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Jennie Arteburn, 1924

TSL&A Microfilm - Roll #92
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Wills Vol. 6-9 ; Nov. 1905 - Oct 1942

Transcribed by Jan Barnes

County Court Clerk's Office
Will Book - Vol. VIII
May 1924 - April 1932

Pages 25 - 26


I, Jennie Arteburn, make this my last Will and Testament, revoking all other wills heretofore made by me.


I will and direct that all of my just debts be paid out of the first money coming into the hands of my Executor, hereinafter named.


I will and bequeath and devise to my husband, the said W. D. Arteburn, the following real and personal property: - My automobile, all my bedding, and an undivided one half interest in and to the home we now occupy, situated in the 10th Dist. Sumner County, Tennessee, containing some 27 acres more or less, being the same property conveyed to me by my said husband, by two deeds, each conveying a 1/2 interest, the first one being dated June 4, 1918, and registered in Deed Book 76 page 502, and the other one dated June 8, 1920, and registered in Deed Book 84 page 322, and reference is heremade to said deeds for a description of said land by metes and bounds.


I will and direct that the other one half interest in the above described home, be sold by my executor, at a fair and reasonable price, either privately or at public auction, at his discretion, giving my said husband, W. D. Arteburn, the first refusal to buy the same at a fair and reasonable price, and I give him my said executor full authority to execute a warranty deed to said interest in said land to the purchaser, and I desire the following distribution made of the proceeds of such sale:- I give to my nieces, Helen Knox, $200., Barbara Thomas, $200., and the balance to be equally divided among my nephew and two nieces, viz, Owen T. Helm, Sue Mason, Retta Knox, and I give all my household furniture, but not the bedding, to be divided equally between my said two nieces, Sue Mason and Retta Knox, I make my husband, W. D. Arteburn, Executor to act without bond.

Witness my hand this June 12th, 1920.

Jennie Arteburn

We the undersigned witnesses, signed this paper at the request of and in the presence of the testatrix, as her last will and testament.

This June 12, 1920.

John R. Parker
W. W. Pardue


Be it remembered that on this the 26th, day of December, 1924, before Hon. L. C. Guild, Chairman of the County Court of Sumner County, Tennessee, W. D. Arteburn the person named therein as executor produced in open Court a type-written paper purporting to be the last will of Jennie Arteburn, lately deceased, bearing date, June 12th, 1920, having the name of Jennie Arteburn signed thereto and being subscribed by John R. Parker and W. W. Pardue, as attesting witnesses and moved the Court that same be admitted to probate and record as the last will and testament of said Jennie Arterburn, deceased, and it appearing to the Court from the testimony of the said John R. Parker and W. W. Pardue, the two subscribing witnesses thereto, that said paper writing was written in the lifetime of said Jennie Arteburn, and signed by her and subscribed in their presence and at her request by the said John R. Parker and W. W. Pardue as attesting witnesses and that said instrument was executed by said Jennie Arteburn on the day it bears date as and for her last will and testament, and that she was at the time of sound mind and disposing memory; and it further appearing that the said Jennie Arteburn lately died at her home in Sumner County, Tennessee, and it is so adjudged.

And it is adjudged and declared by the Court that said instrument is the true, whole and last will and testament of the said Jennie Arteburn, deceased, and the Clerk is directed to file and record the same, and W. D. Arteburn being named in said will as the executor thereof and being excused under the terms of the will from giving bond, appeared in open Court and accepted the trust and was duly qualified as such executor and letters testamentary ordered issued to him.

A true copy
Harvey L. Brown, Clerk

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