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William A. Gregory Family

Submitted by: Daniel O'dell Gregory

William A. Gregory was the eldest child of John D. Gregory and Sarah (Sallie) Harper Gregory (See John & Sarah Harper Gregory Lineage). William was born on January 31, 1837 in Sumner County, TN. He married Nancy Elizabeth Day on Nov. 11, 1854. Nancy was born on August 11, 1837.

Children of William Gregory and Nancy Day:

1.  Robert "Monk" Gregory who married Lizzy Richardson.

2.  William Hall Gregory born on June 5, 1866. He married Lura E. Keen who was born on Feb. 14, 1867. He died in the 1930s and she on July 7, 1948. They are buried at the Pleasant Grove Cem. in Westmoreland, TN.

3.  Lethonia Gregory was born on March 3, 1867 and died on October 11, 1952. She married Charles Brown.

4.  Adelia Gregory married Weldon Doss.

5.  James Henry "Jim" Gregory was born on March 2, 1872 and died on July 27, 1928. He married Mary L. Burnely.

During the civil war William's father, John D., enlisted as a Private in Co. B 18th TN. Confed. Infantry as he perished of illness while the army was in Bowling Green, Ky. in 1861. Also his younger brother, John B. Gregory was a Confed. private who survived the war.

William enlisted as a private in Co. E 24th TN. Confederate infantry. His regiment participated at the Battle of Shiloh. At the battle of Perryville, Ky. on Oct. 8, 1862 William was on the line of battle and was struck in the left foot by a minnie ball. He was carried off the field by Sumner Co. comrade, T. J. Moncrief. The army had to leave Wm. when it retreated back to TN.

William was a union P.O.W. when he was caught by the federals on May 28, 1863 as he was fleeing south trying to rejoin his army. On August 4, 1863 he was exchanged.

For the rest of the war he served as a hospital nurse in Georgia meeting trains full of wounded soldiers. He served at hospitals in both Atlanta and Marietta, GA. He finally surrendered on May 9, 1865 in Lithuania, GA. and took the oath of allegiance to the U.S. on June 12, 1865 in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN.

William and Nancy lived in Westmoreland, TN. Annual medical reports by Dr. Robert Durham state him as being very poor and his leg perishing away. He died on August 24, 1904 and is buried in the Gregory Cemetery in Westmoreland, TN.

Letter written by William Hall on behalf of William Alexander Gregory. It is only a portion of a letter:

He is an illiterate man, can neither read nor write. But a man on good sense and remarkable memory. No man according to his station in life has made a better citizen than he. He is always on the side of law and order and has (unintelligible word) himself for (3 unintelligible words) men of good literary attachments and information. He needs and deserves richly the assistance that the pension law would allow for men who has but one foot. John this is the man of whom I spoke to you at Mrs. Glovers the Sunday I met you and Mrs. Hale there.
Wm. Hall

This letter came on official First National Bank paper. Preprinted on the top of the paper from left to right it says:

J. W. Blackmore - President
R. Beebee - Vice President
D. F. Barry - Cashier
Wm. Hall - Asst. Cashier
Centered at the top and preprinted in large letters it says
"First National Bank"
and under this "CAPITAL STOCK $50,000.

Here is the letter in Hall's hand:
Gallatin, Tenn. August 18th, 1892
Mr. Jno. P. Hickman and George B. Guild
Nashville, Tenn.

Dear John,
This will be presented to you by Mr. W. A. Gregory, a battle scarred old Confederate veteran. A truer man never had the honor of presenting you a letter. He came home among the very last, and worked in my father's farm with us when I was a boy. Even then his wounded foot gave him so much trouble that he was laid up with it for days at a time. It is near no foot as a man could have. And I know (?) any question that but for the help of his children for several years, he could not have made even the poor living that he has had. If under the law you can possible recommend him for a pension, you need have no fears but that it is worthily bestowed and greatly appreciated by him his friends and his delicate wife.
Your friend,
Wm Hall

Preprinted on this paper is:
"Chesapeake & Nashville R'y Co."
"Office of Agent"
"Agency", "1892"

To: Jno. P. Hickman
Nashville, Tenn
Rogana Aug. 18th

Dear Sar. Allow one to introduce to you Wm. A. Gregory a worthy and brave old Confed. of Comp. E 24th Tenn. he was among the best - and did not - from the dawn of the lost cause till the cypres crowned (?) of sorow doned he deepest sorrowing veil let up in his fealty to our loved lost cause. Do what you can for him John - and oblige your friend. I know him and he is worthy.
Charles B. Rogan


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