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Cyrena Alexander, 1899

TSL&A Microfilm - Roll #91
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Wills Vol. 1 - 5; July 1789 - July 1904

Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes

County Court Clerk's Office
Will Book - Vol. V
Feb. 1891 - July 1904

Page 204
I Mrs. Cyrena Alexander do make and publish this as my lst will and testament.
Item 1st  I direct my executor, herein after appointed to pay my just debts and liabilities out of the first money of my estate that may come into his hands.
Item 2nd  I give and bequeath to Mrs. Jennie L. Donelson to her sole and separate use, five hundred dollars, and I give and bequeath one hundred dollars to each one of the following children of Mrs. Jennie L. Donelson to wit; Alexander Donelson, Eugene Donelson, J. B. Donelson, Jr.,  Rebecca Donelson and Emund Donelson.
Item 3rd  I give and bequeath to Dr. Robert Dishman Five Hundred Dollars.
Item 4th  I give and bequeath to Samuel E. Lackey Senior, five hundred dollars as an acknowledgement in part for his kindest shown me and the services he has heretofore rendered me, And I give and bequeath one hundred dollars to each one of the following children of Samuel E. Lackey Senior, to wit, Dr. William N. Lackey, Samuel E. Lackey junior, and Mattie Alma Lackey.
Item 5th  I give bequeath and devise all the remainder of my estate both real and personal wherever the same may be to my three grand-children to wit:  Mrs. Cora E. Morningstar, Mrs. Lelia E. Downar, and Miss Ida Bell Gossom, to be divided among them equally without taking into account any previous gifts to any

Page 205

of them.  The amount, or property here given to my said grand daughters is given to each one, to her sole and separate use free from the debts and control of their respective husbands.
Item 6th  I nominate and appoint Samuel E. Lackey Senior, Executor of this my will and direct that he shall act as such without being required to give bond and security as executor.
Item 7th  I hereby empower and authorize my executor to sell all of my real estate and make deeds to the purchasers the sale to be upon such terms as he may think best.
Item 7th  I give and bequeath to Samuel E. Lackey Senior in trust for the use and benefit of Lafayette Miller, colored, one hundred dollars, provided Lafayette Miller is living at the time of my death, if Lafayette Miller dies before I do then this gift is void.  The said trustee is given full power and discretion to pay said one hundred dollars to Lafayette Miller if he survives, in such sums and at such times as the said trustee may think best, the trustee being the judge of how and when he makes the payments.  The bequest is given out of my estate before clause No. 5 above set out takes effect.  This Aug. 24th 1899.
                                                                                Mrs. C. E. Alexander

Signed in present of testatrix,
and at her request as witnesses
This Aug. 24th 1899.
B. F. Allen
G. N. Guthrie
Thomas Boyers

State of Tennessee
Sumner County Court Nov. Term Nov. 6th 1899.
A paper writing purporting to b the last will and testament of Mrs. C. E. Alexander deceased, was this day produced in open Court for probate when the same was duly proven by the oaths of B. F. Allen and Thos. Byers two of the subscribing witnesses thereto, when the same was ordered filed and recorded as the last will and testament of Mrs. C. E. Alexander deceased.
A true copy
Harris Brown Clk.

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