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Martha L. Seawell, 1851

TSL&A Microfilm - Roll #91
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Wills Vol. 1 - 5; July 1789 - July 1904

Transcribed by Linda Carpenter

County Court Clerk's Office
Will Book - Vol. III

Aug 1842 - Aug 1870

(Page 145)

I Martha L. Seawell do hereby make this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all others by me at anytime made.

1st. It is my wish that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid out of any moneys that I may die possessed of or which may first come into the hands of my Executors.

2nd. I will and bequeath my Negro woman Winney to my niece Mary Mabry and should my said niece Mary die leaving no bodily heirs, it is my will that my said Negro woman Winney and her increase if any be equally divided between the five children of my brother Wiley B. Seawell and it is my wish that the said Negro woman Winney remain with my sister Margaret M. Tinsley and that she have the use and benefit of her free of charge during the natural life of my said sister Margaret M. Tinsley.

3rd. I will and bequeath all the balance of my property of every kind to the five children of my brother Wiley B. Seawell to be equally divided between them share and share alike.

Lastly. I do nominate and appoint John W. Head my Executor to carry out the provisions of this my last Will and Testament. Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 12th day of November 1850. Martha L. Seawell (Seal)

Signed, sealed and delivered in our presence this date above written:
J. R. Crenshaw
James A. Andrews

State of Tennessee, Sumner County Court January Term 1851 - The last Will and Testament of Martha L. Seawell was this day produced in open Court and was duly proved by the oaths of J. R. Crenshaw and James A. Andrews subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. John L. Bugg, Clerk


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