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Founding People & Families of Immanuel Baptist Church
Portland, TN.
Ferrett Family

Submitted by Anna Nettles , Church Historian
© 2004

Information Sources: Immanuel Church records 1911-2001, Immanuel Cemetery Records; Personal Accounts of Immanuel Baptist Church Members : Esther Burysek Butler, Lillian Vejr McGee, Marie (Mrs. John) Ferrett; Betty (Clyde) (Mrs. James) Holubicka; Milton & Bea Burysek;

Josef and Mary Francis Prohaska Miller Family

Josef MILLER born 1863 - dd 1934 Buried Immanuel Cemetery, wife was Mary Francis Prohaska born 1876 - dd. 1945 also buried in Immanuel Cemetery.

Children : (from Immanuel Church Records):
Joseph MILLER, Jr.
Blanche MILLER  married ____ Johns
Camila (Carol) MILLER
Paulina MILLER
Mary MILLER dd. Aug 1879 Married Emil Mazanec
Rose MILLER b. 4 June 1918- dd. 1 Jan 1955 Buried Immanuel Cemetery

Old Springfield Hwy.# 172/186 (married at his age 30, hers 22)

MILLER , Joseph age 66 Farmer Bohemia/Bohemia/Bohemia Emm. 1902
Francis wife   54   keeps house   Russia/Germany/Germany
Carol daughter  17 (Camille)  TN./Bohemia/Russia
Paulina  daughter  15
Martha  daughter  14  (Mary ?)
Rosie  daughter  11
Emma L.  dau.  7

Siblings listed in Rose Miller's funeral home record:
8 sisters:

Blanche Johns, Portland
Mary Mazanec, Portland
Anna Sadek, Portland
Martha Carden, Covina CA.
Pauline Ligon, Santa Monica, CA.
Emily Wrench, San Diego, CA.
Lillian Krakers, Portland OR.
Camille Hendry, Indianapolis, IN.
2 brothers:
James Miller,Bernlyn, IL.,
Joe Miller, Chicago, IL.

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