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William McKendree, 1835


 Transcribed by Alice Jackson

Source: Sumner County, Tennessee Court Records
May 1835 Term Will Book 2, page 191

I, William McKendrie desiring to dispose before my decease of what estate it has pleased God to give me, do make and ordain the following to be my last will and Testament surely reworking and annulling all former wills here to fore made by me. Item 1: I give and bequeath to my friend Dr. Henry Wilkins of Baltimore County Maryland my watch. Item 2: I give my trunks, flannels and linings to be divided between my two sisters Dolly Harris and Nancy D. McKindrie. Item 3: The balance of my living apparel I give to my brother James and my brother-in-law Charles Harris. Item 4: A twelve acre lot of Ground joining James McKendrie I give and bequeath to my sister Nancy to aid in keeping old Gray and her saddle horse. Item 5th: I give and bequeath to Joshua Soule all my manuscripts and papers to be disposed of as he with the assistance of Thomas L. Doughlass may deem most expedient. Item 6th: I give and bequeath the land owned by me in the State of Illinois to the Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church in trust that they will dispose of it in such manner as to them shall seem best, to aid in the establishment of a Literary Institution for the benefit of the Illinois and Missouri Conference. Item 7th: I give to my friend Joseph T. Elliston, Esqr of Davidson County my Port Folio. Item 8th: I give to my friend M. W. Hill, of Nashville my blacked cane and my silver seal. Item 9th: I give my portable Secretary to my friend Elijah Boddie of Sumner County. Item 10: And it is further my will and desire, that the remainder of my estate of every kind what so ever shall be divided into two equal portions, one of which portions I give and bequeath to Joshua Soule, in trust, to be disposed of to promote to spread of the Gospel, in such manner, as he and the Bishops for the time being may Judge most for the Glory of God and the advancement of his Kingdom among men. The other half or portion, I wish equally divided between Dolly Harris my sister, brother James McKendrie and sister Nancy D. McKendrie. I, in the last place do hereby constitute and appoint Joshua Soule, James McKendrie, Joseph Ellison, __ R. M. Hill and Elijah Boddie my Exirs <sic>to this my last Will and Testament.

Done under my hand and Seal, on this 24th day of January 1833.

Will McKendrie (Seal)

In presence of us witnesses,

Elijah Boddie  ) State of Tennessee
John Carr       ) Sumner County Court May Term 1835.
P.W. Martin   ) The last will and Testament of Wm. McKendrie dec’d was exhibited in open Court for probate and duly proved agreeable to Law by the oath of P. W. Martin and John Carr two of the subscribing witnesses there to and ordered to be recorded and therefore James McKendrie one of the Executors named in said last Will appeared in Court and agreed to take upon himself the Execution there of and together with P. W. Martin, Harris Odom, D____ Ashford, John Carr and James Stratton his securities entered into and acknowledged their bond to the Governor in the sum of Six Thousand Dollars conditioned as the Law directed took the oath of Executor prescribed by Law.

A Copy Test

A.H. Douglass Clerk of said Court

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