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A. J. Haynes, 1920

TSL&A Microfilm - Roll #92
Probate Records (County or Chancery Court)
Wills Vol. 6-9 ; Nov. 1905 - Oct 1942

Transcribed by Jan Barnes

County Court Clerk's Office
Will Book - Vol. VII
Aug 1915 - March 1924

Page 224


Want A. R. Atherson at Broad View, Tennessee to be Guardian over my little girl Mary Anne Haynes want her to live with them.  Have three trunks at Westmoreland and box of carpenter tools want Anthony to sell whatever he and Net don't think Mary Anne will need my cut glass and lamp is at A. Andersons and some pictures under B. Simmons store, and my Policy to be turned over to A. R. Atherson to be used on Mary Anne as you and Net see fit to use want her to go to school, and put cheap marker to our graves, whatever you do will be right I know.

    May God bless you all:
                                    Remember Dady

A. J. Haynes

This Oct. 3rd- 1919

State of Tennessee
Sumner County Court, Sept. Term, Sept. 1st, 1920.
A paper writing purporting to be the last Will and testament of A. J. Haynes, deceased was this day produced in open Court for probate, Whereupon came into open Court, R. Y. Weatherford and H. M. Freeman deposed and say that they were each personally and intimately acquainted with A. J. Haynes, the testator during his life time, each knew his handwriting, and after examining the paper writing presented for probate say that his signature thereto is his genuine signature, when the same was admitted to probate and ordered recorded as the last will and testament of the said A. J. Haynes, deceased.

A true copy.
O. D. Moore, Clerk 

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