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 Joseph McGlothlin Jr. Family

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Joseph McGlothlin Jr., son of Joseph McGlothlin Sr., was born 1790 possibly in Virginia. Joseph Jr. arrived in Sumner County with his family when he was about nine years old. The 1860 and 1870 Sumner County census gives his birthplace as Virginia, although most of his children thought he was born in Ireland. He married 1st Ann Boyle in Sumner County June 29, 1812. Ann was born about 1795 in North Carolina to James and Lydia Boyle. (See will of James Boyle.) Ten children were born to the marriage of Ann and Joseph McGlothlin Jr.

Joseph Jr. married 2nd Martha Ann "Patsy" Hunter May 25, 1847 in Sumner County. Martha was born about 1811 in Tennessee to Needham and Elizabeth Hunter. Joseph Jr. and Martha were parents of three children. Joseph Jr. died in Sumner County in 1873. Martha is enumerated on the 1880 census of Sumner County living in the household of their son Nathan McGlothlin.

The following is an excerpt from a long article in the Gallatin Union and Sumner Advertiser of July 26, 1839 concerning the 1839 4th of July celebration - Toast by Joseph McGlothlin Jr., "May the sons of ' 76 always have it in their power to proclaim to the world that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave."

Joseph McGlothlin Jr. and Ann Boyle's ten children were:

1. Joseph McGlothlin 3rd, born June 22, 1814, Sumner County, TN. Joseph married Catharine Hall in Sumner County May 13, 1844. He died in Sumner County August 4, 1888. Catharine was born February 21, 1819 TN. Her parents were Marley and Luraney Hall. Catharine died August 8, 1891. Joseph and Catherine are buried at Halltown Cemetery in Sumner County. Their five children were Thomas Jefferson, Sarah, Mary J., Alice and Julia Virginia.

2. James B. (Jim) McGlothlin, born February 10, 1816, Sumner County, TN. James married #1 Jane Grainger/Granger in Sumner County January 21, 1840. Their three children were: James Ewing, Mary Ann and Jane E. James married #2 Elizabeth Ann Payne in Sumner County December 13, 1844. Elizabeth Ann was born May 26, 1818 TN to Robert and Sarah Payne. Elizabeth Ann died January 14, 1885. She is buried at Old Fountain Head Cemetery in Sumner County. James and Elizabeth Ann's six children were: William Andrew, Sarah, Susan C., Elizabeth Moore, Richard E. and Cynthia. James married #3 Margaret L. (Maggie) Wright in Sumner County December 9, 1885. James and Maggie had no children. James died August 7, 1898 in Sumner County. He is buried at Old Fountain Head Cemetery in Sumner County. Maggie married William T. Jones March 19, 1901, Sumner County. She is a widow on the 1910 census of Sumner County.

3. Isaac B. McGlothlin, born about 1818, Sumner County, TN. In the early 1840's Isaac moved from Sumner County to Barry County, Missouri, where he had relatives. He married #1 Sarah Bratton/Brattin about 1844, probably in Barry County. Sarah was born in Franklin County, TN 1827 to John and Susannah Bratton/Brattin. Sarah died between 1850 and 1855. Isaac and Sarah's children were William T., Sina and Missouri Ann. Isaac married #2 Tabitha Howell in Barry County July 12, 1855. In 1858, Isaac was a charter member of the Barry County Agricultural and Mechanical Society. lsaac died in Barry County 1869. Isaac and Tabitha's children were James, Andrew and Isaac Marion.

4. Andrew McGlothlin, born October 24, 1820, Sumner County, TN. Andrew went to Barry County, Missouri, where he had family and lived the rest of his life there. Andrew was a carpenter, he never married, and his home was with various family members. On his 83rd birthday, his nephew Andrew McGlothlin hosted a birthday celebration. This article appeared in the Cassville Democrat newspaper November 7, 1903: "Uncle Andy McGlothlin's 83rd birthday was celebrated October 24 at the home of A. McGlothlin in Liberty Township. A large number of relatives and old acquaintances met, and with well-filled baskets came. It was a delightful day for this good old man." Andrew died in Barry County, Missouri February 14, 1910. (See Obituary) He is buried at Chitwood Cemetery in Barry County.

5. Granville McGlothlin, born November 14, 1823, Sumner County, TN. Granville married Elizabeth Rozilla Griffin in Sumner County February 12, 1849. Elizabeth was born June 24, 1828, Sumner County, to John and Martha Griffin. Granville died in Sumner County July 17, 1877. Elizabeth died April 20, 1907. They are buried at Old Fountain Head Cemetery in Sumner County. Four children were born to this union: Harriett Ann, Mary J., William Marion and Charlie T.

6. Euarcha S. (Marcia) McGlothlin, born October 9, 1827, Sumner County, TN. Euarcha married her cousin, Dr. Andrew James Goostree, in Sumner County January 23, 1849. Andrew was born December 3, 1825 in Sumner County to Watson and Elizabeth (McGlothlin) Goostree. Andrew and Euarcha are on the 1850 and 1860 census of Sumner County. By 1870, they are living in Marion County, Illinois. Euarcha died in Marion County, Illinois, April 5, 1902. She is buried at Bell Cemetery in Marion County. Andrew died September 16, 1908 in Oklahoma. He is buried at Sayre-Doxey Cemetery in Beckham County, Oklahoma. Euarcha and Andrew's six children were Mary Tennessee, Joseph Watson, James William, John Morgan, Thomas Jefferson and Elliott.

7. Mary B. McGlothlin, born about 1829, Sumner County, TN. Mary married Edward Hays in Sumner County May 2, 1850. Edward was born about 1829. They are on the 1850 and 1860 census of Sumner County. Edward died between the 1860 and 1870 census. Mary is on the 1870 Sumner County census with their four children: James Marion, Martha Ann, Mary Alice and Joseph E. H. Mary was deceased by 1876, her children Marion, Annie, Alice and Edward were heirs of their grandfather McGlothlin's estate when it was settled in 1876.

8. Alexander Martin McGlothlin, born January 1, 1832, Sumner County, TN. Alexander married #1 Martha Payne, daughter of Robert and Sarah Payne, in Sumner County June 16, 1858. Martha was born January 21, 1835 in Sumner County. She died in Sumner County July 3, 1872, age 37. Their three children were William Thomas, James Martin and Newton Eldon. Alexander's second wife was his parents house servant, Martha Jane Lovell. They were maried in Sumner County December 17, 1872, separated in 1873, and divorced in 1876. Martha Jane was born about 1847 TN, daughter of Fillmon and Ena Lovell. Alexander and Martha had no children. Alexander married #3 Harriett Bennetta White in Sumner County December 12, 1878. Harriett was born March 22, 1856, daughter of Ruben and Harriett White. Alexander and Bennetta had no children. Alexander died in Sumner County May 27, 1914. Harriett married Adam Ertner in 1920. She died at Franklin in Simpson County, Kentucky February 23, 1936, and is buried at Meguiar Cemetery in Simpson County.

9. William McGlothlin, born about 1834, Sumner County, TN. William was age 17 on the 1850 Sumner County census.

10. Sinai E. McGlothlin, born October 11, 1836, Sumner County, TN. Sinai married Samuel P. Seiber July 1, 1869. Samuel was born 1844 TN to Thomas and Mary Seiber. Sinai and Samuel are on the 1870 census of Marion County, IL Sinai died December 21, 1871 in Marion County and is buried at Bell Cemetery in Marion County, IL. Samuel and Sinai had a son named William Seiber. Samuel remarried and had a family. He died 1924 in Marion County and is buried at Bell Cemetery in Marion County, IL.

Joseph McGlothlin Jr. and Martha Hunter's three children were:

1. John H. McGlothlin, born December 3, 1849, Sumner County, TN. John married Mary Ann (Mollie) Shaub in Sumner County March 12, 1870 in Sumner County. Mollie was born November 7, 1857 in Sumner County to Jacob and Julia Shaub. John died in Sumner County June 29, 1910. (See Obituary) Mollie died in Sumner County January 28, 1923. They are buried at Maple Hill Cemetery in Sumner County. John and Mollie's children were Francis "Jennie", John C., Mary Ida, Maggie, Walter, Bessie S. and Laura.

2. Nathan McGlothlin, born about 1855, Sumner County, TN. Nathan married his sister-in-law's sister, Eliza Florence Shaub, in Sumner County July 10, 1875. Florence was born about 1859 in Sumner County to Jacob and Julia Shaub. Nathan and Florence had a son, Sanford S. McGlothlin, who was born about 1879. Nathan and Florence separated in 1896, and he fled to Texas. After a long and bitter divorce battle, they were divorced in 1901. Nathan died February 19, 1937 in Wise County, Texas. (See Obituary) Nathan is buried at Sycamore Cemetery in Wise County.

3. Mary McGlothlin, born about 1859-1860, Sumner County, TN.. Mary is age 11 on the 1870 census of Sumner County.   

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