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Record of the Taxable Property and Polls in Sumner County for the year 1818


Contributed by Linda Carpenter
Compiled by Linda Carpenter and E. James Keen

*(?) Faint, Blurred or illegible and unable to read. For more information contact the Sumner County Archives, Gallatin, Tennessee Sumner County Tax Book-1787-1794-(Xerox copy and Original copy available)-catalog # 976.847SN-T

Name Land Situation
Richard Jones 147 Madison Creek
Squire Jones 58 Madison Creek
William Jones 62 Madison Creek
William Jones 43 Drakes Creek
Peter F. Jefferson 178 Drakes Creek
Jesse Joiner 157 Drakes Creek
Jesse Joiner 396 1/2 Madison Creek
Thomas Joiner 210 Drakes Creek
Elizabeth Jones - -
William Jackson 34 Drakes Creek
Edward Jones 200 on which He Lives
John Jennings 70 on which He Lives
James Jackson 82 Station Camp Creek
John Johnson - -
Lewis Johnson 50 Station Camp Creek
James Johnson 65 Station Camp Creek
James Jackson 640 on the Ridge
Joseph Jackson 23 Ruyles Branch
Jonathan Johnson - -
Frances Johnson 80 Dry Fork
John Jons (Johns) - -
Moses Jones - -
Andrew Jackson 6 Sulphur Fork
James Jones - -
John B. Johnson, heirs 525 Station Camp Creek
Caleb Jacobs - -
Jesse Johnson 284 3/4 Cumberland River
Stephen Jackson - -
Richardson Jackson 20 West Goose Creek
Harrison Jones 30 West Goose Creek
George Johnson - -
Richard Johnson 167 East Fork Bledsoe Creek
Benjamin Johnson 83 Bledsoe Creek
Samuel Johnson - -
Thomas Jones 200 S Creek of Bledsoe Creek
Robert Jones, heirs 320 Station Camp Creek

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