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Descendants of Jesse and
Bathsheba Perry Garrett

Submitted by Peggy Ackerman

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Jesse Garrett was born in Bertie County, North Carolina in about 1778.  He was the son of Jesse Garrett, Sr. and Rachel Walton ( Will of Jesse Garrett, Sr.,  written on October 13, 1796, proved May Term, 1797).  Jesse Garrett, the younger, married Bathsheba Perry in Bertie County on 21 May 1799 with Jacob Garrett acting as Bondsman.  Bathsheba (variously misspelled as Barshabe, Barshiba, etc.) was the daughter of Josiah Perry and Elizabeth Freeman of Bertie County.  Bershabe Garrett is one of the heirs mentioned in Josiah Perry's will of 1820.  The Jesse Garrett household was first listed in the Sumner County census in 1820. Court documents, (Hardy H. Perry vs. John B. Walton and Timothy Garrett, 1846) suggest Jesse died about 1845. Bathsheba was listed in the 1850 Sumner census,  but not thereafter. She was residing with children James, Catherine, and John.  Her age was given as 74 in 1850.  Bathsheba died in the 1850's.

Known and probable children of Jesse and Bathsheba Garrett are:

1. Elizabeth Garrett, born December 2, 1800, married Norfleet Perry (Descendants of Norfleet and Elizabeth Garrett Perry). Norfleet was born July 4, 1793 and died July 27, 1833. Elizabeth died November 9, 1839. Both are buried in the Patton cemetery near Goodlettsville, Sumner Co., TN.  Elizabeth Garrett Perry's Dower;   Will of Elizabeth Perry.

2. Mary Garrett, born February 13, 1805, married James B. Elizer on 14 September 1829 in Sumner County, TN.  James was born April 8, 1798 and died February 6, 1875.  Mary died October 7, 1884. Both are buried at Old Beech cemetery.  Loose record #2406  In 1880 Mary, was living in a household headed by her son, John T. Elizer, age 33. Also in this household was Katherine Garrett, 55, his aunt (Mary's sister Catherine). Mary Garrett Elizer died in 1884. John T. Elizer married Fannie Cook in 1883.  In 1900, the John T. Elizer household included his Aunt Kitty, aged 75, along with his wife and five children.  The Elizers had nine children: Amanda (1831-1914), Frances (1833-1899), Jesse (1836-1862), James G. (1837- 1916), Timothy D. (1840-1916), Richard (1841-), Mary C. (1843-1921), Elizabeth (1845-), and John T.(1847-1901). Amanda married Andrew King and they had nine children. Frances never married. Jesse died during the Civil War. James G. married Susanna Hogan. Timothy D. married Cordelia Kizer. Mary C. married Elisha Allen Dorris, Elizabeth (Bettie) married Josephus G. Dorris, and John T. married Frances Cook. Many of these are buried at Old Beech and most can be traced through census reports for Sumner County.

3. James P. (Jimmy) Garrett , born in 1808; never married. He died about 1908.  Photo of James P. Garrett.  There is no listing for James Garrett in the 1900 census, but family history has him living to be 100.  Minutes from Old Beech Cumberland Presbyterian Church show James P. Garrett, aged 80, admitted for membership on 9-27-1888. Then there are these two confusing entries for him-dismissed by letter on 10-26-1908 and died 6-15-1893.  If these two dates were reversed in the copying of these minutes, then he probably died in 1908. Neither he nor  his sister Catherine are listed in the 1910 census. There are no headstones for them at Old Beech

4. John W. Garrett born February 2, 1812, married Emily Kizer on 19 January 1857.  Emily was born October 12, 1830 and died January 3, 1872.  John died March 10, 1894. Both are buried at Old Beech cemetery.  The 1860 census shows John W. Garrett and wife Emily living in District 9. They have two children, Mary V, 2, and Jesse K., 2 months. John is identified as a saddler, born in NC.  In 1870 John, 58, and Emily, 39, are still listed in District 9 and they have four children-Mary, 13, Jessie, 10, Frances, 7, and Michael, 4. (Michael is actually Mildred.) Emily Kizer Garrett died in the 1870s, and the 1880 census shows James Garrett, age 72, and John Garrett, age 68, in the same household with John's three daughters-Jennie, 22, Fannie, 17, and Mildred, 15. (Jennie is Mary Virginia and Fannie is Frances Lee.) Both James and John are listed as born in NC, with James as a farmer and John a saddler.  John Garrett's children continued to live in Sumner County.  Mary Virginia (Jennie/Gennie) and Frances Lee (Fannie) Garrett never married and are buried at Old Beech.  Fannie died in 1912 and Gennie in 1926.  Jesse K. Garrett married Mattie M. Kizer in 1892.  He died in 1934. He was survived by a son, Edward, and a grandson, Lee Edward as well as his second wife, Addie Lawrence. His first wife, Mittie Kizer, died in 1930.  Mildred Garrett married Robert Ralph. Mildred died in 1932 and Robert Ralph in 1945. They are buried at Old Beech. They had six children-Roger (1890-1962), Walton (1892- 1077 ), Emily (1894-  1973), Frank (1897-1976 ), Fanny (1900- 1966 ), and Robert (1903- 1967 ).

5. Mildred Garrett, born 1816, married James Taylor Kirkpatrick (1815-1870) on 23 September 1838 in Sumner County, TN. They moved from Sumner as did daughter Celia, who married James Duke. The Kirkpatricks moved first to Dyer County, TN and then to Dunklin County, MO, where both died. One of their daughters, Callie (born 1855), married Dan Montgomery and they lived in Sumner until their deaths. Dan died in 1928, and Callie died in 1934. Both are buried at Old Beech. Callie's sister, Susan (born about 1853), was listed in their household in the 1900 and 1910 censuses. Martha Jane Kirkpatrick (1848-1929) married Asa Hendrickson McMurtry (1851-1924), and they lived in Sumner County until their deaths. Both are buried at Old Beech. Other Kirkpatrick children were John, Mary, James S., Jesse Garrett, and Isabella, who died as a child and is buried at Old Beech.

6. Celia Garrett, born in 1820, married James B. Duke on 12 May 1836 in Sumner Co., TN.  James Duke was born on April 11, 1812, the son of Thomas Duke, an early settler of Sumner County. James and Celia, like the Kirkpatricks, moved to Dyer County, TN, where Celia died in 1864.  James Duke, a Methodist minister, later moved to Grayson County, TX, where he died in 1882 and is buried in the Hall Cemetery. Two of the Duke sons, George T. and John F. also moved to Grayson County, and they have profiles in an 1889 book, "Biographical Souvenir of the State of Texas." There are four Duke daughters named in this book: Mary, Tennessee, Lucy, and Louella. The 1870 Dyer County, TN census lists the children living with their father as June, Ann, Tennie, Lucy, Daniel, and Lizzy.

7. Susan Garrett, born January 27, 1822, married Thomas P. Ackerman on 12 June 1843 in Sumner Co., TN. Susan died in Nashville about 1897. Thomas also died in Nashville, on December 19, 1887.  Photo of Thomas P. and Susan Garrett Ackerman.     Descendants of Thomas P. and Susan Garrett Ackerman

8. Catherine Garrett, born about 1825; never married. Death date unknown.  As noted above, the last census record for her was in 1900, when she was listed in the John T. Elizer household.

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