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 James McGlothlin Family

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James McGlothlin, son of Joseph McGlothlin Sr., was born October 21, 1804 in Sumner County, Tennessee. James married 1st Lucinda Beard/Baird September 30, 1831 in Sumner County. Lucinda, the daughter of David and Jane Beard/Baird was born March 3, 1807 TN. Lucinda died August 15, 1853, age 46. She is buried at Old Fountain Head Cemetery in Sumner County. James and Lucinda were parents of seven children:

James married 2nd Orpha Paul, daughter of Elias and Susannah Paul, in Sumner County December 18, 1854. Orpha was born in April of 1818 TN. James and Orpha had two children. He died in Sumner County November 3, 1856, two months before the birth of their second child.

James is buried at the Old Fountain Head Cemetery in Sumner County by Lucinda. (His grave marker says he was born October 21, 1801 and died November 8, 1856.)

After their father's death, James and Lucinda's children continued to live with their step-mother Orpha in Sumner County. On the 1900 census of Sumner County Orpha was 82 years old and resided with her daughter.

James and Lucinda's seven children were:

1. Joseph M. (Jody) McGlothlin, born March 6, 1835, Sumner County, TN. Jody married America Harper February 25, 1873, Sumner County. He was in the mercantile business at Portland, TN with his brother, W. T. McGlothlin. Jody died in Sumner County February 17, 1918, ten days after the death of his brother James Knox Polk McGlothlin. America was born August 6, 1837 TN, to Eziekel and Sarah Harper. America died October 19, 1901. Jody and America are buried at Maple Hill Cemetery in Sumner County. Their two children were Eugene Lee and W. S. McGlothlin. *(See Joseph M. McGlothlin Obit.)

2. William Thomas McGlothlin, born August 4, 1837, Sumner County, TN. W. T. was a Confederate Soldier. He married Martha Caroline West in September 1874. W. T. was a schoolteacher, then became a businessman at Portland in Sumner County. During 1909 he wrote a series of articles titled, "The Settlement of Portland, Tennessee." W. T. died January 31, 1920 in Sumner County. *(See will of W. T. McGlothlin.) Martha was born August 30, 1840 TN, daughter of David and Mary West. She died December 12, 1919, Sumner County. W. T. only lived seven weeks after Martha died. W. T. and Martha are buried at Maple Hill Cemetery in Sumner County. They had no children. *(See William Thomas McGlothlin Obit.)

3. Nancy Jane McGlothlin, born April 13, 1840, Sumner County, TN. Nancy married Abner Baskerville March 3, 1869 Sumner County. Nancy died June 26, 1906, Sumner County. Abner was born March 18, 1838 TN , son of Thomas B. and Eliza Baskerville. Abner died June 9, 1918. Nancy and Abner are buried at Baskerville Cemetery in Sumner County. Nancy and Abner's seven children were: James Thomas, Mary Jane, Richard H., Alexander J., Lucinda, Sallie A. and Joseph Ewing. *(See Nancy Jane McGlothlin Baskerville Obit.)

4. John R. McGlothlin was born about 1843, Sumner County, TN. John was a Confederate Soldier. He was captured at Ft. Donelson, TN. Exchanged. Killed at Chickamauga, Georgia September 20, 1863. John was not married.

5. Mary Elizabeth (Bettie) McGlothlin, born November 7, 1844, Sumner County, TN. Mary was nine when her mother died and twelve when her father died. Mary lived with her step-mother Orpha, then with her sister and brother-in-law , Nancy and Abner Baskerville, for about thirty years. Mary was mentally challenged and died at Central State Hospital in Nashville, TN on November 9, 1920. Her brother William T. McGlothlin was her legal guardian. She is buried at Old Fountain Head Cemetery, Sumner County. Mary was not married.
Miss Mary Elizabeth (Bettie) McGlothlin Obit.)

6. James Knox Polk McGlothlin, born August 8, 1847, Sumner County, TN. J. K. P. married Mary (Mollie) Gibson in Sumner County November 6, 1877. J. K. P. died in Sumner County July 7, 1918. He was a farmer and a fruit grower and was the first to venture into the strawberry industry. One time while spraying his fruit trees he fell out of the wagon and broke his collarbone. Mollie, daughter of John and Angeline Gibson, was born June 1, 1854 TN. Mollie died August 20, 1931. James and Mollie are buried at Baskerville Cemetery, Sumner County. J. K. P. and Mollie's four children were William Hershel, Stella B., an infant daughter who died and Hubert E. *(See James Knox Polk McGlothlin Obit.) 

7. Sarah McGlothlin, born March 1850, Sumner County, TN. Sarah was six months old on the 1850 census of Sumner County, she's not listed on the 1860 census. Sarah probably died between 1850 and 1860.

James and Orpha's two children were:

1. Susan Caroline (Susie) McGlothlin, born September 27, 1855, Sumner County, TN. Susie married A. James Knox Pope October 29, 1874, Sumner County. Susie died in Sumner County April 17, 1923. She is buried at Maple Hill Cemetery, Sumner County. A. J. Pope was born June 24, 1834 TN, son of H. T. and Patience Pope. A. J. died August 19, 1885. He is buried at Ebenezer Cemetery in Sumner County. Susie and A. J.'s children were Susan Ella, Catherine Ednes, Robert Edward, Lavinia, Mattie, and Fannie. Susie married 2nd George McQuiston in Sumner County April 3, 1891. Their son, Terry H. McQuiston was born in January, 1892. Susie died April 17, 1923, Sumner County. She is buried at Maple Hill Cemetery, Sumner County. Her gravemarker reads Susan C. Pope. *(See Susie Pope's Obit.)

2. Andrew E. McGlothlin, born January 23, 1857, Sumner County, TN. Andrew married 1st Nancy R. Johnson July 11, 1878, Sumner County. Nancy was born October 17, 1857. Andrew and Nancy had been married five months when she died December 15, 1878, age 21. Nancy is buried at Old Fountain Head Cemetery in Sumner County. Andrew married 2nd Tennie Gaither September 11, 1882, Sumner County. Tennie was born in December of 1854 to James and Elizabeth A. Gaither. Andrew died June 12, 1893. Tennie died July 19, 1939. Andrew and Tennie are buried at Green Lawn Cemetery in Simpson County, KY. They had no children.


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