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 William McGlothlin Family

Submitted by Barbara Owens
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William McGlothlin, son of Joseph McGlothlin Sr., was born February 7, 1800 in Sumner County, Tennessee. William married Nancy Skeen, daughter of Jesse and Keziah (Taylor) Skeen in Sumner County January 13, 1820. *(See Jesse Skeen will.) Nancy was the niece of William's step-mother. William died in Sumner County between July 4 and August 16, 1871, after receiving treatment for a possible stone in his bladder. Nancy was born 1801 TN, and was deceased by November, 1877. Ten children were born from this union.

William and Nancy's children were:

1. Sarah Jane (Sallie) McGlothlin, born February 26, 1821, Sumner County, TN. Sarah married Thomas Cotton Hobdy December 23, 1843 in Sumner County. She died December 15, 1907, buried at Round Pond Cemetery in Simpson County, KY. Thomas Cotton Hobdy was born October 20, 1818 KY, died January 19, 1881, buried at Smart Cemetery, Sumner County. Sarah and Thomas were parents of eleven children, several babies died in infancy. Their five adult children were John Robert, Nancy R., Joseph A., James A. and Sarah.

2. Elizabeth McGlothlin, born June 17, 1823, Sumner County, TN. Elizabeth married Elvis J. Dinning/Denning January 11, 1844 in Sumner County. She died June 8, 1901 in Sumner County. Elvis was born August 28, 1816 TN, died March 14, 1898. Elizabeth and Elvis are buried at the Old Fountain Head Cemetery in Sumner County. They were parents of five children: Nancy, James, Martha F., Malinda J. and Susan.

3. Louisa McGlothlin, born ca 1825, Sumner County, TN. Louisa married J. B. (Joseph) Hobdy about 1845. They are on the 1850 census of Barry County, MO with two children. Louisa's brother, uncle and other relatives were residents of Barry County, Missouri. J. B. and Louisa returned to Sumner County and had three more children. She died about 1859. J. B. Hobdy was born October 19, 1824, died January 11, 1912 in Sumner County. He is buried at the Old Fountain Head Cemetery in Sumner County by his second wife, who was   Louisa's cousin. Louisa and J. B. Hobdy's five children were: Elizabeth Nancy, William Thomas, Mary Jane, Lucinda and Eliza Ann. Three of their children, William Thomas, Mary Jane and Eliza Ann were named as heirs in the estate of their grandfather, William McGlothlin.

4. Nancy McGlothlin, born November 10, 1826 in Sumner County, TN. Nancy married A. J. Dinning/Denning about 1847. Nancy was deceased by 1850. Their two sons Henry D. Dinning and Elvis A. Dinning lived with their paternal grandmother in Sumner County. Henry D. and Elvis were named as heirs in the estate of their grandfather, William McGlothlin.

5. Joseph Taylor McGlothlin, born August 20, 1828, Sumner County, TN. When a young man Taylor went to Barry County, Missouri to live with his uncle and aunt, Alexander and Mary (Durham) McGlothlin. He married their daughter Melvina A. McGlothlin in Barry County, Missouri January 2, 1851. Taylor was a Confederate Soldier in the Civil War. He died in Barry County, Missouri November 23, 1915. Melvina A. McGlothlin was born January 17, 1835, Barry County, Missouri. Melvina died in Barry County September 29, 1893. Taylor and Melvina are buried at Washburn Prairie Cemetery, Barry County, Missouri. Twelve children were born to this union: Annabell, Elzira, William Alexander, Nancy, Joseph Taylor Jr., Sarah Jane, Mary Tennessee, James Henry, Edna Ernydice, Charlie, Pearl and an infant son who died. *(See Joseph Taylor McGlothlin's Obit.)

6. Niecy K. McGlothlin, born May 20, 1831, Sumner County, TN. Niecy married William P. Henry Peden December 20, 1848, Sumner County. She died in 1918. William P. Henry was born in 1830 and died in 1914. They are buried at Neal Cemetery in Sumner County. Their six children were: Sarah A., Mary Jane, Eliza (Lizetta?), Clara, John W. and Moses.

7. John Skeen McGlothlin, born July 10, 1835, Sumner County, TN. John married Elizabeth Alderson May 15, 1855, Sumner County. He was a Confederate Soldier, John died August 5, 1862 in the POW Camp, Camp Butler, Illinois. He is buried at Camp Butler National Cemetery, Confederate Section, Springfield, Illinois. Elizabeth was born March 2, 1827 TN. Her parents were William and Telitha Dinning/Denning. John and Elizabeth's three children were: William B., Georgia Ann and Nancy J. Elizabeth married #2 Jeremiah Hinton. Jeremiah Hinton died in 1891, she died February 12, 1892. Her grave marker at Hobdy Cemetery in Sumner County reads, "Elizabeth McGlothlin, wife of J. S. McGlothlin".

8. Mary C. McGlothlin, born November 1, 1836, Sumner County. Mary married Alexander (Alex) Groves November 10, 1856, Sumner County. Mary died November 30, 1907. Alex Groves was born December 14, 1832 TN, died August 7, 1904. Mary and Alex are buried at Maple Hill Cemetery, Sumner County. Their eight children were: William, Thomas J., Alice B., N. Louise, John Henry, Charley, Mary Isadora and Isaac Herschel.

9. William James Alexander McGlothlin, born March 21, 1839, Sumner County. William married Eliza E. King about 1866. William died April 9, 1902. Eliza, daughter of Henderson and Eliza King , was born August 27, 1841 TN. Eliza died July 1, 1915. William and Eliza are buried at Round Pond Cemetery, Simpson County, KY. They had three children: William Joseph, Ardor Dempsey and James Thomas.

10. Lucinda Ann McGlothlin, born August 31, 1841, Sumner County. Lucinda married James C. Harrell September 25, 1860, Sumner County. Lucinda died June 16, 1921 in Allen County, KY. James C. Harrell was born April 21, 1835 TN. He died March 16, 1890 in Allen County, KY Lucinda and James are buried at Harrell Cemetery, Allen County, KY. Their four children were: Julia, William, Herschel and Annie.

 *(See Joseph McGlothlin, Sr. will.)

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