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Letter Written by George W. Stovall

Submitted by Fielding A. Poe

408 Talbert Court
Ballwin, MO 63021



State of KY, Muhlenburg County, May 24th 1855

Dear coson, I retire this morning to write you a few lines according to promises more than I have put of writing to you a long time. I have bin wanting to see if times would get any better but they only get harder so I will not wait any longer. We ar al well at present. I hope when those few lines reach you they may find you all injoying the same blesing. I will now give you the ages of grandfarther Stovall and family

Bartholomew Stovall, his birth, he was born August 23, 1759
Wife wife Sarah Stovall was born September 13, 1756
first child Betsy Stovall was born November 26, 1778
George Stovall was born February 24th, 1780 (Thomas Stovall written and marked through.)
Terisha Stovall was born December 1, 1781

Thomas Stovall was May 17th, 1783
William Stovall was born February 23rd, 1785

Patsy Stovall was born December 8th, 1786
Sally Stovall was born January 21st, 1789
Turner Stovall born April 12, 1790

Bird Stovall Stovall born April 24, 1791
Rutha Stovall born August 20, 1793

James Stovall born February 24, 1795
Joel Stovall born January 1st, 1797
Polley Stovall born April 29th, 1799
Nancy Stovall born January 18th, 181?

Cosson Kitty here is the ages just as they ar recorded. I have nothing of importance to write more than times is harde and money scarce corn worth five dollars, wheat @ 150 Cts Bakan 9 cents and every ? other article. I heard from you you last week.

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I understood that you had cut your finger and I was sorray to hear that. They allges me of marring but if they is anything of it I do not no it. I think the handles of the plough fits me better than a wife. Sally presents her love to you all here and Mrs. Hasley is well. She says you must come and see them and she will give you a present. Write to me soon and tell me all the news. Mother sends her love to you all and kiss little Thomas for hear. So nothing more at present.

George W. Stovall

(This letter was found in a personal Bible of Adaline C. (Stovall) Cartwright, my great-great grandmother.)

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