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William Northam, 1758
Accomack Co., VA

Accomack County, Va Wills, Book 1757 - 1761, Page 42

Transcribed by Edith R. Northam

The Substance of the Nuncupative Will of William Northam
Deceased is his Last Sickness who dyed the first day of February as followeth.
Whereas I have paid Twenty four Pounds to Southy Northam and agreed
to pay Six pounds more for Sixty Acres of Land whereon Edmund Linton lives
I therefore direct that John Northam shall raise the money out of his Estate
and pay the Balance to Southy Northam and that Southy Northam convey
to William ^his^ (the Testators) Son the said Lands forever. He also left his Daughter
Nanny Northam a Bed he also directed that the things that he had Conveyed
him by Thomas Northam should remain in his possession during his Life
Witnesses Present John Northam and Rachel Northam.

At a Court held for Accomack County March 28th 1758

The within Nuncupative Will of William Northam Deced was proved
by the Oaths of John Northam and Rachele the two Witnesses
thereto And Admitted to Record upon the Motion of John Northam taking
the Oath and Giving Arnold Morgan for his Security who ??ited unto And
acknowledged Bond for that Purpose Certificats is granted him for Obtainings
Letters of Administration with the Will Annexed on said Estate

Truly Bonded P? Holdon B. Carlan __? Holdon __ ?

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