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Mary D. Frazor, 1850

TSL&A Microfilm - Roll #91
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Wills Vol. 1 - 5; July 1789 - July 1904

Transcribed by Linda Carpenter

County Court Clerk's Office
Will Book - Vol. III
Aug 1842 - Aug 1870

(Page 198)

In the name of God Amen,  Be it remembered that I Mary D. Frazor of the County of Sumner & State of Tennessee being frail of body but of a sound mind & memory do humbly make and ordain this my last Will and Testament and do humbly revoke all former wills heretofore by me made.

1st. I lend to my sister Sarah Frazor fifty acres of my land adjoining Sarah Frazor, John Frazor, & Daniel Montgomery to be laid of by a North and South line. I also give her five Negroes Hary, Marthy, Tenni,  Mary & Margaret during her natural life and at her death I want the land sold and the property thereof to be divided amongst my other sisters if living and if not to their Children. I also want my Negroes at the death of Sarah to be divided in the following manner (Viz) I want Harry to go to Anna Latimer if living & if not to go to her Children.  Marthy to Elizabeth Clendening and in case of her death to her Children. Temi to John Frazor, Mary to Jane Hutchison and in case of her death to her Children. Margaret to Tennessee Clendening daughter John and Margaret Clendening. I want the Negroes divided in such a way manner as to make them equal. I want them valued and the difference made up to each one out of the monies of the sale of the fifty acres of land, none of the Negroes to be sold out of the family if it can be avoided , but if they cannot be divided and have to be sold the slaves shall have the right to choose his, her, or their master and my executor shall be vested with the power to sell privately. I also give to Sarah all of my stock of every description, Also all of my household and kitchen furniture to make such disposition of as she may think proper.

2nd. I give to John Frazor at my death fifty acres of my land adjoining his John Frazor lands to make such disposition of as he may think proper at his death.

3rd. I give to Thomas H. Frazors Children one dollar each.

4th. If then should be any money left after paying my just debts and burial expensives I want it divided equally amongst my sisters Elizabeth Clendening, Anna Latimer, Jane Hutchison, and Margaret Clendening Children. I also give to my sister Sarah ten dollars in gold that I now have. I also want a tombstone placed over my grave to be paid for out of any money that my Executor may have. I appoint John Frazor & John Clendening my Executors to this my last Will and Testament. Said Executors are not bound to give any security to Court. Signed this the 15th of June 1850. Mary D. Frazor (Seal)

James K. Taylor (pro the hand writ)
Iredell McKain (pro by hand writ)

State of Tennessee, Sumner County Court December Term 1853 - The last Will and Testament of Mary D. Frazor was this day produced in Open Court for probate and was duly proved by the oath James K. Taylor one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, and the hand writing of Iredale McKain who is dead was duly proved by the oaths of John Frazor, Steven McKain, & John Clendening, and said will is ordered to be recorded., and thereupon John Frazor and John Clendening the Executors named in said will appeared in Court and was duly qualified as such.

Copy Test - John L. Bugg, Clerk

 *See Deed of Gift, W. F. R. Hamilton, 1861 

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