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Monterey Barnes, 1918

TSL&A Microfilm - Roll #92
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Wills Vol. 6-9 ; Nov. 1905 - Oct 1942

Transcribed by Jan Barnes

County Court Clerk's Office
Will Book - Vol. VII
Aug 1915 - March 1924

Pages 93 - 95

I, Monterey Barnes being of sound mind and disposing memory do make this my last will and testament.

Item First:  I direct that all of my just debts be paid, and that markers not to cost exceeding $25.00 each be placed at the head of my grave and my grandmother Joyners grave, out of the proceeds of the sale of my home place on Franklin Street, Gallatin, Tennessee.

Item Second:  If there is any money left from the sale of my home place after the settlement of the above provisions, I give and bequeath such money to Rhoda Foster Baker, Dorothy Fidler, Caroline Fidler, and Stella Caldwell equally.

Item Third:  I give and bequeath to Rhoda Foster Baker, my Solitare diamond ring and set of topaz and brilliant jewelry consisting of four pieces also my old fashioned mantel mirror.

Item Fourth:  I give and bequeath to Dorothy Fidler my Cameo pin and small gold bracelet, also pieced silk comfort.

Item Fifth:  I give and bequeath to Caroline Fidler my solid gold set of jewelry consisting of large pin and two small ones (gold) also solid silver card case.

Item Sixth:  I give and bequeath to Elizabeth Blue my crepe shawl. 

Item Seventh:  I give and bequeath to Virginia Vess my piano and cluster diamond ring.

Item Eighth:  I give and bequeath to A. P. Ward my ivory dresser set and blue and gray silk comfort.

Item Ninth:  I give and bequeath to Annie Watkins my cut glass and Japanese tea set.

Item Tenth:  I give and bequeath to Mrs. Flora Witherspoon my three solid silver ladles and my silver pitcher and two silver goblets to Mildred Gillespie.

Item Eleventh:  I give and bequeath to Mrs. Ned Nickelson my silver cream pitcher and sugar bowl.

Item Twelfth:  I give and bequeath to Hollie Newsom 1 dozen solid silver tea spoons engraved with "N".

Item Thirteenth:  I give and bequeath to William Black my ring with topaz and pearls.

Item Fourteenth:  To Monterey Black 2 silver spoons engraved with "A. T. O." also beaded bag.

Item Fifteenth:  To Effie Barnes my cluster of drawers and china tea set, and to Nell Barnes gold bracelet with medallion center.

Item Sixteenth:  All of the balance of my property or estate I give and bequeath to Mrs. R. W. Caldwell, Mrs. Lon Hoy and children of Mrs. Lillie Gillespie deceased equally said receiving one third thereof, as a class.

Item Seventeenth:  I direct that all photographs and pictures belonging to me be burned.

Item Eighteenth:  I hereby nominate and appoint my cousin John W. Baker as executor of this my last will and testament and he is excused from making bond or court settlement of my estate x my said executor, or other personal representative will sell my said home place on Franklin Street Gallatin Tenn. upon the best possible terms and make deed to purchaser and distribute the proceeds as provided in items one and two hereof x all erasures and interlineations were made before signing x
This July 21, 1917, at Nashville, Tennessee  x

Monterey Inman Barnes

Witnesses In the presence  { Sanna Black Ward
of and at the request of       { Byrle Esther Black

State of Tennessee
Sumner County Court, May Term, May 8th, 1918
A paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Monterey Inman Barnes, deceased, was this day produced in open Court for probate when the same was duly proven by the oath of Byrle Esther Black, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, the other subscribing witness Sanna Black Ward, being out of the state and a resident of Kansas Mo.  When the same was admitted to probate and ordered recorded as the last will and testament of the said Monterey Inman Barnes, deceased, and John W. Baker being named in the will as the Executor thereof declined to accept the appointment, thereupon J. O. Baber appeared in open Court and qualified as Administrator with the will annexed, of the said Monterey Inman Barnes, deceased, and the said J. O. Baber together with his sureties:  F. B. Gillespie and R. W. Caldwell in open Court entered into and acknowledged their bond payable to the State of Tennessee in the penal sum of Twenty five Hundred Dollars, conditioned as the law directs, when he was duly qualified and letters of Administration ordered issued to him.

A true copy
O. D. Moore

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