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William T. Stovall, 1865

TSL&A Microfilm - Roll #91
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Wills Vol. 1 - 5; July 1789 - July 1904

Transcribed by Linda Carpenter

County Court Clerk's Office
Will Book - Vol. III
Aug 1842 - Aug 1870

(Page 371)

In the name of God Amen: This being my last Will and Testament, I now give and bequeath, after my just debts first paid, to my children namely Marcus B. Stovall, I give and bequeath to him all the money and all other property given to him heretofore by me shall remain his forever and he is not to account hereafter to any other of his brothers or sisters. I now give to son Robert G. Stovall and bequeath to him all money and other property gave to him heretofore by me and he shall not account for any part to his brothers or sisters. I now give to my son Wesley H. Stovall all money and other property gave to him heretofore and he shall not account hereafter to any of his brothers or sisters. I now give to son Alfred F. Stovall in the like manner. I now come to my daughters. I give and bequeath to my daughter Adeline Cartwright all money and a negro girl named Judy and all other property gave to her heretofore and she is not to account hereafter to her brothers or sisters. I come to my daughter Louisa Golston, I give and bequeath to her all money and other property and she is to keep it in like manner. I give to my daughter Emily Henry in like manner.

(Page 372)

I now come to my daughter Susanna Stovall, I give and bequeath to her a negro girl named Margaret, a horse and saddle, bed and furniture, a beaurean and cow and calf and other necessary things for table should she need them. Now be it fairly understood, after the death of my beloved wife Elizabeth Stovall and myself, I do give my two sons James M. Stovall and Albert G. Stovall all the tract of land that I now live on District No. 14, which is about three hundred acres, be the same more or less to be equal divided between them, my son James is to have the farm and house where I now live, the line between shall commence on my north line at Robert Haley line in the road running a South East direction with the main road to the Gallatin Road thence down the branch to Rickman's line so as to give my son A. G. Stovall the spring on the South side of my dwelling, so as to give him room to build a house should he need it. Now be it understood that this gift is to be clear and above all other gifts and they shall not account to any of their brothers or sisters for any part of it. At my death I give to my two daughters Louisa Golson and Emily Henry ninety seven acres of land lying on the waters of Second Creek, known by the name of James Stovall's former tract, this land is to be sold and money equally divided between the two girls above named. Now be it fairly understood by all, should my beloved wife Elizabeth Stovall be left a widow, she shall have full possession of all my tract of land where I now live, and all the negroes, and all the stock, farming tools in a word all on the farm to do with her benefit and my son James and family to live with his mother and carry on the work that should be needed for her benefit and after the death of the longest liver of me or wife, then my negroes is to be equally divided with all my children except Adaline Cartwright, she has had her full share of the negroes and after. James and Albert Stovall take such stock as they may need and farming tools, the balance of the stock of all kinds farming tools shall be sold and equally divided with all of my children. Now if my wife should be left a widow and should marry hereafter she shall only have a childs part during her life. I now close by appointing my son James M. Stovall and my wife Elizabeth Stovall my Executors and Executrix to my last Will. Witness my hand and seal this 2nd day of October 1852. Be it understood that James M. Stovall and

(Page 373)

Elizabeth Stovall shall not be bound to give security for their Executorships. Signed and Sealed in present of these witnesses this 2nd day of October 1852. William T. Stovall (Seal)

S. H. Rickman and Samuel Bentley

State of Tennessee, Sumner County Court June Term 1865.

The last Will and Testament of Wm. T. Stovall was this day produced in open Court for probate and was duly proved by the oaths of S. H. Rickman and (blank) subscribing witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded. And James M. Stovall and Elizabeth Stovall Executors named in the will appeared in open Court and Mrs. Elizabeth Stovall declined becoming one of the Executors and further stated that she should descent from the said will of Wm. T. Stovall her late husband deceased and asked that Dower may be assigned to her of all the lands of her deceased husband, and therein James M. Stovall one of the Executors named in the will accepted the execution of the same, and thereupon the said James M. Stovall entered into bond (without security as specified in the will) and acknowledged the same to the State of Tennessee in the penal sum of Two Thousand dollars conditioned as the law directs, and was duly qualified.

Test - John L. Bugg, Clerk

*(This will is again found on pages 451 - 453.)

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