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John Donoho

TSL&A Microfilm - Roll #91
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Wills Vol. 1 - 5; July 1789 - July 1904

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes and Marie Johnson

County Court Clerk's Office
Will Book - Vol. I
July 1789 - Aug 1822

Page 61

I John Donoho of Sumner County and state of Tennessee do make and ordain and declare this Instrument which is subscribed with my name to be my last will and testament revoking all others.  
First  All my debts are to be punctually paid and the Legacies hereinafter bequeathed an to be discharged as soon as circumstances will permit and in the manner directed.  
Item  To my dearly beloved wife Elizabeth Donoho I give and bequeath the place whereon I now live In time of her natural life with two work horses and a breeding mare to carry on the farm and also three cows and calves; as it is my will and desire she should raise the children, she is also to keep all the household furniture and implements of husbandry sufficient to carry on the farm.  And as the house I now live in is not a comfortable one, it is my desire that Eighty four acres of land, which Edmond Jennings? has located or is about to locate be sold and the money appropriated to the building of a comfortable house.  The land at her decease to be disposed of as hereinafter mentioned.
Item   To my oldest son John Donoho I give and bequeath two hundred acres of land lying on the Dry Fork of Bledsoe Creek as laid off to him.
Item  My second son William Donoho has already received his dividend.
Item  To Isaac Donoho my third son I give and bequeath two hundred acres of land on Bledsoe Creek near the mouth of said creek as the same has been laid off for him.
Item  To Walter Donoho, Joshua Donoho and Benjamin Donoho my fourth, fifth and sixth sons I give to each of them one hundred and ten acres of land lying on the Dry Fork of Bledsoe Creek as already laid off to them.
Item  To James Donoho and Anthony Donoho my seventh and eighth sons I give and bequeath the first viz James two hundred and seventy six acres of land lying on Bledsoe

Page 62
Creek adjoining my son Isaac it being part of the same tract.  To Anthony my youngest son the place whereon I now live at the decease of his mother - Deeds of Conveyances are to be made to my sons John and Isaac at any time when they demand them.  A tract of land containing one hundred and ten acres which I gave to my son William Donoho and which my Son John purchased of him as it joins the land I gave to the latter may be included in the same deed of conveyance.  As to the rest of my lands herein bequeath it is my will that no conveyance be made until such time as the legacies respectively arive at the age of twenty one years and then such legal conveyances made as the Law requires.  My stock and hogs is to remain the property of my wife, or at least as many as my Executors think necessary.  As to the rest of my property which consists in Horses and cattle together with my Horse Mill is to be sold at public sale allowing a reasonable credit and the moneys arising therefrom to be put to interest, and as the legators respectively come of age viz the males to twenty one and the Females to Eighteen they are each to receive the sum of twenty dollars - But as my four oldest sons viz John, Isaac, William, & Walter have received their share already, it is not my intention they should have any other part of the money arising from the sales of the property and as far as part I allowed to my daughters Kitty Holmes viz sixty dollars I leave to her son John Holmes to be secured to him until he comes of age.  But to prevent all ambiguity in this subject they are none to receive any part of the moneys arising from the sale of the property but those hereinafter mentioned viz Joshua, Benjamin, James and Anthony, Susannah, Betsy & Polly among whom the money arising from the sale of the property is to be equally divided ____ in the first place what may be thought necessary for the schooling of the children with the Sixty dollars to my grandson John Holmes and I have reason to believe it will amount to seventy dollars for each if not more.  Lastly I constitute and appoint my son John Donoho, James Rose Esqr. and Archibald Martin Executors of this my last will

Page 63

and Testament.  In witness of all and of each of the things herein contained I have set my hand and seal this twenty eighth day of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and two.
In presence of James Hollis                                       John (his mark) Donoho (Seal)
John Ferris
Arch'd Martin 

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