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Nannie T. Hager, 1934

TSL&A Microfilm - Roll #92
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Wills Vol. 6-9; Nov. 1905 - Oct. 1942

Transcribed by Jan Barnes

Will Book IX
Page 93

January 6, 1930

I, Nannie T. Hager of Gallatin Sumner County Tennessee being of sound mind and memory, do this day make this my last will and testament. viz.  I hereby give to my sisters, Josie Thomasson and Florence Thomasson all of my household furniture, and to each of them $3,000.00 three thousand dollars, and to each of them one fourth of the remainder of the property both Personal and real that I may have and possess at my death.  The remaining two fourths to be equally divided between my two brothers Morton Thomasson and Frank Thomasson.  My house on Winchester St. must be sold for division.
                                                                        Nannie T. Hager  

I want Florence to have everything in my room, furniture, chairs, pictures, mirror and everything except my clock that I give up to my nephew Morton Thomasson.  I want Florence to have one of my feather beds and Josie the other.  I want Florence to have my China press, side board, table natrach, cedar chest and all of my quilts and comforts, also my two trunks and contents and my jardineir.  If you do not want my sewing machine, sell it.


A paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Nannie T. Hager, deceased, was on this the 16th day of October 1934, produced in open court for probate and record, whereupon came into open court Jno. B. Swaney and W. H. Hitchcock, who being first duly sworn, deposes and say that they were each acquainted with Nannie T. Hager during her life time and knew her handwriting and signature and her handwriting and signature was generally known among her acquaintances, and after examing the paper writings presented for probate as her last will and testament, say that the writing of said papers and every part thereof is in the handwriting of Nannie T. Hager and her signature thereto is the genuine signature of the said Nannie T. Hager, now deceased.

Said witnesses furthur depose and say that said paper writing was found among her valuable papers in a lock box in the First and Peoples National bank, Gallatin, Tennessee, whereupon said paper writing was admitted to probate and record as the last will and testament of Nannie T. Hager, deceased.

And it appearing to the court that Florence Thomasson is a fit and proper person to administer upon said estate, appeared in open court and entered into a proper bond with Mote Thomasson, Frank Thomasson, and Josie Thomasson as sureties in the sum of Nine Thousand Dollars, ($9,000.00), conditioned according to law, having been sworn faithfully to perform the duties of Administrator cum testamento annexo of said estate according to law; it, is therefore, ordered by the Court that the said Florence Thomasson be clothed with all the powers and charged with all the duties of Administrator cum testamento annexo of the estate of the said Nannie T. Hager, deceased, and that letters of administration cum testamento annexo issue to her.

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