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Leslie Tinsley, 1920

TSL&A Microfilm - Roll #92
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Wills Vol. 6-9 ; Nov. 1905 - Oct 1942

Transcribed by Jan Barnes

County Court Clerk's Office
Will Book - Vol. VII
Aug 1915 - March 1924

Pages 182 - 184

In the name of God, Amen.  I Leslie Tinsley of El Paso in the State of Texas being of sound mind and memory knowing the uncertainty of human life, do now make and publish this my last will and testament:
Imprimis:  It is my will, and I do hereby authorize and direct the person hereinafter named as executor to pay the expenses of my last illness, and of my funeral, as soon as practical after my decease.

Secondly.  I do hereby will, devise and bequeath all property and estate, real and personal, or mixed, belonging to me at my decease as follows:  to the said Devisees and Legatees, each and all of them in seneralty, and to their end each of their heirs forever, that is to say:  I do will, devise and bequeath to Beulah Tinsley my sister all of any estate both personal and real.

I do hereby nominate and appoint Beulah Tinsley of Castalian Springs, Sumner County, Tennessee, as the Executor of this my last will and testament, and do hereby direct that no security shall be required of said Beulah Tinsley for the performance of her duties as such Executor, and that letters Testamentary be issued to her as such Executor without bond.

It is my will and I do hereby provide and direct that no other action shall be had in the County Court having jurisdiction in relation to the settlement of my estate than the publishing and recording of this will and the return of an inventory appraisement and list of claims of my Estate.  And I do revoke any and all former wills by me made and publish and declare this to be my last will and testament at El Paso in the state of Texas, this 19 day of October, A. D. 1914.

In testimony whereof, I do hereby set my name and scroll in lieu of and for seal the date last above written in the presence of the following named persons who sign the same as witnesses at my request and in the presence of each other:
W. M. Stockwell                                     Leslie Tinsley (Seal)
Chas. H. Roberts

Probate of the will of Leslie Tinsley, Deceased.
Be it remembered that on this the 17th day of January, 1920, before the Honorable W. T. Walker, Chairman, etc., of the County Court of Sumner County, Tennessee, Miss Beulah Tinsley the person named as executrix therein, produced in open Court a paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Leslie Tinsley, lately deceased, bearing date October 19, 1914, having the name of Leslie Tinsley signed thereto, and being subscribed by W. M. Stockwell and Chas. H. Roberts, as attesting witnesses, and moved the court that same be admitted to probate and ordered recorded as the last will and testament of Leslie Tinsley, deceased, and appearing to the Court from the testimony of W. M. Stockwell, whose deposition has been duly taken and is on file, he being a non-resident of the state of Tennessee and one of the subscribing witnesses that said paper writing was written in the lifetime of the said Leslie Tinsley and signed and subscribed in his presence and at his request by the said W. M. Stockwell and Chas. H. Roberts as attesting witnesses, and the said instrument was executed by the said Leslie Tinsley on the day it bears date as and for his last will and testament, and that he was at the time of sound mind and disposing memory; and it further appearing that the residence of the other subscribing witness, Chas. H. Roberts, is not known and he can not be located and it further appearing that the said Leslie Tinsley, died in Sumner County, Tennessee, and that his usual place of residence at the time of his death was in said county, it was so adjudged, and it is further adjudged and declared by the court that said instrument is the true, whole and last will and testament of the said Leslie Tinsley, Deceased, and the Clerk is directed to file and record same.

And the said Beulah Tinsley named as executrix in said will appeared in open Court and was appointed and duly qualified as such executrix and letters issued to her accordingly.

A true copy,
O. D. Moore

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