and 249, near St. Louisville in Newton Twp., Licking Co. Their children:

(8) James Van Atta, born in 1847; died in 1917; buried at Evans cemetery

(8) John W. Van Atta, born about 1849

(8) Elizabeth Van Atta , born about 1853

(8) Ella Van Atta, born about 1854; married _____ Pitney; lived at Findlay, O.

(8) Robert Alonzo Van Atta, born 20Oct1855; died 9Oct1891


(8) Mary E. Van Atta, born about 1857 (2?); married Joseph Pitney 17Apr1875; died in 1954; buried at Evans cemetery

(8)      William H. Van Atta, born 20/27Nov1858 at St. Louisville; married Laura Taylor (born 30Apr1863 in Licking Co.) in 1891; he died 5Feb1938; she died 17Jan1943; both buried at Wilson cemetery; children:

(9)            Eva May Van Atta, born 10Apr1896 in Newton Twp.; married (1) Harry Layman and (2) Harold Ankrum

(9)            Earl Eldon Van Atta, born 4Nov1898 in Newton Twp.; lived at Newark

(9)            Admiral Nelson Van Atta, born 25May1900; died of burns 23Jul1933

(9)            Daniel S. Van Atta, born 1Sep1902 in Newton Twp.; lived at Newark

(8)      Emma Van Atta, born in Mar1860; married Morgan Evans; children:

(9)            Merrill Evans, born 6Jun1881 at St. Louisville

(9)            William D. Evans, born 9Dec1882 at St. Louisville

(9)            Cleveland H. Evans, born 29Dec1884; in 1900 lived with Boyd’s (uncle)

(9)            Admiral Nelson Evans, born 12Sep1886 at Newton Twp.

(8)      Anna Van Atta, born in Dec1861; married (1) John C. Boyd (born Jun1856 in Pa.); he was house painter; married (2) _____ Richards; lived at St. Louisville; known child:

(9)            (son), born 23Sep1882 at St. Louisville

(8)      Cornelia Van Atta, born about 1862

(8)      Olive Van Atta, born about 1864; married Long; lived at Flagstaff, Az.

(8)      Amanda Van Atta, born-in Jun1866; married John M. Kelley; she died 27Apr1935; buried at Cedar Hill

(8)      Jesse A. Van Atta, born ab. 1868; married Mary A. Hughes (born 29Jun1883 at Waverly, Iowa); she died 12Nov1932; he died in 1944; buried at Evans cemetery

(9)            Roger Van Atta

(9)            Velma Van Atta

(9)             Raymond Van Atta

(9)            Virginia Van Atta

(9)            (son), died young

(8)      Jefferson D. Van Atta, lived at Emmettt Calif.


Robert Alonzo Van Atta, a son of Admiral Nelson and Anna Woolever Van Atta, was born October 20, 1855, in Newton Township, Licking County, Ohio. He was married to Emma Sue Demuth, July 9, 1885, at his father’s home in Newton Township by a local minister, 63-Year-old Elder John Pritchard of the Baptist church at St. Louisville. Robert Alonzo died October 9,1891, shortly before his 36th birthday and is buried in Lot #34, New Addition (as of 1890) at Martinsburg (Ohio) Presbyterian Church cemetery. His wife, Emma, was born June 30, 1867, probably at Martinsburg in Knox County, Ohio. After the death of her husband and the departure of her two surviving sons, she lived for many years at Willoughby, Ohio, and Marion, Ohio. She died in the summer of 1943 at Marion. Their children:


(9)            Admiral Harry Van Atta, born 12Jun1886; died 22Mar1959 (SEE FOLLOWING SECTION)

(9)            Arthur Arlow Van Atta, born 29Nov1887 at Martinsburg, Ohio; prominent in Marion, Ohio, business, first as owner of Van Atta Hardware, later as founder of Van Atta Electric Supply Company, still existing; married Iva Bly Wingett; he died 23Sep1951; she died 7Jan1960 at Marion, Ohio; children:

(10)   Marguerite Van Atta, born 30Jun1913; married (1) Mark L. McKittrick, 6Aug1939; he died 3Jan1947; married (2) James F. McGregor, 2Sep1949 at Columbus, 0.; they live at Marion, Ohio

(10)   Martha Van Atta, born 4Oct1918; married Robert Minard; live at Marion

(11)      Dean Arthur Minard, born 4Oct1946; married Susan Dorothy Hedley of Rochester, NY, 16Jun1973 at Marion; children:

(12)      Matthew Kevin Minard, born 2Feb1977

(12)      Todd Allan Minard, born 19Decl978

(9)            Earl Orville Van Atta, born 16Sep1889 at Clay Twp., Knox Co.; died 1Jul1891

(9)            Carl Alonzo Van Atta, born 30Oct1891 at Eden Twp., Licking Co.; died 16Aug1892;

(9)            HARRY A. VAN ATTA

Harry A. Van Atta, who changed his name around from Admiral Harry, was born June 12,1886, probably in Licking County, Ohio. He married (1) Zelda Butler, who was born September 19, 1890, at DuBois, Pa., on October 23,1923, at the Pittsburgh suburb of Brookline. She died April 29, 1934, at the family home at Glenshaw, Pa., in the north suburban section of Pittsburgh. He married (2) Emma Margaret Murray Lewis, born July 24, 1903, at Everson, Pa., there on May 21, 1935. She died November 15, 1957, at Bellevue, Pa. Harry, a retired U. S. Army Engineer and Ordnance civilian inspector, died March 22, 1959, at Greensburg, Pa. The children of Harry A. Van Atta and his two wives:

(10)   Robert Butler Van Atta, born 6Aug1924; married Beatrice Louise Hess 1Feb1947 at Winburne, Clearfield Co., Pa.; children:

(11)       Catharine Louise Van Atta, born 10Sep1951 at Rush Twp., Centre Co., Pa married David G. Joseph of Elkins, W. Va., 30Jun1979

(11)      Laurie Jean Van Atta, born 23Mar1960 at Greensburg, Pa.

(10)   William Arthur Van Atta, born 26Dec1925; died 8Feb1931; buried at Mt. Royal cemetery

(10)   John Clyde Van Atta, born 22Apr1930; married Loretta Weber 27May1951 at Oceanside, Cal.; child:

(11)      John Andrew Van Atta, born 9Feb1956

(10)   Jane Eleanor Van Atta, born 7Jul1932; married William Jackson 16Dec1950 at Mt. Oliver, Pittsburgh; children:

(11)      William Jackson, born 26Dec1951

(11)      Mary Jane Jackson, born 24Apr1954; married Anthony J. Emanuele 24May1975 at Pittsburgh

(11)      Patricia Jackson, born 8Feb1956; married Keith Morrell 6Nov1976 at Pittsburgh

(11)      Joann Jackson, born 20Mar1959; married Robert J. Lippert l3Sep1980 at Pittsburgh

(10)   Frank Andrew Van Atta, born 6Aug1933; married Adella Worst 8Jun1957 at Ross Twp., near Pittsburgh; children:

(11)      Frank Edward Van Atta, born 7Nov1957; married Joann Marie Hughes 27Sep1980 at Millvale, Pa.

(11) Diane May Van Atta, born 18Jan1959

(11 Ellen Marie Van Atta, born 9Jun1960

(11) Lynda Christine Van Atta, born 2Aug1961

(11)      James Andrew Van Atta , born 24May1967

(10)   Judith Leah Van Atta, born 17Aug1937; married Henry Swick 30Jun1956 at Ross Twp., near Pittsburgh; children:

(11)      Margaret Coletta Swick, born 27Dec1956

(11)      Daborah Leah Swick, born 30Mar1958

(11)       Suzanne Lynne Swick, born 4Jun1959

(11)      Henry Frank Swick Jr., born 13Jul1961

(11)      Lisa Michelle Swick, born 29Oct1969

(10)   Alonzo Albert Van Atta, born 4May1940; married Sandy Wright 15Jul1961 at Wilkinsburg, Pa.; children:

(11)      Jeffery Paul Van Atta, born 24Oct1961

(11)      David Scott Van Atta, born 12Jul1963

(10)   Thomas Allen Van Atta, born 15Feb1944; married Joan Twila Rounce 11Jun1965 at Mars, Pa.; children:

(11)      Barbara Ann Van Atta, born 7Nov1966

(11)      Wayne Richard Van Atta, born 6Nov1968

(11)      Paulene Marie Van Atta, born 14Apr1971

Child of Emma Margaret Murray Lewis Van Atta by her first marriage:

(10)   Wayne Pressley Lewis, born 30Mar1923; married Virginia Raida 29May1947 at Millvale, Pa.; lived at Mars, Pa.; he died 20May1982; children:

(11)      Linda Lewis, born 5Sep1949; married Robert A. Wassam 29May1970 at Martinsburg, W.Va.

(11)      Virginia Lewis, born 7Mar1952; married Regis N. Kennihan 3Jul1974 at Mars, Pa.

(11)      Susan Lewis, born 14Sep1958

(11)      Kathleen Lewis, born 7Jun1960

(11)      Christine Lewis, born 6Dec1961


#                              #                             #


(NOTE: While it is believed that these families fit into the Van Atta family genealogy, the definite connection has not been established.)

(  ) Thomas Van Atta, born 5Apr1717 in N. J.; children:

(  ) Joanna Van Atta

(  ) Anna Van Atta

(  ) Bridget Van Atta

(  ) Laura Van Atta

(  )            Benjamin Van Atta, born 12Apr1753 in NY?; married Margaret Middaugh; lived at Rocksburg, near Belvidere, N. J.;

(  ) Peter Van Atta

(  ) Maretta Van Atta

(  ) Thomas Van Atta, moved to Ohio

(  ) Elizabeth Van Atta

(  ) Johannes/John M. Van Atta, born 1Nov1782 at Rocksburg, N. J.; married Elizabeth Albright (born 16Aug1787); moved at Barton, Tioga Co., NY, in 1823; he died 7Mar1862; she died 1Sep1879; both buried at Barton cemetery; children:

(  )  Peter Van Atta, born 2Jul1810 in NJ; married Fannie Jane Harding; farmer at Straw Hill, Barton, NY; he died 8Mar 1885; she died l2Aug1887; children:

(  ) Oscar H. Van Atta, born 29May1845; died 24Jan1896

(  ) Eliza Van Atta, married I. F. Hoyt; he was born in 1849 and died in 1910

(  ) Nancy Van Atta, married John Harding

(  ) John Van Atta, died unmarried at age 22

(NOTE: Asbury church records, Nichols, NY, list Nancy and John as children of Ezekial Swartwood and Margaret Van Atta, she b. 21Nov1811 and d. 1Mar1898)

(  ) Margaret A. Van Atta

(  ) Adam Van Atta

(  ) William Van Atta

(  ) Benjamin Van Atta

(  ) Caroline Van Atta

(  ) Sarah Van Atta

(  ) Isaac Van Atta, born 22Jul1826; died young

(  ) Rebecca M. Van Atta, born 11Dec1832; died 14Mar1906

(  ) Azariah Van Atta



(  ) Elisha McMurtry Van Atta, born 24Sep18l5; married Elizabeth _____ (born 2Jul182l); lived at Delaware Park, N. J.; she died 10May1870; he died 27June1892; buried at Belvidere, N. J.; children:

(  ) Hannah E. Vanatta, born in 1843; unmarried; died in 1926

(  ) Isaac Vanatta, born 17Feb1845; married _____ _____ (born ab. 1845); she died 14Sep1922; he died 2Apr1923; children:

(  ) Arthur Vanatta, never married.

(  ) Harry Vanatta, married Carrie _____; no children

(  ) Elva/Alva Vanatta, married Charles Stryker; no children

(  ) Jane/Jennifer Van Atta, born 23Mar1855; married William Witte

(  ) William Witte Jr., married Anna Bumiller 10Apr1915

(  ) Evelyn Witte, died unmarried 24Sep1916

(  ) Elizabeth Witte, died unmarried 20Apr1919

(  ) Abram McMurtrie Vanatta, born in 1853; married (1) Alice Dailey, who died 1Jan1881 in childbirth; (2) Sarah J. Shipman (born in 1863); she died 27Jun1903 at Phillipsburg, NJ; (3) Corinda Worman on 12Apr 1905; he died in 1932 at Hope, NJ; children:

(  ) Grace Vanatta, born in Jan1879

(  ) Willie S. Vanatta, born 31Dec1880; died 27Jan1881

(  ) Charles Frank Vanatta, born 19Feb1883 at Phillipsburg, NJ; married (1) Gertrude Young, and (2) Lula Lightcap

(  ) Christiana Vanatta, born 1Aug1884; married Homer Brink; moved to California

(  ) Walter Vanatta, born 25Jan1886 at Phillipsburg; married Maude Smith in Dec1908

(  ) Russell J. Vanatta, born 13Mar1888; married Elizabeth Fairchild Johnston (born 17Aug1887); lived at Gary, Ind.; she died 3Feb1961; he died 3Marl963

(  ) Isaac Vanatta, born 3Oct1890; married Lillian Knauss 20Mar1913; he died 31Dec1935 at Easton, Pa.

(  ) Ario Jacobs Vanatta, born 28Mar1892; died 13Oct1918, Phillipsburg

(  ) Louise Vanatta, born in 1857; married _____ Barnes; she died in 1931



(  ) Peter Van Atta, born in N. J.; married Sarah J. Weller, daughter of Peter Weller; he died in N. J. in 1836; she moved from Warren Co., NJ, to Ohio with her father in 1840; father Weller became influential citizen in Miller Twp., Knox County, Ohio, where he died in 1863 aged 89; Sarah Weller Van Atta (born in 1813) died in 1889, buried at Fairview cemetery;

Peter reportedly had brother Aaron who “left home and was never heard of again,” and sister Mrs. Philip Case, whose husband was “oldest commission merchant in NY city”; children of Peter and Sarah Weller Van Atta:

(  ) John W. Vannatta, born in 1834; died of  burns in 1835; buried at Weller cemetery near New Village, NJ

(  ) Lovina Vannatta, born in 1835; died in 1922

(  ) Samuel Thomas Vannatta, born 14Sep1835 in Warren Co., NJ; with mother in 1859 purchased 59-acre tract in Miller Twp., Knox Co., Ohio; married Levina Hawkins (born in 1844 in Hampshire Co., Va., daughter of Isaac Hawkins) on 29Jan1864; in 1871, Samuel T. had 193 acres SE of Brandon, spanning Sycamore Creek; by late 1880’s owned “300 acres of good land;” he served in several local offices, including Knox Co. commissioner; 1896 atlas showed him owning 112 acres NE of Brandon, 192 ½-acres SE, and one acre on Newark Ave., South Vernon, Clinton Twp; L. (Levina?) owned 70 acres SE of Brandon; farmer, Samuel died in 1922, buried in Fairview cemetery, Miller Twp.; children:

(  ) Frank A. Vannatta, born 23Jul1866; Miller Twp. farmer, possibly on dad’s property, in 1896; married Belle West; died 11Aug1908

(  )      Charles 0. Vannatta, born 12Jan1869; married Maude Sperry (born in 1876; farmer and Miller Twp. trustee; lived at Utica; she died in 1934; he died 16Feb1951; both buried at Fairview cemetery, Utica; children:

 (  ) Enos E. Vannatta, born 2Nov1898; married Isabell Hall (born in 1902) on 12Oct1922; he died 28Dec1933 near Utica; buried at Fairview; children:

(  ) Enos Vannatta, Jr.

(  ) Thomas Nelson Vannatta, married Hazel Mae Gardner l5Jul1950

(  ) Mary Louise Vannatta

(  ) Sperry T. Vannatta, born 1902; died 1969

(  ) Frank Vannatta

(  ) Fred Vannatta

(  ) Dan Vannatta .

(  ) (daughter), married Raymond Kemmerer; lived at Fredericktown

(  ) (daughter), married Chester Ward; lived near Utica

(  ) Flora Emeline Vannatta, married Calvin Wilson Forry; lived at Mt. Vernon; she was still living in 1951)



(  ) Aaron Vannatta, born about 1804; married Susannah _____ (born about 1807) on 11Dec1824; she from Mansfield Twp.; they lived at Washington Twp., Warren Co., NJ, in 1850; children:

(  ) John B. Vannatta, born 3Jun1825 at Washington, Warren Co.; married Eliza Spyker Longshore (born Pickaway Co., Ohio, ab. 1825) on 6Jun1854 at Lima, Ohio, her second marriage; he was bricklayer and later contractor at Lima; he died 13Nov1893 there; children (all born at Lima, Allen Co., Ohio):

(  ) Henry L. Vannatta, born 2Mar1856; died in 1858

(  ) William Edward  Vannatta, born 14Aug1868; died 16Oct1883

(  ) Susan Emma Vannatta, born 24Oct1856?; married George Haller; she died 5Feb1919 at Altoona, Pa.

(  ) Althy Jane Vannatta, born 5Oct1860; married B. F. Colliver; she died 17Sep1941 at Lima

(  ) Catherine Vannatta, born about 1830

(  ) James Davidson Vannatta, born 16Feb1833 at Washington, Warren Co., NJ; married Mary Elizabeth Longshore (born 4Feb1849, daughter.of Eliza by first marriage); on 24Oct1866 at Lima; he served in Civil War; he died 12Jun1909 at Lima; five children included:

(  ) Bertha Vannatta, born 28Aug1868 at Washington, Warren Co., NJ; married Adolphus S. Long 15May1887 at Lima; he died 1Jan1923 at Kenton, Ohio; she died 10Nov1963 at Lima

(  ) Charles Vannatta, born 29Jan1867 at Warren Co., NJ

(  ) Frank Longshore Vannatten, born 24Mar1876 at Allen Co., Ohio

(  ) Eliza (Lyde), born 6Jan1872 at Warren Co., NJ

(  ) Susan Vannatta, born 29Dec1874 at Lima, Ohio

(  ) Jacob Vannatta, born about 1835; may have died young

(  ) William Vannatta, born about 1839

(  ) Edwina/Edward Vannatta, born about 1842

(  ) Jane Vannatta, born about 1844




(  ) Isaac Van Atta, born 1826/8 in NJ; lived at Newark, Ohio; enlisted as private in second co. formed in Licking Co. for Mexican War; cavalry, mustered in May 1847, rode to Cincinnati, steamer to New Orleans and Seralvo on Rio Grande; wounded by another soldier’s accidental carbine discharge while watering horses at Walnut Springs near Monterey in 1847; six weeks in hospital for shoulder wound; mustered out 2Aug1848 at Cincinnati; drew disability pension; farmer in Newton Twp., Licking Co., in 1860; prosperous farmer in nearby Burlington Twp. near Granville in 1870; married Floa/Florence Stewart (born about 1830 in Ohio); he may have died in early 1870’s; she shown as owner of 205 ½ -acre farm on eastern Burlington Twp. border in 1875 atlas; she died 27May1909 at Delphi, Ind.; buried at Cedar Hill cemetery, Newark, 0.; children:

(  ) George Van Atta, born about 1850

(  ) Florence I../J. Van Atta, born about 1852/3

(  ) Willie Van Atta, born 7Aug1855; died 21Aug1855; buried at Cedar Hill

(  ) John Van Atta, born about 1857; died 13Mar1860 at age 3; buried at Cedar Hill

(  ) Margaret R. Van Atta, born ab. Sep1859; may have died young

(  ) Thomas Van Atta, born about 1862

(  ) Nellie Van Atta, born ab. 1864; died 13Jul1867 at age 3 at Vanatta, 0. 

(  ) Adella/Della Van Atta, born ab. 1866; single; died 17Oct1923 at Den Creek, Delphia, Ind.; buried at Cedar Hill

(  ) Luella Van Atta, born in late 1869 or early 1870

(Elizabeth Ruth, 10, listed in household in 1860)



(  )  John L. Van Atta (son of John and Elizabeth Van Atta, she died 20Dec1912 aged 92-9-6, buried at Cedar Hill), born in late Oct1840 in Ohio; served in Civil War; blacksmith in 1880 census; married Anna Margaret Ellenberger (born in 1849); he died at Newark 8Dec1909; she died 21Oct1924; both buried at Cedar Hill; children:

(  ) Harry L. Van Atta, born and died Mar1874 at Newark; buried at Cedar Hill

(  ) Albert Van Atta, born 15Oct1876; died 4Nov1876; buried at Cedar Hill

(  ) Mary R. Van Atta, born 10Dec1877

(  ) Regenia M. Van Atta, born 11Sep1879

(  ) John Rolin Van Atta, born 11Sep1879; prob. John who was glassblower at Newark, 0., around 1900

(  ) Jennie L. Van Atta, born ab. 1880; died near Newark 19Jun1885; buried at Cedar Hill

(  ) Annie E. Van Atta, born 7Apr1884, died near Newark 22Jun1885; buried at Cedar Hill

(  ) Helen Grace Van Atta, born 18Mar1888, married _____ Hupp; widow when she died 12Aug1964 at age 76-4-25; used name of Grace





     As early as the 1760’s, a clan of Van Attas (then called Vanatre/Vanater/ Vanator) in an area of extreme western Pennsylvania that became Beaver and Washington Counties, not far from the Ohio River. The area progenitors of this clan appear to be Benjamin, James, and John, whose relationship to each other is not clear. Some believe they were brothers, and one genealogist speculates that James was the father of Benjamin and John. Another source believes that Benjamin was older than John. However, because of these uncertainties, all three are shown as (1), the first generation known of the line, until further definitive information can be found. All three are known to have resided along Mingo Creek in what became Nottingham Township in Washington County, in an area which was claimed by both Virginia and Pennsylvania until after the Revolutionary War when the dispute was settled.


Records show that Benjamin served on the jury in 1778 in Yohogania County (Virginia’s jurisdiction in the disputed area). He was indicted along with three others in 1779 in the future area of Washington County for forcible entry and detainer, probably in a contest over a land title when the two states were both giving title to the land. He was a defendant with James Vanatre against Henry Morrison, according to Virginia court records (see text of deed in section following). There is also a record of him having been allowed $200 by Yohogania County for expenses and services in going to Williamsburg for the sheriff’s commission and other necessaries for county use. At one stage, the family apparently moved from Mingo Creek to Harmony Creek in what became Cross Creek Township, also in Washington County. Children as known:


(2)  James Vanater, married Mary _____; moved to Ohio

(2)            Benjamin Vanater, married Catharine _____; moved to Ohio

(2)            Margaret Vanater, married Benjamin Waggoner



Virginia court records show James as having recorded in March 1778 a bill of sale to Henry Morrison (text follows) a defendant in a case by William Braden in April 1778. plaintiff in two suits in July 1778. ..  and in August as a defendant with Benjamin Vanatar in a case by Henry Morrison.

The text of the bill of sale: “Know all men by these presents that I John Vanator of Youghaginia County and colloney of Virginia for and in consideration of the sum of ten pounds Pensylvania money to me in hand payed by Henry Morrison of the Countey and Colloney aforesaid have bargened and sold all my improvements with the Doweling (dwelling?) house I now live in with all my Clearing and fencin and other Improvements on the place I now live on and do hereby warrant and defend the same from myself, my heirs or assigns forever and the foresaid Henry Morrison hath agreed that said Vanator is to raise a Crop next Spring on said place and is to cleare two acers and on half or three acers and is to make six hundred _____, and put them in the fence and the aforsaid James Vanator is to give the aforsaid Henry Morrison peaseable and guest posesion of said place on or before the first of March in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy eight from himself his heairs or asigns as Witness my hand this twenty seventh day of January one thousand seven hundred and seventy seven.”


James X Venator


Witnesses present:                         John Munn

John Morrison


The dispute apparently came from the way in which this bill of sale was carried out.

     James is also shown as having served on jury duty in September 1779.  He may be the James who signed a petition in 1804 for the division of North Beaver Township into Shenango Township in what became the Bessemer area of Lawrence County, but this quite possibly was James, son of John (see next page).

No information has yet been found on children of James.


John Vanata/Vanatta is known to have been born between 1740 and 1750, probably in 1748 or 1749. In May of 1780, he was called for jury duty in Yohogania County, Virginia, the first public record found that shows him.  John was indicted in 1782 in Washington County for 1781 “deeds” in the Col. Cox case, involving assault in connection with compulsory military operations … but also possibly due to the duplicate government-court system of the two states which claimed the area until then. John obtained a land warrant in Washington County in April 1785, and a patent for “Leghorn” on Mingo Creek in Nottingham Township in 1787.

John is shown in the 1790 census in Washington County with ten in the family (2-3-5). In April 1793, his wife at that time, Rachel Hull, inherited 231 acres on Robinson Run in Fayette Township, Allegheny County, where John was listed as a taxpayer later that year. In 1797, they bought another 202 acres adjacent to their Robinson Run land. John was shown on the Fayette Township tax list in 1798, the 1800 census (31101/02101), and 1802 land records with wife Rachel.

In May 1802, they sold some of their land to son Benjamin, then between 1803 and 1805 moved to North Beaver Township, then in Beaver County. Their sons bought land there in 1806 and 1807, and John bought 250 acres in April 1807.  He was shown in North Beaver Township in the 1810 census (01201/00101).

John was appointed an ensign of Yohogania County (Va.) militia, and one reference shows him as a lieutenant. One of his property deeds includes the rank of captain with his name. John was a blacksmith by trade, and one source of information indicates that he had three different wives. His first marriage was in 1770 to Lidia _____. Then, in 1791/2, he married Rachel Hull. A third marriage was to Sarah _____. Two of his sons by his first marriage married two daughters of Rachel Hull by her first marriage.  John was involved in further land transactions in Beaver County in 1815 and 1819. He was listed in the 1820 census in North Beaver Township (00101/01001), and was still there in the 1830 census. He died in 1831 or 1832 at an age of over 80 at Mt. Jackson, North Beaver TWp., which became a part of Lawrence County. His children (names of daughters unknown):


(2)  James Van Atta, born 2May1771 in what became Beaver County, Pa.; may have been petition signer in 1804 for division of North Beaver Twp.; believed to have been married twice, first to Hannah _____ (born 20Dec1769 in Beaver County area), secondly to Elizabeth (Betsy) Hull (born in 1784 in Beaver County); he died in 1837 in Beaver Courity; she died in 1868 at Jasper County, Iowa; his 13 children:


(3)      John Calvin Vanater/Van Atta, born in 1795 at Beaver County, Pa.; ran off from parents about 1813 and enlisted in Army, serving about five years before discharge at Green Bay, Wis.; about 1825, worked as hand on Ohio River keel boat; in 1828, built a cabin at future site of Keithsburg, Ill. visited future site of Muscatine, Iowa, as early as 1828, then acquired ground there in 1837 and laid out town of Bloomington (which became county seat of Muscatine County and changed name to Muscatine in 1849); first marriage was to Martha _____ (1804-1851); second marriage was to Margaret Bennett (1821-1899); Colonel (as he was known) Vanater/Van Atta died January 16, 1857, and is buried at Muscatine, Iowa; one known child by first wife and two by second:

(4)  Thomas Van Atta, born December 15, 1826, in Beaver County, Pa.

(4)  Nancy J. Van Atta, born in 1852 at Muscatine, Iowa; died in 1858

(4)  William J. Van Atta, born in 1855 at Muscatine, Iowa.

(3) Moses Van Atta, born in 1797 in Beaver County

(3)      Daniel Van Atta, born in 1799 in Beaver County

(3)      Benjamin Van Atta, born in 1800 in Beaver County; went west in early 1730’s and settled at Keithsburg, Ill.

(3)      Rachel Van Atta, born in 1803 in Beaver County; married James/William Vance; went west in 1836 and settled at Glancy’s Mill, Mercer County, Ill.; may have been married a second time to _____ Stern: she died in 1895 at Newton, Iowa; had eight children

(3)      Mary Van Atta, born in 1805/7 in Beaver County; married _____ Day

(3) Samuel Van Atta, born in 1808/9 in Beaver County; married (1) Nancy Ellen Gabbert in October 1836 and (2) Barbara Ann Newton in 1844; went west and settled first at Muscatine, Iowa; later moved to Kansas; two children by first wife and five by second

(3)      James Van Atta (twin), born November 7, 1811, in Beaver County; married Katie Ann Brobeck (born 1817, Pa.; died 1902, Iowa) in 1836; arrived at Muscatine, Iowa, in 1846; he died in 1886 at Muscatine; they had eight children

 (3) William Van Atta (twin), born November 7, 1811, in Beaver County; married Matilda Brobeck (born 1815, Pa.; died 1903, Iowa) on March 19, 1835; he and family boarded steamer at Beaver, Pa., then changed to north-bound one at St. Louis; crossed rapids at Keokuk in small boat; arrived at Muscatine, Iowa, April 1, 1846; purchased farm and erected log cabin in Seventy Six Twp.; he died of Bright’s disease there, December 19, 1891

Peggy's Great-Great-Great Grandfather!---->(3) Gearshum Van Atta, born June 2, 1813, in Beaver County; married Sarah C. Palmer (born February 13, 1819, in Indiana) on October 5, 1833 at Henderson, Knox County, Illinois; they crossed the plains in 1854 and settled first in Oregon before finally establishing a home at Brush Prairie, Washington Territory; they had 15 children, one not accounted for may have been born and died on western trip; he died in 1896, and his wife in 1901, at Clark County, Wash.:

(4)            Betsy Van Atta, born December 15, 1834

(4)            Jane Van Atta, born May 8, 1836; married William Poe, September 10, 1854

(4)            Margaret Van Atta, born February 5, 1838; died in infancy

(4)            John Van Atta, born August 21, 1839; died in infancy

Peggy's Great-Great Grandparents ----->
(4)            Mary Van Atta, born September 30, 1840; married E. M. Hall, November 2, 1856

(4)            Eli Van Atta, born December 4, 1843; died in infancy

(4)            Benjamin Van Atta, born October 28, 1845; died in infancy

(4)            Eli Cyrus Van Atta, born 8Dec1847; married Elmarine Jane Bowman (born 21Jan1853 at Jackson County, Mo.) on 1Mar1874 at Brush Prarie, Wash.; children:

(5)      Eva Rebecca Van Atta, born 8Jan1875; died 17Mar1958

(5)      Celia Alice Van Atta, born 8Mar1877; died 9Apr1965

(5)      Clyde Bowman Van Atta, born 2Sep1878; died 16Oct1909

(5)      Letha Jane Van Atta, born 18Nov1880; died 15Jul1968

(5)      Merritt Gearshum VanAtta, born 9Jan1883; died 9May1962

(5)      Willis Adrian Van Atta, born 28May1885; died 9Dec1942

(5)      Arlie Roy Van Atta, born 2Sep1887; died 26Jul1973

(5)      Volney Vincent Van Atta, born 8May1890; died 5Jun1972

(5)      Walter Osa Van Atta, born 27Dec1892; died 16Sep1942

(5)      Ellis Van Atta, born 6Jul1895; died 14Apr1974

(4) Susan Van Atta, born 5Jul1850; died in infancy

(4) William Van Atta, born 15Sep1851

(4) Rosetta Sarah Van Atta, born 31Mar1856; married Samuel Wilson Van Atta, reputedly a cousin, in 1878 in Oregon; he died in 1929 she died 1Oct1934 at Ottawa County, Oklahoma

(4) Phoebe Caroline Van Atta, born 7Feb1858

(4) Lincoln Gearshum Van Atta, born 21Nov1861; died in 1890

(4) Irene Rebecca Van Atta, born 3Sep1863

(3) Catherine Van Atta, born in 1815 in Beaver County

(3) Thomas Van Atta, born in 1817 in Beaver County; married Martha Shearer in 1837; journeyed west by ox team and lived near Muscatine, Iowa, for eight years before settling near Newton in Jasper County, Iowa; he died there in 1899; they had 13 children

(3) Eliza Van Atta, born in 1821 in Beaver County; married Richard Kiddoo, also of North Beaver Twp., 12Oct1837; settled at Joy, Ill.; he died in 1908 at Mercer County, Ill.; they had 13 children

(2)  Daniel Van Atta, born about 1773

(2)            Benjamin Van Atta, Sr. born in Jan1780 at Mingo Creek, Washington County, Pa.; married Ruth Hull (born in 1784; was or became stepsister of husband); he was elected and ordained deacon in Unity Church of Greenfield, Lackawannock Twp., in 1838; he died 15Apr1843; she died in 1856; both buried at Presbyterian churchyard cemetery, Greenfield, Mercer County, Pa.; children:

(3)      John Van Atta, born 5Jun1803 in Beaver County (Washington acc. to 1850 census); married Mary Ann Crawford (born 25May1802 in Beaver County (Allegheny acc. to 1850 census)) on 30Mar1826; settled in Lackawannock Twp., Mercer County, in 1838; carpenter; justice of the peace; Presbyterian; she died 9Jun1865; he died 25Jul1885; both buried at Greenfield cemetery; children:

(4)  Benjamin Vanatta, born about 1835 in Beaver County; died 17Jan1857

(4)  Hannah Vanatta, born about 1839 in Beaver County married Mitchell Roland

(4)  Ruth Vanatta, born about 1832 in Beaver County; married Martin Davis

(4)  Margaret J. Vanatta, born about 1838 in Beaver County; married William Clark

(4)  Mary A. Vanatta, born about 1840 in Mercer County; died 18Oct1884

(4)  John Vanatta, born about 1842 in Mercer County

(4)  Eliza Vanatta, born about 1848 in Mercer County; married William Ransom

(4)  Thomas Vanatta, born 20Dec1833 in Lawrence County; married Elizabeth Clark (born 25May1835) on 13Apr1858; farmed family home place until 1881 when he bought farm near Mercer; members of Cool Spring Presbyterian Church; Republican; children:

(5)      Nancy J. Vanatta

(5)      John W. Vanatta, farmer in Kansas

(5)      Robert Vanatta

(5)      Frank Vanatta

(5)      Maggie E. Vanatta, died before 1888

(5)      Elizabeth A. Vanatta

(5)      Sarah E. Vanatta

(5)      Clara M. Vanatta

(3) Rachel Van Atta, married _____ Hope

(3) Mary Van Atta

(3) Jane Van Atta married _____ Spears

(3) James Van Atta

(3) Nancy Van Atta

(3)      Thomas Virgil Van Atta, born in April 1818 in Beaver County; married Caroline Murdoc (born 18Aug1823 in New York); he died 15Apr1882; she died 30Mar1886 in Iowa; both buried at Washington County, Iowa; children:

(4)  Benjamin Franklin Van Atta, born 5Jan1843 in Mercer County; married Elizabeth J. Trusler/Tressler 3Jan1864; he died 2Dec1928 at Caney,  ?

(4)  James William Warren Van Atta, born 1Jan1848 in Mercer County; married (1) Catherine B. McDowell, (2) E. Ann Bell, and (3) Augusta Littlefield Cope; he died 26Dec1925 in Kansas

(4)  Margarite Ann/Margaret Van Atta, born in 1849 in Mercer County; married Ben? Moorman

(4)  Mary Jane Van Atta, born 22Feb1850 in Mercer/Allegheny County; married Joseph M. Hatter, 27Sep18__ at North English Twp., Iowa County, Iowa; she died 15Jan1928 at Washington, Kansas

(4)  John Henry Van Atta, born 12Sep1852 in Mercer County; married Sallie Ann Lane; died 17Apr1930 at Pratt, Kansas

(4)  Martha (Matt) Van Atta, born 25Mar1854 in Mercer County; married Martin McDowell; she died 24Nov1940 at Kansas City, Mo., buried at South English Twp., Washington County, Iowa

(4)  Emma Van Atta, born 10Dec1858 in Keokuk County, Iowa; married Jacob Hezekiah Hatter 16Oct1879 at North English Twp., Iowa; she died 5Jun1951 at Lawrence, Douglas County, Iowa

(4)  Ella/Elinor/Ell Van Atta, married Thomas Knotts

(4)  Jean Van Atta, married Remembrance Curl

(4)  Eliza/Elizabeth/Iza Van Atta, married _____ Moorman

(3)      Benjamin Van Atta, Jr., born in Aug1821 at Mt. Jackson, Pa.; married Mary _____; he died in 1875 at Sharon, Pa.; children:

(4)  Alvin Vanatta

(4)  Melissa Vanatta

(4)  William C. Vanatta, born in 1846; married Anna E._____; he died in 1882; children:

(5)      Anna Amelia Vanatta, born in 1869; died in 1907

(5)      Bertha Eva Vanatta, born in 1870; died in 1896

(5)      William Hoyt Van Netta, born 24May1873 at Sharon, Pa.; married Ennna J. Matchett; he died 11Feb1919 at Formosa, Fla.; known child:

(6)            Albert W. Van Netta, known child:

(7)      Albert W. Van Netta, Jr.

(2) John Van Atta, born about 1783/4

(2)  Aaron Van Atta, born about 1793/4; prob. Aaron who married Anna Davis and lived at Lackawannock Twp., Mercer County, Pa.; known child:

(3)      Rachel Van Atta, married R. T. Creen 14Jul1854

(2) ...also four daughters (names and other information not known)


     There is some rather compelling evidence that the following branch of the Van Atta is a part of the family covered on the preceding six pages, but the specific point of relationship has not been found. The grandson of Samuel married a cousin, according to historical references, and that cousin is a part of the family on the preceding pages.


Samuel Van Atta was born in 1792 in Pennsylvania. He married Mary _____ (also born in Pennsylvania in 1792) about 1812, and one source of information indicates that he may have had a second wife whose first name was Charlotte.

Samuel was the first postmaster at Ryerson Station, Greene County, in 1828. He served as a justice of the peace in Richhill Township, Greene County, from April 1843 until his death, January 13, 1863, at Wind Ridge, Pa. His first wife apparently died at Wind Ridge, July 26, 1845. Children:

(  ) John S. Vannatta, born 6Jun1817; married Lucinda Roseberry, granddaughter of Jefferson (Pa.) founder Thomas Hughes, 14Apr1839 (she born 16Apr1819); they lived in Greene County as far as known; he died 21May1858 aged 40-1-6; she died 22Mar1901 at Tonica, Ill., where she had moved with her oldest son after husband’s death; children:

(  ) Sarah Vannatta, born 17May1840; married Jonathan Gregor, who died in the Confederates’ Libby prison; she died 16Feb1918

(  ) Samuel W. Vannatta, born 14Sep1841; married Elizabeth Strawn (born in 1841) on 24Apr1864; they moved to Winterset, Iowa, in 1910; he died there 15Nov1912; she died 18Nov1917 at Winterset; children:

(  ) Cora A. Van Atta, married _____ Gordon; lived at Fairfield, Iowa

(  ) Adaline M. Van Atta, married _____ Shafer; lived at Tobias, Nebraska

(  ) John S. Van Atta, lived at Peru, Ill.

(  ) Leona Van Atta, married _____ Datwyler; lived at Peru, Ill.

(  ) George F. Van Atta, lived at Winterset, Iowa

(  ) James Lindsey Vannatta, born 29May1843; married Samantha B. Paul (born 1844); he died 17Jun1868; she died in 1919

(  ) Mathias Roseberry Vannatta, born 31Jul1845; died in military service 5Jun1864

(  ) John C. Vannatta, born 25Dec1847; married Nora Courtwright; he died 17Mar1903

(  ) Thomas Vannatta, died at age of eight months

(  ) Katherine Vannatta, born 15Sep185l; married DeWitt Snow; she died 9Jun1878 at Tonica, Ill.

(  ) Benjamin Vannatta, born l0Oct1853; married (1) Rachel York (born 31Aug1852); she died 25Jan1878; he married (2) Libbie Caverly; he married (3) Clara Beckwith (born 29Apr1857) on l5Apr1897; he died 27Apr1943 at Chicago Heights, Ill; she died 18 Apr1944, also at Chicago Heights; children:

(  ) Dewitt Snow Vannatta, born 26Sep1876; married Edna G. Ball (born 7Jun1876) on 17Aug1904; he died 8Apr1937 at Chicago Heights; she died 15Nov1954, also at Chicago Heights; children:

(  ) Virginia G. Vannatta, born 24Aug1905 at Chicago Hgts., Ill.; married Edward C. Larson (born 28Apr1905 at Ottawa, Ill.) on 12Aug1929

(  ) Jane Louise Larson, born 23Aug1930; married Joseph B. Lockwood (born 27Sep1926 at Ionia, Mich.) on 12Feb1954

(  ) Ruth Marie Larson, born 30Sep1935; married William Chapek (born 29Dec1930 at Racine, Wis.) on 28Jun1954

(  ) Sue Ellen Larson, born 26Sep1939; died 4Nov1963

(  )      Emma Louise Vannatta, born 28Jul1908 at Chicago Hgts., Ill.; married Brooks Fuller (born Oct1908 at LaGrange, Ill.) on 12Sep1931; he died Sep1976

(  ) Brooks Fuller, Jr., born 13Mar1937; married Lee Morris 15Jun1961

(  ) Virginia Fuller, born 9Feb1941; married Garvin Hohman 28Dec1966

(  ) Paris Vannatta, born 7Jan1873; died 21Mar1873 (daughter)

(  ) William Vannatta, born 28Nov1855; married Mary Moorhead (born 7May1863) on 26Dec1880; she died 26Jan1921; he died 25Jan1944; children:

(  ) Olive P. Vannatta, born 20Dec1881; married Charles R. Snow 7Apr1900; she died 3Oct1953

(  ) Harry W. Vannatta, born 11Aug1884; married Ethel Harkins 25Sep1904; he died 7Jan1911

(  ) Caddy A. Vannatta, born l6Oct1886; married Walter Hampson 26Dec1908; she died 31Aug196l

(  ) Blanche M. Vannatta, born8Jul1889; married Phil Lundberg 30Dec19l9; she died 7Apr1948

(  ) Grace Vannatta, born 5Sep1891; died Jan1912

(  ) Helen Vannatta, born 7Feb1894; married Jack Larson 19Apr1919

(  ) Lucille Vannatta, born 21Sep1897; married Lloyd Hampson 12Apr1925; she died 6Nov1944

(  ) Mary L. Vannatta, born l0May1901; married Ken Paulson 22Dec1940

(  ) Florence G. Vannatta, born 28Jul1904; married Thomas Rush 20Jul1929

(  ) Samuel Wilson Van Atta, Sr. (used middle name), born 182l/15Jan1822 at Richhill Twp., Greene County, Pa.; married (1) Sarah Lee Headley (born 28Jan1821); she died 13Mar1875; he married (2) Mary Songer, widow of William B. Tompkins on l0Oct1875; he died 7Apr1905 at Melrose, Cherokee County, Kansas; children (all born in Greene County):

(  ) Minerva Van Atta, born in 1844

(  ) George Washington Van Atta, born 7Aug1846; married Caroline Kelso 26Sep1871; he died7Jan1901

(  ) Mary Van Atta, born in 1848

(  ) Samuel Wilson Van Atta, Jr., born 7Jun1849; married Sarah Rosetta Van Atta (said to be cousin) (born 1856, Linn County, Oregon) on 14May1878; he died 1929; she died 31Oct1934 at Ottawa County, Okla.; known child:

(  ) Roy Earl Van Atta, born in 1892 at Cherokee County, Kansas; married Nina Miller (born 1900); she died in 1948; he died in 1972 at Chelan County, Wash.

(  ) Benjamin Franklin Van Atta,born 7Jan1855; died 9Apr1902

(  ) William Wilford Van Atta, born 5Mar1857; died 30Jan1897

(  ) Thomas Jefferson Van Atta, born 7Nov1859

(  ) Herbin Van Atta, born 28Oct1862

(  ) Charles Clinton Van Atta, born 1Sep1876 at Cherokee County, Kansas; married Nancy May Haddock in 1900; he died in June 1927

(  ) Molly Van Atta, married Charles E. Spurlock, Sr.

(  ) Ollie Van Atta, married _____ Drews

(  ) Pearl Van Atta

(  ) Mary Van Atta, born 9Jul1828/9, married John D. Headley (born 13Aug1825) on May 22, 1848; moved to Illinois in late 1850’s or early 1860’s, then to Iowa in 1870’s; he died 22Jul1894; she died 9Jan1909; both buried in Galbreth cemetery near Afton, Iowa

(  ) Rachel Van Atta, born in 1823?

(  ) Benjamin Franklin Van Atta, born in 1832; married Elizabeth  _____, (born in 1833 in Missouri); children:

(  ) Henry Van Atta, born in 1861 in Washington Territory

(  ) Frank Van Atta, born in 1866 in Oregon

(  ) Mary Van Atta, born in 1868 in Washington

(  ) Frederick Van Atta, born in January 1870 in Washington

(  ) James P. Van Atta, born in 1834

(  ) Carolyn Van Atta, born in 1837; married Jeremiah Younkin

(  ) (daughter) Van Atta, married James Parkinson

(  ) Newton Parkinson

(  ) Clinton Parkinson



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