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Maria L. Franklin, 1896

TSL&A Microfilm - Roll #91
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Wills Vol. 1 - 5; July 1789 - July 1904

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes

County Court Clerk's Office
Will Book - Vol. V
Feb. 1891 - July 1904

I, Maria L. Franklin being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make and publish this my lst will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other Wills and codicils heretofore made by me.
Item 1  I desire as soon after my death as possible that all my just debts including my burial expenses be paid.
Item 2  I will, devise, and bequeath unto my two daughters Minerva S. Franklin & Jesse C. Franklin all of my property both real and personal of every description including my household and kitchen furniture, and they are hereby authorized, directed and empowered to sell transfer and convey any part of, or all of the real estate and personal property & make deeds to the same.
Item 3  It is further my will and desire that upon the death of either of my said daughters, that the interest of the one dying shall go absolutely to the survivor.
Item 4  It is also my wish and I so request of my two daughters Minerva S. & Jesse C. Franklin that in the event that any of my children, to wit Mary Bondurant, Carrie Barry, Jas. Franklin or John C. Franklin should become homeless that they or either of them be given a home, so long as my two daughters may retain the homestead where we now live; this provision however is only intended as a request of my said two daughters and is not intended as obligatory upon them to furnish a home for any of my said children, unless they should see proper to do so.
Item 5  I hereby nominate and appoint my said two daughters Minerva S. & Jesse C. Franklin my Executrixs of this my last will & testament and as I have confidence in them to carry out the provisions of the same, I request and it is my wish that they act as such Extxs. without bond or security.
Witness my hand this 28th August 1896.
                                                                    Maria L. Franklin
Signed and published in our presence and we signed the same as witnesses in the presence of the testator and at her request.  This 28th Aug. 1896.
W. C. Dismukes
W. H. Edwards
J. C. Franklin

Page 190

State of Tennessee
Sumner County Court April Term April 7th 1899.

A paper writing purporting to be the last Will and testament of Mrs. Maria L. Franklin dec'd, was this day produced in open Court for probate when the same was duly proven by the oaths of W. C. Dismukes and W. H. Edwards subscribing witnesses thereto when the same was ordered recorded as the last Will and Testament of Mrs. Maria L. Franklin dec'd.
A true copy
Harris Brown Clerk

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