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William Lauderdale, 1838

TSL&A Microfilm - Roll #91
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Wills Vol. 1 - 5; July 1789 - July 1904

Transcribed by Linda Carpenter

County Court Clerk's Office
Will Book - Vol. II
May 1823 - June 1842

(Page 235)

In the name of God Amen - I William Lauderdale of the County of Sumner & State of Tennessee, being in bad health but of sound & disposing mind do make this my last will & testament in words following:

First: It is my Will that my just debts be paid out of the money in hand if so much there be.

Second: I will & bequeath unto my wife Hellen the plantation on which I now live during her natural life with all of my household kitchen furniture except such as should be other wise disposed of in this will. I give her choice of four of my work horses & half of all my horned cattle, half of all my hogs and half of my sheep. I give her my wagon & oxen & all my farming tools. I give her all the money that is due for rents of the house in Carthage, the plantation on Goose Creek & the plantation in the Western District. I give her the fourth part of five hundred & fifty acres of land in Gibson County in the Western District. I give her the following Negroes

(Page 236)

That is Enoch, Hardy, Nancy and her children Barbara and Harriet Pamelia and her children Sarah & Jo to dispose of as she may think proper to one or both of our children Mary and John. I also give her big Lewis, Ned, Henry, Alfred, Doctor, Darky, Becky and Evaline during her natural life and at her death the plantation Negroes and all of my other lands to be equally divided between all of my children James H., Sarah H., Samuel W., Mary P. and John M. It is my will that the family be kept together with the crop that is growing be saved & then a liberal allowance of provisions for one year be made for my wife the balance of the crop together with all my stock be sold for the benefit of all my children except such as be hereafter disposed of in this will.

Third: All monies due me after paying my just debts I will to be equally divided between my children.

Fourth: I will to my three oldest children James H., Sarah H. and Samuel W. the river plantation with all of the stock, tools, wrights tools & seals & everything that is on & belongs to that plantation to be equally divided between them with the following Negroes: Charles, River, Lewis, Brister, Frank, Ben, Alston, Hawpshen, Jack, Silvey, Martha, Rena & her children Hannah, Marauder, Jane, Agnes & Tanner, Nancy all equally to be divided between them. I give to my son James my secretary watch & rifle gun. I give to my daughter Sarah my beaureara & old pony & two colts. I give to my son Samuel my shot gun & fifty dollars in cash out of the money that is coming from the Warren County land the balance of that money to be equally divided between them James, Sarah, & Samuel.

Fifth: It is my will that the Daulton & Roland places & Blacksmith tools be rented for the benefit of all my children but if my Executor thinks it best sell the tools.

Sixth: I give to my friend Cirus Hart my half interest in our Jafforson colt known by the name of Edward Livingston.

Seventh: I request my friend Cirus Hart to be Executor of this my last Will & Testament & I hereby nominate & appoint him for that purpose & also request & appoint him guardian for my two oldest children James & Sarah. I request Winslow Hart to be guardian to my son Samuel.

Eight: I request the guardians of my children to pay strict attention to the industry & morals of my children.

Ninth: It is my will that my two youngest children Mary & John remain with their Mother & that no charge be made against them for schooling or clothing.

Tenth: It is my will that each of my children have one bed & furniture.

Eleventh: I hereby authorize & empower my Executor to sell hire or rent any of my estate either at private or public sale or hire or as he may think proper for the benefit of my children, my Negroes not excepted . In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand & seal this 20th day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & thirty five. William Lauderdale (Seal)

Josiah Lauderdale
John Byrn
John Y. Roper

(Page 237)


I William Lauderdale in the foregoing or annexed last will & testament having further considered the same do think proper to make and publish the following Codicil or addition thereto.

First: It is my will that the child that my wife Helen is at this time pregnant with if it should live shall have an equal share with my two youngest children before named in this will namely Mary P. & John M.

Second: It is also my will that the infant above spoken of be equal in the division with the rest of my heirs in the foregoing will where my children are all named in the division in testimony whereof I've hereunto set my hand & seal this 24th of June, one thousand eight hundred and thirty six. William Lauderdale (Seal)

Z. G. Goodall
John Mills

Sumner County Court - July Term 1838 - The last Will & Testament of William Lauderdale dec'd, together with a codicil thereto were produced in open court for probate the former of which was duly proved by the oaths of Josiah Lauderdale, John Byrn and Z. G. Goodall and John Mills subscribing witnesses thereto and thereupon Cyrus Hart the Executor therein named together with Winslow Hart and William L. Alexander his securities entered into and acknowledged their bond to Newton Cannon Governor & C in the penal sum of forty thousand dollars conditioned as the law directs and took the oath of Executor prescribed by law.

Copy Test - Thomas Donoho, Clerk of Sumner County Court


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