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Letter Written by William T. Stovall

Submitted by Fielding A. Poe

408 Talbert Court
Ballwin, MO 63021



(Written in pencil at the top of page, Bartholomew Stovall's death date.) Died Mar. 9th, 1841

Bw F lly? (Has to be Bartholomew Stovall.) Farther was born August 23, 1759
Sarah Tully? (Has to be Sarah Webster?) Mother was born Sept. 13, 1756

William T. Stovall was born Feb. 23, 1785
(Rickman written in pencil.) Elizabeth was born November 28, 1791

No. 1. A. C. Stovall was born July 6, 1811 (This is Adaline Cook Stovall Cartwright. She married Nelson Edna {Edney} Cartwright 11/16/1828.)

 2. Lu F. ? Stovall was born March 2, 1813
 3. M. R. Stovall was born January 27, 1815
 4. J. M. Stovall was born January 16, 1817
 5. E. J. Stovall was born April 18, 1820
 6. R. G. Stovall was born April 8, 1822
 7. W. H. Stovall was born August 18, 1826
 8. A. F. Stovall was born February 14, 1828
 9. A. G. Stovall was born July 15, 1831
10. S. C. Stovall was born March 1, 1835

This is a true copy of my farthers and Mothers ages and my own children's ages drun of this 10 day of April 1854. William T. Stovall

Judy a Coulored woman was born November 28, 1834 (Written in pencil.) Call of the children Old Black Mamana’s? *(See Will of William T. Stovall, 1865)

(This letter was found in a personal Bible of Adaline C. (Stovall) Cartwright, my great-great grandmother.)

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