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Record of the Taxable Property and Polls in Sumner County for the year 1818


Contributed by Linda Carpenter
Compiled by Linda Carpenter and E. James Keen


*(?) Faint, Blurred or illegible and unable to read. For more information contact the Sumner County Archives, Gallatin, Tennessee for more information consult Sumner County Tax Book 1816 - 1822; Tax Aggregates 1838 - 1884-original book - Microfilm reel #332.

Name Land Situation
John Orr - -
William Ogburn (Osborn) - -
David Orr 60 Station Camp Creek
Eli Odam - -
James Odam 290 Station Camp Creek
James Odam (Odum) 200 Deshas Creek
David Ormond 136 Sink Creek
Bartholomew Osburn - -
Thomas Osburn - -
Nicholas Overbay 60 Barrens
Jannet Overbay 50 Barrens
Nathaniel Onsbe (Owensby) 124 West Fork Drakes Creek
Greenberry Orr - -
Daniel Ogelsby 190 West Fork Drakes Creek
William Owen 150 Second Creek

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