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Descendants of George Northam, Sr.

Contributed by Edith Northam and  Jan J. Barnes

© 2002 

George Northam, Sr. was born about 1795 in NC.  He was the son of George Northam and UNKNOWN.  He was listed in his father's will, written in 1818, probated in 1820 in Richmond Co., NC.  as the fourth child and his father specifically left him $1.00 and and ten acres on the west side of the shady branch.  A marriage record, from Guilford Co., NC indicates that a George Northam married Polly Williams on 5 April 1820.  We do not know if this was George Northam, Sr., but if it was him, then it was a second marriage. The 1850 census record lists his wife's name as Mary and Polly is often used as a nickname for Mary.  However, two of his sons, John and James, and a daughter Rachel were born before 1820 indicating that this was either not George, Sr. or was indeed his second marriage.  There is, however, another George Northam living in Guilford Co., NC, son of Thomas Northam.  It is more likely that this marriage was between Polly Williams and George Northam, son of Thomas.  Our George, Snr.'s wife Mary, listed with him on the 1850 census did die before 1860.  He married Lucinda Poole prior to 1860 as is evidenced by the 1860 census and  his estate record where the widow is listed as Lucinda Poole, with the name Poole crossed out and Northam written above it.  Lucinda Poole in 1850 was living just a few households from George, Snr.  She was listed as 40 years old and the head of household was Rebecca Pool, age 66.

George, Sr. was listed on the 1830 Richmond Co., NC census as Maj. George Northam but we have found no indication that he served as an officer in any army in any capacity.  There was a James Northam listed on the Muster Rolls for the War of 1812, First Regiment, First Company, Detached from the Currituck Regiment.  Some researchers believe that this could have been "James George Northam", but we have found no document listing him with the first name of James.  Major could have perhaps been a way to distinguish him from his father, and son and the various nephews named George Northam.  His own son was listed as George W. Northam, Jr. on deed instruments so we might assume that George, Sr. was also George W, but all Northam researchers will agree that it is best not to assume anything about this line.  In the will of Daniel T. Northam, 1881, he appoints his brother's son, James Northam, Jr. (son of George W. Northam, Jr.) as his Executor.  Certainly James was not named for his father, but named after his Uncle.  Thererfore, George W. Northam, Jr. could have possibly been named after his grandfather instead of his father.   In 1830, Richmond Co., NC  George, Sr.  had 3 sons and 4 daughters.   His brother, John M.  Northam, was also listed on this census, living just a few households away.  The 1840 census gives the following information:
George Northam, head of household, between the age of 40 and 50
1 male 5-10
1 male 10-15
1 male 15-20
1 male 20-30
1 female 10-15
1 female 15-20
1 female 20-30
1 female 50-60

Known children of George Northam, Snr. and Mary Unknown:
Rachel Northam, born about 1815
James Northam, born about 1816
Sarah Northam, born about 1818
John Northam, born about 1820
Mary Northam, born about 1825
Martha Northam, born about 1827
George W. Northam, Jr., born about 1829
Daniel Thomas Northam, born about 1833

The 1850 census gives us the first glimpse of the members of this Northam household:
George Northem   age 55 M Farmer born about 1795
Mary Northem      age 61  F  born about 1789
Sarah Northem     age 26  F  (The 1860 and 1870 census indicate that she was born about 1818.)
Martha Northem  age 23 F   born about 1827
George Northem  age 21 M Farmer married within the year, born about 1829
Celia Northem      age 20 F married within the year, born about 1828
Thomas Northem  age 17 M Farmer born abt. 1833 

Also recorded in this census are two other sons (their names derived from George, Snrs. will)  and their families:
James T. Northam      age 34     M Farmer born about 1816, died before 1887 - Estate record of George Northam, Sr.
Elizabeth Northam      age 33     F
Decemus Northam      age 2/12 F (Married Elijah H. Covington 27 Jan 1868 - Richmond Co., NC Marriage Bond) 
Other children born later to James T. Northam and Elizabeth Unknown were:
Rowan/Roan born abt. 1851
William H. born abt 1859

John T. Northem         age 30 M Farmer born about 1820, died before 1887 - Estate record of George Northam, Sr.
Margaret Northem     age 26 F
Rebecca Northem       age 2 F born about 1848
Other children born to John T. Northam and Margaret Unknown:
William  G? born about 1852
Margaret A. born about 1854

Children of George W. Northam, Jr. and Celia Ann (possibly Covington)
Henry C. born about 1853
Mary A. born about 1857
James born about 1860

We know there was a daughter, Rachel, married to Solomon Bostick.  She is referred to in George's estate records in this way:
"8 grandchildren of testator's deceased daughter Rachael Bostick"
The 1850 Richmond, NC census record, Blackjack District shows the following living in the Solomon Bostick household:
Soloman Bostick   age 55
Rachel Bostick     age 35
Mary Bostick       age 11
James Bostick      age 9
Sarah Bostick       age 8
Ann Bostick          age 6  
Elizabeth Bostick  age 4
Rebecca Bostick   age 1
Mary Northam      age 25 (daughter of George, Snr)

From his will, we also learn that daughter Sarah married a Bostick and on the 1860 Richmond Co., NC census, she is listed as the wife of Solomon Bostick, her sister Rachel's husband.
Solomon Bostick age 66
Sarah Bostick    age 42
Jas.                     age 19
Sarah                  age 17
Anna                   age 15
Tristam               age 14
William               age 9
Rachel                age 7

Mary Northam married John B. Covington on 2 Nov 1850 - Richmond Co., NC Marriage Bond.  Known child of John Covington and Mary Northam is Ann E. Covington, born about 1859.   George, Snr. left daughter Mary Covington $10.00 and "the land already conveyed to her husband, John B. Covington to the cash value of two hundred and fifty dollars."

Martha Northam married Solomon Ford on 26 Oct 1859 - Richmond Co., NC Marriage Bond.   In his will, George, Sr. bequeathed to his daughter Martha Ford one hundred & sixty five dollars.  Known children of Solomon Ford and Martha Northam:
John born about 1862
George born about 1864

Daniel T. Northam married Sarah Unknown.  There were no known children.  Daniel's will was written 9 April 1881.  It  was probated on May 2, 1881 in Richmond County, NC and listed his death as 13 April 1881.  He bequeathed his real estate upon which he was living and devised to him in fee simple by his father, George Northam, in his last will and Testament, after the termination of the life estate of his mother Lucinda Northam.  James Northam, Jr., son of his brother George Northam was the Executor and Sarah Ann Northam, his wife was the Executrix.

George Northam, Sr. wrote his will on the 23rd of Sept. 1875.  It was probated in court on January 25, 1876.  Subscribing witnesses, J. F. Hamer and William H. Covington signed an oath purporting the signature to be that of the said George Northam, Sr. on December 22, 1875.  His estate was not settled until 5 of May 1887.   

The Will of George Northam, Snr.

I George Northam Senr of the County of Richmond State of North Carolina being of sound mind & memory but considering the uncertainty of my worldly existence being now in my eightieth year do make & publish my Last Will and Testament in manner & form following – that is to say

First my Executor hereinafter appointed shall ____ for my body a decent burial suitable to the wishes of my relations & friends, and to pay all funeral  expenses together with all my just debts and of the first money coming to her hands or part of my estate.

Item 1st   I give devise 7 bequesth unto my wife Lucinda Northam during her natural life, or widowhood, all that tract of land whereon I live, together with a Tract of fifty acres, known as the Cope 50, adjoining Jas. T. Northam, Jno. B. Covington, & others and at her death the whole to go & belong to my son Daniel T. Northam, his heirs & assigns forever in fee simple. I also give to my said wife Lucinda all the crop, stock, & provisions that may be on hand at my death together with all my farming tools, household & kitchen furniture and two thousand twenty seven dollars in Confederate bills & Bonds the whole to be subject to her disposal. Also the money that may be on hand at my death after paying to my daughter Sarah Bostick ten (10) dollars and to my daughter Mary Covington ten (10) dollars the balance remaining to be kept by my Executor for my said wife’s use & benefit.

Item 2nd   I give devise & bequeath unto my son James T. Northam all that tract of land on which he lives containing two hundred & fifty acres more or less – to him, his heirs etc. forever.

Item 3rd   I have given my son Jno. T. Northam heretofor about two hundred & fifty acres of land more or less & made other _____  accounts which I consider his full share of my Estate but he is to have the right of way to where he now lives through the land devised to my wife, from the Guilford road.

Item 4th   I give, devise & bequeath unto my son George W. Northam the tract of land whereon he now lives containing two hundred acres more or less. To him his heirs, & assigns forever.

Item 5th   I give, devise & bequeath unto my daughter Mary Covington the land already conveyed to her husband John B. Covington to the cash value of two hundred & fifty dollars.

Item 6th   I give unto my daughter Martha Ford, one hundred & sixty five (165) to be paid out of the notes I hold on my son John for land I lately sold him which said land is hereby incumbered with the payment of this gift & bequeath.

Lastly, I hereby nominate, constitute, and appoint my neighbor James H. Covington, son of my friend Wm H. Covington my lawful Executor to execute this my Last Will & Testament & every part & clause thereof according to the time intent  remaining of the same hereby revoking & declaring utterly void all wills by me heretofore made.

In witness whereof I the said George Northam Senr. do hereunto set my hand & seal, this 23 day of Sept A. D. 1875.
Geo. Northam (Seal)

Signed, sealed published & declared by the said testator as his Last Will & Testament in presence of us who at his requst, in his presence & the presence of each other sign as witnesses thereto
William H. Covington
John F. Hamer

Date of Probate – December 15, 1875

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