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 Shy Family

Submitted by David Stover
© 2006

George Washington Shy was the brother of the outlaws known as the Shy Brothers; John, James and Eli Shy of Sumner County, Tennessee. George did not ride with his brothers and chose to live a life of good citizenship. Anyone with any information on these outlaws is asked to please contact me. Thank you. David Stover

1850 Allen County, KY census, page 177.

John Shy age 50 NC Farming $100
S. Shy female age 30 KY (Sarah Kennedy)
W. Shy male age 9 KY farming (George Washington Shy)
E. Shy female age 7 KY (Elmina)
J. W. Shy male age 6 KY (John W.)
J. M. Shy male age 5 KY (James M.)
Eli Shy male age 4 KY
T. J. Shy male age 2 KY

1860 Allen County, KY census, New Roe District, Pages 46-47

John Shy age 60 $180 $100 NC Farming
Sarah Shy house keeper KY age 38
Washington Shy age 18 farm hand KY (George Washington Shy)
Almina Shy age 16 student KY
J. W. Shy male age 15 KY (John W.)
J. M. Shy male age 14 KY (James M.)
Eli Shy age 12 KY
M. J. Shy female age 8 KY (Martha Jane Shy)
S. A. Shy female age 7 KY (Sarah Shy)
Asberry Shy age 5 KY male (Henry Asbury Shy)
Ceborne Shy age 2 KY male

1870 Simpson County, Kentucky, Franklin PO, Sh 114, District 150

Henry Strickland age 70 works on farm $200 NC
Elizabeth age 70 NC
George W. Shy age 27 KY
Elizabeth age 36 TN

1880 census District 215, Simpson, Kentucky
Family History Library Film 1254442
NA Film Number T9-0442
Page Number 363A

William SADLER Self M Male W 74 KY Farmer VA VA
Mary SADLER Wife M Female W 28 TN Keeping House TN AR
Mary SADLER Dau S Female W 26 KY At Home KY KY
Sarah SADLER Dau S Female W 24 KY At Home KY KY
Jennie A. SADLER Dau S Female W 6 KY At Home KY TN
Ruth E. SADLER Dau S Female W 3 KY At Home KY TN
George W. SHY SonL M Male W 35 KY Works On Farm KY KY
Malinda A. SHY Dau M Female W 42 KY Keeping House KY KY

1900 Sumner County, TN, 14th Dist, ED124, Sh 222
William Brooks age 48 April 1853 married 27 years TN TN TN farmer
Sarah A. (Shy) wife age 48 Jan 1852 TN TN TN

George W. Shy age 50 May 1850 married 27 years TN TN TN day laborer
Malinda wife age 60 Feb 1840, 1 child born 0 living TN TN TN
Bill Saddler lodger age 16 May 1884 KY KY KY

1910 Sumner County, TN, Dist 14, Sh 16
Harterville Rd

George Shy age 65 marriage 2 for 25 years KY KY KY farmer
Malinda A. (Sadler) wife age 70 marriage 1, 1 child born TN US US

William M. Brooks age 58 marriage 1 for 38 years TN VA TN farmer
Sarah A. (Shy) wife age 56 KY KY TN

War Between The States Pension Record for George Washington Shy

Oct 25, 1903
Soldier’s Application for Pension

I, G W Shy a native of the State of Ky and now a citizen of Tennessee, resident at Fountain head in the County of Sumner. And I do solemnly swear that while in the discharge of my duty in the service of the Confederate or United States as a member of 30th Tenn Reg Co. I Tenn Vol.

I now have stomach and kidney disease lambago

In what County were you born? Allen Co Ky 1844

When did you enlist and in what command? 1862 Jno W. Head Reg J J Turners Co but was afterwards transfer to Wm Lovells Co

What limb did you lose? None I could not state that my disability was contracted in the service.

Were you incapacitated for service by reason of said wound or disability incurred? I was not

Were you discharged from the army by reason of said wound? No

How did you get out of the army, when and where? I was captured at Ft Donelson and sent to Camp Butler, Ill

Did you take the oath of allegiance to the United States? I did but afterwards reinstated in Capt Biggs Co I was sworn in but failed to get off with my Co on account of the Federals getting in and my Company leaving unexpectedly.

If so, when and under what circumstances? In order to get out of prison because the federals were killing some of the prisoners and a great many wounded and I thought it best to take the oath to get away from them, they were dying by the hundreds.

Are you married? Yes

If so, what is the size of your family living together? Myself and wife I have no children

My wife is 64 or 65 years old

I have no children

I try to farm by renting

I have no real estate. My personal property consists of my horse, one male cow and 3 hogs, goods val $50.00

What estate has your wife? None

Oct 20, 1903
WB Appling, Physician
A Baskerville, Witness
W A Barber, Witness

State of Tennessee
Sumner County

Personally appeared before me W. T. Butler, NP of said County, the above named G W Shy, the applicant, with whom I am personally acquainted

Oct 26, 1903

Personally appeared before me W B Appling one of the subscribing witnesses says that he has carefully examined G W Shy, the applicant and finds him laboring under the following disabilities: He has chronic liver and kidney trouble. The trouble with kidneys is of a chronic inflammatory nature with a slight albumuneria. He has also what is known as Lithaernia with a chronic catarrhal condition of liver and upper portion of small intestine. There affections are permanent and progressive. I have known applicant for about 6 years. Have been his physician during that time and his troubles are gradually growing worse. He is disabled now about 2/3.

A Baskerville and W A Barber makes oath to the following facts touching the applicants service in the Confederate army; A Baskerville says “I was with the applicant at Camp Butler Ill. And know that he was sick nearly all the time. His service was first class”. W A Barber says “I was in the same Co with the applicant and was captured with him and sent to Camp Butler Ill. He was sick a great deal of the time while in prison. He made a good soldier.
Oct 26, 1903

Jan 6, 1908
Ft Head, Tenn
John P. Hickman

Dear sir, Judge Butler the man who made out the first paper says he made a mistake and is willing to correct it.

If Judge Butler mit come before the board and correct his mistake mit that be satisfactory as that seems to be the only trouble

Sept 6, 1908
Fountain Head, Ten

Mr John P Hickman, Dear Sir you seem to dout any evidence that came before you. You don’t seem to want to give Me any chance to ? mistakes. You say that I sed nothing in first application about being sic. You further state that I wouldn’t sware that I received my disability while in service. That nor I wouldn’t if it was to ?.

I am no doctor. I can not tell whether I did or not But I do claim that I was sic and unable to go south and make a soldier. I chance made that statement in every application that’s bin made.

Mr Hickman it looks like a very litlle thing to refuse to give me a small pension in the condition I am in. I am not able to do a days work besides I have a pore afflicted wife but all I want to know if Butler will go before a notary of republic and make a statement that if my disability is not in the first application it was an oversight will that do.

I hope you anser that question this time.
So I will close with my best wishes
G W Shy
Fountain Head


Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners
No. 5795A
Nashville, Tenn Sept 8, 1908

Dear Sir: G W Shy who is an applicant for Pension under the Tennessee Pension law, claims to have been a member of Company I Thirtieth Regiment Tenn Infantry CSA and to have been released from prison at Camp Butler Ills. Please give us the record of this soldier,

George B. Gentry

September 12, 1908

The records show that G W Shy, Company I, 30th Tennessee Infantry, Confederate States Army, enlisted November 22, 1861, at Tyrus Springs; that he was captured at Fort Donelson February 16, 1862, and that he was sent to Camp Butler, Springfield, Illinois, where he took the oath of allegiance, date not shown.

Fountain Head
Dec 23rd, 1908
Mr Hickman

Dear Sir

Mr W. Shy sent in his application for a pension last Aug and has not hear from it, he would like to know what has been done with it he does not see why he cannot draw a pension, (as two of his fellow soldiers who were with him in the same company and captured at the same time and released from prison in the same condition, are drawing pension)

If ever a man was in need of help he is one, he is in the last stages of Brights Desease and is unable to work more than one day in the week, and has nothing to depend on only what he works for.

If you grant him a pension it will not be for long for he cannot stay here much longer.

Hoping you will able to help your old comrade in arms who is destitute circumstances.

W H King
Ft Head
PS Please answer and let me know what his chances are.

Dec 26, 1908
G W Shy
Fountain Head
No. 5795
Nashville, Tenn

Dear Sir:

The Board of Pension Examiners have considered your application

And it stands disallowed with these endorsements by the Board on the specifications following:

Service in the Army: Proven

Wound received, injury sustained, or disease while in service and in the line of duty: ------

Extent of such injury arising from such wound, injury or disease: Proven

Indigency: Proven

How applicant got out of the army: Not satisfactory. Took oath to get out of prison. In first application you say you took oath because Yankees were killing a a great many dying , you say nothing of being sick.

Character as a soldier: Proven

Jan 27, 1909
Portland, Tenn
To Board of pension Examiners
Nashville, Tenn

In the case of G W Shy, Abner Baskerville a comrade in same regiment being sworn states as follows: I was a soldier in the same regiment with Mr Shy. I was with him at Camp Butler. Mr Shy was in very bad health and not able to go south and make a good soldier and was advised that his health was bad it would be best for him to take the oath and go home as he would be likely to die if he went south to serve in Confederate ranks. Mr Shy while in fair health before he was sent to prison made a good soldier.

A Baskerville

Feby 1909
State of Tennessee
Sumner County

In the matter of pension claim of GW Shy personally appeared before me W F Butler a NP in and for said county and states W A Barber who being duly sworn states as follows: I was in the army with GW Shy being in the same company with him. Was taken prisoner at the same time at Ft Donelson and sent to camp Butler Ill.

Mr Shy was taken sick in prison and I thought he would die if he remained in prison as the prisoners were dying every day and I advised him to take the oath and go home.

The death rate would often be so high as ten per day.

When Mr Shy was able for duty he made an excellent soldier

I fought side by side with him and knew his record as a soldier was good.
Feb 8, 1909

Ft Head Tenn
March 25, 1909
Mr John P. Hickman

Dear Sir,

If you are not going to allow me anything why is it you allowed my comrades pension who came out the same time I did. I filled up some papers and sent to you some time ago which ought satisfy you about how I got out of the army, if they are not satisfactory to you I cant do any more than I have done to be humble.

Please let me know how my comrades got their pension? How did they say they got out?

Please answer at once. And ablige.

Mr G W Shy
Fountain Head

Soldiers Application for pension



Filed Nov 03, 1909


Dec 26, 1908

March 23, 1909

July 7, 1909

Oct 7, 1909

From the national park Service:

30th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

30th Infantry Regiment completed its organization at Red Springs, Macon County, Tennessee, in October, 1861. Men of this unit were recruited in Sumner, Robertson, Smith, and Macon counties. Serving in the Western Department, it was captured in the fight at Fort Donelson in February, 1862. After the exchange it was assigned to Gregg's Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, and saw action at Chickasaw Bayou, Raymond, and Jackson. Later it served in Gregg's, Bate's, Tyler's, and Palmer's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. The 30th participated in the campaigns of the army from Chickamauga to Atlanta, moved back to Tennessee with Hood, and was involved in the North Carolina operations. About 450 men were fit for duty at Fort Donelson. During the fight at Raymond, it had 7 killed, 28 wounded, and 1 missing. The unit took 185 to Chickamauga and in December, 1863, totalled 106 men and 58 arms. Very few surrendered in April, 1865. The field officers were Colonels John W. Head and J.J. Turner, Lieutenant Colonel Robert H. Murphy, and Major Bell G. Bidwell.

Circuit Court Minutes
February & March, 1866
Vol. V
Source: TSL&A Microfilm #5
Sumner County Circuit Court Minutes
Feb 1866 - Jun 1869
Transcribed by Jan J. Barnes
© 2002
Pages 4 - 5

Feby 27, 1866

Eli B. Shye, James M. Shye, and John W. Shye - Indictment for Larceny - accused of stealing one dollar and eighty five cents, one rifle at a value of twenty five dollars and fifty pounds of Bacon at the value of ten dollars, the property of D. D. Austin. Also accused of stealing fifty pounds of bacon at the value of ten dollars, the property of Richard Brantley, one gallon of whiskey at a value of two dollars and fifty cents and one gallon two measures of the value of one dollar from M. R. Stovall.

Page 20

Eli B. Shy and John W. Shy, Larceny. Accused pled Guilty and for their trial put themselves upon the County. Jurors James Guinn, John Crump, William H. Shackleford, Jno O. Higgerson, Balam Groves, Jas. S. Robertson, Jas. Darnell, Ashly Wallace, Peter Gourley?, William Chapman, James Barrow, and William Phillips did not have time to consider the amount of time Defts. should serve. Verdict delayed until March 3.

Pages 22 - 23

Eli B. Shy and John W. Shy - Jurors find that the defts. shall be placed in the State Penitentiary for three years.

Pages 29 - 30

James M. Shy, Indictment for Larceny - Recognizance. Deft. acknowledged that he owed the State one thousand dollars - to be levied out of his goods & chattels, land and tennaments, but to be void if James M. Shy makes his personal appearance at the court house in Gallatin in June to answer the charge of larceny.

To A. Styles for boarding J. W. & Eli B. Shy, prisoners charged with larceny from 22nd Feb - 9th March, 1866, 15 days at 60 cts. per day - $18.00.

To A. Styles for boarding James Shy prisoner charged with larceny from 22nd Feb to 8th March, 1866, 14 days at 60 cts. per day - $8.40.

After the end of the Civil War, in Sumner County, TN, a James Shy was charged with murder, along with Ely Shie and Joseph (John) Shie, but apparently they were not convicted. Court records list them as being "three brothers". Several years later on August 31, 1869, the Georgia Messenger, page 356 reported:

"A man named Shy was found dead with a bullet hole through his head in Sumner County a few days since. This is the same man that was tried for killing Negroes some time since and was not convicted."

James is again mentioned in Obituaries from Tennessee Newspapers by Jill L. Garrett, page 351 which reads:

Shy, James of Sumner County, his body was found Monday, murder or suicide?

In addition to this story, the Nashville Republican Banner reported on August 28, 1869 in a article about James that: "He was a notorious desperado".

Nashville Republican Banner. 28 Aug. 1869
Mysterious Fate of a Notorious Desperado

From the Gallatin Examiner of yesterday we learn that on Monday morning last the dead body of James Shy, known in Sumner County as one of the "Shy Boys", was found in the woods near Page Stalcups, on the north side of the ridge just beyond the tunnel. He was discovered by his brother. A jury of inquest came to a verdict that he killed himself from a pistol shot, which entered his right nostril, passing through his nose, striking just above the eye and bursting the crown of his head. These conclusions were arrived at from all the circumstances, which showed that the shot must have been fired by himself. The deceased was of notoriously bad character, having been often before the courts and once in the State Prison, and was a terror to the neighborhood from his bad deeds. It is also stated that he remarked to Mrs Stalcup, whose house he frequented, the day before his being killed that she might as well go to making his shroud as he would not live long.

Sumner Marriage

Roney, Dovey A. Manda to Stalcup, Pleasant 15 April 1829 Bondsman: Stalcup, Page

John Hobdy and Page Stalcup, Sumner County, Tenn. Marriage Bond to Governor of Tennessee, $1250, for intended marriage of John Hobdy and Elizabeth Hodges, 22 Sept. 1835.

Sumner Marriages

Stalcup, Page to Davenport, Frances A. 7 May 1856 Bondsman: Hughes, Samuel

Stalcup, Page to Davenport, Elizabeth 21 Jul 1859 Bondsman: Ryan, James

1860 Sumner County, TN, District 17, Sh 299


Page Stalcup age 63 farmer $8000 $1000 TN

Elizabeth (Davenport) age 18 Missouri

Ballard Davenport age 19 Missouri

Richard Davenport age 3 TN

James Davenport age 1 TN 


Sumner Scrapbook

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